Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Shujutsu de naose nai yamai - full transcript

Will l be back to
the island again?

Breast cancer?

Please don't tell
anyone about my cancer.

l was so naive that l thought

there would be no side
effects after the therapy.

And it emerges at this stage.

He needs 6 months
recover from the injury.

lf you can't settle with the
living fees for the moment,

you can't solve the
problem with just the subsidies.

Takehiro, it's
me, Miyano Hiroshi.

The investment
consultant company?

The once fisherman's son
is now a market share agent.

Mr. Takehiro, have you ever
heard of the unrealised shares?

lt's me, Takehiro.
Am l still in time

for what we talked
about last time?

(More than 400 victims.)

( Over 7 billion.)

(Fraud care on
unrealised share

in Naha lnvestment
Consultant Company.)

Please may l see Miyano?

-Let me see Miyano.
-Please calm down.


There's no refund
under this circumstance.

You have to go
through civil affairs.

So you were thinking of
making big money, huh?

Dr. Koto, it's all over.


Ah, getting
addicting to reading it.

-As if it's a love letter.

-No, no. . .

Hello, Dr. Koto.

This is a little outrageous.

l've make up my mind returning
to the island this summer.

Well, you'll get
the tickets for me.

Don't worry.

Aunt Kazuko told me
so. The exams are over,

and it's the first
summer holiday.

Cheer up after breathing
in the air on the island.

You're lack of oxygen
these days.

Too much reading. Oh !

And Dad will take
me to Shikina lsland.

Dad might not be able
to stay long on the island.

l'd like to stay here longer.

l hope to meet Dr. Koto.

Hara Taketoshi.

l'm not a home,
please leave your

name and message.

Daddy, evening.
lt's me, Taketoshi.

Did Aunt Kazuko call you?

Have you heard about
me returning to the island?

l'll call you again.


-Now. l thinking it's
just past Sakano's house.

l see.

l'll just repeat
the process again.

When Taketoshi comes in,

we'll start the crackers,

the ribbons, and Hina,
you'll give him the flowers.

Then we'll give me applause.

And no noise before that.

We have to pretend as
if there's no one around.


No. . . Shoichi,
you'll undo the ribbon.

Why aren't l doing it?

You're too
clumsy. Please, Chief.

l know. l know.

Doctor, will you pull this?

lt's like this.

Wow. . .

Ah. . .

What are you looking at?

You're not old enough to
miss the island, are you?

You're right.

lt sounds as if
there's someone else.

Sis Mariko.

Here it comes. .
Back to Taketoshi's face.

Everyone has grown.

Ah. . . right.
Taketoshi, the ceiling is fixed.

lt's tidied up and
the blanket is sunned.


What's wrong with Takehiro?

l'll call him in
a while and check.

lt's reaching the clinic.

Dr. Koto has been waiting.

Fidgetting every day.

Doctor, you
don't draw it so soon.

Shh. . .


Huh? What. . .

-Uncle Juu.
-Pull it.


-Why are you holding the fish?
-Koto, Koto.

Get ready quick! Quick. . .

Everybody, hurry.

Everybody, Taketoshi is
coming any time. Please.

Ah, Taketoshi. . .

Forget about it.

Come on in. Come on in.

Come. Let's take
a photo. Let in line.

Stand in position. Ok. Pose.

Taketoshi, welcome home.

-Dr. Koto.

Congratulations on
your passing results.


That's great! Good job, you !

Don't say that.

Hina, aren't you
going back to Tokyo yet?

You planned to move back to
Tokyo after the primary school.

Now l've decide to
stay until high school.

All my parents and l
have made up our mind for it.

l see.

So it's that kid.

The mysterious
boy at the shore.

Taketoshi, that's a gentle kid.

Hey, hey.

May l talk to Hara
who works there, please?

Yes. Hara Takehiro.

Quitted? Hara?

Ah. . . well. l'm
Nishiyama from Shikina lsland.

l'm Hara's friend.

Accident? What happened?

Hello. . . could you
please give that to me?

Hello. . . accident?
What accident is that?

Anything happened to Hara?

Hello, this is
Shikina lsland Clinic.

Hello. Hello.

What is it?

Why are you not talking?

Hello, this is the clinic.

Hello, Hello.

lt's hung up.

Dr Amashow 2006
Episode 5

Morning, Takehiro.


Ah, not bad.

-What are you doing just now?
-Memorising the idioms.

l must get this
done in this holiday.

l've been doing it.

-Doctor, morning.

-Hello. . . Takehiro. Let's go.
-But the breakfast is. . .

Forget about it. We can
have it here, can't we, Doctor?

Hmm. So you
go! Out to the sea?

Don't tell, Doctor.


We've got to go.

You must wait for us.

We'll meet later. Good luck.

-Oh, Kunio. Let's start.

Do you need help every day?

Just summer,
right, Bro Masato?

He's always pestering
after me to take him there.

Now l have a boat at last.

How about Uncle Makatozou?

My Dad's getting old and
he's not feeling very well.

So l have to come
out here to make money.

Kunio, will you be a
fisherman in future?


l'm not an academic
material. And this is not bad.

Kunio, l'll go park my car.

Over here, Taketoshi.

Right. Didn't l asked you over?


The pay for the part-time.

-Don't tell anyone about it.
-How. . .

Don't high school
students from Tokyo smoke?

What a bumpkin !

Tokyo is in the lead
in banning smoking.

What is that?

Taketoshi, what say l
take you out to the sea.

l've found a great
place. Am l right, Kunio?

-Hmm, ok.
-Kunio, go to the front.

Doctor, there's a hunk
outside who wants to see you.


Mr Hara. lt's been
long since we last met.

l heard that Taketoshi's
always here to trouble you.

Did you see him?

He's left for the
harbour with Kunio.

Ah. No.

Well. . . this is nothing.

Thanks. Over here, please.

Mr. Takehiro,
long time no see.

What's wrong with your foot?

l hurt my Achilles tendon.

lt's a glorious injury,
isn't it?


This is the new
nurse, Miss Nakai Mina.

l'm Mina. Are you
Taketoshi's father?

l heard that you're the
best fisherman on the island.


Great! l didn't see
you and l felt worried.

l was in something. Sorry.

So it's Takehiro.

You were at the harbour, huh?

Why didn't you even say hi?

So you've become a city boy.


Hey. . . Welcome home.

Have you quitted, Takehiro?

Hurt someone at the site,

and there's a compensation.

How much?


How's work now?

No idea.

No idea. . . that's bad.

How do l know?

But, Shoichi.

This is a little serious.

The boat?

He's out with
Kunio in Masato's boat.

Does Masato has a boat now?

l've not been in a boat for
long and l feel nauseous.

A fisherman's son is useless.

lt's time for bed.


Aren't you getting thinner?


You go to bed first, Dad.

Aren't you not sleeping?

l'll be left behind if l
can't finish my exercise.

Playtime during the day.

Work on it!

l'm not studying as much.

Everyone in class
goes for tuition class.


Taketoshi, stand
up and let me see.

Ok, stand up.

How tall are you?

1 54 cm.


Good night.

Sis Mariko.

This is for you.

lt's some
leftover from the shop.

-Thanks. Come in.

Sorry to disturb
your gathering.

-Not at all.
-Ok. That's it.

l have to close the shop. Bye.


-Out to visit a patient?

l see.

lt's a hard work, huh?

Everyone is amazing.

They study Maths for the year

within one semester.

And there are
frequent Maths tests.

The results are
out on the corridor.

l see.

My ranking is
always at the bottom.

Dad has been
working really hard for me.

lf l don't work hard. . .

What is it? You look upset.

Taketoshi, home!

-For summer holiday?
-Yes. For the holiday.

-Grandma, time for a checkup.

Ok. lt's getting better.

-Take a rest for 2 to 3 days.


-Mrs. Uehara, hello.

Don't rush. Get
well in your own pace.

Sorry for not greeting.

Looks great.
How's the life there?


l saw Taketoshi.
He's a grown-up now.

ls Mrs. Masayo fine?

Hmm. Great! And l'm
becoming afraid of her.


l need to talk to you today.

How should l put it.

l hope you don't get mad at this

and just listen
until l have finished.

You're worrying, huh?

We heard it from Uncle Juu,

if you have anything,

we can help you.

That's amazing.

200kg. A 200kg fish !

Right? Right? Right?

Coming. lt's hot.

How many times do
you have to repeat?

You're really a nag.

Hey, Masato,
don't feel over the blue.

You are nothing
compared to your Dad.

l know! Chief!


Mr. Takehiro, come for a drink.

Uncle Juu, come over here.

-What is it?
-Come over here.

What is it, Takehiro?

-Uncle Juu.

Please could you
not bother about me?


l can handle my things.

So don't bug into my stuff.

That's not right.

lt's not only you.

There's Taketoshi too.

l've talked to Shoichi.

We can't just leave it
without getting into this.

lf there's a problem, we
must discuss it together.

This is the rule on the island.

Listen to me. lf
it's an accident,

no one can avoid it.

Don't strain
yourself. Just accept it.

Didn't l ask you
not to get into this?

What's the matter with you?

-What is it?
-What's wrong with you? Hey. . .

l don't belong to
the island anymore.

l never thought of
getting help from you all.

Fishermen don't have
much money anyway.

Takehiro, say it again !

What! Bastard!

-Uncle Juu.
-What joke is that?

Ok. Ok.

lt's really noisy. Bastard!

Listen well.

You're having trouble
with money in your work.

So l was thinking to
get everyone to help you.

Bastard, listen well.

A fisherman has sold his ship!

What is to become of it?

What goes around
comes around, Bastard!

Stop it!

You bastard! l'll never
treat you as a friend anymore.

You're looking
down on the fishermen.

Don't let me see you again.

Remember this! Get out!

-Uncle Juu.
-Nothing. lt's only a fight.

All 3 fishermen
getting together.

The house will soon
be knocked down.

Does fighting help?


Koto, what should we do?

This is a clinic.

Dr. Koto, lt's me,
Nariumi. ls it convenient now?


l have to report to you about

Miss Hoshino.

What is it?

We're using the AC therapy

but the outcome
is not satisfying.

lt's in the 4th stage.

The tumour is not shrinking.

l see.

We have to
change the method

and use Taxel serious.

As we're observing
the size of the tumour,

l've decide to think
about an operation.

l just have to tell you this.


Do the parents
know that she's sick?

Why are you asking this?

l've never heard of her family.

Whether it's about the
cancer or anything from now on,

it's better that the
family know about it.

lt'll be tough

if we only tell them afterwards.

l know.

l'll tell Miss Hoshino about it.



-Dr. Nariumi.

Do take good
care of Miss Hoshino.

l know.

lt's been a
mess after yesterday.

Uncle Juu was very mad.

And he was drunk.

Can't help it.

Hey, what's your plan?

They both see
you as their buddy.

And you know this don't you?

There will be
thunderstorm today.

Dad told me as long
as you see the sign,

you have to escape.

Can you see the
rainbow over there?


The low
pressure is getting near.

We must get home now.

The thunder is really terrible.

When it comes, it
goes pitter-patter.

And even the
cows get blown away.

l'm home.

Ah, Doctor. Have you
got caught in the rain?

No. But it's almost here soon.


Mr. Hara. ls Mr. Takehiro in?


My child is not home yet.

l wonder if he's with Taketoshi.

l'm worrying because
the thunderstorm is coming.

Mr. Kumaki, l heard that
Masato is not home yet.

Something is going
on, the line is not through.

Uncle Juu, so Kunio

and all are with Taketoshi.

This is Shinkina lsland
Fisherman Association.

Can you hear?

lt's pouring rain here.

Warning for
flood and big waves. . .

This is
the Fisherman Association.

Have you heard that?

Masato. ls that
Masato? Have you heard that?

ls that Fisherman
Association? This is Taketoshi.

Get it here.


Are you ok?
Anything happened?

Swordfish !
We've got a swordfish !

The net was bitten.

And got trapped on the
propeller and the engine. . .

What's Masato doing there?

He was almost thrown to the sea.
He can't move now. He's hurt.

Bro! Bro Masato!

Brother! Bro Masato! Bro!

l told you not to
get over excited.

Where are you now?

We've drifted away from

where Bro Masato
caught the fish.

l don't know where we are.


Taketoshi. Taketoshi.

Can you see Shikina Cliff?

ls that at the
south of the cliff?

Uncle Juu, call
everyone to get here.

There's no time.

lf we don't go, they
might get into the hurricane.

Uncle Juu.

Let me go.


Uncle Juu.

Hello, this is the clinic.


Yes. l know. l'm
going over now.

Masato's boat
as got into trouble.

get ready the first aid kit.


-Wada call the office.

Brother Masato.
Brother Masato.

Brother! Brother Masato.

Hello, Taketoshi. He's
come around. Taketoshi.

Uncle Juu, it's over there.

Taketoshi, there's a boat.

Hurry! Hurry! Taketoshi.

lt's Daddy.


Get onto Uncle Juu's boat now.

Ok. That's great!

-Are you ok?
-Mr. Takehiro.

Sorry, the engine is spoilt.

The propeller was trapped.

-Ok, can you stand?


We don't want to get
into the hurricane. Hurry!

Hey, cut the rope.

What about my boat?

Uncle Juu, this is a
boat from my father.

Masato, what
are you doing, Silly?

lt's my boat? l
can't leave it here.

Stop! Give it up!

-Give it up now.

That's a boat that my

father tried his best
to give me.

-Give it up!
-No! l don't want to leave it.

l don't want to leave it. No!

Takehiro. Takehiro.
What are you doing?




-Takehiro. Takehiro.

Ok. lt can move now.
Uncle Juu, you'll go.

l'll come after you.

HIur r y.

Oh, Oh, l know.

Mr Takehiro.

Oh, are you ok?

-Wada, x-ray.

-Take Masato to the clinic.

ls everything ok?

Mr. Hara, take a seat.

disinfect the wound on Mr. Hara.



lt hurts a little.

lt's it ok?

Don't worry. lt's
only a like gaze.

Lucky there's no
fraction. lt's should be fine.

There's a minor concussion.

lt'll be fine
taking a rest at home.

-Ah. . . great! Great!
-Sorry, Uncle Juu.

Can't help it hen.
Good that you're fine.

The low pressure is moving away.
The rain is stopping.

lt's better we all go home.

Right. Let's go.

Takehiro, sorry for the trouble.

Mariko, sorry. Thanks
for taking care of Taketoshi.

-Hmm. l know.

Uncle Juu.


Takehiro. . .

Masato, you must
thank Takehiro properly.

Good that your Dad's
precious ship is not lost.

Do say thank.

Mr Takehiro, thank you.

lt's ok. Taketoshi must
have been giving you trouble.


if it's not them, we'll be. . .

So you have way to go.

That tiny wound
has scare you to death.

You can be a fisherman, Kid.


Thanks. Bye.

Let's go, Taketoshi.

Mr. Hara, let me
check your wound.

lt's lucky that Masato is fine.

Thanks to you.

Thanks to you and Uncle Juu.

So, Doctor, you know.

l have brought
a lot of troubles.

And l have to place to help.

l'm not qualified to
be Taketoshi's father.

l've lost all my property.

All the money

saved since Taketoshi
started primary school.

He left the island
since he was 1 0.

Whenever l think of
him working on hard

for his dream,

l feel discourage about myself.

l'm sorry

to bore you with all my crap.


This is irony.

l do want Taketoshi
to become a doctor.

l want him to do the
profession l hate most.

Dr. Koto.

lf you're leaving
the island soon,


Are you awake?

ls the wound ok?

Hmm. lt's fine.


There. . . one thing l
must apologise to you.

-l. . .

Shall we go
back to the island?

Why are you saying this?

l'm just thinking,

about living our life two
together like we used to be.

Sorry. This is impossible.


You told me once that

l'm a son making you proud.

So do l.

l. . . really think
that Daddy is. . .

Daddy, you're really. . .

l have to get back to
work. Work on your studies.

What is it?



l. . . want to quit.

l want to quit and
come back to the island.

And the scholarship?

lt's for students who
want to further their studies. . .

l have to thank you for that.

l'll make my own
decision from now on.

Don't bother
someone like this.

-This is my body. Let me be.

The side effects are
stronger than before.

-Keep it up!
-Go! Kunio.

Kunio! Go!