Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Sudachi - full transcript

You do not do
anything you want

to your body just
because it belongs to you.

The Fishery Association
bought this together.

l'm sorry, everyone.

The son of the sea has to
come back to the sea after all.

This is what father
and son is all about.

Why do men live?

Men become great
for the things they do.

Maybe l become a doctor

just to look for this
answer to this question.

Doctor, l'll look
for the answer too.

Ayaka, have you told

your parents
about your health?

lt's better if you tell them.

Why do you say
this all of a sudden?

ls that because l might
not be able to be cured?

lf it goes smoothly,
will there be troubles?

lf the operation
doesn't go on well,

it's tough to talk to
my parents, and Doctor. . .


This is not what l mean.

l heard that this
drug is really effective.

lf the therapy goes well,

the operation
will be smooth. So. . .

Why can you be so
sure about what you said?

No one knows if it
goes well, do they?


l'm afraid.

l feel that my body doesn't

belong to me anymore.

Though l know,

but the side effects
will occur time after time.

l'll not only lose my hair,

but my body
will have to suffer.


That's why you should. . .

l've been. . .

l always thought that
Doctor understands me.

Dr. Koto.

Mr. Wada, morning.

Thinking about Ayaka again?

Why are you asking?

The call.

-Ayaka, of course.

She wanted me to tell you

that she's sorry
about last night.

-She said it very softly.
-She did?

All the long-distant calls
after work

are your bills, Doctor.


What are you doing?

Mrs. Harue is here.



Ok. Hold your breath. Ah?

The position is not right?

How do you know?

Shinichi and Momoko's
positions weren't right as well,

but when it's about the time,

they turned to
the right position.

All my family are
like that, probably, huh?

ls the baby ok?

Well, l can't tell yet.

Anyway, if anything happens,

we have you, Dr. Koto.

-Watch out!
-l'll leave it to you, Doctor.

This scanner is a new one.

Take it once every 2 hours.

And it makes me sleepy.

Mrs. Harue, this is
your maternity manual.


-Hello, Doctor.
-Hello, Chiga.

l heard that you're pregnant.


Everyone's telling me that. No.

-Right, Doctor?

Chiga, behave when

Mum's having her check-up.

-Good girl, l'll read for you.


-Yukari. Come in please.

-Chiga, be a good girl.

Yukari, it's going
into the stomach.

The air will get in
and you'll feel bloated.


-Bye, Chiga.
-Take care.

Chiga, you don't talk
about taking care now.

-Mina, clear up.

Dr Amashow 2006

Episode 7

-Hello, everyone.
-Oh, Hi, Doctor.

-Good harvest, huh?
-Ah, Doctor.


Will bring some
over. Let's eat together.


Masato, help up over there.

Oh, no. Koto.

lf you work so hard,

you'll annoy
people around you.

lf you work with him,

you won't stand it.

Come. Come.

Mr. Sakano.

-Ah, Doctor. Hi.

Hello. Thanks for what
you've done to my wife.

lt's ok.

She told me you're so good

that the
gastroscope didn't hurt at all.

And her digestion is not good.

l'm worried about her.

The results are out.

Please come to
the clinic together.

-l'll have to go now.

lt's a maglinant tumour.

ls that a cancer?


The good thing is,

from the gastroscope,

the cancerous tissues
are not spreading yet.

l think the operation

is going to help cure a lot.

Well, the operation means. . .

There's a
tumour at the stomach.

We have to remove
half or 2/3 of the stomach.

When will we
have the operation?

The sooner the better.

Of course, l can write a letter

for you to go to the hospital.

ln our clinic. . .

l trust you, Dr. Kato.

l have to take care of
Chiga, and he has to work.

We can't be
hospitalised there.

Dr. Koto, will
you operate on me?

l know.


l knew this is going to happen.

Do you remember
when the doctor wanted us to

go together

when Chiga was just born?


lt's scary. Helicopter.

l thought all

three of us would die.

You are like then.

Don't be so. Did the
doctor say l'll be fine?

lt's ok. l trust Dr. Koto.

Yes. Hmm, sorry.

When l am at hospital,
please take care of Chiga.

An you need Mum's help too.


Chiga, watch out. Don't fall.


Sorry to keep you waiting.
What are you having tonight?

Shall we have dinner

with Grandpa and Grandma?

Ok, let's go.

l'll have an operation
soon. Thanks for your hard work.

Hmm, we'll
work together, Mina.


lt's ok, Mina.

lt's ok.

Just leave it to Dr. Koto.

No matter if it's
cancer or any other thing.


we're in the era where
operations cure everything.

That might be right,

but why would
this happen to her?

lf l could,

l would rather suffer it
for her.

l always think this way.

But Sakano,

this is not helping.

Even if you can't replace her,

you can support each other.

When in pain and in difficulty,

you feel it together,
get over it together.

Only fate brings you together
to become husband and wife.

Ah. . .

-Oh !

What are you two doing?

Ah, l see. lt's
about the operation.

Mina wants to
practise before hand.

l want to make
sure of the procedures.

Then l won't
slow everyone down.

This is good enough.
Clear it up.


Practise, huh?

Let's all do it together then.


Wada, get the forceps.


And. . .

-Mina, about the forceps. . .

Ok, done.

Chiga, Mum is going
into the operation soon.

Will you wait with Dad?

l want Mummy.

Chiga is a big sister now.

You have to listen, ok?


Don't worry. Mum
will get well soon.

The prep is ready.

Please come into the OR.

-Good luck, Yukari.

-Good luck.

Next, let's begin
with the operation.

Mina, Wada, let's work on it.

Let's work on it.

-Mina, scalpel.

Cut the valve.

ls that the homework?

This is good.

Please get the
homework done.

Mum's saying that.

-Don't do it again.

Mum, are you ok?

Hmm. l need more time.


Hmm, l'm a little
worried so l came over.

-lt just started.



-Give me the salted water.

-Take it.



The operation is over.

How's Yukari?

l have to talk to you.

Let's go to the clinic.

How did this happen?

Did you say it's not spreading,

and there's a great
chance that she'll be cured?

When we opened up,

we realised the
cancerous tissues have spread,

and there's no way to operate

So we didn't
remove the stomach.

We only did the bypass.

We solve the
problem on the digestion.

Can't be operated. So
what will happen to Yukari?

lsn't there any other idea?

The other way of therapy.

The only one l can think of

is to use the anti-cancer drug.

So we'll use that.

lt won't make the
cancerous tissues disappear.

Meaning, Yukari
cannot be cured?


Doctor, how
long can Yuakri live?

lf we don't do anything,

3 months the max.

The operation is over, huh?


So l have only
half a stomach left.

You did well.

Where's Chiga?

She's at Mum's.

l just called,

and she's been throwing

tantrum but is sleeping now
at last.

ls she?

l feel like l've been
sleeping for a long time.


lt's great!

Still staying alive.

Eyes staying open.

What silly things
you're talking about?

l'll stay with you tonight.

l'll talk to the doctor.

-Will this do?

lt's a good weather today.


lt'll be hotter tomorrow.

whispered that to my ears.

lt will be nice

if there's no practice
next time.

l've done a lot of
exercises tonight.

Sound asleep.

-ls the situation really bad?

lt's stil
in the clinic l heard.

lt's hard to believe
this. Yukari was so healthy.

Chiga is so small.

Ah, welcome.

-Oh. . .
-Oh, Takehiro.

ls there anything that you're
looking for me? Move a little.

Please make way.

No. No. l heard
that the chief is here.

ls he?

ls there anything?

Ayaka has been. . .

l heard. Ayaka called.

A few things are
brought especially for her.

Went just to see her, but
didn't get to meet. How sad.

ls it?

Dad, Dad, over here.

-What is it, Chiga?
-Come pick some flowers, Dad.

Come pick some, Dad.

Dad, pick some.

Yukari, how do
you feel? Any pain?

Not at all.

Let me see.

lt's good. The fever is over.

We'll try to take
food through mouth.


Am l incurable?

Why are you saying that?

l know it from the
way my husband look.

Don't hide this from
me, Doctor. Tell me.

l can't make it, can l?

l know everyone
concerns about me.

But l don't like this.

Please, Doctor, tell me.

How long will l be living?


How long will l survive?

Please, Doctor, tell me.

lt's my body, Doctor.

Sorry to disturb.

Will you leave me
alone for a while?

Sorry, please leave
me alone for a while.

Uncle Wada, read this to me.


Ah, Chiga.

Chiga, Mum's not
feeling well today.

Let's go home.

-What is it?

Mrs. Kazue, it's
inconvenient now.

No, l want to read this book.

l want Mum. l want
Mum to read me this book.

l'll go. Please stay at home.

l want to go too.

Bakuko is a big brother now,

you have to take
care of the baby.

Mum, where's the exercise?

Exercises? Have
to finish them quick.

Ok. . . Are the exercises done?

What's the exercise
today? lt's hugging.

Huh? ls hugging an exercise?

That's great!
Let's do the exercise.

Mum says this

as she holds Bakuko is
her arms and starts singing.

This is the song.

When Bakuko's young,

Mum used to sing it a lot.

What is it, Mum?


Mum's a little tired.

Don't cry.


lt's Dad's turn next.

l'm so sorry.

l've only decided it when
we're about to have the baby.

lt's ok.

l think it's safer this way.

Since when has my husband

started to say the
sooner the better.

l'm going to
Sister's place next week.

You are? This is for you.

How's Yukari?

Please come in.

Yukari, how do you feel?

l made this. The
doctor says it's edible.

Please try some.

lt looks delicious.

l've talked to the doctor.

l'm giving birth over there.

-Are you?

The baby is not in
the right position.

Dr. Koto said to play it safe,

it's better to have
it at the specialist's.

lt's better.

l'll work on it.
And so must Yukari.

And we almost lost this child.

My husband
became very paranoid.

Asking me to work on it. . .

on what?

Hey, what do l
have to work on?

Chiga wants to talk to you.

What is it, Chiga?

l don't want to say it anymore.

Not saying it anymore.

ls it ok that
you're not going back?

Hmm. l'll just stay for a while.

Chiga wants to
tell me something.


She's crying to sleep.

Chiga suddenly
demanded to read

for you last night.

She said she's grown up
and she knows the words.

And she wanted
to read for Mum.

She said Mum kept
crying when she read.

ls that really what she said?

Hmm. l was shocked

for what Chiga thinks.

Hey this is a clinic.

lt's Momoko.

l'll inform you all

on any situation. Be patient.


What is it?

Momoko called and said
that Harue is not home yet.

-He's left for a while.

Doctor, Harue
collapsed in the field.

We were all shocked to death.

Blood! He's bleeding.

Take him to the room.
Mina, get really the lV.

-Sorry, Doctor.

-Harue, it's going to be fine.

-l'll go and have a look.
-Slow down. . . lie down slowly.

Doctor, my child.

-Wada, get ready the oxygen.

-Mina, measure the BP.

Sorry, Mrs. Harue.

any experience on child birth?


Never experienced myself.
Never seen it on a patient.

-Ah. . .
-Calm down, Mina.

-Harue, work on it.

get the ultra sound ready.


Doctor, is the baby ok?

lt's fine.

-Mina, give me the light.

-And the stretcher.

Work on it, Mrs. Harue.

The uterus is opening.
But the placenta is too low.

lt's bleeding at the sides.

The break membrane and

direct the foetus' head
to the tube.

We might stop the bleeding.

-Tsumoto, Tsumoto!
-Where's Harue?

Where's Mum?

ln there now.

-No. . . Dr. Koto's. . .

-lt's in the process.

-You can't go in now.

-Mina, gauze.

-lt stops bleeding.


Harue, you're right.


The baby behaves, and
it's get to the right position.


Next, you're
have to push hard.

-Well, Harue, start now.
-Breathe in. Breathe out.

-ln. Hard.

Hold it.

Again. Again.

Once again.

-Mina, Mina come.

Ok. Breathe in, breathe out.

-Breathe in, breathe out. . .
-Coming around.

lt's ok now.

What is it?

The baby is coming out.

The baby?


When it's in labour,
everyone was working hard.

-Did they?

-Doctor, l have to going now.
-Take care.


Work on it.

You too, Harue.

Momoko, Shinko, and
Tsutomu are all waiting.


Was is tough then
you gave birth to Chiga?

Yes. Mum and Dad
were working really hard.

Doctor, Doctor. Harue's here.

-Harue, are you ok?
-Come, breathe in. . .

Dc. Koto, and
everyone on the island,

everyone was
working really hard.


Can you really read for Mum?

Push hard. Work on it, Harue.

-Work on it, Harue.
-Work on it.

Harder. The head is out!

Harue, relax. Breathe rapidly.

The baby is out.

lt did?

-Great! Great!

Great! lt's really great!

Hooray! Hooray!

Congratulations! Look!

lt's a healthy baby boy.

Let me see.

-lt's so cute.

-Thank you.
-lt's great!

lt's Mum.

-How cute!

Call me if there's anything.

Excuse me.

Sorry, Yukari.

Let me stay tonight.


What is it?

Let me hold your baby.

Will you let me hold it?

Ok. Sure.

This is the weigh of life.

Chiga was born as
a preemie at 1 1 00g.

She had to stay in the box

and we couldn't
even carry her.

This is. . .

the weigh of life.




How do you feel?

Did you sleep well last night?

l'd been recalling the
memories the whole night.

When Chiga was born,

l felt like giving
up my own life.

l was willing to die for Chiga.

But Doctor,

l can't do it now.


Will you start using the
anti-cancer drug therapy?

Chiga promised to read for me.

The girl said she'll learn
to read when she grows up,

and she'll read for me.

So even for one day,

l want to live for one day.

lt doesn't matter if l
can only live for a while.

l want to be by Chiga's side.

No matter how
much l have to suffer.

Please, Doctor.

l know.

Yukari, as long
as you survive,

no matter what
condition it will be,

in the end,

you'll live on.

Thank you, Doctor.

The weather is
great today, Doctor.

Yes, the weather is good.


ls that right? Will we
start the therapy now?


lt's good to get well.

Doctor, l know
nothing about medicine.

Will this drugs
make me lose my hair?

No, it's just that Taketoshi
has said something strange.

She asked if Ayaka is sick.

What is it?

She went to her
apartment, and saw her.

But he didn't say hi.

He didn't dare to
when he saw her.

What is it, Doctor?


Does Mr.
Hoshiro know about it?

ls it ok to let Ayaka be alone?

Can't help
feeling upset every day.

lsn't it good to be cured?

Mr. Koto, don't look
down on the cancer.


Can't help it!

l'm really thankful to you.