Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 2, Episode 16 - Where or When - full transcript

When Gary falls off a scaffolding and breaks his leg, he is laid up in his apartment watching his neighbors across the alleyway. He begins seeing a woman in his dreams dressed in 1940's attire, who looks exactly like the new waitress he just hired. The waitress lives in an apartment across from him, and when the paper reveals she is going to be shot and killed, Gary tries to prevent it from happening. He learns that the grandmother of his new waitress was shot and killed in McGinty's Bar in 1944, and the killer was never caught. Now, the waitress has someone stalking her.



Somebody there?


I'm coming.

Please hurry.


Hang on there, honey.

All right, just hang on.

How are you?

Yeah? You, uh,

you came out here
on a dare, huh?



You want to come here?
All right?


Whoa. Just stay
right there.

Okay now.
I'm scared.

I know, I know.

All right.


Okay, it's all right.

Come on, I got you.

Come on.

Got you.

Come on.

Okay, hang on a second.

Let me...

let me get up front.



You get over?

All right,
just turn around.

Just turn around...

All right, you ready?

Let's go. Huh?

I can't leave without Harriet.

I've had her since I was a kid.

Your bear?

My teddy bear.

All right,
hang on a second.

Let me get
Harriet for you.

You got her!

I got her.

Hang onto
Harriet here.




(theme music playing)

CHUCK: What if you
knew, beyond a doubt,

what was going
to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There's no easy answer

for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

Good morning.


Get my wheelchair,
would you?

All right. Okay.

You had to save the
teddy bear, huh?


I told you I didn't fall
because of the teddy bear.

I saw that...

(both groan)


Oh, yeah, blame
it on a girl.

Always blaming
it on a girl.

It's like an oven in here.

That's because
the radiator's broken.

Everything's broken
around here! (grunts)

And I did see
that girl.

All right,
follow my logic.

You saw the girl,
you looked away.

What are you doing,
what are you doing?

I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.

So... you saw
the girl, okay,

you looked away for a second,

and then when you turned back,
she was gone.

Gary, you were on a scaffolding,

so unless Siegfried
and Roy were involved,

the whole thing
sounds a little iffy.

Where do you want to go?

I want to go open
the window.

Oh, w-w-w-whoa.

What, what, what?

I got an itch.

All right, w-w...?

Aah, my toe.

Which toe is it?
Is it the, uh,

is it
the little piggy?

How's the patient?


Oh, dear. Now, look, if
you want anything else,

uh, scratched, sniffed,
wiped, or schlepped,

you ask her because
I got work to do.

Wait a second.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Duty calls, my friend, come on.

I am busy today.

I'm hiring a new waitress.

Well, I can hire
the new waitress.

You cannot hire
the new waitress.

Besides, I am not
your errand boy.

GARY: Says the victim was
scantily clad in a bathing suit.

That sounds like a bikini to me.

Scantily clad bikini?

Scantily clad.

"Woman drowns
in community pool."

That's, of course, unless
some hunk of manhood happens

to come by
and save her.

Tell you what.

I'll take care of this
one, but just this once.

But don't get used to it.


(radiator clanking)

NARRATOR: In the heat
of the Mojave Desert,

the female scorpion scuttles
across the burning sand

towards a waiting male.

She lures him with
a mating dance that will become,

for the unsuspecting male,
a dance of death.

When the mating ritual
is complete...

...in, uh, shirts
and also in skirts for you,

and I do have a real quick
preview to whet your appetite,

as they say.

We're going to...

Beautiful babes on the beach.

They're not women.

They're men!

(crowd cheering)

(breathes deeply)

(no audio)

Yabba, yabba, yabba, yabba.


(no audio)

(steam hissing)
That's her.

Shut up.



"Cleo Gaylord, 29, drowned when
her foot was caught in a drain."



(clears throat)

Uh, Cleo?

Cleo Gaylord?



(indistinct chatter)

Um, excuse me.

Are, uh,
are either one of you,

uh, Cleo Gaylord?

Never heard of her.


I know.



Oh, no.



Flapping thighs.

Big, huge, milky-white,
flapping thighs.

What are you
talking about?

The indoor pool,

Instead of
a scantily clad bikini,

(door opening)
all I got was Moby Dick!


Excuse me, guys.

You, uh, want to meet
the new waitress?

Bring her in,
please, Marissa.

All right, um...

Come on in.

Uh, Gary, Chuck,
meet the new waitress



You're her.

Yeah, that's right,

our new waitress.

Chuck Fishman.

Welcome to


Ah... we...

We met the other day,

uh, sort of.

That, that was me, uh,

in the lakefront building
on the scaffolding.


Marissa, why don't you take...


...Anne downstairs?

No, th-the building
with the little girl.

It was just no more
than two days ago.

That-that's impossible.

I just moved here
from Muncie yesterday, so...

Yeah, well, he's not
feeling very well.

That and the Darvocet
that he's on...

No, w-wait a second.

W-Why... Did you move
to the Windy City?

We do that; we finish
each other's sentences.

That's why
we're partners.

You'll start
enjoying us.

(Chuck and Anne chuckle)


Um, well, my grandmother and
my mother used to live here,

and I just finished school,

so I figured
now or never, right?

So, I...

I moved
across the street.

Across the street?

I-I'm sure

you'll like
the place.

Chicago's a very
friendly city.

So, Marissa, why don't
you take Anne downstairs

and, uh, start
her on paperwork?

All right,
come on, Anne.

Be right down.

MARISSA: All right.
Nice to meet you.



(door closes)

It's one thing to share your
hallucinations with friends...

That was not
a hallucination.

All right, your delusions then.

Look, that girl wants
to be our new waitress,

and whether she knows it or not,
she wants to date me,

so don't blow it.

Look, I-I saw her.

I-I saw her.

She was dressed
a little bit differently,

her hair was
a little bit different,

but that was the girl.

That was
the same girl.


I saw that girl
in that building

across this very street.


I never noticed you can
see everything from here.

What is she, a
model or something?

No, a flight attendant.


CHUCK: That woman has
a remarkable set of pecs.

Don't you think
that it's a little strange

that she should show up here?


I think she's going
to take a shower.

Well, look, will you
listen to me here?

Gary, it's very simple.

What you're doing here is
a Rear Window.


Rear Window,

where Jimmy Stewart breaks
his leg,

he sits around all day
in his apartment,

spying on his neighbors.

That's it?

Well, one of 'em ends up
being a murderer.

It's a cheery film.



(bell jangles)

Marissa! Marissa!

What's wrong?

Look, I just saw,
I just saw a guy break

into, uh, what's her name,
Anne's apartment.

You saw what?

I just saw a guy
in that building break

into our new waitress'

Wait a minute.
What were you doing

looking in Anne's

Well, well, it, it was hot
in here,

and so I went to the window.

When I opened it up, I look
across the way, and...

Let me guess: you just
accidentally happened

to see a girl
in the window?

Well, forget about
what I was doing.

What's he doing in our new
waitress' apartment?

Well, you tell me.

You know, I saw, I saw
the guy this morning.

He was arguing
with his wife,

you know, a real
knock-down, drag-out,

and all of a sudden,
he's in her apartment.

So... now what's
that all about?

I... Well, wait.

How much medication have
you been taking, Gary?

Who are you calling?

I'm gonna call
our new waitress.

Okay. And, uh, what are
you gonna tell her?

I'll tell you what
I'm gonna tell her.

I'm gonna tell her exactly what
I should tell her.

I'm, I'm...

Hello, Anne?

This is Gary Hobson.

Uh, I, I was just calling
to tell you that...

Well, I...

Well, I, I wanted to tell you

that Muncie
isn't as big as Chicago,

and that you should keep
your doors locked, and...

No, that was all. I...

Well, sure, I... I'll, yeah,
I'll see you at work.


(line clicks, dial tone)

That was great.

Anything else
you want to tell me?


All right, well,
hey, I...

You sure you're okay?

All right.

If you need me,
I'll be in the office.

(swing music playing,
people whooping)

(cat meows, newspaper thuds
onto floor)

(cat meows)

(no audio)

(phone rings)

Crumb, it's me, Gary.

Look, get up and get over here
right now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, slow down, Hobson
slow down.

I can't slow down.
I'm watching a girl

in the apartment
across the street

right now, and she is
in big trouble.

You gotta get over here.

You're watching some girl
across the street?

No, it's the new waitress.

Okay, okay, so you're watching
one of your employees

in her apartment.

Well, it's not like that.

What do you make me out to be,
a pervert or something?

Oh, no, I wouldn't do that.

What are you using,
telescope or binoculars?

Binocu... What does that have
to do with it, Crumb?

I'm just curious.

Look, I'm telling you,
she's gonna be shot.


The waitress!

Someone is conspiring
to kill your waitress?

That's what I've been trying
to tell you!

Now, how exactly
do you know this?

Listen to me.

Yesterday, I saw the guy sneak
into her apartment.

This morning, I see the same guy
selling a gun to a neighbor.

What kind of gun?

Well, it was... Well, it was
a gun! A gun gun.

I don't know,
the kind that goes bang.

Oh, as opposed to one that goes,
say, uh, woof-woof?

Listen, Crumb, I saw the guy.

He gave him cash.

You sure?

Look, Crumb, I know
you're not a cop anymore,

but you can make a citizen's
arrest, can't you?

What's the address?

What's going on?
I don't know.

It looks like the, the guy that
broke into her apartment is

telling the younger guy

He's telling him
to shoot her in the head.

My God!

CHUCK: Why would they want
to kill a girl from Muncie?

I don't know.

Wait a second.
There's Crumb.

Got him! He got him!

I got it.

It's not Rear Window;
it's Body Double.

The stewardess across the street
is Melanie Griffith.


The old man paid her

to draw your attention
to that building

so that you would witness them
plotting a murder.

But if they were
plotting a murder,

then why would they want
a witness?

Because this is Gaslight
and you, my friend,

are Ingrid Bergman.

And the, the mystery man is
James Mason.

Anne was in that building,
but she denied it

because she wants you to think
that you're crazy.


I'll tell you why.

Because then, when Anne does
commit the murder,

you lose all credibility.

No one
believes you.

And Anne, she collects
all the insurance money,

and she goes off to Mexico,
to Oaxaca or someplace.

Chuck, that's not Body Double,
that's Body Heat.

Body Heat, Body Double, I'm-
I'm spit-balling here, baby.

I'm, uh, I'm, uh,
my creative juices are flowing.

I should have been a writer myself.

Come in, please.


Crumb. What'd you do?

What, did you just give 'em over
to the police, or what?


But you did get 'em, right?

Yeah, you wanna see?

They're here?

Yeah. They want to meet
the Peeping Tom.

Mr. Malone!

This is your gunman,
Ray Malone.

Looks kinda scary,
don't he?

Tell 'em what you do
for a living, Ray.

I write mysteries.

CHUCK: Oh, so a writer
can't be a murderer?

Wait, wait, wait a second.

I... I saw you buy a gun.

I was plotting a book,
not a crime.

A book?

Oh, all right,
what about the other guy?

The other guy, I saw him

break into Anne's apartment,
I'm telling you.


Mr. Sinclair!

This is Anne's landlord,
Lou Sinclair.


Landlord. Huh.


I-I suppose you were in Anne's
apartment because, uh...

My last tenant had a problem
with the outlets.

I wanted to make sure
they were fixed.

Well, I guess that particular
crime would be found

in the Criminal Code under, uh,
"Thoughtful Behavior"?

It looks like I-I owe you
an apology.

Sure does, Gare.

A word of advice, Hobson,
uh, if you're interested.

Colonel Mustard

in the conservatory
with a candlestick.

Thank you.

Now, next time you junior
detectives get a bright idea,

do me a favor:

don't call me.

(door shuts)


Wait a second.

The paper says
Anne's gonna be shot.

The paper's never wrong.

Are you sure you read it right?

Well, of course I read it right.

Here, it's right here.
"Woman Shot To Death."

Uh, Gare, I think we have
a little problem here.

What is it?

This paper's from 1944.

I don't believe this.
Me neither.

I was just getting used to
tomorrow's newspaper today.

That paper's over
50 years old.

So, what is it
doing here?

She was telling
the truth.

Truth about what?

It wasn't her
that I saw in that building.

That's what I've been trying
to tell you.

It was this woman... Daria.

Who's Daria?

"Miss Daria DeLongpre, 24,

"popular USO hostess,

was shot to death last night
at McGinty's Bar."



GARY: "One of the city's most
popular USO night spots.

"Miss DeLongpre had spent
the evening dancing

"with a number of servicemen,

"several of whom have been
taken in for questioning.

"No murder weapon was recovered
from the scene,

although police believe it to be
a small-caliber revolver."

Is that true?

My grandmother
was murdered?

Sorry, Anne.

The resemblance is amazing.

I can't believe this.

It happened right here.

Who killed her?

Well, I went online
to the newspaper archives,

and apparently, the police
never found the killer.

This is so strange.

You didn't, you didn't know
anything about this at all?


My grandfather died
in World War II

and my mother always told me
when I was growing up

that my grandmother, Daria,
was killed in a car accident.

So you, so you get
in touch with your mom.

No, she died when I was nine.

Why wouldn't she tell me that?

Maybe because you were a kid.


What... does it say anything
about my grandfather in there?

According to this paper,

your grandmother
was never married.

Well, of course she was.

No, they got married
a month before

he got shipped off
to the Pacific, okay?

That much I know.

My grandmother was married.

I mean, she had to be.

Right? I...

How else do you
explain my mother?


Okay, so my grandmother
was a single mom,

and my mother was...



I gotta go.

Uh, look, I know I just
started work today, but if I...

No, that's fine.

Take as much time as you need.


I just...
I just need some time.

Well, now all we have to do
is find out who killed Daria.


Oh, you're on a
first name basis now?

Uh, ever since
I've had the accident,

I've been, uh...
(clears throat)

dreaming about Daria.




I've got
a question for you.

How would you feel
if you found out

someone was obsessed
with you,

following you,

watching your every move?

Who are you?

That's good.

That's really good.

You were scared but at the same
time you were angry, strong.

I like that.

I like that a lot.
What are you doing?

Oh, we haven't met:
I'm Raymond Malone.

I'm from 2B;
I'm the mystery writer.

I'm doing some research.


May I ask you a few
more questions?

(door slams, lock clicks)

Can you believe all this

USO stuff we found
in the basement?

Old man McGinty
was a major pack rat.

He saved everything.

Is there anything else down there?

About 50 more boxes
like this one.

Well, go get them.


Are you nuts?

Have you been down
to the basement lately?

I go down there one more time,

I'm gonna catch hantavirus!

Hey, guys.

What did the police say?

Well, they said, uh,

unsolved murder cases
are never closed

and they give it
a token review once a year,

but, uh, they're
no closer to solving this

than they were 50 years ago.

Did you hear from Anne?


What about, uh, Daria?

Am I the only rational
person here?

Dead people do
not communicate

with the living...
that is one of the

of being dead.

MARISSA: Well, maybe
there are some things

that can't be explained, Chuck.

It's like Gary said,
maybe Daria wants his help.

Maybe she's trying to
tell him something.

Maybe she wants him
to do something.

Like what, order room service?

I was thinking more
along the lines of

laying her soul to rest.


♪ It seems we stood

♪ And talked like this before

♪ We looked at each other
in the same way then ♪

♪ But I can't remember ♪

♪ Where or when...

♪ Some things that happen

♪ For the first time...

♪ Seem to be...

♪ Happening again

♪ And so it seems

♪ That we have met before...



Gare, get up.


What are you...



I just had a dream
about Daria.

She was trying
to tell me something.

That's funny.

I had a dream about
the new waitress.

She was trying
to tell me something.

No, no, no, this...

"Some things that happen
for the first time...

seem to be happening again."

You know what, buddy?

We gotta get you some
fresh air immediately.

No, no, no, it's a song.

(cat meowing)
It's a...

(newspaper thuds onto floor)

Get the paper!

Listen, that...
Get the paper!

that thing happened
over 50 years ago.

You see, I...

GARY: I think there's
a connection between...

(cat meows,
Gary grunts with effort)

...the past and now.

You're not gonna believe this.

Why? What's it say?

What's the date?


No one's home.

Well, you could
call Crumb.

After yesterday?

Look, the paper says

that she's killed
in her apartment, right?


So, isn't it obvious?

All we have to do
is stop her from

going into her apartment.

Well, how am I gonna do that?

I can't even get
down the stairs.

You want me to go
across the street to...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

No, no, now listen, now all
you gotta do is, you take

the cell phone over there
and you stand by the door.

That's it.

Look, this does not play

into my strengths, all right?

Mad killers?

You see that movie
Body Double?

Remember, the woman
was murdered.

Impaled with a six-inch
power drill.

But I thought
you liked her.

I do.

I love her.

Well, then you could
save her life.

I mean, I bet she'd like
the guy who did that.


A date with Anne or impaled
by a six-foot power drill.

Come on!

All right.

I'll do it for our children.


You got my cell phone
number, right?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

She hasn't been home all day,
and look at this.

It's still there.

Well, you did everything
you can, Gary.

No, there's gotta
be something.

There's gotta be something
that we're missing.

Like what?

(cat meows)

Go on, get outta here,
would ya?

Like this.

You found something?

I think I know
who's gonna kill Anne.

(with British accent):

Charles Fishman.


Back up a minute.

You're telling me that Lou is
gonna kill Anne because...?

Because Lou killed Daria.

"Things that happen
for the first time

seem to be
happening again."

Wait, wait, wait,
you're losing me, Gary.

Look, 50 years ago,
Lou killed Daria.

Why would he do that?
Well, I don't know.

Why do people kill each other?

Jealousy, money, who knows?

But I do know that
he's in this picture

and that tells me
it's gotta be him.

Why? W-What?

Look, it fits.

50 years ago, he kills a woman

and he thinks he's gotten
away with it all this time.

Well, all of a sudden,
her granddaughter

shows up in his building.

She's the spitting image.

Lou gets scared.
GARY: That's right.

Breaks into her apartment
to find out what she knows.

So, he thinks the only reason
for her to move to Chicago,

living in his building...

That's right... because she knows
who killed her grandmother.

Not only that,
but he knows she knows

who killed her grandmother.

And now he's got no choice.

So, he has to kill her
to keep his secret.


Don't you think you
should call Chuck?




(line ringing)

He's not answering.

(phone ringing)

(ringing continues)

CHUCK (muffled):


Hey, I'm in...

She's home.

She's home.

(busy signal)

What are you doing?

Come on, get off
the phone.

Get off the phone.

What are you doing?

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna call Mr. Sinclair.

I'm going
to let him know...


...what I know.

Call Lou?

Well, what...
I don't, I don't get it, Gary.

You got a better idea, let me
know what it is right now.

(line ringing)

(over phone):


I know what you're going to do.

Who is this?

Don't kill her, Lou.

You're never going
to get away with it.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Oh, you know
exactly what I'm talking about.

You know...

Shut off the lights.

Well, w-what happened?
Just shut off the lights.

He saw me.

Are, are you sure he saw you?

Go call Crumb.

Crumb?! Gary, I...

Just go downstairs
and call Crumb.

All right, all right.

(dial tone)
Listen, I...

(door creaks open)


You think I'm going to kill
that DeLongpre girl?

Listen to me,
you stay right where you are.

I know exactly
what you're up to,

and I've already called
the police.

You don't know anything.

Oh, I know you killed
Daria DeLongpre.

I didn't kill Daria.

I didn't kill her,
but I know who did.

You do?


I'd been married three years.

They're gone.

And each year was longer
than the last.

WOMAN: How could you give
my coupons to some...?

They have five kids,

They had no heat.

What kind of
husband worries

about everyone in the
neighborhood but his own wife?

They were ours,
and we'll get by.

I don't want
to "get by."

You get those back,
you hear me?!

I hear you, loud and clear.

LOU: I used to come over here
just to get out of the house,

breathe some different air
for a change,

think my own thoughts.

We hit it off right away.

(lively swing music playing)

We shared our sad stories.

She had fallen in love
with a marine

a couple of years before.

He was going to marry her,
but he didn't get the chance.

He was killed
in the South Pacific.

Daria gave birth
to a beautiful girl

who would never know her daddy.

Not a lot
of sympathy

for a single
mom in 1944,

but that didn't bother Daria.

She loved that kid.

Raised her all by herself.

And you loved Daria.

From the moment I met her,

I felt
like I could breathe again.

For the first time
in a long time,

I wasn't looking
at the end of my life,

and I came to a decision.

I was going to divorce Norma
and ask Daria to marry me.

I'd raise her child as my own.

What I hadn't counted on
was Norma.

You see, she'd seen it all
every night at the window.

She knew.

Where the hell have you been?

You think I like sitting
in this crummy apartment,

night after night,
while you're out?

If you hate it so much,

And so she, she wouldn't
give you the divorce?

Norma has a strong will,
always has.

Maybe that's why I married her
in the first place.

One night I...
I had to work late,

but Norma, she came over here,

looking for Daria.

She brought my gun.

(bright swing melody playing)

(song ends)

I knew immediately
what she had done.

I was going to turn her in,
but... but then she told me.

Told you what?

She was pregnant;

three months pregnant.

How could I turn in
the mother of my child?

So I've lived with
it for 50 years,

hoping they'd
solve the murder,

hoping they wouldn't.

Half a century goes by

and then, one day,
Daria is back,

only it's not her.

It's Anne.

I was going to tell
her everything.

Today I even followed her,
but I couldn't.

Lou, your wife...
is she home right now?

(knocking on door)

Hold on a second.


Hello, dear.

Hi, come on in.

Brought you
a little housewarming gift.

Thank you.

Here, wait,
let me take those.

Thank you.

I'm sorry,
it's my neighbor, okay?

Hang up
the phone.

Hang it up.

wait a minute, just...

Norma, no!

No, Norma,
you won't do it again, Norma.

Lou, get back, I'm
telling you to stay back.

I've got her.
Put the gun down, Norma.


Look, no,
Norma, I,

I won't let you.

I-I won't let you.


Oh, no!

NORMA: Oh, no, Lou.
What have you done?

Oh, Lou, no.

I had to
do it, Lou.

I had to do it.

She's a tramp, just
like the other one.

She wanted to ruin us.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
take it easy, lady.



I want to thank all of you
for what you did.

You know, when I left
Muncie, they said

no one in the big city is
going to look out for you.

They were wrong.

You going to go home?

Yeah, for a while.

So I saw Lou in the
hospital this morning.

I've forgiven him
for everything.

He's a good man.

I think I know

what my grandmother
must have seen in him.

And, uh, he
gave me this.

It's a letter from
one of the soldiers

who served with
my grandfather.

I think you might be

Bye, Gary.

Bye, Marissa.


Hey, what about me?

What about you?

She loves me.


So, um,
you gonna open it?

The letter.

You gonna open it?

"Dear Miss DeLongpre,

"I served with your fiancé Jimmy
in Guadalcanal.

"Please take a moment
to let me explain.

"There was a Japanese
sneak attack at night.

"Somehow Jimmy knew it
before everyone else.

"He had a sixth sense
about that kind of thing.

"He got everyone up,

"and then took out
eight of the enemy

"before going
down himself.

"The second thing
you need to know is

"that Jimmy loved
you very much.

"You were his whole life,

"and I hope these words
bring you some comfort.

"I've enclosed a picture
of Jimmy and some of the guys.

"I hope you meet another guy
like him someday.

"Good luck.

Corporal Sam Jones."

♪ Some things that happen

♪ For the first time...

♪ Seem to be happening

♪ Again

♪ And so it seems

♪ That we have met

♪ Before

♪ And laughed before

♪ And loved before

♪ But who knows

♪ Where...

♪ Or when?