Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 8 - The Mind of Evil: Episode Four - full transcript

With the Doctor and Jo being held prisoner, the Master convinces Mailer to help him steal the Thunderbolt.

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Doctor Who Season 8
The mind of Evil 4 of 6

Original Air Date: 1971/02/20

Exterminate. Annihilate.

Annihilate. Destroy.


- Is he dead?
- No, not quite. Wait outside.

I know.
We can...

Get back.

All right, you.
You?re being transferred.

- What about Miss Grant?
- Luxury suite, all to herself.

Look, if Miss Grant stays, so do.

- I?m not leaving here without her.
- - Karl, take him out.

Why don?t you take us both back
to the medical wing?

- At least we could do some good there.
- What?s so special about me?

We?re saving you for the machine,
ain?t we?

Wake up.
Wake up.

Welcome back.

Would it surprise you to know that
one of your hearts stopped completely?

You were within an inch of dying.

You wanted...

you wanted to know...

how long I could hold out
against that machine.

Well, the answer is I can?t.

- Nobody can.
- Of course you can.

If I can control it from that console
then so can you, and you...

must while I?m not here.

No. No.

Oh, come on, Doctor.
We are both Time Lords.

Be that as it may.
I know...

I know the secret of that machine.

Inside it is a creature that...

feeds on the evil of the mind...

- ...and very soon it?ll feed on yours.
- Nonsense. Mailer.

Release him and then put him in the cell
with Miss Grant.

Now listen, Doctor,

if you don?t do what I ask of you,

Miss Grant will be next in line
for the process. You just remember that.

Right, take him out.

Come on Doc.
On your feet. Up.

Come on, up you come.

Come on Doc, your feet are dragging.
Now, come on, help me.

Doctor, is that you?.


Move. Move. Move.

No, you don?t.

I want the Doctor in one piece.

- Now, put him in the cell as I told you.
- Come on, open this door.




Good evening, Miss Grant.

What a great pleasure
it is to see you again.

Master, what are you doing here?

The Doctor will tell you about it
when he?s recovered.

- What have you been doing to him?
- Nothing, just a little persuasion.

Do try and make him see sense, my dear,
for your sake.


If you?ve got any sense, just hand him
over to me and the boys for an hour,

all that you will do will kill him.

I want an armed man
outside this cell the whole time.

Right, I?ll do it myself.

Mailer, I want the whole B wing cleared
except for these two in here.

- What the hell for?
- Don?t argue, Mailer, do it.

Then meet me in the Governor?s office
when it?s finished.

Yes, sir.

You hang on here, Len, yeah?

Yeah, I?ll see you.


Hey you out there.
Listen to me. We need help urgently.

Go to sleep darling.

Look, open this door.
Please, open this door.

A proper little Miss Nightingale,
in?t you?

Look at him,
he needs a Doctor.


Help me. Well, at least help me
get him up onto the bed.

You can?t harm me.
I?m stronger than you are.

I brought you here.

I gave you the minds you need
to feed on.

You are my servant.

You are my servant.

You can?t destroy me.
I am too strong for you.

I am too strong for you.

No more minds for you to feed on.

Let?s see how long starvation takes
to bring you to heel.

It?s extraordinary.

Quite extraordinary.

His physical make-up,

- just not human.
- But what?s the matter with him?

He?s been beaten up, of course.

Physically and mentally.

His whole system?s suffered
a tremendous shock.

- He?s in some kind of a coma, but I...
- Can?t you do anything for him?

I very much doubt it.

You could try giving him...

one of these,
if he recovers consciousness.

Listen Jo,
who organised this break?

Right Doc, times up.

What?s the verdict?
He's done for?

Not quite.

Though it?s no thanks to you.

Come on, Doc.

Don?t forget to send in your bill.

- Take care, hmm?
- And you.


Doctor, take one of these.

Come on.

- Come on, just try.
- No.

No, no.

That?s wrong the metabolism.

It?d probably, probably kill me, Jo.

I?m all right.

I?m all right, Jo.

just let me rest.

Let me rest.



All right, fixed that.

- Here, you all right?
- Yes, yes, of course, of course.

You don?t look any too good to me.

Mailer, I want a guard
on that process room the whole time.

No one?s to go near that machine.
No one.

I don?t think
any of my lot are likely to...

Yes, I know but morbid curiosity
can be very strong. See to it, will you?


Mailer, you?ve done very well.
I?m pleased with you.


perhaps you?d like to do something for me?

Certainly, anything.

Perhaps you?d like to tell me,

why the hell we don?t get out of here
before it gets light?

My dear Mailer,
you are just not thinking.

A great gang of armed convicts
roaming round the countryside?

If we can get our civvies back,
there?s cars outside.

Yes, maybe.

But have you thought
that as well as the police,

you?d have the army against you?

Dogs, troops, helicopters.

By morning,
you?d all be captured or killed.

Yeah, all right.
So, you?ve got a better idea?

I think so, yes.

How would you like a free pardon,

unlimited money
and a ticket to anywhere in the world?

How would I like it?

Right, pay attention
and I?ll show you how to get it.

Now, that is Thunderbolt.

It?s a gas missile,
nuclear powered and British, of course.

Of course.

Now, the most important thing
is that it?s illegal,

because gas warfare?s been outlawed
for many years.

Therefore the British government
are going to dump that in the sea.

Now, tomorrow morning,

that missile, with a very small escort,
will pass within a few miles of this prison.

I see,
and you?d like me to hijack it?

- Right, first time.
- Eh?

I?m going to aim that
at the peace conference in London.

- You?ve gotta be joking.
- I am not joking.

You look at this map.


here?s the prison...

and this...

is where you will ambush the convoy.



He?s still with us then?

Sorry, you?re disappointed.

- You watch your tongue.
- How about some breakfast?

What do you think this is,
a holiday camp?

You weren?t told to starve us to death.

What good do you think
he?s going to be to the Master...

- he doesn?t have any food inside him.
- All right. All right.

- Charlie.
- Yeah?

Nip down the kitchens,
get some grub for these two.


Though by the look of him...

I don?t think he?s gonna need it.

Well done, my dear.

Now perhaps we can do something
about getting out of here.


if you?re successful,
this will be your passport to freedom.


All right.

Good luck to you.

Everybody got the picture?

All right then, let?s go.
Now come on, move.

Here?s your grub then.
I?ll watch the door, Charlie.

- I thought that was meant to be for us?
- Yes, this is.


What?s the matter?

What the devil?s going on here?

Really, Doctor, for someone
who was on death?s door.

Yes, I do have remarkable powers
of recovery, don?t I? Come on.

They seem to be setting up
some kind of search party.

Yes, they?ll be expecting us to try
and make a break for it.

Well, aren?t we?


not while they?re all chasing around.

Let them cool off for a bit.
We?ll try again later.

Telephone. There must be
a telephone here somewhere.

There is.

Put it?s locked.

In any case,
it?ll be manned by convicts.

What?s that?

That, my dear Jo, is the Thunderbolt.

Captain Yates is escorting it.

I hope.

- What?s it got to do with the Master?
- Everything.

He?s hoping to steal it.

Get down.

Right, now, don?t forget,

wait ?til they get level
before you let them have it.

Here they come.

Venus to Jupiter.
Venus to Jupiter.

Convoy under armed attack.
Estimated position...

Jupiter to Venus, Jupiter to Venus,
give us your position.

I say again, give us your position.


Venus to Jupiter, do you read me?

Venus to Jupiter, do you read me?

The last time he checked in he was here.

Now, given the average speed of the convoy
and the time of the emergency call,

the ambush
should have taken place...

about here.

I want a chopper standing by to
take me down there as soon as possible.

I?ll get on to it right away, sir.

And I?ll need a mobile HQ
and a full forensic team in the area.

Extension 3-4. Shall I ask
for police and army co-operation, sir?

No, UNIT personnel only.
This missile isn?t supposed to exist.

Keep trying to get through
to Captain Yates.

Right sir.

Jupiter to Venus, Jupiter to Venus,
do you read me? Over.

All right, let?s get these doors open.
Come on.

Come on, in.

- Is that all you can tell me?
- It happened so quickly, sir.

Did you see what happened
to Captain Yates?

I thought they?d got him.

Not unless they took the body with them.

- One of the bikes is missing.
- Well, maybe he followed them, sir?

Yes, maybe.
Right, thanks.

- There?s just one thing, sir.
- Well?

Well, just before I passed out, I
could have sworn I saw a plain black van.

The sort the police use, Black Mariah.


Thank you.

- Stangmoor prison.
- What sir?

Well, where else
would you get a Black Mariah?

we can just go on sitting here.

Why not?

Well, it?s the safest place
at the moment.

They?ll never think
of looking for us here.

Besides, I need more time to think.

I?ve got to find out a way of dealing with
that alien creature out there.

What alien creature?

The one inside the Keller machine.

Do you really believe
there?s something alive in there?

- I do.
- Well, what is it?

It?s a sort of mind parasite
that feeds on evil.

The deadliest threat to mankind
since the beginning of time.


The Master.

He seems to be leaving.


now?s our chance.

We?ll slip out by the hospital
and through the rear courtyard.

I didn?t mean our chance to escape, Jo.

I meant our chance
to get into that process chamber...

and deal with that machine
once and for all.

No, thank you.

You were trained to use those things.
They only make me nervous.

His face.
He looks terrified, just like the others.

Perhaps the creature?s learned to move.

Come on.

- You were right, it?s gone.
- Yes.

All right, girl, drop it.

You heard me, I said drop it.

Clever girl. Now, as for you,
we?ve had enough of you...

Yes, well,
before you pull that trigger, I...

What?s the matter with you?


behind you.

- I?ve heard that one before.
- Look behind you.