Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Sukuenai inochi - full transcript

-A malignant tumour.

How much longer can l live?

lf we're not doing
anything, 3 months are the max.

lsn't there any other way?

How am l
supposed to work on it.

Please leave me alone.

Chiga saying that
she'll read for you.

-How cute!

This is the weigh of life.

Will you start my therapy?

l want to be with Chiga,
even if it's for one day.

No matter how
painful it is, l'll stand it.

Yukari is just thinking

about surviving.

Taketoshi has said
something strange to me.

He asked if Ayaka is sick.

Please let Ayaka stay alone.

l thought Doctor
will understand me.


Mr. Hara.

Please don't let

Mr. Hoshino know about it.

Ayaka will tell
them when she's ready.

l know. l won't tell anyone.

l'm sorry.

l told Taketoshi to
go to her sometimes.

He might be
giving her some support.

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !

What are you two
doing stealthily here?

Are you
homosexual? You're too close.

No! You !

Am l joining?


lsn't there any other
way to treat the cancer?

Yukari, can't you make it?

Damn !

Can you make the
cancer diappear like magic?

You're a Super Jecter!

Super Jecter?

Aren't you the Super
Jecter on the magazine?

ls this the time to chat?

You. . . Super J J. . .

Ah, lt's Super Doctor!

Damn ! You're really dumb.

Even l got it wrong!

Don't laugh ! Don't
judge me for this.

l'm rerious about it!

l want to cure the
cancer like magic!

But, Uncle Juu,
l'm not a magician.

And l'm not the super Doctor.

Ah. . . Hara. . . Hara?


Yukari, don't
strain it if you're in pain.

We'll reduce

on the dosage.

Don't worry.

This is what we
agree on, Doctor.

No matter how much pain
there is,

l have to hold it.

Yukari, how about
staying at home for a while?

Can l do home?

Take the medicine at home,

and you only come to
the hospital for the lV.

This is make you feel better.

Thanks, Doctor.

Do l have to
stay lying at home?

You can do anything you want

as long as you
don't stress yourself.

lf you feel anything,

or if anything happens,

just contact me immediately!

We'll get over there in no time.


Thanks, Mina.

Me too, even
though l can't help much !

But l'll rush over too!

Thank you, Mr. Wada!

-Mr. Wada, l need your help!

-Will you take a photo for me?

Let's get a photo.
Mina and Doctor too.

-Mr. Wada, let's come together.
-Hmm. No problem.

Ok, Chiga, smile! Ok, pose.


Next, l'll have a
photo with Doctor.

-Get over there, Doctor.

Ok, get closer. Ok?

Ok. Pose.

Sure. Ok?

Mr. Wada, take a
self-portrait of me.


-Please take a nice photo of me.
-Ah, sure.

Ok. Here we go!
We're taking it now. Pose.

-Thank you for that.


Why is Yukari saying that?

lt's not a good sign
to have a self-portait.

Mr. Wada.

lf l were her, l
would want one too.

Please take one for her.

lt's for Chiga's own good.

Take a photo of
your gentle mother.

Right. Let's help her with that.

Dr Amashow 2006

Episode 8

ls this Yukari?

Hmm, she's in the backyard,
drying out her clothes.

ls she?

Hmm. l'm surprised.

l heard that
she's not feeling well.

Just don't pass this about.

Everyone is worried about her.

l know. The
check-up is over today.

Do take care.

Thanks, l'll come tomorrow.

You don't have to come
to the saloon all the time.


-Dr. Koto.

-Hello, Doctor.

l'm feeling better, so l
want to see everyone.

So you want to see us.

Doctor, come and
see this little baby.

Hmm. Harata. Mrs. Harue.

How are you
feeling these days?

lt's really tiring.
l've not been

taking care of a child
for 1 0 years.


-Doctor, please have some tea.
-Ah, sorry. Thanks.

lt looks nice.

Chiga, come
and eat. Let's begin.

-All are done.
-Ok. Done.

-Chiga likes it too.

-Let's begin.
-What is it?

-Hmm, it's delicious.
-Damn ! That's great!

-lt's not too sweet.
-Hmm. The taste is just right.


Yukari. . .

lt's cured.

-l think so.

Chiga looks like Mum.


-Read for me.

This is a little squirrel. lt
always sings as he's young.

Dad's turn.

Dad holds the
little squirrel tight.

lt hurts. Don't do that.

-Go on quick!

-l'm coming back.
-Ah, Dad.

-Honey, Chiga was. . .

Dad, hold me!


lt's Dad's turn next.

What is it?

-The story book.

Chiga's got it.

Now we'll get more.

l see.

And you're going
to read me soon.

-Will you say something funny?

Since l got home,

l'm treasuring

every single day.

Cooking, tidying up,
and reading for Chiga.

And all three of us
taking a stroll like this.

Wouldn't l be cured?

lf l can be cured,
l will definitely be

a better Mum and wife.

Yukari, work on it!

lf you have the energy,

there should be no
problem, should it?

What is it?

lf you're not ill,

you don't do this.

l should be
thankful for the illness.

Yukari, work on it.

Yukari, it's not bad.

The second stage
of therapy is over.

There must be
another blood test.

We have to check on
the rate of the tumour.


lf the number comes down,

it's effective.

Good if it comes down.

lt must come
down. Am l right, Doctor?


l'm home.

Doctor, Yukari's result is out.

l know.


Less than half.

The CEA in the tumour
is decreasing rapidly.

When we had the operation,

the spread was bad.

We couldn't even
had the operation.

But it's become like
this in such a short time. . .

Do you mean
it's disappearing?

No, not to that extend.

But she's very optimistic and
is cooperative in the therapy.

lt's nothing
like the final stage.

ls this just

a tiny reaction
from the therapy?

Maybe it's showing
some good effects,

but it's impossible
to get well thoroughly.

So l see.

This is a wise analysis.

Do you mean
there'll be miracle?

Dr. Koto, don't take the
cancer as something small,

it's not good to bring
the patient good news,

if she's over optimistic.

Let alone, she's been
announced to be a dying

patient of the last stage.

Are these all
you want to aske?

Dr. Koto.

How's Miss Hoshino?

She's all right.
There's a little side effect.

But she never complains.

Right? That's
good. Thank you.

Dr. Koto.

ls this patient of last stage

like a family to you?

Yes, she is.

She is?

Our doctor on the
island is really strong.

So the drugs work?

The therapy will
go on for a while.

And have
another check-up later.

Yukari will get well, won't she?


lf this goes on,

will Yukari be cured?

Mr. No, but. . .

Thank you, Doctor.

l'm really glad.

Because l can live for
another few more days, can't l?

Why are you saying this?

l have more time

with Chiga and
my husband, don't l?


Welcome home.

Chiga, say ''l'm home.''

Dr. Koto, l'm home.

Welcome home, Chiga.

lt's too early. Chiga
couldn't wait to get home.

She just won't listen.

lt's ok. lt's done.

-Chiga, go wash your hands.

Chiga, come over here to Dad.

l can manage it. Don't worry.

l'll help her.

-Turn on the tap for me then.


This is unbelievable.

l can really feel
that l'm alive now.

This is the day l feel it
most compared to the past.

Anyway, l'm recovering.

l saw her
yesterday, she looks great!

Right. That's what l think too.

She's gaining some fuller.

-Getting fuller?
-Your words are rather obscence.

lt's better to stay at home then

in the clinic.

Dr. Koto is a quack!

l knew it when he
first came to this island.

When l first got sick,

and had
a burning throat,

he just wouldn't
presribe me any medicine.

Uncle Juu, you're very wrong.

Yes, indeed. You !

Yukari is
recovering because of Doctor.

-ls that right?

She's been in a therapy.



We just want her to survive.

Of course.

lt's the best to live
on and stay healthy.

Please kneel.

Please tell me is
you feel the pain.


Let me see.

-How do you feel here.
-lt's ok.

Let's have a test

to check how
effective the drugs are.


-Thank you, Mr. Wada.

The air is getting in.

-The process is smooth.

We'll check on
the tumour again.


ls the result
better than the last?


You mean the
proliferation is disappearing?

We'll are only
judging from the figures.

But if this is so,

and we operate again,

to make sure that it's gone.

Maybe the tumour can be
removed through operation.

But we didn't see
any signs of spreading

in the last operation,

lf we have
another operation and

we find the spreading again,

the result will be
like last time.

The situation is getting better.

But it's a great danger

if you want to do this

which might
shorten Yuakri's life.

Yukari looks better.

lsn't it good to
believe that this is true?

Mr. Wada,

in the last operation,

l witness the disappearance

of such a serious condition
in the final stage of cancer. . .

lt's impossible in medical.

lf such complicated
condition can be cured,

if this has
already happened, l. . .

What's not good
about letting it happen?

medical knowledge it is,

won't you just turn it over?

lf you want to save lives,

just think this way.

We have been
through all these.

Haven't we, Doctor?

Men are all greedy, Doctor.

ln the
beginning, all you want is

to live for another day.

And you just give it a try
since you're dying anyway.

No matter know
slim the chance is,

just go towards the direction.

Just keep
positive. That will do.

Doctor, will you
operate on me?

l. . . want to survive.

l know, let's
have an operation.

Now, we'll have a
second operation.

We'll decide on the method
once, we slice the abdomen

and see what
condition is it inside.

We might also stop the
operation at once and sew it up.

We'll have to react
to any circumstances.

Thanks to you.

Thanks. . .

Remove the operation scar.


Open up the membrane



Remove the recovery.


-Salted water.


-Help me with this.

Doctor, where has it done?


lt's disappearing.

There's no sign of spreading.

Remove it.



The operation is done.

lt's removed.

So she'll be fine.

ls she saved? Can l say that?



Thanks, Doctor.

The operation is successful.


l must apologise to you.



announced you death,

and refused to believe

in your power of survival.

You get well
because of your own power.

Oh. . . l'm really sorry.


Please hold your head up.

l hold it until
today because of you.

You told me

about thinking only to survive.

When l was in
pain having the drugs,

you've always been
encouraging next to me.

l believe in doctor.

You told me not to give up

no matter what.

That's why l survive.

For Chiga, for him,

for everyone on the island.

You're the one who
makes me think so.

Thank you, Doctor.

l must really thank you.

l'm really glad.

l'm really glad to
receive treatment from you.


Mr. Wada.

That's great!

Yukari is saved.

Hmm, that's great!

Mina is great at
the operation today.

l shouldn't being saying that,

but the
operation is really good.

Mr. Wada.

-Where's Mum?
-ln side. Go in quick!



operation is successful.


Chiga will read
this book to Mum

when Mum's recovered.

Reading for Mum, huh !

That's great, Yukari.

Chiga, it's great.

l heard that Yukari's
operation is a successful one.

That's great!

What is it?

What is it, Doctor?

l don't understand.


What. . .

The final stage. . .

So who order it?

l don't understand
about complicated stuff.

lt's all the doctor's effort
that Yukari gets well now.

This is definitely the truth.

Mr. Hara.

l'm a little. . .




That's great. About Yukari.

That's great indeed.

A. . . yaka.

-l wonder. . . if. . . she's fine.

She must have been fine.

-l've got to go.
-Take care.

The doctor is out for his visit.

Come back on time
before the BP rises.

This is not
a chitchatting saloon.

Get back quick!

Mina, you look

for and more like one
of them on the island.

Ok, another one.

Ah, l'll get it.


Hello, this is the clinic.

Hmm. Shinika Clinic.

Huh? Nakai?

No, our nurse is Mina.

-What is it?

Ah, Mina, your
surname is Nakai.

Your friend is looking for you.

Hello, this is the clinic.

Ah, it's Makiotto!
What is it? Caught a cold?

Hmm, it seems to
be like a fever? Hmm. . .

Hmm. . . don't take
the medicine then.

lt's better you take a nap.

Hmm, first, you must
let your body rest. Hmm.

The situation is good.

-lt's ok.

-Mum, let's read.

Ok, Chiga, say hi to the doctor.

-Chiga, say bye.
-Say bye.


Doctor, time for
lunch. Let me handle this.

l'd better go on the
consult. Next time.

-ls there lunch !
-Ah, Uncle Juu.

l'll have the lunch for you.
You go.


Cure everyone.
Cure everyone.


Take this.

-Wow, Chiga, look.

lt's huge!

You're recovering.

-Thanks to you.

lt's because of
the magic power

from the super
doctor on this island.

-Am l right? Hey. . .
-Chiga, look! lt's huge!

That's huge! Amazing. . .

Mina is my wife.

Sorry l hide the
truth that l'm married.

Do you mean
that Mina is lying?


l shouldn't be staying here.

l treat you as a daughter.

Let's go home.

lt requires your own
power to create your future.