Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Choice - full transcript

Gary must choose between stopping a fatal plane crash or saving the life of one girl.

♪ ♪

Everybody makes choices.

That's the American way.

It's in the Constitution.

Every shlub has a boat.

You get up in the morning,

you decide what to wear.

What to eat.

What to waste your money on.

You go with what you know,
which usually ain't much.

But what if you knew

what you knew
before you actually knew it?

If that's confusing,

so is getting
tomorrow's paper today.

The point being,

sometimes the choice is easy.

And sometimes
you don't have one at all.

Hold it!

Everybody just stay
where you are now.


I got to
get through.

Hey, what's the problem?

(indistinct crowd chatter)

(machine whirring)

Excuse me, please,
let me get by.

(engine sputtering)


(rope creaking)



Get it to go!

We don't
have time!

Yeah, all right.


Are you okay?

(man laughing in distance)

(theme music playing)

What would you do if you got
tomorrow's news today?

♪ ♪

What time is it?

About 8:00.

It ought to be here by now.

Don't worry,
it'll come.

I don't see

That's because it never comes
when you're looking.

What's the big deal
about today, anyway?

I'll tell you
the big deal.

I lost another hundred bucks
last night, and it's your fault.

Mine? Oh, no one told you
to bet on the Cubs.

The Cubs stink.
No one told me
not to, either.

No one who knew they'd blow
a five-run lead in the ninth.

I'm going broke
getting rich.

Come on, buddy.

You got to help me out here.

Besides, aren't you
the least bit curious

of where this thing comes from?

How it gets here?

Of course I am.


When I find out, I'll tell you.


That's perfect,
you know that?

Ah! The greatest
boon to mankind

since non-taxable income,
and who does it come to?

A guy who buys lottery
tickets and doesn't cheat.

A guy who still
washes his own shirts.

What's wrong with that?

It's been a week since this
thing's been coming to you,

and what have you
done with it? Nothing.

Okay, okay,

so you saved
a few lives.

You stopped that
bank robbery,

and you rescued that trailer
park from the tornado.

But the question is,

when are you gonna
do something for Gare?

Like what?

For starters, finding
a new place to live.

What's wrong with this place?

It's a dump. All right.

One day in
the market,

you could buy
yourself a palace.

A place with a swimming pool,
a yard and a satellite dish.

No, thanks.

Oh! All I'm saying is,
do whatever you have to do,

but then, do something
for yourself.

And while you're at it,

something out of it
for, you know, me.

No. I don't think
it works that way.

Why not?

Because it just
doesn't work that...

It's Friday--
don't you have to

go to work?
No, it's company picnic.

Last year,
I got ptomaine poisoning.

No way I'm going back.

(cat mewing)

(paper thudding against door)

(cat yowls)


Right on time,
right on schedule.


A little miracle
at our door.

One might even venture
to say, a gift.

So, uh, when do we open her up?

Not we.

Me and Marissa at breakfast.

Oh, great.
I'll join you.

I'm starving.
You're not

All right,
I'll tell you what.

Give me the sports pages,
and I'll be on my way.

What about

the front page?

Come on, just a peek
at the front page.
(cat yowls)


Oh, great. The cat,
you give milk to.

Me, you give nothing.

Come on, Gare, just
throw me a bone.

Give me the horoscope.

Or the funny pages.

Shut the door
when you leave.

How about
the soap opera listings?

I can work
with that.

(elevator bell dings)

The obituaries?

I love the obits.



Hope it's sour.


(elevator bell dings)

Good morning.

Not today.

Must be conventions
or something.




(clears throat)

What are you doing here?

Well, I heard this
is where you lived.

I mean, now that you...

Don't live with you.

It's nice.

Oh, yeah, it's...

So how are you?

Oh, you know, getting a divorce,
but I think you knew that.

Anyway, I was, um,
cleaning out the house.


I'm moving,
you know.

It's a little
big now, and...

Anyway, I just found
something of yours.

Something you didn't throw out
of the window?

This book-- Lost Chicago.

It was up on the
bookshelf behind
some other books.

No, I've never seen that
before in my life.

Well, it's got
your name in it.

It's probably

from an old girlfriend
or something.


Anyway, here you are.


Guess I'm gonna
have to walk.

All this traffic,
I'm not gonna get a cab.

(overlapping chatter)

Hey, want to watch
where you're going?

Sorry. I didn't see you.

Yeah, well, it's a city, pal.

Sidewalks, people.

I said I was sorry.

Try keeping your eyes open.

(horns honking)

She gets sideswiped by
a car, a hit-and-run.

Does it say what time?

Around 1:00.

Someone calls 911,

but the ambulance gets
tied up in the traffic.

They radio back, but the call
gets lost in the shuffle.

Right through
the cracks.

So, before anyone realizes,
it's too late.

She dies at Columbia General
Hospital of internal injuries.

Amanda Bailey, age six.

So, what are
you gonna do?

What, do I have a choice?

Well, let's see.

You could go
to the movies instead

or buy some popcorn
and feed the pigeons.

You get a real kick
out of this, don't you?

Kind of.
Don't you?
No, I don't.

What would you rather be doing?

Have a life,
a real life.

And a job.
So get one.

Oh, sure.

I'll do that this afternoon
when I have some free time.

You just won't
give into this, will you?

You know, Gary, there are
so many people in this world

that would be thrilled
to have an opportunity
like yours.

Yeah? Like who?
Okay, here's the deal.

I just got off the phone
with my bookie.

He's willing
to lay me three-to-one odds,

the Mets over the Cubs.

What do you say?

Come on,
just give me a hint.

I'll give half the money
to charity.

Chuck, I'm not
giving you the score.

That a way.
Mind your own rump.

I am also not gonna let
this paper run my life.

I may not be able
to stop it from coming,

but I can damn well choose
what it makes me do.

Oh, my God,
this is bad.

What? The traffic?

The headline changed.

Gary, what is it?

This wasn't here before.


Well, it is
now, big guy.

"Global Airlines,
Flight 29, bound for Miami,

"went down in flames
yesterday afternoon

"shortly after takeoff
from Chicago.

"The plane, filled with tourists
on their way to the Florida sun,

"disappeared from radar screens
at exactly 2:00,

"just seconds
after lifting from the runway.

"The passenger list included
prominent businessmen,

"ordinary families,

"and at least one child
traveling alone,

"plus a flight crew of 12.

(birds squawking)

"Airline officials suspect
a flock of birds in the area

"may have fouled the engines,

"causing the jet
to plunge from the sky.

(birds screeching)

"By late afternoon,

"rescue workers were still
combing the wreckage,

"desperately searching
for signs of life.

(indistinct radio communication)

(siren blaring)

"But little hope was held out
for any of the nearly

200 souls on board."

So, what'll it be?


Have you made your choice?

What time does this thing


We can make the airport
by then.

And what do we do
when we get there?

You'll think
of something.

(cars honking)

Holy cow.
Look at this.

...move your car.
Let's go.

Geez. What's going on?
Is the Pope in town?

Chuck, find us
a cab, okay?
Move it!

What do I look like,
a doorman?

Well, I wouldn't
be surprised.

That's right,
that's right...

Yo, taxi.



How come it's me that
has to come up with
the explanations?

Why don't they just
publish it in here?

Well, then you wouldn't
feel needed.

Hey, over here.

You owe me big, pal.
I had to...
Excuse me.

What are you doing?

Columbia General.

What are you doing?

What's your problem?

What's my problem?

This is my cab.

I don't think so.

I think it's his.

I see. A comedian.

No. Surgeon.

Oh, yeah? Well, I wouldn't
let you operate

on my coccyx, now, get out.

I had it first.

What are you, a doorman?

All right, look, guy,
the truth is,

it's not for me,
it's for her, okay? And she's...



A severe case.

Tell her to stay off her feet.


Get out of the hack,


Look, we need this cab.

Well, be...

it's a matter of life
and death, that's why.



Call an ambulance.

Columbia General, please.



Whatever happened
to common courtesy?

I hope you cut yourself!

(clamoring, horns honking)

Chuck, I need a quarter.

I'm out.

40 million bucks
in the lottery,
Yes, I need the number

you got to take
my two bits.
for Global
Airlines, please.

I want it back.

This ought to be good.
What are you gonna tell them?

There's birds
on the runway?

Hey, why don't you ask them
for tomorrow's Cub scores

while you're
at it.
Oh, that's helpful.

Tell them we're
from the FAA

and that we need
to make a spot check,

and that way they got
to ground all the airplanes.

Just a thought.

Welcome to Global Airlines.
Yes, I have some

Push one
for general information.
about Flight 29.

Two for scheduling.

Three for operator assistance.


All circuits are busy.

Please try again.
The circuits
are busy.

All circuits are busy...
Stupid machines!

I'm telling you,

they never should
have broken up Ma Bell.

Please try again.
Okay, so what
do we do now?

We still have
reason to, uh,

question his

Yeah, what do
you think?

All right,
I'll tell...

Excuse me. Detective
Tagliatti, please.


Detective Tagliatti.

Her office is right
down there.

Not anymore.


Busted to foot patrol.

She swallowed some story
by some nut

who claimed he could
see the future.

Didn't sit well
with the boss.


Hey, Starsky. Psst.

If I may, a suggestion,

do not mention
the paper.

He has to mention
the paper.

How else are they
gonna believe him?

An anonymous note tied
to a rock.

Crude, but effective.

Thank you.

You there?

You want to lodge
a complaint?

Yes, we are.

We are?

Who are you filing

Uh, Global Airlines.

They stole our luggage.

You mean, they lost it?

They stole it.

Grand theft luggage.

And what exactly do you want us
to do about that?


Ground that 2:00 flight.

Those bags could
be on it.

Is she serious?

Some would think so,



You guys figure it out, okay?

Look, forget that.

This is an emergency.

Look, all right,

I need to speak
to the guy in charge.

No, you don't.
Yes, I do.

Believe me,
you don't.
Yes, I do.

I got to speak to him.


Suit yourself.

(clears throat)

Uh, Detective Crumb?


There's someone here
to see you.


What the hell is he doing here?

He has a problem.

What kind of problem?

There's a plane
full of luggage.


It's gonna crash.


That would be 2:00, when?
Today? Tomorrow?

A year from now?
Look, Detective...

No. You look!

You see this gray hair?

This is you.

Thanks to your little
stunt last week,

half of my staff is gone.
Not now!

And now you want me
to swallow

some half-assed
crab-brain story

about a, a plane full
of luggage?


Except there is no luggage.


what do you want me to do?

Take him out back and shoot him.


I hope he cuts himself shaving.

A nice, long, deep
cut ear to ear.

I told you it was
a waste of time.

What are we gonna do now?

Don't panic. We can
still make it by 2:00.

How are we gonna
get there?

Simple. We'll hop on the Alp.


Hold it!



What time's your next train?

Every five minutes.

When they're
running on time.

What about today?

Could be up to a half hour.

This is crazy.

We're running
around in circles.

What the hell's going on?

Decay in
the infrastructure.


Maybe it's trying
to tell you something.

The paper?

Like what?

Like, buy a helicopter;
my feet are killing me.

That's not what I mean.

I mean maybe there's a way
to stop that plane

without actually being there.

Why don't you send him one of
those telepathic brain waves?

Oh, that's brilliant.
I thought so.

You would think so.
Oh, here comes

another one,
now, let's go.
About time.

All right, Gary,
come on, now, let's go...

(light squeaking)

♪ ♪

Gare, what are you
waiting for?


Gare, get on the train.

I can't.

We have to go now.

Hey, hold it!


Gary, what are you doing?




(tires squealing)

No! No!

(horn honking)

What happened?

Is she all right?

Somebody do something.

Help her.

(car horns honking)

(indistinct PA announcement)



What happened?

You were in an accident, honey.


Anyone hurt?


It was a new bike.

My dad got it for me.

Do I know you?

No, not exactly.

But you know me.

Kind of.

I got it.

She needs help.

Yeah. I just called 911.

They'll be here right away.

No, they won't. They're not
gonna make it here in time.

What do you mean? It's 911.
Listen, she needs to get

to a hospital now.

Me? I'm not moving her.
She could be hurt.

Listen, I don't have time to
explain. I got to be somewhere.

You got to get her to
the emergency room.

Oh, no, you're supposed to leave
the victim right there.

Don't you ever watch
Chicago Hope?

(bystanders murmuring
in agreement)

Leave her be.

Excuse me.


How you feeling, honey?

My arm hurts.

Is that bad?


We'll have to see,

What time is it now?

You just asked me that.

I know. You're right.
Now I'm asking again.

11 after 1:00.


We can still make it
to the airport.

Yeah, and then what?

And then we stop the plane.

Uh-huh. And how are
we gonna do that?

I don't know,
but we're gonna.

That's it? That's your plan?

"I don't know,
but we're gonna"? Great.

I need some help, here.

I need some help.

Hey, you're telling me.

Do you know where you are?

The hospital.

You're gonna be
just fine.

Take her to registration.

We need a med tech, here.

What is going
on here today?

(overlapping chatter,
PA announcement)

Excuse me, she's been
in an accident.


Bailey. Amanda Bailey.


I don't know the address.

Are you the father?

No, listen, can
we do this later?

She needs to see
someone right away.

How're you doing, honey?

My arm hurts.

Well, we'll be sure
and fix that, hmm?

It's not just her arm.
There's something more serious

than that.
You're a doctor?

No, I'm not.

Not the doctor, not the father.
Listen, I know

what's going on.
If you could just...
Have a seat over there.

If you could just...
Someone will be

with you right away.

Don't worry.

Things will work out.

It's a hospital.

They'll fix everything.

We'll say there's a bomb.

That way,

they'll delay the flight
in time that it takes to...

Let me just stop you
right there, okay?

You're out of your mind.

Why? News flash.

There's only one reason to give
an airline a bomb threat.

That is when there's an actual
bomb on the plane.

they tend to over react.

Like, put you
in prison, like, forever.

I get it.

No guts.
Excuse me?

You heard me.

It's okay to use
a newspaper

to cash in on the
stock market, but...

All right, you know what,
I resent that.

You do, do you?
Yes, I do.

Just because
I have a halfway

practical view
of the universe...

And you, you still
believe in the tooth fairy.


Why don't you go polish
some crystals?

Capitalist pig.

I just don't understand
why we have to do it.

Because, Gary can't
be there, and we can.

Oh, no.

MAN (over P.A.):
Attention, we have been advised

there has been
an unexplained power failure

in this area of the city.

I wish I could see
Wrigley Field from here.

Attention, do not attempt
to evacuate the train.

(baby crying)

(indistinct chatter)

Excuse me.

Can we get a doctor here?

I'm sorry, we're
doing the best we can.

You have to be
somewhere, don't you?


Someone else to save?

What makes you say that?

Amanda Bailey.

WOMAN (over P.A.):
Dr. Raymond, NICU...

She was in an accident?

Hit and run.
She was on a bicycle.

Gino, where am I
gonna put her?

There's somebody
in number three.

Anywhere you can find then.

Anyway, she was
on her bicycle...
Hurt your arm, did you?

No, it's not her arm.
There's something else.

I explained all this
at the front desk.

Well, if there's something
else there, we will find it.

Look, maybe there's a doctor,
someone I could talk to?

Somebody who knows what's
going on around here.

Listen, I'm sorry, sir,
but I'm going

to have to ask you
to leave now. Ira.

It says there that
you are not her father.

Oh, no, I'm not leaving
this room until...

We really need
you out here.
All right.

Look, you have done
everything you could.

You got her here, there's
nothing more you can do.

Go on with your life.

And, Gino,
let's get started

looking for this
girl's folks.


WOMAN (over P.A.):
EKG technician to Six West
Nurses' Station.

EKG technician
to Six West Nurses' Station.

Listen, kiddo,
I got to get going.

Promise you'll come back.

Yeah, I promise.

I'll be brave.

All right, you be brave.

I hope they made it.

Everybody off
the train, please.

Okay, let's go.
Move it along.

Come on, folks.
Everybody off.
Move it along.

Move it along.
Excuse me.

We need to get to the airport.

Good luck, lady.

Power's out in this
whole part of the city.

Nothing's coming
this direction.

Then how are we
supposed to get there?

Take a cab.
Move it along.

Our tax dollars at work.

Now what do we do?

Guess we got to find Gary.

Where to?

Airport, I got 40 minutes.

40 minutes?

Hey, what dream you livin' in?

Just drive the cab.

...power outages sporadically on
the El.

And electrical lines
are down on Grove Street

between Scott Avenue
and Tower Road.

"Hospital neglect"?

(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)

Where is she?
You again?

Where is she?
Gino, the little girl

that was in seven,
what happened?

They moved her till
they find the parents.

Moved her where?
Beats me.

Did they look at her head?

She's been examined.

Did they look at her head?

Sir, I'm sorry, but you can't
just go wandering around...



Well, well.

Oh, boy.

Mr. Life And Death,

what brings you to our humble

Look, I'm sorry about the cab

this morning,
but I need your help.

Now, you've got
a little girl here

who is not getting
the right treatment.

She's been examined.

Then everything's
been taken care of.

No, everything hasn't been
taken care of.

They looked at her arm.
They missed what was wrong.

And your medical
training would be?

None. That's why you're
gonna find her.

Sorry, that's not my job.

You're a doctor.

Wrong, I'm a surgeon.

Not a detective, not
a short order cook.

If you need
an appointment,

please call my office.

I'm due in surgery.

This is my appointment.

Something needs to be done,
and you're gonna do it.

You're right. I will.

Come on, guys,
this isn't necessary.


Now, don't you have
anything better to do?


Gare, what are you doing?

Taking a nap?

What are you
doing here?

It said in the paper she was
in Columbia General Hospital.

No, did you get
to the airpor... ?

Did you stop the plane?

Not even close.
We couldn't get near the place.

We tried everything.

It's like something didn't
want us to get there.

Then it's still going down.

We couldn't get there.

Maybe we're not supposed to,
but you can.

No, I've got to get
back in there.

Look, Gary, there's 190...

No, I've got to get
back in there.

There's a little girl
in there that trusts me,

and I made her a promise.

(indistinct announcement
over PA)

Straight. Straight ahead.

All right,
how am I doing?

You're doing great.

Uh-oh, I think
we have a problem.

Big guy, 12:00.


Oh, no!

(Chuck continues moaning)

I'm sick!

What the hell is going on here?

It's my husband, he's sick.
I'm sick.

Very sick.
I'm dying.

Don't push it.

What's going on here?

It's his, um... stomach.
My head.

Uh, head.
Stomach. It hurts.

All over, oh...

(Chuck moans)

It's a virus!

Did you see the movie Outbreak?

My face is going
to turn into putty.

Get him out of here
before he starts a riot.

Thank you, nurse.

Nurse, where do you
want me to take him?

Tell someone to order him
an upper and lower GI.

And give him a rectal.


Been on the links lately?

Shot a 71 at Belmar yesterday.

(shower running in distance)


Excuse me, that's
Dr. Connolley's locker.

Oh, yeah, I know.

He, uh, asked me to find
something for him?

And what would that be?

His glass eye.

(woman talking in distance)



You came back.



Did you save the world?

How you feeling?

I'm cold.

Come on, honey, we're going
to go for a little ride.

Doctor, you need some
help with that?

No, thanks.

Why don't you let us
do that for you?

Can't. Incarcerated petunia.

What did he say?

BP is 128/72.
♪ The best things
in life are free ♪

Heart rate is 89...

♪ I need money... ♪

Okay, another day,
another dollar.

Turn the music
off, will you?

Let's get Mr. What's-
His-Name to post-op.

Okay, let's talk.

Listen, Mister, you got to get
out of here right now.

No, I said we're gonna talk.

This little girl's name
is Amanda Bailey.

She is six-years-old.

She doesn't like

orange juice,
but she'll drink it.

She can curl her tongue up

and spit between
her two front teeth.

Her favorite teacher
is Miss Padelli

who teaches pottery at school.

She likes to get the clay

on her fingertips.

You've got two options:

you can pretend this girl's
just another name,

or you can save her life.

What's your choice?

You're a very persistent man,
Mr. Life And Death.

Yes, I am.

You could go to jail for this.

Just look at the girl.

Not the chart.

Look at the girl.

And what would I be looking for?

It's called...

I don't know what it's called,
it's, uh...

you're unconscious
and then you're okay.

It's called adoma, doma...

Epidural hematoma.

That's it.

Let's get a head CT stat,
then prep her just in case.

Yes, Doctor,
I'll call Radiology.

Skip the paperwork.

We need to move
on this, now!

And don't let me hear she got
left in some hallway.

Bring the monitor
down there to Radiology.

Anything else?

Yeah, can you get me
to the airport

in a half an hour?

I'm a surgeon,
not a taxi service.

It's important, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Doctor, she's going
to Radiology now.

So is this.

(indistinct chattering)

All right,
on three.

One, two, three.

(indistinct chatter nearby)

♪ ♪

(birds squawking)


This yours?

What's the date?



Take it down
to the second floor, okay?

Yes, sir.

Piece of cake.

Pretty close thing,

A few more minutes,

and we'd have had
some explaining to do.

I sound like a bureaucrat,
don't I?

Look, uh...

I won't pretend
that I understand

what's going on with you.

Something tells me
I don't even want to know.

But I get the feeling

that we're both
in the same kind of business--

saving lives.

The thing is, one of us
hasn't been doing his job.

Not that I'm very good
at saying thanks.

But... there it is.

You saved
more than one life today.


No, I didn't.

But you tried.

Yeah. And I failed.


Maybe not.

It's what you said.

This is what you had to do.

And that makes
it all right?

You're only one guy, Gary.

that plane went down today,

and I should have been there--
me. Not anyone else, but me.

No, you shouldn't.


'Cause you couldn't.

You can't do it all, Gary.

The world doesn't turn that way.

Sometimes, we...
Excuse me.

I'm looking for
the recovery room.

It's down there.


I got here as fast I could.



She'll be waking up soon.

Doctor says she's
going to be fine.

However, they had trouble
finding you.

I was almost in Miami.

I was on the runway
when they radioed me

halfway through
my takeoff roll.

Ten seconds later, and I would
have been in the air.

Guess I was lucky.

I'd never have
forgiven myself
for not being here.

Mom. Dad.

Hey, Amanda.

I broke my bike.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'll get you
a new bike.

You're going to be fine.

MAN (on TV):

WOMAN (on TV):
I've been wanting
to do that all morning,

but you're so peaceful,
I didn't have the heart.

You have my heart.

Lucky me. So, what were you

dreaming about that put
such a big smile on your face?

You and me.

Oh, yeah?

You know what?
I think, in the next scene,

that Sammy is going find Carrie
in bed with Austin

and leave him flat.

Anybody want
to make a little wager?

A little bet?

Oh, I'm in it for ten.

Ten bucks?
Why don't we make it 20?


All right. 20 bucks.
Good. Anybody else?

You, young lady,
down at the end,

you look like
a gambling woman.

(over PA):
Hospital anesthesiology
to Four East.

Hospital anesthesiology
to Four East.

Where is it?


The paper.

Shh! Can't you see
these ladies are dilating?

This man has
zero sensitivity.

Gare, come on, now.
You owe me.

I bent over
backwards for you.


Like the man said...

I think it was me...

everybody makes choices.

Cab, mister?

Hey, cabbie, bud? Cabbie?

No, I think I'll walk, thanks.

Some you make
because you want to.

Say Abe Lincoln for president.



You lost again.


(doorbells jingling)

Mostly, though,
it's a matter of guesswork.

Going with your gut.

(knock at door)


I'm sorry to bother you,
Mr. Hobson,

but I wanted to tell you I left
that book on your table.

Found it
in the trash downstairs.

(voice fades)

♪ ♪

It's hard on the nerves.

Really, all you can do
is give it a shot.

And hope to God
it turns out right.

♪ ♪