Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 7 - The Mind of Evil: Episode Three - full transcript

Realising Chin-Lee has been using the power of the Keller Machine to carry out assassinations, the Doctor heads back to Stangmoor, only to find the Master has teamed up with Mailer to stage another riot.

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Doctor Who Season 8
The mind of Evil 3 of 6

Original Air Date: 1971/02/13

May I ask what this is all about,

- Of course.
- Well, where?s Mr. Fu Peng?

He will be here soon.
Sit down.

Now, look, Captain,
I?m in the middle of my dinner and I...

Sit down, please.

All right,
but make it short, will you?

What are you doing?

This noise.
This noise in my head.

This is terrible.

What?s happening?

Get back.
Get back, I tell you.

Get back.
Don?t come near me.

What?s happening.

No, Brigadier.

Chin Lee.

That was one of the legendary
monsters of my people.

A collected hallucination,
Gentlemen, nothing more.

Who?s that?

Senator Alcott.

- Is he dead?
- No.

He?s suffering from acute shock.

- Sin-sing.
- Yes?

What is this?

Well, it?s a telepathic amplifier.

- Is that what caused the hallucinations?
- No, not caused them.

No, merely picks up the impulses and
projects them through Chin Lee?s mind.

From where?

unless I?m very much mistaken,

from the Keller machine
at Stangmoor prison.

Come on. Move it.
Come on.

- That?s it, up you come.
- You?ll break my arm.


- Harry.
- Hello?

The whole wing?s surrounded,
there?s hundreds of them.

So what?

Show some sense, Mailer.
You?ll never get away with it.

They?ll rush us any minute.

Not while we?ve got these two.
Will they?

Now listen, get back, fix that phone,
I want to talk to the Governor.


what are you going to do with them?

Put them in the guest room.
Come on, down.

Doctor, I?ve understood very little
of what you have been saying.

Please, explain more clearly.

Chin Lee was being used by someone...

who was trying
to drive this world into war.

You will find this person
and punish him?

Yes, I will if I can.

Then I leave matters to you.
I must go to my Embassy.

May God go with you also.

Chin Lee?

Chin Lee, listen to me.

Can you hear me?


You must trust me.


something happened.
Something terrible.

Yes, I know,
but it was in your mind.

It was only in your mind.

Now, I want to ask you some questions.

- Questions?
- Yes.

About Emil Keller...

and your visit to Stangmoor prison.

Hello, Len.

- I thought you?d fixed the phones.
- Sorry, Harry, no luck.

How am I going to make a deal with
the Governor if I can?t even talk to him?

- All right, open this up.
- Yeah.

- All right, you two, on your feet.
- No, don?t. Don?t.

Come on. On your feet,
you?re getting out of here.

- At last you?ve seen some sense.
- Not you, darling.

Now, you?re going to take
a message to the Governor.

What message?

I want safe conduct out of here
for me and all the mob in ?B? wing.

I?m not leaving here without Miss Grant.

- Yes you are.
- I?ll be all right.

Come on, on your way.

If you?ve got any sense,
you?ll get some beddy-byes.


And don?t tell me your troubles, mate.

I want that missile off the launching pad
and on to the three tonner.

Now get that crane in.

What?s going on, Sergeant?

That missile should have been off
the pad ten minutes ago.

I?m sorry sir, but we?re having
trouble with the crane.

No excuses, Sergeant.
Just get on with it.

Right sir. Now come on, you men,
wake your ideas up.

Rise and shine, Brigadier.

I?ve brought Captain Chin Lee
here to see you.

Morning Captain,
won?t you sit down?

Thank you.

- Corporal Bell?
- Yes sir?

- Lay on some coffee, will you?
- Right sir.

Right now, Brigadier,

I think you?ll find
that Captain Chin Lee...

can cast considerable light on
what?s been happening.

I?m glad to hear that someone can.


Morning Yates.

Oh I see. It?s Yates,
he?s had a hold up with his cargo.

Yes, well tell him to be careful
with his cargo.

Sorry, Yates, what was that?

Chin Lee?

Well, as a matter of fact,
there?s been some trouble.

What happened, sir?

As far as I can gather, she tried to
scare the American delegate to death.

The Doctor stopped her.

- I don?t quite follow, sir.
- Quite frankly, Yates, neither do I.

It?s something to do
with the Keller machine at Stangmoor.

Anyway, Chin Lee?s with me now.

Stangmoor prison.

Yes, but where did you first meet
this man, Emil Keller?

At an Embassy reception.

He told me of the Keller process
for reforming the habitual criminal...

and invited me
to visit Stangmoor prison with him.

And you agreed to go?

Prison reform is high
on our list of priorities in Peking.

And can you tell us
what happened at Stangmoor?

I know that we went to the process room.

But I cannot remember.

Well, did you see him again?

Yes, many times.

But whenever I think about it,
my mind becomes so confused.

Post-hypnotic block,
his usual technique.

Whose usual technique?

Well, think man.

Who else would make a deliberate attempt
to plunge this world into war,

using equipment and techniques
not even developed on Earth?

Like this.

The Master?

Otherwise known as Emil Keller.

No trouble.

Look Governor,
you?ve got to negotiate.

I?m sorry, Doctor,
it?s out of the question.

But you?re risking innocent lives.

Look, supposing I do turn Mailer loose
and those thugs of his with him.

They?d kill anyone
who came in their way.

How many innocent lives
do you think I?d be risking then?

I?ve done everything I can, Doctor.
?B? wing?s sealed off.

If they get the slightest chance,
my men?ll rush the block.

- And if they don?t?
- We?ll wait it out.

Mailer?s not stupid.
He knows he can?t hold out forever.

Once he realises he can?t bluff me.

But Mailer isn?t bluffing.

- If you?ll excuse me, sir.
- All right, Chief.

And what about Jo Grant?

Miss Grant is a member of UNIT.
She came here on duty...

But that makes no difference.

However I will inform her headquarters.

Well, Doctor.
What am I to do with her?

Well let her go, of course.

Well, she?s not a criminal.

Anyway she can?t do any more harm,
now that I?ve got this.

Lethbridge Stewart.

Yes, Inspector.


Yes, I see.
There?s been trouble at Stangmoor.

Is Jo all right?


Yes, I see.

Thank you for letting me know.


Miss Grant?s been captured.
She?s being held hostage.

This is your last chance, Governor.

You don?t let us go,
you?re going to get it.

And that includes the girl,
don?t forget that.

The prisoner?s are getting
very noisy, sir.

Threatening all the hostages.

Victor, you must talk to them.

Aye, you?re right.
This is a deadlock.

Maybe I can make Mailer
see some sense. Come on.

Well, running after you, darling.

- And for you.
- Harry,

- comes down on his way over.
- Well, let him in.


Well, I?m not going out there now, am I?
Anyway, it?s not his style.

He?s right.

Locke, open the door,
let the Governor in.

You must to...

- Look.
- Barnham.

He?s come from the hospital.

I?m looking for Dr. Summers.

Has anybody seen Dr. Summers?

- Here.
- What?

Get him out of here,
he gives me the creeps.

Come on, mate.

Quick, you hide.

All right you, come on,
on your feet, up.

- All right, here we go, lads.
- Right then, Governor. He?s all yours.

Now, look...


Professor Keller, sir.

- All right, Mr. Green.
- Sir.

So, there you are, Professor.

A pleasure to see you again, Governor.

Aye, well to tell the truth,

I?m not at all sure
I can return the compliment.

I?m very sorry to hear that.

- Shall I?
- Thank you.

There?s been nothing but trouble...

ever since that machine of yours
was installed.

Well, there are bound
to be teething troubles.

I can soon take care of them.

You really think
you can get things back to normal.

- Yes Governor, I?m sure of it.
- Well...

It just needs an adjustment
here and there, that?s all.

Aye, I hope you can.
We?ve even got UNIT investigating.

UNIT, really?

Yes, their scientific advisor
is on his way down here now.

I don?t think we need to trouble him.

As a matter of fact,
I?ve brought my equipment with me.

let me take you to the process theatre.

There is one thing before we go there,

I understand
that the man who led the riot...

was next in line for processing?

- That?s right, Harry Mailer.
- Well, first...

I?d like to see him if I may?

All right, Johnson, Samuels.


We?ll be right outside, Mailer,
so watch yourself.

Let us know when you?ve finished,
Professor Keller.


He said Keller.

You?re the bloke
who invented the machine.

Pushing your luck, ain?t you?

- Maybe I am.
- Now, listen...

Shut up, Mailer.
Keep your voice down.

- I?ve come here to help you.
- Help me?

- You want to get out of here, don?t you?
- I?ve tried, mate.

Yes, I heard about
that pathetic little attempt.

It was bound to fail,

no proper plan
and what?s more no resources.

What?s your game?

You and I, Mailer, are going to create
a great deal of havoc in this place.

Oh yeah?
You and me both?

No, not exactly.

We have a powerful ally.

Keep it quiet in here.

It?s starting up again, sir.

They probably think
we?re going to process Mailer.

- Stay here, will you?
- Keep it quiet, will you?

Now, you?ll find more of these
in the boot of my car, and remember,

you are responsible for the main gate.

Now, from the outside,

I want this prison to appear to be
running quite smoothly.

I?m expecting a visitor.

All right?

Over there.

I?ve finished in here, thank you.
Would you open up?

It?s your go.

- Oh no, not again.
- I?d better see what?s happening.

- What...?
- It?s all right, Barnham, sit down,

everything?s okay.

Now listen to me, all of you.

Don?t try to come out
until the gas is clear.

Stay where you are.
Get down on the floor.

What the devil was that?

I think we?d better get out of here.

There?s no escape this time, darling.
We?ve taken over the whole prison.

Right Doctor,
now I?m ready for you.

- Yes?
- Pass, please.


Pass checked is satisfactory.

Show him in, please.

Open the gate, let him in.

Don?t point that thing at me, man.
It might go off.

I?m here on official business.

I understand there?s been
some trouble here.

That?s right, mate, and you?re in it.

Now let?s get this heap inside.

I was going there anyway.


Yes, I thought as much.

Right, Vosper, Mailer.

- You don?t seem at all surprised?
- Hardly.

How?s the riot going?

Long since over.
I control the prison now.

Do you?
And where is Miss Grant to be found?

Reclining in one of our best cells.

Is she indeed?

Let me tell you this, that if you harm
so much as one hair of her head, I'll...

You?ll do nothing, or I?ll put a bullet
through both your hearts.

Why the delay? I take it that
I?m to be killed eventually?

Oh, eventually, yes.

But unfortunately
I find I need your help.

You want me to help you with that
machine of yours, Professor Keller.

You want to be careful of that thing,
you know.

One day it?s going to end up killing you.

It won?t harm me, I created it.

But recently I must admit
that it has developed a mind of its own.

Hence my need for your assistance,

while I?m engaged on other business.

What other business?

Your UNIT friends
are transporting their nuclear missile.

I intend to take it away from them.

Yes sir,
we do plan on driving through the night.

In that way,
we should be back on schedule...

according to my estimation
by about midday tomorrow.

All right, Yates, good luck.

Keep HQ informed of your movements.

I?ll be in contact tomorrow morning.

Well, it?s a lunatic scheme.
Still that?s only to be expected.

Come, Doctor, how can I possibly fail?

I launch the missile,

wipe out the peace conference,
the world is at war.

I see.

I?m sure I heard gunfire.

Perhaps there are still
some officers holding out.

Or else the Doctor?s come down.

Jo, where are you?

- Doctor, Doctor, we?re in here.
- Doctor.

Right, I?m coming.

I thought you?d make for here.

Hold it Mailer.

Let me have that gun.

I think you?d better show
our patient into the chair, Mailer,

and handcuff him into it.

May I ask the purpose of this charade?

You?d better wait outside, Mailer.

As you see
I have affected the necessary repairs.

But, before I let you control
this machine for me,

which I fully intend that you shall,

it?ll be very interesting to see exactly
how long you can hold out against it.

Now somewhere, you have...

Now, this little device, as you know,

transmits and amplifies
the power of the machine.

What you may not know...

is that it can be adjusted
to turn that power against the wearer,

like this.

You know, this is all very tiresome.

Is it?

I really would like to stop
and watch your nightmares.

Then, why don?t you?

I have other business as you know.
Will you excuse me?


Annihilate. Destroy.