Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Ai suru waga ko he - full transcript

Has Takehiro lost his job?

He hurt someone at work,

and he has to pay
the conpensation.

l don't belong to
the island anymore.

l don't need your help.

lt could be anything good

when a
fisherman sells his ship.

l don't want you to
be my partner again.


Do her parents know
about her condition?

l lost everything.

l lost all the money l saved

since Taketoshi started
his primiry school.

l'm not a good
father to Taketoshi.

l've decide to quit school.

l don't want to go
to school anymore.

l want to come back
to the island.


Taketoshi, have
you talked to your Dad

about this. . .?


Takehiro is back l think.

And. . . ah. . .


Hey. . . Hey. . . Taketoshi.

Have l said
something l shouldn't?

Didn't expect
Taketoshi to be here.

-Wada, your foot.

-Doesn't it hurt?

Ah. . . no.

Not at all.

-That's great.
-Thank you, Doctor.

-Doctor. . . ah. . .
-Great. . .

-That's great.
-That's great.

lt's all Mina's effort.

Bastard, what
do you want, kid?

Why not?

No! Stand back. Bastard.

How good for you to
be so free in Tokyo.

-Damn !

Oh, My Mum must have
said something behind me.

Kunio, l want to
come back to the island.


Ah, Hina. ls it
because of Hina?

No, this is not the reason.

That doesn't make sense
then, you have to go to school.


Take one.

No, l'd better not smoke.

You're such a coward.

Bro Masato and all
said you don't call yourself

a capable man at the
sea if you can't even smoke.

Ah, l always want to
be a man at the sea.


For the families
which can't afford

the children's education,

the island will
subsidises them.

First. . . let's take
Taketoshi for instance,

lt'll be great
if we can do it for

all kids who wish to be a nurse

like Ayaka or to
further their study

for other qualifications.

That'll be great!

lsn't it?

Doctor, l can think of
something good sometimes.

And l. . .

Thank you for that.

lt's hot and it's not
much money. Will it do?

lt's fine. Thanks.

Come again tomorrow.


-Sorry, Doctor.

l'll think about it myself.

So don't worry about me.

Dr Amashow 2006
Episode 6

The swell is
subsiding. lt should be better.

Sorry, l thought
it's just a little cold.

l didn't expect it
to be a tonsillitis.

lt's easier to be cured

when it occurs at a young age.

So Chiga, do
take care of yourself.

-So do you, Doctor.

Thanks. Ok. We
have to go home.

-Ah, yes. Doctor.

lt might have
been the summer,

that my stomach feel funny.

Will you check
for me next time?

Of course. How does it feel?

lt's a little bloated.
And l have no appetite.

Or, Yukari, could you be. . .


No. Not that.

Great. Yukari and Tsutomu.

They are so happy.

Our only lover is
the crab noodles.

Ah, right. Doctor.

Will you change
into the blue tag?

Doctor. . . oh. . . Chiga is here.

Made it, Doctor.

This is a great news.

ls it there same
there at Mr. Hoshino?

Saying that we are. . . what?

What? What's that
look on everyone's face?

Ah, Doctor.
Where's Taketoshi?

Taketoshi, where is he?

The scholarship. The head?

-Thanks for the chief's effort.

lt's a especial case
that the head of the village

talked to the state government.

So we'll soon make it?

Hmm. lt's
unbelievably smooth.

Great, sir!

What is it?

Men are so fickle.

Has he recalled
of that incident?

Right, Doctor?

l don't know, if
you're asking me.

Right, Mr. Hoshino.

Doesn't this mean that

he's not doing
anything at all so far?


Nothing but
playing coquet, huh?

-Hey, what is it, Uncle Juu?

Are you don't feeling well?

Not feeling well.

What it is.

l'm always a quiet man.

lf the scholarship is approved,

will Takehiro accept it?

Ah. Why?

lt seems that he's
looking for a job on the island.


l see.

Scholarship for
Taketoshi, huh?

Taketoshi might succeed Koto

and become the
doctor on the island.

Compared to
Taketoshi, you're. . .

lf you're not doing
the exercise,

l won't bother you later.

Learn from Taketoshi, please.

What do l learn from him?

The performance

like studies and helping up
with the housework and stuff.

You're the one
who don't let be fish.

There's field. You're supposed
to help up in the field.

Why are you still
eating watermelon

with a stomach-ache?

Taketoshi was
studying at home just now.

l see.

He still works on hard
even when Takehiro left.

Ah. . . how annoying.

What a nuisance.


Treating me like a child.

-Ah, Kunio.

Going. Good luck.

Mr. Ozawa is
wishing you good luck.

-Save this for later.

-l have to go then. Bye.

Sorry to disturb you all.

lt's nothing.

lt's ok. You don't
have to be so serious.

Ah, right. Do stay
with me for a while.

lt'll be great if Taketoshi's
scholarship goes through.


lt's lonely

to be separated from
your parents since young.

l hope he can work hard.

l used to be a crying baby.

When my
parents passed away,

l was adopted by my uncle.

That was in your
primary school year, huh?

Uncle and Aunt were at
work. There're cousins around.

lt's always
making me uneasy.

So l found it incredible

when l see how the
people on the island

treat Taketoshi
like their own child.

l really admire it.

And your house
is a comfortable place

to live in too.

This is my first time,

l feel comfortable
living with others.

l keep wondering
if this is real.

l don't feel safe
about it somehow.

lsn't this good then?

l'm also receiving help
from others on the island.

This is the first step.

Dr. Koto?


Doctor, you mentioned

that there's no
place for you, didn't you?

Stop! Kid!

Explain it to your mother.

Tell it all what you have done.

What is it?

This kid is
smoking at the harbour.

Where did you get the
cigarettes? You stole them?

-lt's from Taketoshi. . .

brought it from Tokyo.

ls that right, Taketoshi?


lt's true. Taketoshi and
l were doing to together.

Stop it! Taketoshi is
not this kind of child.

l never knew how
useless you are.

You push your responsibility

to your friend
for smoking yourself.

Mum's really
embarrassed about it.

lt's nothing to smoke.

How old do you think you are?

This is my body, l
do whatever l want.


lt's just a cigarette.
There's no big deal.


Wait, Kunio.


Wait, Kunio.


Don't come
here. Don't follow me.

Kunio, go apologize.

Why didn't you
tell that l was lying?

-l push everything to you.

You won't.

l never brought that home.

You're just pretending.

l'm not.

No one will
suspect you anyway.

l'm always the one
who did the wrong thing.

Whatever it is, it's
always Taketoshi! Taketoshi!

Everyone is
treating you so well.

They even give
you scholarship.

Why would you make
it sound so impressive

as to come back to the island?

Kunio, what's that scholarship
you're talking about?

All you have to do is
go back to study in Tokyo.

Don't come home.

When did you start smoking?

Where did you get them?

How do you know?

lt's totally wrong

to think you can
handle everything

by smoking like the
other fishermen do.

You're jealous about
Taketoshi, aren't you?

Because everyone is
worrying about him.

Kunio, you
have Mum and Dad.

And you all live together.

There's nothing
happier than this.

Where do you see
happiness in my house?

ln this world, there are
many people who want love

and to be with their family
but they can never make it.

There are many
more families like this.

So get home soon and
apologise to your parents.

And apologise
to Taketoshi too.

Ouch ! lt hurts!

What is it, Kunio?


Taketoshi, come
over here. Kunio is. . .

-Mina, stethoscope.

Hold it for a while.
When did it start?

About two days ago.

Mina, get ready
for a blood test.


-Wada, get ready for the x-ray.

Mina, call Kunio's family.

Ask them to come over quick.

-l'll make the call.

Miss Mariko.

Please tell them
that he needs operation.

Kunio has
inflammation in this diaphragm.

There will be danger if we

don't operate
on him immediately.


get ready for an operation.


-Ready. . . careful.

-Stay calm.

Doctor, l. . .

You need an
operation, but you'll be fine.

-Let's work together.


We'll begin the operation.


-Wada, we'll work as a team.
-We'll work as a team.


-Mina, clamps.

-Just give it to me.

-How's Kunio?


When did the pain start?

He's always
concerned about it.

-Don't. lt's not that.

ls Kunio really going to die?

He's ok.

Dr. Koto is giving
him an operation.

Doctor, Kunio. . .

Pulse, 1 50.
Oxygen rate is falling.


Stop the operation.

-Mina, measure his temperature.

Wada, stop the
anaesthetic. Give him oxygen.


Doctor, it's 4 1 .5'c.

-lt's acute high fever.
-What's that.

lt's rare.

He's sensitive
to the anaesthetic.

There's cramp in the muscles.

give him dantrolene injection.


Wada, chill the salted water.

-What is it?

-lt's fine.


-Switch it to the max.

-Wada, ice pack.

Mina, get more ice.



-Mr. Wada.
-Oh, there.


Doctor, the ice pack. . .

The ice pack isn't
enough. Use the gloves.


-Mina, put it under the armpits.

cool him down at the crotch.


Mina, cleanse the

stomach with
chilled sated water.


Wada, come over here
to help with this.

-Go on.

-Come on, Kunio.
-Come on.

-Come on. . .
-Come on, Kunio.

Come on.

Kunio, Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Wada, how's it?

Pulse is 98, BP 1 1 0/80.

-Oxygen is 1 00.
-Mina, measure the temperature.



He's fine now. We can
go on with the operation.


Wada, swap the packs
for breathing machine.

-Go get changed, Mina.


There's side effect
to the anaesthetic.

And it triggered high fever.

lt took some time to subside.

Everything is fine now.

He'll be
recovering in a week's time.


That is great.

Why did that happen?

When he was born,

the intestine got twisted

in the gap
between the diaphragm.

He's fine now.


That's great!

Thank you.



That's great!
That's really, really great!

-Mum, Dad.
-Say thank to the doctor.

lt's the doctor
who saved your life.

You must thank Dr. Koto.

l had a dream, Doctor.

A dream?

Mum and Dad
wouldn't forgive me.

They said they were not

going to bother
a bad kid like me.

Then Grandpa came.

He did?

He told me in the
watermelon plantation

that l had to apologise.

He wanted me to admit my

fault and apologise
before l went.

And he was smiling at me.

Then l woke up.

Your Grandpa is
trying to help you.

lt's not only your Grandpa.

Everyone is praying for

Kunio to get well soon.

So never ever say
that it's your own body

and you can do
anything you want.

Never ever say that again.



Not to me,

you should say
sorry to your parents.

Mum, Dad,

l stole the cigarette
from Bro Masato's ship.

And then l
started to smoke alone.

But that's because l thought

everyone aboard
looked cool smoking.

And l wanted to imitate.


Mum, sorry.

But l want to be a fisherman.

l won't do that again.

Let me go to the sea.

l might not be as
academic as Taketoshi,

but l'm glad that l
can help fishing, so. . .

l know what you mean.

Sleep, child.

Yes, just sleep.

-You just had a major operation.

Mum will stay by your side.

Dad will be here too.

l'm sorry, Mum and Dad.

Silly, a big boy doesn't cry.




You must be hungry.
Come eat at my place.

-Let's go.


We have to go.

lf you are free,

do come to my
place for dinner later.

-Come along as well, Mina.

Mina and Wada,
you must be tired today.

l can stay here.

Go have your meal.

Or. . . Doctor, are you
going to enjoy your own

crab noodles alone?



l took it.

Huh? You ate that
one with the blue tag?

-You did. The blue tag?



lf it passes, the
island can subsidise

tuition fees next year.

What do you
think? Do you accept it?

Hey! Hey!
Takehiro, are you listening?

Everyone wants to
support Taketoshi.

The head of the village
has tried his best for it.

Does Taketoshi
know anything about it?

l told him.

But he said he can't
make his own decision.

Taketoshi's tuition fees to us.

Just come back to
the island, will you?

He needs you
must at this moment.

Mr. Hoshiro,
this is a great news.

But l've just found a new job.

l really, really
thank you for that.

What did he say?

He said sorry, that's all.

Doesn't Taketoshi accept it?

No, No. He didn't say no.

What does it mean
then? He accepted it?

No, No. He didn't say that.

-Sorry means. . .

he'll think it over
before he accepts.

-That's not for sure.
-You're right.

Enough. Don't bother him.

Just let him work to
death on the island.

Then we can help

Taketoshi in
whichever way we want.

Don't bother him.

Really? So it's effective.

Hmm, but the side
effects are greater than before.

lf this continues,

there should be an
operation end of the year.


lf there's
operation, it'll be here.

Have you talked to her?

She has to sign an agreement.

This operation has to be
taken as soon as possible.

Hey, Doctor Koto.

Sorry, there's an urgent case.

Really? We'll call again.

Sorry for calling in so late.

lt's ok. What is it?

lt's about
Takehiro. lt's a little. . .

Well, my wife
want you to have this.

-l'm sorry.
-l need to talk to you.

Takehiro is a pain in our neck.

Doctor, don't hesitant.

Should l call him stubborn?

l don't come only when
there's something l need help.

Well, it's near here.

So l just dropped by.


Can you really come over?

Can you hold it?

That's good then.

Takehiro, are you happy?

ls that meaningful?

l have to go then. l'm busy. l
have to go to the sea tomorrow.

l have nothing to talk to

a man who
abandoned the sea.

Nothing to say, remember this.

Listen, don't even come back.

Never ever
come back. Bastard!

-Don't come back, bastard!
-Uncle Juu.


l don't want to see
you taking up other jobs.

lmpossible, huh?

He's been there and
came back just like that.

So what now?

Right, Uncle Juu.

What have you
done, Uncle Juu?

l can't help it.
How am l supposed

to have a man who has a
job to come back, bastard?

Why did you go
then, Uncle Juu?

Well. . . l just
dropped by to check.

So we can't rely on Uncle Juu.

What are you
talking about, Motori?

-Don't say that again !

Ok. Ok. lt's
useless fighting over here.

You have no
rights to speak here.

Stop bossing around, bastard!

You're always
like that! What now?

Ok, it's ok now.

-ls it ok?
-Hmm. Please.

-Kunio, get well soon.

Taketoshi is going
back to Tokyo next week.

Really? ls the holiday ending?

sorry for what l said.

l never knew
about your family.

But you have to
work hard as well.

l'll be an
upright person as well.

lt's disciplined,
am l right, Doctor?

Yes. Yes.

Good saying.

-So come and have a shot!
-Go on !

-Go on, Taketoshi, and Doctor.
-Take a shot!

Ready! Here we go!

Right. Take another one.

Taketoshi, there was
a call from the harbour.

Everyone has
been worried. Sorry.

However small tasks will do.

Would you let me work here?


Mr. Takehiro, don't do
that. Hold your head up.

Why are you
coming back here?

Hey, there's nothing

you can do here.

What are you
talking about, Uncle Juu.

Oh, come over here.

Huh? Well.

That's not me.

lt's the money from
the Fishery Association.

-Uncle Juu.
-Don't get me wrong.

lt's not for you.
We lend it to you.

Uncle Juu. . .

Sorry, everybody.

We wouldn't know what
to do with such a big ship

if you're not
coming back, Dude.

Oh, look what
you're talking about!

Thought what you were up to!

lt's like you're
picking a fight.

That's right. That's
makes me so worried.

Of course l was
about to do that. . .

Hey. . . what? Why is this here?

l have to go.



Look at this.


The son of the sea has to
come back to the sea after all.


Mr. Takehiro, you
fitted best aboard a ship.

That's how father
and son should be like.


l'm sorry about it.


l'll work hard in this.

Dad, you're using the towel.

l bought it because
it's the colour of the sea.

Hmm. l know.

l know.

-You know what, Taketoshi?

Long ago, there used to
be a doctor on the island

during and after the war.


There were no
cars nor bicycles.

The doctor had to
walk over the mountain

to visit his patients.

lt's like Dr. Koto.

Even when he's sick,

he still worked for
the people on the island.

He kept telling himself that
his work was not finished yet.

Taketoshi, do
you still remember

the words on your
dictionary l gave you?

Doctor, l still don't
really know what they mean.

Why do men live?

One becomes
great for what he does.

l still don't get it.

But Taketoshi, l'm
thinking sometimes,

that l've been
working as a doctor

to look for the
answer to the question.

Doctor, it's great that l
can be back to the island.

l'll find the
answer. l'll work on it.

Really? Has Taketoshi left?


Doctor, l'm not a good father.

The more l work
to be a good father,

the more pain l make for him.

lt's not only that.

l made everyone worried
and brought trouble to all.

ln the end, l. . .

Mr. Hara.


Welcome home.

Right? Has Mr. Hara
come back to the island?

-So you're glad, huh, Doctor?


Right? Must be so glad,

that you call the way here.

lt's the first time
you call me, huh?

After all that you've said,

l feel like meeting the
people on the island too.


Huh? What is it?

Ayaka's ill.

lt's better to tell

your parents.

A malignant tumour?

l thought the
doctor understands.

She fainted in the field.

How about Yukari.
Any other method?


Don't cry.

l'll survive.

l can't make it anymore.