Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Byôki wo miruna, hito wo miro - full transcript

How's the
situation in the clinic?

ls everyone doing well?

There was an operation
and she worked till the end.

Ayaka, this is the
beginning of the therapy,

but you must
have faith to get well.

Trust Dr. Nariumi.

We're all expecting
to see you come back

with the certificate.

Hello. . .

Watch out!

Ah. . . that's horrible.

Mina, l must thank you for this.

-But you don't have
to do this every day.

lt's ok.

l'm the one who
caused you injured.

-Mr. Wada, is the
wound in your foot. . .

-Morning, Doctor.

Are you ok, Doctor?

l'm fine.

We have to work hard today.

l'm the leader in the
Fish Festival this year.

But l have this
results last month.

Jitsu, are trying to scare us?

What are you
talking about, bastard!

You're only good
at boasting about.

What did you say?

-Hey. . . wait a minute.
-What are you arguing about?

Listen to me. . .

l can't hear you if you
both speak at the same time.

lt's all a bunch of fools.

The preparations for the
Fish Festival are ready.

Oh. . . Sorry.

Sorry, Shoichi.

Have a drink before you leave.

What are you talking
about? Drinking during the day?

-lt's ok.
-l have to go now.

Right, Shoichi.

Will you come for the
Fish Festival this year?

Hmm, maybe.

Everyone is looking
forward for your singing.

lt won't be
happening if you're not coming.

Fish Harvest Festival?

lt's an annual festival

when you pray for the
fishermen for good catch.

There will be dancing,
and stalls selling food.

And the fishing boat
will fly a big flag each

as they set off to
the sea together.

This is going to be magnificent!

Doctor, like each
year, you'll. . . won't you?

Please let me out of this.

lt's cool to get
on board a big ship.

ls that right?

Can l go with Mr. Wada then?

And Boss and
his wife is going too.

l wonder how things
are like there with Boss.


Daddy, don't drink so much

just because you
have recovered from ill.

l know. l know.

l'm home.

Daddy, Daddy,
call Dr. Koto quick!

Daddy, hurry! Mum's. . .

There's bleeding in the brain.

lt's the left brain.

There might be sequelae.

-4 million?
-lt takes 6 months to get heal.

There's no work
for quiet a while.

lf you can't afford the
living cost for the moment,

you can't solve the problem
with fund from the insurance.

This is
reasonable. lt's our fault.

They have not
done anything wrong.

You have to pay it even
if you borrow, don't you.

So l don't think you should
increase your work volume.

lf anything happens,
we'll get into trouble.

Are you all right? 4 million.

l have to tell you the truth,

but it's
impossible l pay it at once.

l'll try to pay it
by instalment.

l'm sorry. l have
a family to raise.

lf l don't work,
we'll get into trouble.

l'm really sorry, l'll
bear the responsibility.

l understand how you feel.

You're working hard
because of your son.

Takehiro. ls this Takehiro?

l'm Miyano Hiroshi.

ls everyone ok?

You came here for
something, didn't you?

No, l live here.

Quit fishing and
came here for work.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

What are you doing now?


-currently working as this.
-Niba lnvestment Consultant.

l'm a fisherman's
son now selling shares.

How's your mum?

She's fine, living at my
brother's house in Oosaka.

Takehiro, are you free now?

Let's go for a drink.

l'll adjust my timetable.

Hey, thanks. This is Miyano.

l heard about what
happened two years ago.

l really admire you.

You have your practice,

cook with the
housewives around here,

and tidy up your house well.

Sis Ayaka,
whatever from now on. . .

Ah. . . sorry.

l'll go take the
broom and dustpan.

l'll do it. Sorry.

l'm home.

Welcome home.

Mrs. Masayo, are you ok?

Did you hurt yourself?



that there'll be no side
effects after the therapy.

And it happens at this stage.

lt's just as what's
written on the manual.


Big drums.

The Fish Harvest
Festival is around the corner.


lt's been two years.


Mum is really brave.

Doctor, can l listen
to this for a while?


Dr. Amashow 2006
Episode 4

ls that Mrs. Masayo?

Yes. She
tripped in the kitchen.

And Boss looked strange.


He didn't even eat.

He might have recalled
about what had happened.

Mrs. Masayo said she's fine,

but l'm a little worried.

l know. l'll go check out later.

lt's a recovery
exercise again today.

Oh, it's all done on purpose.

whatever that's left over.

lt's all from what
the kids have eaten.

What is it?

That fellow ate something and

said it's disgusting.

Sorry. lt's early
in the morning. . .

lt's been like this these days.

-Will you give her a checkup?
-Welcome in.

Doctor, will you
repeat once again?

lsn't really not
related to food?

No, it's not related.


Mum and Dad have
something to tell us.


You'll say it.

You'll say it, Daddy.

You'll say it.

-You. . .

-There's something l. . .
-Mum. . .

is pregnant.

lt's ok. Don't worry.

That's great!

So we'll start
from the shoulders.


Daddy. . . looks tired.

How tough.

What's wrong with you?

Why didn't you come for
the Fish Harvest Festival?

Shoichi, forget about it.
Come over and have a drink.

No. . . l've quitted drinking.

-lt's ok, just take some.
-l told you have quitted.

Of course l'd do

what l should do at the office.

Do let me off from the
Fish Harvest Festival.

Huh ! l know that
you have in mind.

You're thinking
about Masayo fainting

during the Fish Harvest

Stop it, Uncle Juu.

That's your fault.

lf you hadn't fallen
asleep after drinking,

Masayo would
have been better.

Juu, you're drunk.
Don't talk about it anymore.

Shut up!

lf l don't tell him this,

he won't understand.

lt's been two years.

You're always unhappy at
the Fish Harvest Festival.

Your sour face is
going to influence others.

-Uncle Juu.
-But. . .

lt's been two years.
Hasn't Masayo been recovering?

lt's ok.
lt'll be better in future.

You'll go back to
how you once used to be.

Don't think that
you know everything.

You're not my family.
That's why you say that.

Masayo has
been working hard.

But she's
limited in everything.

lt's impossible to
recover to how she was before.

Hello. . . Kogo, you there?

Uncle Juu, what is it?

Koto, l have to talk to you.

lf Shouichi keeps
being so negative,

l won't be able to take it.

He's saying that
Masayo is not going back

to how she used to be.

What happened?

Talk to this fellow.

Tell him that
Masayo will become well.

-Hello, Uncle Juu.

Can we talk now?

l want to hear
what the doctor say.

This is
Masayo's condition before.

This is Mrs. Masayo's
condition at the moment.

lt's been two years
since she had the bleeding.

lt's now in the
maintenance or a gradual stage.

The numbness in the
lower limbs is getting better.

The numbness and
the pain in the right wrist

is getting better.

speaking, Mrs. Masayo

is impossible to

have a miraculous recovery.

The numbness in the
right wrist will not recover.

speaking. lt's the bleeding,

-so it's hard to recover.
-Hey. . . Koto.

What will become of
Masayo from now on?

You bastard!

You just make it so
brief for a situation like this.

lt's a very good condition.

The left hand is
recovering well.

The most important thing
is to make use of both limbs

to upgrade your quality in life.

This is all what l can say.

Juu, this is it.

So, Mr. Hiroshi, l. . .

Sorry, Doctor for your time.

Yes. lt's been a long
while since we last argued.

lt's annoying he keeps asking
be to attend the ceremony.

Come! Try my
special delicacies.


-The Fish Harvest Festival. . .
-Are you going?

lf l go l'll have
to see Juu again.

So you're here.

Damn ! That's stupid
doctor is really mean.

The doctor
wants her to get well.

-But, Uncle Juu.
-l know.

l'm not blaming anyone.

Neither Koto nor
Shouichi is wrong.

Right, who's in
the lead this year?

Tokehiro isn't
here. Whoever will do.

l'm not
interested in this this year.

l hope there'll be no argument.

lt's really boring.

lt's like something is missing.

Everyone is leaving

and not even coming
back for the ceremony.

They can't just depend on us.

Let's look around else where.

The news about the
accident spread everywhere.

No one likes you.

l'm really sorry
about the accident.

l can do any job.

l hate you for

spending so much
hard money on the children.

Who so you think you are?


-So you'll in tonight.
-What is it?

-Shall we talk?
-What is it?


My results were the 3rd
from the bottom

in the whole grade last month.

Everyone around is smart.

You're really honest.

You don't have
to report this to me.

Weren't you
angry on the island,

when l hid my
maths result from you.

That's why l have to tell you

no matter how poor
the results are.

l see.

l see.

l have to work.
l'm going out now.

Take care of
yourself. l'll work on it.

Ok. l have to hang up now.


this this me. Miyano Hiroshi.

Ok. . .

Can we be frank?


How much have
you got at the moment?

This is a secret.

l never even mentioned it
to the head in office.

Takehiro, do you know
about the unreleased share?

The ones in the market
and the ones that are not.

Once that's released,

the prices can go
a few times more.

1 million each. Once released,

it becomes 2 or 3 million.

lf things go well, it
might be 5 million.

ln fact, l only tell the
old customers about this.

Didn't you agree on the 4
million for the reconciliation?

And of course l can't force you

on Taketoshi's tuition fee.

The sum is big.

Give me a call if
you've made up your mind.

Shinko, l heard that
your Mum is pregnant.


Your Mum is
telling everyone about it.

-Congratulations, Shinko.


lt's been every
corner on the island.

Right, have you seen it?

-Did you see?
-Did you see?

-Tell us. . .
-l didn't see it.


-Ah !

Are you mad?

Sorry to disturb.

Mrs. Masayo, are
you frying an egg?

l'll work together with you.

Keep it up!

Please fry one for me.

Please enjoy.

l'll begin.

lt's delicious.

-l'll make it better.

Doctor, l don't need sympathy.

l thank you for
your help in the future.


l see. Sure.

l'm home.

-Doctor, l was about
to ask you to come home.

What is it?

Harue shows some
symptoms on miscarriage.

Doctor, Brother
was arguing with Mum,

and he pushed
Mum to the floor.

Then Mum was shouting
about her stomachache.

Doctor, l. . .

What is it, Shinko?

Momoko, l'll check
your Mum right away.

-Thanks, Doctor.



And ritodrine.

-Rito. . .
-lt's in the room.



Doctor, what happened to
Mum? What about the baby?

They are fine.

She has to be
hospitalised for a rest.

The baby is fine.


Doctor. . .

lt's all my fault.

Everyone is laughing
about Mum's pregnancy,

l feel embarrassed.

And Mum's telling
everyone about it.

l feel embarrassed.

Then Mum fell, so. . .

Come over here, Shinko.

Momoko, Mr
Tsutomu, please come in.





Harue, will you let me hear?



Can you hear?

This is the baby's heartbeat.

-l want to hear, Doctor.

That's amazing.
lt's like drum beating.

Can l hear?

-Oh, you're one of them too.

Shinko has a baby.

lsn't that amazing?

ls that right? That's great!

A baby at last.

lf anything happens,

there's nothing
sadder than this.


About Masayo last time,

l'm really sorry

to let you say those.


l understand,

but l can't bear it
when l hear what you say.


Right, Doctor.

We'll have dinner on
the Fish Harvest Festival.

Ask Mina to come over.

lt's ok for me. What
about Mrs. Masayo?

She'll be glad.

l'll keep cooking.

My cooking has
been improving

for the past 2 years.


l hope you won't

take my words
wrongly last time.

l'm a doctor,

so l don't simply
give consolation.

But it's because l'm a doctor,

l don't want to give up.

2 years later, 3 years later,

and years after that, l
planned to be with Mrs Masayo.

And have the
treatment on the island.


Please help.

l told you no.

Please have a
look at my resume.

-Fold it well there.

Hey, thanks for your
help for the past few days.

l'm Miyano. Hey, Hey. . .

Hey, l'm Takehiro.

About what you mentioned
last time, am l still in time?

This is for dinner.

lt's fine if you're not
coming. Fish Festival.

lt'll still be
crowded without you.

Hey. . . Take it.

Sorry for saying what
l shouldn't have said.


l understand, Juu.

l have to go now.

Without me,

the Fish Festival is not
going to be happening.

l have to go now.

lt won't be
happening without me.

Chip up, ldiot!

-Mina, you'll go!

Someone bound to get injured
every year at the Fish Festival.

That's why we
open here today.

lt's a holiday today actually.

lt's ok. l
understand how you feel.

Everyone has some
unpleasant memories.

But these are a great couple.

What a considerate husband.

lt's rare to find.


Oh, the buns today are good.

lt's amazing.

-lt's great!

lt's great!

Hey, .

Juu, is it good to
let in the air that way.

-Hey. . . Head!
-lt's annoying.

-How handsome!
-Shy, eh?

We have to get
the dinner ready.

Daddy, we have to go.

Fish Festival.

But you. . .

Let's go. . .

Are we really
going to walk there?

Take a rest then.

Sit down for a while.

The sky gets dark at last.

Masayo, l've stopped drinking.


ls that right?
lt's been 28 years.

We're been
married for 28 years.


l'm supposed to be the
one who's being supported.


l wonder if next
year will come soon.

l'm starving.

Let's go back to the clinic
for some instant noodles.

Will you wait
for a little longer?

l just want to
see them for a while.

there'll be no side
effects after the therapy.

But the side effects
suddenly emerged at this stage.

Koto, are you there? ER. ER.

Uncle Juu.

l just want to see you.

Let's have a drink.


(The victims are over 400.)

(lt's more than 7 billion yen.)

( Unreleased Fraud Case with

Niba lnvestment Consultant)

The fish festival is over.


Can l stay here tonight?


Koto, you're all l have left.

l'm old and l
have to rely on you.


Taketoshi, welcome home.

Has Me
Takehiro quitted the job?

Tell us if
there's any difficulties.

A fisherman doesn't
make much money.

Will it be any
good just to get out?

The tumour is not shrinking.

lt might not hold on
for long if we don't hurry.


l don't want to go
to school anymore.