Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 24 - The Dæmons: Episode Four - full transcript

The Master orders Bert to set a trap for the Doctor at the village while a concussed Jo makes for the cavern.

Sincro: wyxchari

Eo evoheh! Eo evoheh Azal! I will speak with you! Show yourself!

The d?mon! If he comes out, we shall all die!

No, no stop! Go back to the mark!

Now get a move on with the heat exchanger! We?ve got to get it charged and through this barrier and down to the village before it?s too late.

No! No, back! Back!

In the name of the unspeakable one - back!

Nackniad seriatach, back!

The cavern! I must get to the cavern!

Well, I?m going down to the cavern to see what?s going on.

You can?t, dear boy, the Doctor told us to stay here.

Well, anyway, we can?t just leave Jo alone.

I?m going to see what?s happening.

Oh, you can?t, it?s too dangerous!

Look, the Doctor told us to stop here, sir.

Oh, all right.

No, man, no. You?re trying to channel the entire output of the national power complex through one transistor. Reverse it.

Reverse what?

Reverse the polarity.

Look, we?d get along much faster if we knew what we were doing.

Yes, I couldn?t agree with you more, sergeant! Now let?s concentrate shall we?

Right, I?ve fixed with Nuton for the power to be off for fifteen minutes. Ready to link up?

No sir.

Well when will you be ready, for heaven?s sake?

About next Christmas, I shouldn?t wonder! At a rough estimate of course.

Look, if you push ten thousand volts through this lash up you?ll blow it anyway!

Just do as you?re told, sergeant. The Doctor knows what he?s doing.

Right, sir. Right, Jenkins, have you got that junction box lined up?

Do you know what you?re doing?

My dear chap, I can?t wait to find out!


I am the Master. I called you here.

That I know! Tell me why you now call me!

Give me your knowledge and your power.


So that I may rule these primitives on Earth here, and help them to fulfill your plan.

You are not one of their kind!

No, I?m superior to them - that?s why I should be their leader.

There is another here of your race!

He has been destroyed.


He lives!

I would speak with him!

I think not!

Take care, creature! With your few pitiful grains of knowledge, you have summoned me here, but I am not your slave... and you are not immortal!

Forgive me, might one, forgive me. Nevertheless, I claim that which is rightfully mine.

Your mind is superior to mankind?s - and your will is stronger!

Then I am to be your choice?

I shall consider! Now leave!

But you will come again?

I shall appear but once more! So be warned - there is danger! My race... destroys its failures - remember Atlantis!

Yes, but surely...

Be silent! I am the last of the D?mons. This planet smells to me of failure! It may be that I shall destroy it! You still wish me to come once more?!

I do.

Very well! Now goooooo!

He?s going. Now I must get back. The next time could be the finish.

Sergeant Osgood, can you operate that machine now?

Well, I?m not quite sure...

Yes, well, you?ll have to. We may have very little time left.

Wait, Doctor! I still don?t understand how you lock the pulse generator to the feedback circuit - they?ll never be in phase.

Well of course they won?t! That?s the whole point!

Well, how do you do it then?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, well I?ll explain once again - only this time, please listen!


Jo! Jo!

You all right, Jo?

Little idiot!

You all right?

More or less. How about you?

Shaken, I?ll admit.

Jo?s gone -out of the window. I?m going after her.

Well, do you know where she is, sir?

I know all right - she?ll have gone to the cavern.


Oh, trust her!

Look, when the Doc gets back, tell him what?s happened.

Look, be careful sir. I don?t want you to cop it like I did.

Huh, not if I can help it.


Thank you.

And make sure you do the job properly. The Doctor?s been in my way for far too long. You know, I was very foolish to speak with Azal alone. Next time, I shall use the full ceremony. Every possible member of the coven must be present. If I?m going to control Azal, I need every ounce of power I can summon up.

Very well.

And it comes out here. Right?

Right... I think.

Good grief, man! It?s as simple as Einstein?s special theory of relativity!

We?ll manage, Doctor.

Good. And when you get that thing finished, bring it through the barrier and down to the village at once, all right?

Do you know, sergeant, I sometimes wish I worked in a bank!

Right, at the double there!

Shh! They?re in and out all the time.


Why didn?t you stay in bed?

I had to find out what was going on.

You?re an idiot! This place is alive with booby traps!


Spells, elementals - the Doctor?s force-fields.

Where... where are they?

All over. Here, I?ll show you. Give me that book there_.


Now watch this.

It?s a trick! A horrible conjuring trick!

You think so? Remember Benton? Now come on, let?s get out of...


Mike, I?m scared.

Don?t worry. The Doc?ll be here soon. Benton knows we?re here.

Hello, greyhound, this is trap three. Do you read me, over?

Hello, greyhound, greyhound, do you read me, over?

I?ve bought you a nice cuppa, sergeant! I hope you like china.

For goodness sake, Miss Hawthorne!

What?s the matter? Don?t you like tea?

Something?s gone badly wrong. We?ve no idea what?s happening to Miss Grant and the captain, the Doctor should be back here by now, I can?t get through to the Brigadier and... you?re nattering on about tea!

You must learn the art of waiting, sergeant. The Doctor will come... or else he won?t and that?s all that can be said. Now, milk or lemon?

Hello, greyhound, greyhound, do you read me, over?



Is it you making that horrible racket? I can?t get a thing through. The air?s thick with it.

Yes, sir, yes. Testing you see, sir - this is fascinating! It?s not right yet but even on the battery, it?s pumping it out! It?s a sort of controlled resonance...

Yes, well never mind the mumbo-jumbo. Keep the wretched thing switched off until it?s ready.

I?m sorry, sir, I can?t. I must finish the tests.

Well how long are you going to be?

About a minute, sir. I?ve got the hang of it now.

Half an hour, sir... at least.

Magister... I?m sorry.

The Doctor got away.

How did you know that? Well, yes he did. Y... you see, what happened...

Excuses waste time - where is he?

I... lost him in the woods. Expect he?s making his way back to the village by now.

Then we must see that he is given a suitable welcome, mustn?t we?

What?s the matter with you, Benton? I want to speak to the Doctor, over.

But I... but I thought he was still with you sir, over.

No, he left here... oh, a good forty minutes ago. Hasn?t...

...he turned up yet?

Well, no sir. Not a sign of him.

Do you suppose he?s all right, sir? Over.

Maybe he?s piled up that wretched motorbike.

Well, do you want me to go and look for him sir, over.

No, better give him a bit longer.

Oh, but if he does turn up will you tell him that we?re running into a bit of trouble with our... feedback phasing. Is that right, Osgood? Well?

Yes, sir.

Yes, that?s it, Benton. Tell him that will you? Over and out.

That?s it then.

More waiting, sergeant.

Yes, well the Captain and Miss Grant should have been back ages ago. And the Doctor seems to have disappeared completely. Look, I?m gonna go and have a nose around out there.

You stay where you are. I?ll go and look for them.

I?m sorry, ma?am, would you please do as you?re told!

Anyone in sight?

No, just a few villagers.

Er, could you tell the Doctor I?ve gone to the cavern?

Wait, listen!

Well, what do they thing they?re doing?


Yeah, they?re round the twist if you ask me.

Oh, but it?s Mayday. We always have the Morris Dancers on Mayday. It?s traditional.

Hey look, there?s the Doctor!

Yes, yes, most amusing.

Now please, let me pass.

Er, frankly, any time I?d gladly join you but I...

What on earth is going...? What are you doing?! What on earth is this?!

You?re being invited to join our Mayday revels, Doctor! I?m sure you don?t want to disappoint us - or Mr. Magister.

They seem to have stopped.

Yeah... hey, what?s happening?! Well, that doesn?t look very traditional!

Look, I?ve got to go and help him.

No, you can?t - there are too many of them!

Did he hurt you?

What happened?

I hit him with my reticule.

Oh, on these occasions, the outcome?s a certainty!

Very handy, thank you.

I always carry it with me.

No, sergeant, wait. Look, I know these people. They?re not wicked - well most of them anyway.


So, it?s up to us to explain to them how mistaken they are. Now, listen carefully...

The Master?s planning to make slaves of you all. I?m the only one who has a chance of stopping him!

He?s lying! He is the enemy! Mr. Magister will care for you - give you everything you?ve ever wanted.

That?s nonsense - all the Master will bring upon you is disaster!

He is the enemy! He?s a black witch! A witch, do you hear?

A witch... and you?ve always known what you must do with a witch, haven?t you?

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!

That?s what they say...

Are you out of your mind?

Shut up! That?s right, friends - Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live Burn him!

Burn him!

Burn him! Burn him!

Eo evoheh!

Eo evoheh!

As my will, so mote it be.


Harken to my voice, oh dark one. Ancient and awful, supreme in artifice, bearer of power, be present here at my command and truly do my will. Ava, Avara, Agarbara, Gad, Gadoal, Galdina!

As my will, so mote it be!

As thy will, so mote it be!


Stop! You will bring a terrible retribution upon yourselves if you persist!

Shut up, you silly old fool!

You would dare to harm the great wizard Quiquaequod?


You wouldn?t listen to me before and now you?re in the power of the Magister. You know I speak the truth.

Get on with it, man!

No wait, listen to me - under the Magister you have been frightened, injured, your property destroyed. Serve the great Quiquaequod - in him lies peace and great joy!

If he?s such a great magician, let?s see him untie himself.

You choose to mock the great Quiquaequod? Well, I will not.

Because you can?t!

Oh, give him a sign of your power, O mighty one!

What had you mind?

I know! That lamp - shatter it!

Shatter it... I see.

Lamp - I order you to shatter!

You see? That could have been you. Now, all of you... look at the, erm...

Weathercock on the church tower?

Weathercock - now!

He is - he?s a magician!

He is a magician!

Bert, drop that torch! You?re beaten and you know it!

Am I?

_. Daughter of light, would you kindly untie my bonds?

You... don?t scare me with a lot of daft tricks! Mr. Magister has the real power.

His power is worth nothing in comparison.

Right... well let?s see if you can turn aside a bullet!

I?ll give you one more chance. Look behind you.

That?s the oldest trick in the book.

Very well. Let my familiar spirit bring that car to me!

You won?t frighten me, you know. Do you think I?m as stupid as this lot?

That?s it - he is a god!

You really are a magician!

I?m sorry to disappoint you, madam, but I were, I?d hardly need your assistance in extricating me from this... this sacrificial gift wrapping!

How on earth did you do that, Doctor?

Elemental, my dear Benton!

Oh, no you don?t chum - we?ve all got a date with the Master - haven?t we?

Ogoteruss awbm, Aleht tnewy ramahe, Ehwy revedna wonssa, Etih swawec stahn, Bmaltlttiladahy ram!

Eoh evoteh!

Azal! We have power over life, you and I. Accept this life I now dedicate to thee!

Atanee Bmaltlttiladahy ram!

No! Stop it! It?s evil - don?t you see that? It?s evil!

You are too late, my dear! Eko, eko, Azal!

Eko, eko, Azal!