Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 23 - The Dæmons: Episode Three - full transcript

The Doctor explains to his friends that the Master is trying to gain the power of the last of the Daemons, a race who influenced Earth's development, while the Master brings the rest of the village under his control.

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What is it?


It looks like a model spaceship.

That?s right. Except that it isn?t a model.

What is it then?

Jo, look at the shape of this tomb.

Well, it looks like that spaceship.

A different size, that?s all. Now you try picking it up.

I can?t. It?s fixed down.

The reason why you can?t pick it up is that is weighs... oh, about seven hundred and fifty tonnes, at a rough guess.

Oh, come on, be serious!

Be serious? All right. About a hundred thousand years ago...

Hold this!

Klokleda Partha Mennin Klatch!

What?s happening, Bok? Why do you not attack?!

You must! You must! There?s nothing to fear. It?s just mumbo jumbo! I...

Oh, very well, return. Return!


How did you do that?

Iron. It?s an old magical defence.

But you don?t believe in magic.

I don?t, but he did - luckily.

And was that a... spell you said?

No, it?s the first line of an old Venusian lullaby, as a matter of fact. Roughly translated it goes Close your eyes, my darling. Well three of them, at least!


I must admit, that thing took me completely by surprise.

What was it?

Well, it looked like a gargoyle made of stone.

But it was alive.

In a sense, yes.

But that wasn?t what Miss Hawthorne described, surely?

No, the creature she saw must have been a hundred times more hideous.

And never of them were the... devil?

No, not your mythical devil, Jo, no. Something far more real... and far more dangerous.

Now see here, Winstanley. This is an emergency! It?s up to you to call a meeting of the village and start behaving like the Squire.

You may be the vicar, but I?ll thank you not to take that tone with me!

Ah, a man of spirit are you? That?s exactly what?s wanted at a time like this.

I still don?t understand what you?re talking about.

Decadence - that?s what I?m talking about. It?s what I see on every side. All this talk of democracy... fffreedom... lllliberty...

What this country needs is strength, power and decision! And those are what you can give to it.

Yes... yes, you?re right of course.

I am the Master. I control a power which can save this world. If you choose, you can share my triumph.

Power? What power?

I control the forces that have been released in Devil?s End over the last few hours.

All that fuss up on the dig? Are you trying to tell me it was you?


Well, that?s ridiculous!

You need proof, do you? Very well, you shall have it!

Stop it! Stop it!


I?ll do anything you say.

There you are, Doctor.

Oh, thank you, Miss Hawthorne. Let me help you.

Oh, thank you. The pick of the finest collection of occult material in the country, though why you wanted me to bring it, I don?t know.

You?ve all been asking me for explanations, perhaps these will help me to provide them.

Well, there is only one possible explanation - this is the supernatural at work.


Yes, well, what about the thing that got me? That was real enough.

Nothing more real than a force field, sergeant. Even a psionic one.

Oh, you?re being deliberately obtuse! We?re dealing with the supernatural - the occult, magic!



Science, Miss Hawthorne!

Look, whatever it is, how do we stop it?

Well, how can we stop it without knowing what it is?

Well done, Jo. You?re being logical at last. I?ll turn you into a scientist yet! Right, if there are no more interruptions, I?ll tell you what it is.

Sorry! Greyhound two, come in please, over.

Greyhound two to trap two, is that you, Yates? Now, what?s going on there?

Quite a bit, but I don?t think you?d believe me, even if I told you.

Well, the thing is we can?t get past this wretched heat barrier. It incinerates anything that tries, over.

Can?t you go round it, Brigadier? Over.

The thought had occurred to me, Captain. I sent out patrols but as far as I can see...

Well, that settles it. The perimeter of this thing is an unbroken circle ten miles... diameter. Its centre being the village church, over.

Give me that.

Hello, Lethbridge Stewart? The Doctor here. What about going over the top of it?

The RAF are just coming through now. Hang on a minute.

Thank you, zero-four. Received and understood.

Over and out.

Do you hear that, Doctor? We?re locked out, over.

Or we?re locked in. All right, Brigadier, we?ll keep in touch.

Doctor? Doctor? Yates?!


Right, that?s it. Now, as you can see, we?re smack in the middle of a sort of lethal mushroom, about ten miles across and a mile high. Now...

I can understand that part of it all right, but can?t you explain the wider issues, Doctor?

Yes, all right. Jo, Captain Yates, would you mind drawing the curtains?

Come on, Jo, stir your stumps!

Now then, all right?

Now then, tell me - who?s that?

An Egyptian god, isn?t it?

Top of the class, Jo, top of the class. That?s right, that?s the Egyptian god Khnum - with horns.

Now, there?s another one. A Hindu demon...

With horns!

Oh... thank you very much!

And our old friend... the horned beast.

I don?t get it...

Probably because I haven?t finished, Captain Yates!

Oh sorry, Doctor.

Oh, you could go on all day and all night showing us pretty pictures. I mean, horns have been a symbol of power ever since...

Ever since man began?

Exactly, but why? All right, Captain Yates, the curtains.

Now creatures like those have been seen over and over again throughout the history of man. And man has turned them into myths, gods or devils, but they?re neither. They are, in fact, creatures from another world.

Do you mean like the Axons and the Cybermen?

Precisely, only far, far older and immeasurably more dangerous.

And they came here in spaceships like that tiny one up at the barrow?

That?s right. They?re D?mons from the planet D?mos... which is?

Sixty thousand light years away on the other side of the galaxy.

And they first came to Earth nearly one hundred thousand years ago.

Now, you?d better explain to them all why you?ve brought them together, then leave the rest to me.


Meeting to order, please.

Thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Well now, it seemed to me that we ought to get together and discuss the situation, before it gets out of hand.

Now it seems... that the vicar here has had a few thoughts on the subject. So I?ve asked him to put in a word. Er, Mr. Magister.

Thank you.

A spaceship, fifteen inches long?

That?s right. Mind you, when it landed it was two hundred feet long and thirty feet across. But they diminished it, just as they diminished themselves, which accounts for the heatwave and the freeze-up.

Mmm? Sorry, could you say that again? I didn?t quite follow you.

Oh, come on, Jo. E=MC2!

You?re the Doctor!

Look, when you lose mass the energy has to go somewhere.

I see, so all we?ve got to deal with is something which is either too small to see or thirty feet tall, can incinerate you or freeze you to death, turns stone images into homicidal monsters and looks like the very devil!


Well, I still don?t get it. I mean, what?s the creature doing here? I mean, why did they ever come?

To help Homo-sapiens kick out Neanderthal man. They?ve been coming and going ever since. Mmm, the Greek civilisation, the renaissance, the industrial revolution - they were all inspired by the D?mons.

But this thing the Professor let loose is evil - you said so yourself and... now you?re trying to say they?ve been helping mankind for a hundred thousand years?

Yes, and you say they come from another planet - then what?s all this jazz about witchcraft and covens and so on?

Look, don?t you see? All the magical traditions are just remnants of their advanced science and that is what the Master is using.

Then these creatures are linked with the black arts. They are evil!

Amoral perhaps. They help Earth but on their own terms. It?s a scientific experiment to them - just another laboratory rat.

Then what?s the Master up to?

He?s established a link with the D?mon. What worries me is the choice - domination by the Master or total annihilation.

Well, this D?mon could destroy the world?

Oh, what does any scientist do with an experiment that fails? He chucks it in the rubbish bin.

The end of the world!

Now, a... as I told you, this is not going to be a sermon!

But all the same, I do beg of you to listen carefully. Because this could be the most important day in your lives.

Now as you know, I am a newcomer among you, and yet... already I feel that I know you all. For instance, you, Mr. Thorpe...

Are you still padding the grocery bills of the local gentry?

What... what are you on about - that?s slander.

Now, now don?t deny it - I know.

And you Charlie - how?s your conscience? Do you think you?ll manage to balance the post office books in time?

And you, Mr. Grenville - has your wife come back from her sisters yet? Will she ever come back, do you suppose?

Now, now look please. Please do not be angry with me. I assure you that I?m on your side. Now listen, if you do what I say, you can all of you get whatever you want in this world, when you want it, if... you listen to me!

Now the D?mon will appear three times and the third time he?ll probably tell us what our fate is to be. Now he?ll be in the cavern somewhere awaiting the Master?s second call.

Then if we know where he is, why don?t we go and find him?

You?d be wasting your time, Sergeant. At the moment he?s so small he?s... practically invisible.

Well, Doctor...

Jo, would you give me a piece of paper and a pencil, please?

I wondered if you?d all care for a bite to eat?

Yes, please.

No, thanks. Not just now. The Doctor?s a bit busy.

Ah. Well, er, is it all right if I get on with a bit of clearing up?

Yes, fine, if you could do it quietly though.

You won?t know I?m here.

Thank you.

Greyhound two? Come in please, over.

Is that you, Yates? Now look, we?re going to blast our way in. I?m calling up the artillery and RAF strike command. You lot had better evacuate to the cellar...


What? Give me that.

You?ll do no such thing, Lethbridge Stewart! Of all the idiotic suggestions! In the first place, the energy released would only strengthen the barrier, in the second place it would provoke the most appalling reprisals and in the third place I?ve got a better idea! Over.

Well, what? I?m not going to sit here like a spare...

Like a spare lemon waiting for the squeezer! Do you hear me, over.

Have you got the mobile HQ there?

Yes, of course.

With the new Mark 4A condenser unit?


Good, then I?ve got your problem solved and mine. We?re going to build a diothermic energy exchanger. Is your technical fellow there?

He?s listening.

Right, well tell him to build an EHF wide-band width variable phase oscillator, with a negative feedback circuit tunable to the frequency of an air molecule at, erm, what is the temperature up at the barrier, Brigadier?

We?ve no idea what you?re talking about, Doctor, over.

Well, it?s a simple enough question, over.

No, what you said earlier - the oscillating feedback bit.

All right, I?ll come out and explain it to you myself.

Yates and Benton can stay here and keep an eye open. Only don?t touch anything until I get there - understood?

All right, Doctor, we?ll try it your way, but get a move on, will you?

I?ll be with you in ten minutes.

Make it five, over and out.

Of all the idiotic plans. As if blowing things up solves anything!

Jo, the Brigadier is doing his best to cope with an almost impossible situation. And since he is your superior officer, you might at least show him a little respect.


I ask you what you want in life and I offer it to you. I tell you that everything is possible if you do as I say - everything!

Mr. Magister!

Why do you interrupt me?

The Doctor, he?s trying...



Now please, as I was telling you - the whole world can be ours! I only need two things - your submission and your obedience to my will!

What?s all this about obedience and submission? You said that we were going to rule.

You rule?! Huh! Why you?re all less than dust beneath my feet!


You choose to question me, do you? Very well, I?ll give you another choice - obey me or I shall destroy you!

Well, if that?s your brave new world, you can keep it! I?m getting out of here and if the rest of you have got any sense, you?ll come with me.

I reckon the Squire?s right. Come on, let?s get out of here!

Right, does anybody else agree with the Squire?

Thank you. It does my heart good to know I have such a willing band of followers!

Now, today is May Day. Go and enjoy yourselves. Celebrate the festival with your families. When I need you all, I shall summon you again.


What?s happening? I told Yates and Benton to stay in the pub!

Who?s flying that thing?! That?s not Benton!

Well it?s certainly not Mike - look!

Well, however it is, he?s trying to kill us.

Hang on, Jo, we?re in for a bumpy ride!

He?s handling it like an expert!

Like a man possessed, you mean!

Look out, he?s coming back!

I?ll try and drive off!

No, you keep away. It?s me he?s after, not you!

What?s Captain Yates up to? He?ll kill the lot of them!

No sir, that?s Captain Yates over there.

What?s he trying to do?!

He?s trying to drive us into the heat barrier!

He?s heading straight for the heat barrier!

Get back! Back!

It?s the heat barrier - we?re heading straight for it!


Hang tight, Jo! Hang on tight - now!

How is she?

She?s had a nasty knock on the head. She?ll be all right. You?d better load her into Bessie and take her down to the pub. _.

Okay, what about you?

Well, I?d better go and have a word with the Brigadier. He?s probably bursting a blood vessel by now.

Twenty thousand pounds of UNIT money gone up in a puff of smoke!

You?ve got the mind of an accountant, Lethbridge Stewart! So, this is your heat barrier is it?

Yes, and I advise you to keep your distance.


Mmm, even rock.

Wood, rock, four-inch armour plate - you name it, we?ve tried it. It?s impenetrable.

A hasty and inaccurate assessment, Brigadier. Tell me, have you got enough cable to reach those high tension pylons over there.

Yes, we should have, why?

We?ll need at least ten-thousand volts to get through this lot.

All right, I?ll lay things on.

Good, only please hurry - we may have very little time left.

Sergeant Osgood?


You?d better come and listen to the Doctor. You?ve got to build the wretched thing.

What?s the principal, sir?

Negative diothermic, sergeant. Buffer the molecular movement of the air with a reverse phase short-waves. It?s quite simple.

Simple? It?s impossible!

Yes, well, according to classical aerodynamics, it?s impossible for a bumblebee to fly!

By the power of earth, by the power of air, by the power of fire eternal and the waters of the deep, I conjure thee and charge thee Azal - arise, arise at my command, Azal, arise, arise.

The cavern - he said the danger was in the cavern!

Just lie still, my dear, try and relax.

But the...

This won?t hurt.

But the Doctor - I must help him find the Master!

Take it easy, Jo. As soon as he gets back, we?ll all go and sort the Master out. Now don?t worry.

But we must go now... there?s no... time...

That?s better. A few hours sleep and she?ll be as right as rain.

Eo evoheh! Eo evoheh Azal! I will speak with you! Show yourself!

The d?mon! If he comes out, we shall all die!

No, no stop! Go back to the mark! Go back! You will destroy me! No! No!