Dr. Coto's Clinic (2003–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Akachan wo tasukete - full transcript

Breast cancer.

Will you keep secret to
anyone about my illness?

l've lost my parents.

l want to go to Tokyo.

Please don't
think that l'm a lone.


Really? Have you decided?

l'm really sorry for
being so irrational.

Thanks to you
for Miss Hoshino.

l'll try my best

for Miss Hoshino.

lf the therapy is the
same on Shikina lsland,

it makes no point
for you to come to me.

There's one
request for Dr. Nariumi.

Ayaka. . .

No, Miss Hoshino

planned to take a course

to become a
qualified physiotherapist.

Can we let her study as
she undergoes the treatment.

Are you falling for her?

Miss Hoshino is an
important member in our clinic.

We're like a family.

l admire you for

being so considerate.

But l can't tell if
that's important

as a doctor.

Anyway, l'll be in charge of

Miss Hoshino's therapy.

Thanks, then.


lt went through.

Mummy, the call is through.

Hello, this is Daddy.

l know.

Your Mum is
worried about you. . .

She keeps asking me to call.

Daddy, l'm outside.

l'm in the middle of something.

l'll call you back.

lt's ok.

Nothing important.

l just want to
hear your voice. Bye.

Ah. . . right. Ayaka.

What is it?

Eat well and
take care of yourself.

l know. Send my
regards to Mum.

What are you doing?

Huh? Ah. . . hmm. . .
Collecting something.

Shells, huh?

l'm in the clinic. . .

The nurse who
relief Sis Ayaka, huh?

You hurt the
head of the village,

fainted during
the operation, and. . .

you annoyed
Grandpa Hidarisenotto.

So you know a lot.

Are you from Tokyo?

Don't you miss Tokyo?

No at all.

Maybe l prefer this place.

Right, so do l.

l moved here

from Tokyo in primary year

because of my asthma.

But l'm fine now and l'm
not taking any medicine.

Really, that's good.

Could you please
promise not to tell anyone?

ls that a
bracelet? l'll get it for you.

l don't need it for the moment.

And there's the secret place.

ls the kid's father a
primary school teacher?

Hmm. . . he moved here

hoping to have
Hina's asthma cured.

lt hurts.


Why is it not getting on well?

Ayaka would
have got it done well. . .

lt'll be done. lt'll be done.

lt'll be better.

-Well, try again.

-Mina, focus. Work on it!
-Work on it.

What are you tow
doing there? Leaving.

Hello. . .

Come in,
everyone. Please come in.

-Hello, thanks for your help.

Come over here. We'll
start from getting the height.

Ok. lt'll be done
soon. Please queue up.

Come over
here. lt's faster here.

Come here. Come here. . .

Get into one line.
Get into one line here.

Where's Mum?

She's not coming.

l see.

Get into the line.


-Well, next. . .

Hi, thanks.

The second
half. lt's empty here.

Could you come over here?

Uncle Juu. Good
that you're here.

Come over here
for the blood test.

Wait. No. Goto. Goto.

lt's better you
queue up at Dr. Goto.

This is the nurse

who hurt the chief huh?

Do be careful not to become

like the chief.

-Why are you saying this?

You don't say that just

because you don't
like injection.

Silly, aren't l helping up here?

That's why l
hate body check-up.

-Are you joking me?
-Don't push, Fool!



Ok. Please take a seat.

-That's amazing.
-That's very brave.

That's amazing. . .
That's really amazing. . .

Factors will be in the test.

Please have a look at this.


What's the answer?

Well. . . the answer is. . .

Sorry. lt hurts, huh?

Hmm. Not really.

-Keep it up!

Dr Amashow 2006
Episode 3

Ah !

Hmm. Ok. lt's flu.
You'll get the prescription.

Sorry to get you
work during break.

lt's ok.

l'm fine. lt's Chiga.

Sorry, l'll make you tea now.

Miss Yukari, don't worry.

lt's ok.

Doctor, sorry
for not being able

to make it to the check-up.

lt's ok. lf you
recover from the flu,

do come with us.

We'll have check-up
with Chiga's 3-year-old kid.


Ok. Sure.

Doctor, speaking of
check-up, l remember

Mr. Ozawa's wife saying

that Hina's got a bruise

from the blood test
taken by the new nurse.

That really makes her worry.

What? You have bruise too?


Not us. Mr. Ozawa's Hina.

Ok. This is what Dad
gets. Go and cook it.


My kid has got bruise as well.

The injection done
by the new nurse hurts.

Sorry, it's just a little wound.

The bruise will heal itself.

Right, but Hina's mother

is a little eccentric,
though she might look posh !

And recently she's. . .

You get bruises from injection.

What is that big hoo-hah?

But it's worrying.

lt's that big!

lf you are worried,
you should have gone.

Everyone on the
island went there.

l heard that
you're not greet others

when you
happen to meet outside.

No idea what to do at home.

You're like
others on the island.

There's a rumour saying

that you like poking into
other people's business.

What did you say?

lt's a good chance to
leave once Hina has graduated.

But you insisted on
staying on the island.

Now what Hina has
recovered, it's better

to return to Tokyo.

Didn't you agree on it before?

You're the one who
wanted to come to this island.

Now that Hina is cured.

And l have to stay at home
all the time.

Will you think about me?


Don't repeat the same old
thing over and over again.



What are you doing
here? Collecting shells again?

Right. Are you free now?

Here. Over here.

-Well done, Hina!

The bracelet!

Your parents
must be proud of you.

What is it?


Oh ! Hina, nose-bleeding.

lt's ok. Look down. And
breathe with your mouth.

lt's ok.

Hmm. lt's all
right. Feeling anything?

No. Nothing. Let's go.

-Don't force yourself.


lt's just two with Hina.

Hmm. lt's
beautiful. lt's touching.

Where's the shore?

That's a secret.

Hina told me
not to tell anyone.


l think Hina's friend said it
has to be keep as a secret.

Her friend?

But that kind of shells
have not been found yet.


lt's time. We have to work.

-A secret.

Mum, it doesn't stop bleeding.

Hubby. Come again.


Please help, Doctor.
Go to the clinic.

-Wada, get the gauze ready.


Hina, now l'll check on you.

Hina, let me
examine your tummy.

Doctor, does
Hina have leukaemia?

Hina, anything
strange these days?

There are bruises on the arms.

Besides that?

Last week,
didn't she had a flu?

l said we had to
take her to the doctor.

But she didn't'
have any temperature.

How high?

3 7'c. lt's been 2 days.

Anyway, we must
examine right away.

We can't say anything
before we see the results.

Mina, get ready
for the blood test.


Doctor, Hina got bruises

on her arms

after this person
gave her the blood test.

Hey. . . stop!

She bled

when we went to
the beach 2 days ago.

Why didn't you do anything?

lsn't the doctor
examining on her?

Miss Mina,

What are you talking about?

l mean the bruised on
Hina's arms are strange.

You don't get it.

lt's thrombocytopenia purpura.

lt triggers the immune system.

When the platelets are reducing,

the blood don't
get clotted easily.

That's the
reason for the bruises.

We've asked the specialists.

There's nothing
much to worry about

as long as you
watch it when it bleeds.

l see.

After the sedatives,

the number of
platelets is getting normal.

There should be
observation for a week.

Yes. Thanks. That's great!

What does it mean immune?

l can't make it clear to you.

Maybe it's like
flu or something.

lsn't there anything to do
with the nurse's injection?


Well. . .
it has nothing to do with it.

l see.

lt's ok. She'll be
fine with enough rest.

Sorry not to have
discovered it earlier on.

How long do l have
to stay hospitalised?

The doctor says a week.


Sorry, l didn't
realise it earlier on.

l'll take care of Mina.

What is it?

lt's ok.

The doctor has mentioned it.
He said not to worry.

Sorry, it seems
that she's in a trouble.

She's got hysterical.
And she gets agitated

whenever l try to talk.

-l'm sorry.
-No. . . it's ok.

-l know why.

She wants to go back to Tokyo.

Hina's asthma is
getting a lot better

because of you.

But this is a beautiful place.

We've decided to stay
here for 3 years for Hina.

We'll stay until Hina
finishes her high school.

But it gets tough,
every time l open my mouth.

She looks unhappy every day.

l hope she'll think for us.

Your wife is really serious.

She's a person who
puts effort in all her work.

And she cares what people
around her think about her.

No. . .

Someone like this

gets stressed out easily.

What stress? She's
plain stubborn, that's all.

l don't really know
what she's thinking.

This question is
not in the textbook.

But most of you understand.

Those who have not understand,
do practise more on it.

Taketoshi, your Dad's calling.


Hello. . .

You hung up

without leave in a
message, didn't you?

What is it? What happened?


You sound
unhappy. What about school?

Hmm. l'm working on it.


l can't answer the phone here.

So just leave a message.

l'll have to work at night soon.

ls there also
work at night? Why?

Hmm. They ask for it,

so l just have to accept.

l see. That's really tough.

There's nothing else you can
do when they ask you to do it.


Don't think so
highly of yourself.

-l'm hanging up.

Excuse me, Mr.
Yamashita Masao.

-lt's her.
-Come over here.

There nothing between

Mina's injection
and Hina's illness.

That's right.

lt's not anything
critical, anyway.

She'll soon
recover after some rest.

There's nothing such
as incurable disease.

Have you heard, Uncle Juu?

Didn't l say it right
from the beginning?

You're all spreading rumours.

See what you're
talking now. . . people say. . .

You're the one
who started the rumour.

That's not true.

Everyone has received
blood test done by Mina.

Then we all had
bruises, then vomiting blood,

and admitted to the hospital. . .

So it's you who said it.

Well, we haven't had
any jokes these days.

Uncle Juu, we'll
kick you out of here.

No, kick him out of this island.

Shouichi, no.

Hey. . . you're too over!

Me. . . Motoki. . .and. . .

lt's really annoying!

He doesn't mean
any harm to anyone.

This is a small island
at the first place,

and every tiny little rumour

gets to spread around
the entire island.

This is most annoying.

But this shows that

everyone is
close to each other.

Mina is working hard.

As long as you be frank,

everyone on the
island will understand.

You're right.

This kid is a serious person.

l can understand that
as l live with this kid.

But Ayaka is doing well.

And we started to
compare between them.

Ah, Doctor, Ayaka called.

She has a hand phone.

l see.

She said we can
call her anytime.

So l did.

But she sounded very busy.

And said she's up to
something, and she hung up.

Ayaka is as horrible as ever!

Now we begin the therapy.

l hope you know

that there're some side
effects. So do be prepared.


-l'll leave the rest to you.

-Take care.
-Bye, Hina.

-Cheer up!

Thanks for coming
all the way for Hina.

-So many of them ! Thanks!

-l must really thank you.
-lt's ok.

-So let's go.
-l'll see you later.

-Bye bye.
-See you.


-ls this bitter gourd tea?

The bruises are fading.

Looks it's all well again.

Take a good rest then.

You'll be discharge soon.


l can't go home.


What do you want to
do? This is from everyone.

What if she

get ill after taking all these?

This is a gift from everyone.

lf you're doing this. . .

Hina will. . .

l watch my diet.

lt's troublesome

for me to receive so
much vegetables and fruits.

Just let Mina do the cooking.

Why do you
have to do it yourself?

l won't let that nurse do it.

Let's go home
and take a good rest.

Your wife won't be able
to take it if this goes on.

Well, this will do.

lt's ok. l'll cook for Mina.

Recovered! That's great!

-Can't catch up yet.

lt's tomorrow.

The bracelet is
done. lt's in the drawer.

Please ask
someone to bring it for you.

No. l can't found

the shell that
fixes in the middle.

lt's not complete
without that piece.

We'll look for it together
when you're discharged.

Even if it's late,

but it shows how you feel.

ls this really how you feel?

So you must
take a good rest now.

Didn't Dr. Koto say

that the most
important thing now is to rest.

l know.

Sister Mina.

l'm really sorry about mother.

She's a gentle person.

l know.

Hina's Mum.

Mdm. Ozawa.

Where's Hina?



Hina. Hina.

-What's wrong with it?

Doctor, not home yet.

Maybe she's on the way
home. l'll go back and see.

l'm come together.

Let's drive.

What's wrong?

We lost Hina.

Didn't you see
her on the way?

Mina, did you hear
her saying anything?

-We must be get there quick.
-You show the way.

get ready for the first aid.


Here. l must be here.

How do you know?

l came here with Hina before.


Hina, what are
you doing here?


Hina. . .

Watch out! Ah. . . it hurts!

-Wada, are you ok?

l'm all right. Go look for Hina.


lt hurts.


Hina, can you breathe?

Hina, Hina, Hina.
What are you doing?

Mum, l'm sorry.

Hina, which part of
you hurts? Please hold it.


-Mina, get the tube ready.

lt's on the upper most.

-Wada, is the drip ready?


-Mina, let Wada a walking stick.

The stomach
knocked on the rock.

There might be
internal bleeding.

The situation is critical.

We must have the operation now
to stop the bleeding.

-Will you open the stomach?
-That bad!

Hina is lack of platelets,

and her blood
won't clot easily.

We must stop the
bleeding right away.

lt's all my fault.

Hina will be saved after
the operation, won't she?


l'll do my best.

-Wada, is you leg ok?

Mina, relax.

Let's breathe.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Well, now we
start our operation.

Mina, Wada, my
pleasure to work with you all.

My pleasure too.

Mina, scalpel.

Mina, it's ok.

Just follow what l say.

Mina, open your
eyes and see properly.

Forceps, that's the one.

Mina, l can't make it
without you around.

Mina, work on it.


Yukiko, Yukiko.

Don't cry.

Don't worry. Hina
is always strong.

And Dr. Koto is here.

l. . . l know she'll be fine.

lt'll be ok.

l'm really sorry.

And Ayaka is not around.

lt's ok.

-l'm really sorry.
-No. . .


lt's ok. Don't worry
with Dr. Koto around.


Dr. The blood
pressure is up to 42.

-Open up the drip.

-Mina, suction here.

Doctor, the blood
pressure is going down again.

-Urgent transfuse.

Don't worry. Calm down.

Mina, are you
ok? Can you go on?


Great! No crying, huh?

Open your eyes
and see carefully.



We'll give treatment
to your ankle later.


The pancreas is bleeding.

We don't have to remove it.

lt can be done.

Sew it up.

lt's been long.

Are you ok, Hina?


Doctor, the blood
pressure is not recovering.

lf the blood is
not clotting, Mina. . .

lncrease the pressure
and stop the blooding.

Wada, is Hina
of B blood-type?


Mina, give a blood
test for Hina's mother.

lf we transfuse blood
with enough platelets,

the bleeding will stop.

Please, Mina.


How's the situation?

Hina's Mum, please.

Let me take your blood test.

Hina. . . she has
too less platelets.

she won't stop bleeding.

And we need transfusion.


Please sit down.
Relax. l'll get ready.

So she's saved.

Will you save her?

Hey. . . you. . .

Dr. Koto, will you save her?

Of course.

l'll definitely save her.


A child like Hina

will live on.

Hina is here for Mum and Dad.

For your anniversary,

she wants to give you a gift.

She wants you
two to get along well.

So she went to
look for the shells.

l'm taking the blood test
now, please take a seat.

Thanks to you.

-Transfusion now.

Wada, Make the
transfusion to the maximum.


-Mina, scrub up!

The blood pressure
has come have to 90.

lt stops bleeding.

Get ready for sewing
up after scrubbing up.

until the last minute.


Sorry, Doctor.

lt's done. But it's ok now.

lt's great! She's saved.

-That's great, Mr Ozawa.

Thank you very much, Doctor.

-That's great, Yukiko.

Hina's Mum.

That's great!

Mina, you've done
a good job. Thanks.

Ok. Now we have to
operate on Wada's foot.

Ah ! Operation?

The tendon is torn.

No! Hasn't l just
got a sprained ankle.

30 minutes will do.

Can you help, Mina?


lt's sturdy and she'll
wake up any minute.



-lt's ok.

Please do stay
with Hina tonight.

lt's an anniversary, huh?

The kid really care about us.

But. . . l've only been
thinking about himself.

l'm sorry to
everyone on the island, Mina,

and you.

Yukiko, it's all my fault.

l never care
about your feelings.

Dad, Mum.




That's great! She's saved.

That's great!

Mum and Dad will
be with me forever.

Really? Have it began?

Yes. The first dripping is over.

How does it feel? Unwell?

l didn't expect it
but it feels nothing.

Maybe l'm a bit slow.

Ah, Doctor, you laugh.

How's the clinic?
Let's work it on together.

Hmm, it's fine.


How's it, Mina?

l stay till the end for
the operation today?

Was there an operation?

Mr. Ozawa's
child, Hina, was injured.

lt's a bit complicated.

You must be tired.

l'm sorry to call
you so late at night.

lt's ok.

l feel much better after
hearing Ayaka's voice.


The therapy has just started.

But believe that
you'll get better.

Trust Dr. Narumi.

And not to forget
about the studies.

Everyone is
looking forward to see

you back with a certificate.

Thank you.

Thanks for taking care of me.

l really admire you that.

When will my foot recover?

-Mr Wada, you must keep it up!

We have to go.


Gift for
discharging from the hospital.

Will you help me to collect it?

This is the secret between us.


Dr. Koto, how are you?

l've got your letter. But l'm
sorry l have been able to reply.

l'll enjoy my life as a student.

Wada, leave it
there. Don't force yourself.

Mr. Wada, let me do it later.

What is it?


Didn't l tell you when
you're better learned,

you'll do transfusion for me.

But transfusion. . .

They will do it.
Anyway, Uncle Juu and all

have no blood tests
during the check-up.

Ok. . . ok. . . do it.

Queue up, then.

Ah. . . it hurts.

Dr. Koto, thanks for the
dictionary. l'll treasure it.


ls everyone
well on the island?

lt gives me zest every
time l think of the island.



( Number of students in
class, ranking in class.)

School is happy and
every day is meaningful.

Take care, Dr. Koto.

l'm looking
forward to see you again.

Hara Taketoshi.

Take care, Doctor.

l have to go.

Hey. . . Hey. . .

-Mr. Takihara, hello.


Hi, sorry to disturb.

Who are you feeling, Granny?

l'm a doctor, so l
won't lose hope.

lt's about time for
the Fish Festival.

l must pay it even
if l have to borrow.

Do you know about the shares
which is not on the market?

lt's delicious.

l'll figure it out one day.

Don't act as if you know.

Mrs. Masayo.