Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

A stockbroker recently evicted by his wife starts receiving tomorrow's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. This offers the opportunity to win at gambling, or to use the foreknowledge to help people.

(siren blaring)

What if you knew beyond a doubt

what was going
to happen tomorrow?

(bell tolling)

Sure, I know it's crazy,

but what if you did?

Whether you'd be rich or poor,

a hero or a loser,

lucky in love, unlucky in life;

what would you do?

What if, by some magic,

you found the power
to really change things...

people, events,

maybe even your life.

(man whistling, dog barking)

Would you even know
where to start?

Maybe you can't know

until it happens.


Marsha, it's me.

(window raising)



Happy anniversary!

Heads up.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

Good morning.
It's Monday in Chicago,

and here's
what's in the news today.

The White House announced

it will not attend
trade talks with Japan.

The President called his
decision final and reaction...



(knocking at door)


(truck horn honking)




Happy anniversary,
or whatever one says.


So, no news, huh?

Nope. I called her
a dozen times,

and all I got was the machine.

Well, that's
an improvement.

Last week, she was
hanging up on you.

Mm-hmm. I just hope
she's all right, that's all.

She's a lawyer, Gary.

Of course she's all right.

I don't know.

Maybe I ought to stop by
and see her or something.

Yeah. Maybe this time,
she'll toss you a lamp.

Don't you have
anything nice to say?

The Cubs look good this year.

The Cubs stink.

And I hate

So do I.

Look, Gare,
I'm your best friend.

How do I put this

You think it's over.

Finito. Kaput.

Dead as a doornail.

She threw you out,
you're living in a hotel.

Doesn't that
tell you something?

The towels are free.

(cat meowing)

(thudding against door)

What's this?
Looks like

a cat on a

Shh! Go on.

Go on.


Since when do they have
cats in hotel rooms?

I didn't order
this paper.

Maybe it's to keep away
the rats.

Oh, no, I hate rats.

That's funny.


No, this headline.

It's wrong.

I just heard
on the radio that...


Come on.
We're late for work.

We got to get a move on it.

on the warpath again.

If we don't start
generating profits,

we're not gonna have
a job tomorrow.


(phone ringing)


Good morning.

This is your wake-up call.

You know what?
You're hopeless.

Have a nice Monday.

I'll see you at the office.

And, uh, try to come in
before lunch.


Guess some guys
have all the luck.

(horn honking)

This is gonna be one hell
of a Monday.

Oh, well, aren't
we dapper today.

Did you buy that jacket

Sherman, don't ask.

Here you go.
The usual.

Oh, I already read it.

Oh, buying from the
competition, huh?

I didn't buy it.

I'm feeling
better already.


An actual smile.

You know, kid,

you got to take better
care of yourself.

Try eating something
other than gum.

No, that's okay, it's on me.

Thanks, Sherman.

Hey, kid!

Who do you like,
Bulls or the Magic?

The Bulls took it
by ten last night.

Where did you hear that?

I read it in the paper.


(phone ringing)

Strauss and Associates.

Can you hold, please?
Thank you.

Good morning, Gary.

How do you always
know it's me?

That's easy.

Got a nose for gabardine.

Did you get
the dog?

Fell through.
I'm back on the waiting list.

Don't be.

I hate sorry.

Of course, I could always
get lucky,

win 15 K and buy myself a pooch.

Good luck.


Same to you.

Strauss and Associates.

Can you hold, please?

Let's see.

Almost 10:00

Thinking of doing
some trading today?

That's right,
Mr. Pritchard.

I'll tell you what.

While you're at it,
try making a profit.

Or would that be
breaking your string?


That was a
good one.
Can it.

I hate that guy.

I hate this tie.

Well, you're gonna
like this.

I got a hot tip
with a capital H.

From where?
The men's room.

This one can't miss.

That's what you
said the last time.

Trust me.

Oh, man!

What happened? Why me?

(taps keyboard)
I think you just
lost your shirt.

You know, I never
learn, do I?

I got to find myself
a new men's room

before I lose the rest
of my sleeves.

Hey, Chuck,

what's the point
of all this?

This. What we do.
What's the point of this?

What do you think,
we're here for our health?

The point is to make money.

Accrue power.

Wipe the other guy out.

Things very near and dear
to my heart.

Well, I thought the point
was to, uh, make a living.

Get married, have kids,
the American Dream.

Where you been?

That was in the '50s.

You know how I got started
in this business?

'Cause Marsha wanted
to go to law school.

Wow! Look at winter wheat.

It's really moving.

Don't touch it.
It went up 30 yesterday.

It's gonna drop.

Gare, wake up.
Yesterday was Sunday.

Market was closed.

I read the paper.

What paper?

This morning, the headline.

It said winter wheat...

jumps 30.



They cleaned the room.

They cleaned the room.

(engine chugging)

Hey, wait!

Hold that!


Hold up! Stop!

Hold it! No!

Stop! Stop that truck!



I don't believe this.

I don't believe this.

Neither do I.

Something like this
comes along

once in a lifetime,
and you lose it.

I'm gonna
kill myself.

What are you... What?

What are you
talking about here--

a newspaper that
tells the future?


Look, you saw
the numbers, right?

We rallied at 30.

Not 29, not 31, but 30.

Just like you read.

Now, how do...
how do you explain that?


Coincidence? Did you read
the sports pages?

Yeah, kind of.

UCLA versus Kentucky.

UCLA, 95-85.

World Cup Soccer,
Brazil and Italy.

Brazil, three-two.

Yes! You've been reading
the soccer scores.
All right, well,

tell me this-- where
does it come from?

The newspaper fairy.

Who knows.

The point is, it's gone.

Unless it comes back again.

You know, this is crazy.

I'm gonna go call Marsha.

You know, that's
just like you.

Heaven passes right
under your nose,

and you don't even blink.

You know,
maybe she'll talk to me.

Gary Hobson?

Process Server.

Have a nice divorce.

Sorry, buddy.

(laughter in distance)


Hey, mister, can you
spare some change?

(coins clinking)


(coins clacking into cup)

Thanks, mister.

You're a nice man.

Yeah, what
do I do now?

Anything can happen.

Good morning.

It's Tuesday in Chicago,
and here's what's happening.

(paper thuds against door)

(cat meowing)

(paper thuds against door)

(cat meows)


Anything can happen.

(cat yowls)

(siren wailing)

Hey, what happened to you?

Get mugged
by an iron,

sleep at the cleaners,
and a smile.

Like the cat who
ate the canary.

So... we're making
some changes, huh?

You might say that.

nice to see you back
on your feet again.


Nope, saw that one already.

You're going to put
me out of a job.

You'll live.

Yeah, I suppose so.

Thanks, Sherm.

Hey, kid.

What is it?

That canary you ate?

Don't know exactly yet,
but I'm gonna find out.

The weather today in Chicago
is going to be beautiful.

Hey, don't believe it.

You're going
to need an umbrella.

Zero chance of rain
in the five-day...

And now.

Hey, man.

How you doing?


Listen, if it means anything,

I'm really sorry
about everything

that's been going on for you,

you know, with Marsha
and every...

It came?

It came.


Yes, yes, yes, there is a God!

Okay, so tell me.

What'd we buy?



Just tell me,
what'd you buy?

Tell me, too.
I love a secret.

Just buying and selling.

Based on
what information?

I'll handle this.

Based on...

based on...

You handle this.



That's almost funny.

Cancel those trades.

Who, me?
Yeah, you.

If you want
to keep your job.

Go ahead, do as
the man says.

And speaking
of future employment,

Hobson, perhaps it's time
we discussed yours.

And that is...?
Not rosy.

I need sharks.

Sharks make profit.

Sharks succeed,
you don't.

Am I making myself

Uh, Mr. Pritchard, I'm afraid
there's some bad news.

Those trades went through.

How much did we lose?

Nothing, actually.

They... they all went up.

Six and a quarter, five
and an eighth, and...

...eight and a quarter.
...eight and a quarter.


Well done.

How big were we in?

One share each.

What'd you say?

You heard me.

One share each.

Assure me you're joking.

No joke.

Look, I don't need this.

I'll have
your job, buddy.

Well, you got it.

Keep it in a
safe place.

You're quitting?

I guess I just don't like
wearing a tie.

Marissa, you busy
this afternoon?

Booked solid.

What you got in mind?

How about lunch?

On me.


Sky's the limit.

ANNOUNCER (over P.A.):
Welcome to Off-Track Betting.

Please place your bets.

Hey, Charlie,
got some luck for me today?

Eh, no chance.

The usual?

Yeah, two dollars
on the number four horse.

It's your money.



How's the food?


You come here every day, huh?

Yep, one bet,

two bucks, take a
shot at a dream.

It's the number three horse
Gordon Shadow by a nose.

The number four horse...

And then it's
back to the grind.

Easy come, easy go.

ANNOUNCER (over P.A.):
Ladies and gentlemen, one minute

to post time
for the second race.

Please place your bets.

Order some food,
I'll be right back.


Biscuit in the second.

It's a long shot.


And coming out of the turn
is Marta's Girl,

followed by Eloise,

and Biscuit running third
and moving up on the inside,

followed by Marty's Hope
and Dylan's Deal.

Biscuit now pulling away,

Eloise dropping back
along the railing,

and, at the wire, it's Biscuit
by three lengths, Eloise,

and Marta's Girl.


Welcome back.

So, you like your food
lukewarm or cold?

Place your bets
for the sixth at Belmont.

The horses are now
approaching the gate.

I'll be right back.

Oop, wait.

Nice talking to you.

26 on Apple Cart.

Your funeral.

It's Apple Cart
coming from nowhere,

Apple Cart pulling away,
and it's Apple Cart at the wire.


(people groaning)

There you go.

A lot of George Washingtons
in there.

Let it ride.

Are you nuts?

On who?

Sikorsky to win.

50 on Sikorsky!

(starting bell rings)

And they're off.

Siamese Dream breaking fast,

Zuckers Notion on the outside,
Sikorsky trailing the pack.

Come on, Sikorsky!

Come on, baby!

Gary, what are you doing?

Come on, baby.

This is where you've been?

How much
did you spend?

A dollar?


Now Sikorsky's making a move.
Come on, baby.

At the turn, it's Zuckers Notion
and Sikorsky neck and neck.

Zuckers Notion and Sikorsky
down the stretch.

Come on, Sikorsky,
come to papa!

It's a two-horse race.

Come on, baby.

Sikorsky and Zuckers Notion
nose to nose.

And at the wire
it's... Zuckers Notion.

(people groaning)

Zuckers Notion by a nose,

Sikorsky, and Siamese Dream.

No, no, that's impossible.


No, no, that's

Your attention, please.

Ladies and gentlemen,
hold your tickets.

Zuckers Notion
has been disqualified.

The winner is Sikorsky.


Ha, ha!

So you want to tell
me how you did it?

I already told you-- luck.

You want to tell
me why you did it?

I thought it'd be fun.

I see. Fun.

Well, this
is my train.

Thanks for
the afternoon.

It was, um...

Take care
of yourself.



I want you to take
the winnings from today.

I can't take this,
Gary, this is yours.

Now you can get the dog you've
been waiting for.
Gary, wait.


No, no, no, no, no.

I refuse to accept this.

Hey, take it easy, will you?

All right, Gary, look, just
run this by me again, okay?

You took the paper...
Two beers.

you went to a betting parlor,
you won money, and then,

you gave it away.
I gave it away.


She needed a dog.

A dog?
Why not ten dogs?

Why not a whole kennel?

Well, I don't know, it seemed
like one dog was enough.

Gary, this thing is not
some kind of toy, okay?

It's a very powerful tool.

A tool?

Yes, for getting very rich.

No, no, no.
This is opportunity

with a capital "O."

You can't just let it wither
on the vine.

It goes against nature.

Whose nature?

Yeah, but it doesn't come
to you, it only comes to me.

You don't know that
for sure, now, do you?

(thunder rumbles)

Meaning maybe
it comes to him.

How are you?
Up yours.

Or maybe it comes to people
all over the world,

they just don't talk
about it.

Well, what do they do
with it then?

What any normal person would--
they make money, lots of it,

and they spend it
on clothes and yachts

and presidential campaigns.

Oh, my God.

Gary, look,
just give it a try, all right?

Take it from me,
we got nothing to lose.

Look, no one gets hurt,
no one even knows.

Do it for me.

What do you got
to lose?


(people clamoring)

It's the newsstand.


Excuse me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
move back.

What happened?

Hey, what happened?

You want to know?

Read tomorrow's paper.

(thunder rumbling)

I missed it.

(siren wailing)

I missed it.

(gulls keening in distance)


(dog growls softly)


It's about time.

What are you doing here?

Your bellman let me in.

Look, if it's all right
with you,

I don't want any company
right now, so...

I don't give a rat's butt
about what you want.

What's wrong with you?

What? Nothing.

I'm fine.

(dog whining)

What's your dog's name?


What's your cat's name?

That's not my cat.

Acts like he's your cat.

It's not my cat.
Now, what is your problem?

Look, I told you, I don't have
a problem, I'm fine.


You quit your job, you take me
out for a lunch you don't eat,

and then you drop
15 grand in my lap

and disappear off
into the sunset.

I mean, who do you think
you are, the Lone Ranger?

Oh, that's very funny.
You know, Gary,

there's lots of
people in this world

that think that being blind
is the same as being stupid.

Are you like that?
You think I'm stupid?

No, I don't think
you're stupid.

Then tell me.

All right, fine.
You want to know about it?

Because of me,
there's a guy in the hospital

and he might never wake up,
and I could have stopped that.

You want to hear about that?

Yes, I do.

And that's about it.

It comes every day,
like it or not.

Which you don't.

You got it.

Where's it coming from?

The hallway.

That's not
what I mean.

Can you-- could you, uh...

(wry laugh)

Maybe it comes from God.

Oh, right, yeah.

Yeah, God's
a cosmic paperboy.

Look, if God can
be a burning bush,

He can be
any damn thing He likes.

You don't really
believe that, do you?

World's full of
miracles, Gary.

You don't always need
eyes to see them.


Well, I'm not too big
on miracles right now.

Well, that's too bad,
being as it's happening to you.

Well, yeah, why me?

I'm just an ordinary guy.

I'm no Superman.
What, am I supposed

to run around in a little red
cape and save the world?

You might look good in a cape.

Oh, you think that's funny?

Well, let me tell you something,
I didn't ask for this thing.

I don't want it
and I don't need it.

Give the damn thing
to somebody else.

(cat meows)

Gary, you don't

need to be a hero to make
the best of what you're given.

And you've been given this.

What am I supposed
to do with it?

You're supposed to do
whatever you can.

"A tragic series of events

"ended in disaster
Monday afternoon

"in a bank
on Chicago's South Side.

"An out-of-work factory worker,
Frank Price,

"who had earlier been
turned down for a loan,

"returned to the bank, armed,
near closing time.

"Authorities say
the suspect panicked

"when the teller set off
an alarm.

(alarm bell ringing)

"By the time it was over,

"nine people were dead,

including the suspect himself."

Oh, no. Uh-uh.

(Spike barks)

You can give me a cat in a tree

or a flat tire on the bus,
but not this.

You could at least
tell someone.

Hey, Gare, where you been?

(Spike growls)
Good doggie.

Oh, look, the paper.

You could
tell the police.

I am not going to the police.

(indistinct police radio

I'd like to report a situation.

What kind of situation?

A future one.


Come on, let's go.


Detective Tagliatti?


Uh, I, uh...

I can't wait to hear.

I want to report a crime.

Well, lucky for you
you're in a police station.

Sit down.

When did it happen?

N-not exactly.


Last week?

Well, it hasn't happened yet,

but it's going to,
unless you stop it.

Domestic dispute?

No. No, it's a robbery.

Well, at least
it starts out that way

at the First National Bank.

Well, you see,
at least it's gonna be.


Do you have any I.D.?

Yeah, uh...

the guy's name is Frank Price.

He's out of work, he got

turned down for
a loan and, uh,

he's a very desperate man.

Okay, let me get
this straight.

We've got a guy, a bank,

a loan, some kind of robbery?

Well, no.

It's not a robbery yet, but it's

gonna be.
Gonna be.

Just for the record,
not that

I doubt you,
you know this because...?

Oh, I can't tell you that.


Have you heard
of anything

over at First National Bank?

Yeah, flying saucers.

So we're on to it.

Thank you.

They almost locked me up.

Good call, Marissa.

Who asked you?
Oh, a little sensitive.

Hey, could we just
get out of here?

(Spike barks)

Forget it.

Gary, listen to me.

Yeah, listen to you,
I'll end up in the loony bin.

All right, I was wrong,
so sue me.

Right, no harm done.

You tried, you failed.

A noble effort, move on.

Gary, where do we start?

The bank.
How's that?

Sports. Sports are good.

Maybe it's not enough
to tell someone.

Maybe you have too be there.
Oh, no, no.

We are, we are
not going down

to that bank.
Good call.

Check out the NBA.

Well, it's worth a try.

Yeah, we tried, it didn't work.

Of course,
there's always the NHL.

So you're just
gonna throw in the towel?

You're just gonna stick
your head in the sand?

Oh, no, no, no,
that's not fair.

You know you can't do that.

All right, let's just relax,
okay, Mother Theresa?

Look, butt out.

Go walk your dog.

Now, you see what you did?

Easy, boy, okay.


Look, I did everything
I could do.

I'm sorry.


Well, where are you going?

I always hated that word, sorry.

Go figure.

Come on, Spike.

(Spike whimpers)

Gary, here's your paper.

Uh, listen, I forgot
I had a 1:15,

so I'll see you later.

CHUCK (shouting):

Ten? I thought it was nine.



Seven, eight, page nine.

Page nine.

Where's page nine?


(announcer calls plays on TV)

Run, baby!
Run, baby!

Yeah, yeah!



I don't believe this.
The Bears haven't

run the ball
in two years.

How did you know that?

That's 50 bucks, pal.

Thank you very much.

All right, anybody else want
to get in on the action?

I'm feeling, like,
a maybe a, uh, fake punt in O.T.

Anybody? I'm feeling
very lucky today.

It's my night.

Page nine.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Hey, what are you doing?
Gary, easy.

Stop, huh?

Oh. That page nine.

I-I thought...
that's page ten.

That's not page nine.

Gary, where you going?

Hold it, Gary.

Listen, fellas,
I got to go.


Gare, Gare, look,
it's not what you think.

I was betting
with my guts, my instincts.

I barely looked
at the paper at all.

I need some money.
How much you got in there?

Five bucks.

$3,700 and change.

Hey, that's
my good briefcase!

First National Bank and move!

Gary, hey, give me-- hey, Gary!

Oh, taxi!


Well, if it isn't
the King of Sorry.

Yeah, Marissa, you got
to get out of here, now.

Gary, calm down.
I told them.

Everything is
under control.

What'd you tell them?

I told them to be on the
lookout for a desperate man.


"Uh-oh" what, Gary?

All right, nobody move!

I'm a desperate man!

(alarm bell rings)

You want to tell me
what's going on here

or am I going to have to guess?

All right, get down.

(customers murmuring

(alarm bell ringing)


Frank, you don't
want to do this.


(people screaming,



How do you know my name?


Out here. Now!

My God, how did this happen?

(police sirens blaring)

Move! Move! Move!



Frank, are you sure
you want to do this?
Shut up!

Okay, no problem.

Let's go! Move it! Move it!

Come on, hurry!

All right, what
have we got here?

Sir, it's hard to say.

Well, say it anyhow.

It looks like a robbery.

Caught the guy?
Kind of.

Get your hands off of me!

You arrested
a blind woman?!

We think she's the lookout.

The lookout...!
For the guy on the roof.

What guy?
The guy with the gun.

The gun?
There might be a gun.

We're not sure.
Is that it?

Not exactly.
Well, spit it out.

There's a hostage.


Six months to retire
and I got to deal with this.

Where's my phone?
Where's my walkie?

Where's the damn coffee?

You, uh, see
any flying saucers?

Not yet, but I'm looking.

Don't you know your job?

Oh, my God.

What is going on?


Not so fast.
Come on back here.

Excuse me.

Who do you think you are?
I'm, uh...

Federal Marshal Rabinowitz.

Never mind that.
Who's in charge?

Come on, get out of here.


I know this guy.

Let him through.

God, this is not what I wanted.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Are you a cop or something?



The Cubs look good
this year, huh?


The Cubs suck.

Well, that's what
I meant to say.

The Cubs suck.

Detective, just hear
these people out.

I don't have time.
They may have some information.

What kind of information?

Uh, first, keep an open mind.

What kind of information?

About... what's going to happen.

What are they, psychics?



And you call yourself a cop.

I've been wondering that, too.

All right, Mr. and Mrs. Houdini,

you got 30 seconds.

What do you know and how?

We read about it.

Yeah, in the paper.

I didn't see it,
actually, I only saw

the sports but,
uh, she read it.

(car tires screeching)

I just wanted for someone
to listen, I didn't...

and you had to screw it up.


Listen, Frank, I don't have time
to explain.

Just answer the question!

Because people
were gonna die.


I wasn't gonna, I...

well, maybe I was I,
I don't know.

Listen, Frank.
How do you know my name?

Well, I know a lot about you.

Look, the layoff at the plant,

the medical

you got turned down
for that loan.

Look, Frank,
you got a raw deal.

Look, I understand
what you're going through.


(sirens wailing,
getting closer)

Don't make me laugh, pal.

I mean, look at you.

I mean,

what do you know
about losing everything

you thought you ever had?

(wry laugh)

Try me.

First shot you get,
take him out.

Which one?
How should I know?

Shoot the bad guy.

16 years...
I worked that job.

Never missed
a day and...

you think you're building

like a future or
your family and then...

then one day,
you know, ptth!

just like that,
it's gone.


I looked everywhere for work
and there's nothing.


that's, that's
why I came here.

This is the place
I keep my money in.

Your savings,
all those years and...

you know what
they said to me?

They said they couldn't
take the risk.

Like I was asking
for a handout or...

or like I was nothing.

I was...

Yeah, and so, um...

What am I supposed
to do now?




My wife's gonna be really upset.

She loves you, huh?

It was 19 years, you know...

...you know, three kids.

It'd be a shame
to lose that, Frank--

wife and kids.

It'd be a shame
to lose that.

Yeah, well...

...you think that, um...

They never even
saw the gun, Frank.

And if money will help,

it's yours.

Yeah, but did it help you?


(distant siren wailing)


So, what do we do now?

police radio communication)

And you're sure you
want to do this?


Hold your fire!

What the hell?

Oh, my...

It's money...!

(crowd applauds and cheers)

It's money!

That's my money.

Oh, no, no, no.

That's my money.

You don't understand--
that's, that's my money.

Oh, no.

(laughter and cheering)

Exact details are not yet clear.

All we know is this hostage
situation has been resolved.

And thanks to some quick
action by Chicago police,

a potentially dangerous
felon has been apprehended.

You're under arrest.
Let's move it.

What'd I do?

Easy. Easy.

Hey, what's going on?

Don't know yet,

but we're sure as hell
gonna find out.

Right, Superman?

Okay, let's move.


Excuse me.

You got five bucks
for a cab, big guy?

(siren wailing)

Thank you.


Can I go now?

No reason to
hold you.

For the record,

you wouldn't want to change
your story, would you?

To what?

Anything remotely


I just hope
I never see you again.

Next time...

Uh, there won't be a next time,
believe me.


(elevator bell rings)
Gare? Gare?

Come on,

(Spike growling)
What about the cat?

What about me?

take care of her.

Where are you going?

Where they
can't deliver.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Whoa, whoa.

Not so fast.

Good morning.

It's Wednesday in Chicago,

and here's the news
at this hour...

(knocking on door)

(heavy muffled breathing)

I'm here to spray
for the roaches.

(cat meows)
(paper thuds against door)

There are no explanations,
of course,

but that's nothing new.

Magic's like life,
mostly unexpected;

which means, newspaper or not,

you can never be sure
what's around the corner

or what you'll do
when you find it.

Hey, Marissa?

What took you so long?

I had a hunch
about the lottery.

I thought, uh...
might send some of
the money to Frank.

Well, that's
a good idea.

How's Sherman?
Oh, he's fine.

Be back at the newsstand
in two weeks.

So, uh, decided what to do
with the rest of your life?

Got to find a new
place to live.

A place that
takes cats.

And then?

Got to buy a
kitty litter box.