Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 9 - The Mind of Evil: Episode 5 - full transcript

The Doctor is forced to help the Master control the mind parasite while Yates finds out where the Thunderbolt has been taken only to be captured by the Master's men.

Subtitles by subXpacio

Doctor Who Season 8
The mind of Evil 5 of 6

Original Air Date: 1971/02/27

What happened?
Why did it just disappear?

Well, we couldn?t
have tempted its appetite.

Why not?

Well, I imagine it detected
a higher concentration of evil in Mailer.

There?s something to be said
for a pure mind, after all, eh Jo?

Look, I think we?d better get out of here
before it gets back.

Yes, all right.
Jo, Jo, wait a minute, wait.

What are you doing here?

Well, I was looking for you.
I heard this noise and...

It?s all right.
We?re going to try and escape.

I don?t understand?

Look, we?ve got to stop the Master
from launching that missile.

- Come on, Barnham, you come with us.
- Come on, quickly. Come on.

Windmill 3-4-7 to Trap One.

How do you read me?

Acknowledge that will you, Sergeant?

Trap One to Windmill 3-4-7.

Major Cosworth reading you loud and clear.
Any results? Over.

I?m over Stangmoor Prison now.

No sign of the missile.

Everything seems quiet and normal.

Are you going to land?

No, I don?t think so.

I know I said it seems normal
but I?m quite sure it?s not.

I?ll continuing raking for the moment.
Over and out.

Well, there doesn?t seem
to be anybody about.

Let?s take a look outside.
You wait here for a minute.

Hey look.
It?s the UNIT helicopter.


All right, you two, inside.

- Move.
- Don?t hurt them.

Leave off, Barnham.
I said move.

- I said don?t hurt them.
- But they were trying...

What the hell do you mean:
We loused things up?

You got your missile, didn?t you?

You left one of the UNIT people alive
and he followed you here.

Fortunately he was caught.

Look, I don?t care about him.
I want you back here right away.

That?s quite impossible. I?m far too busy
preparing the missile for launching.

Look, mate, I don?t care how busy you are.
I want you back.

That machine of yours has broken out.
It?s wandering around the prison.

It?s killed Lenny Vosper,
it?s nearly killed me.

That?s impossible,
I can?t leave here now.

Now, listen,

my mob?s not staying on here
while that thing?s on the loose.

They?ll start running
and I?ll be running with them.

But you can?t.
You?ll be caught.

Maybe, but just remember,

if I get caught, so do you.

They?ll want to know where that missile is
and I might just tell them.

Now think about it.

I see.

All right, Mailer.
I?ll come back.

That?s more like it.

All right, Captain, you can
stop pretending to be unconscious now.


Why did I take the missile?
I intend to use it.

You?ll never be able to.
It?s too complex.


This is childishly simple.


I have all the technical assistance
I need.

Yes, I was going to ask you:
about those soldiers?

Hired mercenaries in fake uniforms.

Everything?s a question of money nowadays,
my dear Captain.

Will you excuse me?

By the way,

you?re probably wondering
why you?re still alive?

- It did cross my mind.
- Well, in the event,

in the highly unlikely event of UNIT
finding us before the missile?s ready,

you?d make a very useful hostage,
remember that.

Right, come on.

- Where did you find ?em?
- Outside ?B? wing.

- Waving to a helicopter.
- They what? Did it see them?

No. I don?t think so.
Anyway, it?s cleared orf now.

Get that zombie out of here.
Get rid of him.

I don?t know what
we?re going to do about you.

- Look, Mailer, what...
- Back off.

why are you helping the Master?

Helping who?

The Ma... Keller
or whatever he calls himself.


- I?m helping him because he?s helping me.
- What?s he promised you?


Ticket to anywhere I like.

You really think
he?s going to keep those promises?

- Why not?
- He doesn?t care whether you live or die.

- He?s just using you.
- So, he?s using me, I?m using him.

You make me a better offer?

Let us go
and I?ll do the best I can for you.

Well, if that?s the best you can do,
Doc, it really ain?t good enough.

- Now, wheel ?em out.
- Right, come on.

I know exactly where that missile is.


Stangmoor Prison, sir?

It all adds up.

Benton saw a Black Mariah
when the missile was ambushed...

and I saw the Doctor and Miss Grant.
I?m convinced the Master...

has taken over the prison
to use as a hideout for that missile.

And I assume we?ll be taking the place,
sir? I?ll draw up an assault plan.

Major Cosworth?


- Have you seen Stangmoor Prison?
- No, sir.

Well, I?ve just been looking at it.

It?s an old fortress
you?d need an army to get in there.

- A fortress?
- That?s right.

I suppose there couldn?t possible be
a secret underground passage or something?

Good, Major, good.

- Is that a map of the prison?
- Yes sir.

Yes, you?re right.

It hasn?t been blocked off either.
It probably leads to the old dungeons.

It?s rather like making a film,
isn?t it, sir?

Greyhound seven to trap one.

- Greyhound seven to trap one.
- Excuse me, sir.

All right, I?ll take it.

Go ahead, greyhound seven.

A black saloon car has just
entered the prison gates, over.

Thank you, greyhound seven.
Maintain surveillance, over and out.

It must be the Master.
They wouldn?t let anyone else inside.

Right, that settles it.
We?re going to take that prison.

By using the underground passage.


and also by using the Trojan Horse.

I must say,
you?re taking your time about this.

Yes, well.

- Any trouble?
- Not a squeak out of them.

All right.
Open up, Fuller.

Doctor, I...


Doctor, I...


Yes, well, the trouble with this game
is that it?s too simple.

In any case, I?m more used
to playing three dimensional chess.

All right,
I?ve allowed you your little gesture.

Now perhaps we can talk seriously?

I suppose you?re going to ask me
to control that machine of yours again?

- I am.
- Yes, well, I can?t.

I?ve told you before, nobody can.

You underestimate yourself, Doctor.

You are perfectly capable
of controlling it, for a time, at least.

Well, even if I could,
why should I help you?

To save lives.
Several people have died already.


most of them head cases
that were helping you.

Very well then, to save one life.

My own?

Don?t listen to him, Doctor.
He?s just bluffing.

Am I?

Unless the Doctor does what I ask,
Miss Grant.

Mailer will shoot you, here and now.

Well, it?s only a theory,
but I think there may be one way...

to inhibit
that machine?s power of movement.

Well, now is your chance
to put that theory to the test.

Well where?s the thing now?
Still wandering about?

Gone back to the process chamber.

Temporarily glutted, no doubt.

Well, I shall need a lot of equipment,
you know?

Stangmoor Prison?s
a very progressive place.

The entire contents
of the workshop?s at your disposal.

- All right, I?ll give it a try.
- Good.

All right, Fuller.
Let us out, will you?

No, Miss Grant.

You will stay here, as a guarantee
of the Doctor?s good behaviour.

After you, Doctor.

Satisfied, Mailer?

Now we shall, as you realise,
be very considerably outnumbered.

not all of our opponents will be armed...

and none of them
will be trained soldiers.

And, of course,
we shall have surprise on our side.


- Any questions?
- No, sir.

Carry on.

An excellent plan, if I may say so, sir.

A very good chance of success.

Thank you, Major Cosworth.
I?m very relieved to hear that.


Excuse me, sir.

Benton? What the devil are you doing here?
You?re supposed to be in hospital.

Well, yes sir, I discharged myself.

I?m all right now.
I?ve just got a bit of a sore head.

I?ll just get on, sir.

At ease, sergeant.
Well, what do you want?

I?d like to come on the assault, sir.

Benton, you?re supposed
to be suffering from severe concussion.

I know, sir,
but it?s only a scratch, honest.

And you said yourself,
I?ve got a thick skull.

Anyway, I?d like a chance
to get at the blokes who did it.

All right.

If you feel fit, you can take charge
of the underground assault party.

- Cosworth will put you in the picture.
- Thank you, sir.

- Sir, I...?
- Yes?

Well, I wondered if you?d had any news
about Captain Yates, sir.

I?m sorry, Benton, there?s nothing.
Nothing at all.

Look, Doctor, you must hurry.

If that thing in there
starts moving again...

I?m well aware of the urgency
of the situation, thank you.


Excuse me, will you?

Would you mind bringing
that plug with you, please?

- Right.
- And the coil.

- Yep.
- Thank you

Look, tell me,
what precisely do you intend to do?

I?m going to try throwing this coil
over that machine in there,

if I can get close enough to it
without being killed.

I see. Well, what can I do to help.

Well, I want you to operate
these controls here...

and switch on to full power
when I call out.

- This is very ingenious.
- If all goes well, it...

should set up
an electric current in the coil...

alternating on much the same frequency
as the Beta rhythms of the human brain.

- And you think that?ll deal with it?
- I don?t know.

I think it?ll confuse
the creature enough to...

take away its power of movement, anyway.

- Well, I hope you are right.
- So do I.

Now switch it on now, will you?
Bottom one.

Right. Well.

- Good luck to you, Doctor.
- Thank you.

- Right, you know what to do?
- Yes.

Exterminate. Annihilate. Destroy.

Exterminate. Annihilate.

Destroy. Exterminate.

- Now. Now.
- Annihilate.

Mailer. Mailer.

Well, Doctor.


It won?t hold it for long, you know.
That thing?s intelligent.

Soon it?ll work out what happened
and find a way to deal with it.

Then you?ll have to work out
something better, won?t you?

Now, take the Doctor back
to his cell, Mailer.

Let?s go.

- You all right, Doctor?
- Yes, thank you, Jo, fine. Fine.

- Did you fix the machine?
- Yes, temporarily.

You look tired.

I am,

physically and mentally.

Hey, how about some food?
Do you think they?ll let us have any?

I doubt it.

Not after what happened last time.

I?ve had nothing to eat all day.
I?m starving.

Well, we shouldn?t have thrown
our breakfast at them, should we?

Hey, wait a minute.

I knew they wouldn?t bother to clear up.

Here you are.

No thanks, Jo, you have it.
I?ll do without food for a while.

No, we?ll share it and
there?s some water in the jug over here.

All right.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Did I ever tell you about the time
I was in the Tower of London?


- No?
- No.

Well, I shared a cell
with a very strange chap called Raleigh.


Yeah, Sir Walter Raleigh.

He got into some trouble with
Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth 1?, that is.

He kept going on about this new vegetable
of his he?d discovered,

you see, called the potato.

One day,

he sat down...

pointed a finger at me...

Morning, mate.

- Provisions.
- What?


- Nosh, food.
- Back gate.

You leave it at the inner gate.
You can?t come in ?ere.

It won?t go in there, mate,
me van?s too big.

- You?ll have to clear off then.
- Eh, wait a minute.

I ?ve got a weeks
supply of food in there...

and booze for the Governor.

Am I supposed to go back
and tell them you don?t want it?

They?ll think you?re barmy.

Hang about.

Main gate ?ere.

I?ve got a big provisions lorry.
Do I let it it?

Yeah, okay.
But I want him out of here fast.

Drive up the main courtyard,
unload there.

We?ll give you a hand.

The chief wants you out of here
quick as possible.

Don?t worry. The less time
I spend in there, the better.

Okay, open up.

Come on, out.

The back?s open.

This is Brigadier
Lethbridge Stewart of UNIT.

This prison is now in military hands.

It seems to be right inside the prison.


I only hope they gain complete control
before Mailer starts killing the hostages.

So do I!

Oh, yes.


Come on.

I?m going to find the Doctor.

Ah, come to give yourself up?

Now shut up and listen.

If you want to stay alive?
You?ll do exactly as I say.

- Well?
- You?re going to help me get out of here.

Walk out of here
and tell those friends of yours that...

either I get out or
I?m going to chop you down. All right?

They won?t listen.

Too bad for you if they don?t,
now come on, move.

And remember, no heroics.

I can get out with either one of you.

Now, Doctor.

That?s you all right.
I warned you.

I only need one of you.