Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 8, Episode 22 - The Dæmons: Episode Two - full transcript

With the Doctor frozen by the energy release from the barrow, Jo calls Yates and Benton for help, but when the Brigadier tries to join them he finds the village surrounded by a heat barrier.

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Doctor! Are you... are you all right?

Doctor! No!


They?re lucky it wasn?t a hundred and thirteen-nil! What a useless lot!

We?ve missed the dig.

Well, we might just catch the end of it.

Look, there?s Jo!


We seem to have lost all contact with the barrow. We shall, of course, resume transmission as soon as we can. In the meantime, here?s some music.

Benton, get on to the BBC. See if you can find out what?s going on down there. I?ll try to raise the Brigadier.

Right, sir.

Look at him, please hurry! Please hurry!

Oh, great Azal! I, the Master, thank thee for arising at my command! Behold my worthy disciples. They know now of thy presence and will seek to help me to fulfil my desires. Therefore I command them to rise to their feet and welcome thee, Azal!

To do my will shall be the whole of the law.

To do thy will shall be the whole of the law.

Azal, hear me.

Let this stone... mark the appointed place.

Let us meet together later... and thou mayest learn my intent. As my will, so mote it be.

As thy will, so mote it be.

You have nothing to fear - so long as you do the will of the Master. Go now.

And say no word to any man, but await my commands.

He?s gone too.

No... no, he can?t! Look, we must get a doctor!

Look, love, face it - they?ve had it.

But there must be a doctor in the village or somewhere!

Charlie, can I have word in a minute?

Okay, Harry.

Charlie?ll take him down_.

Thank you.

Doctor! Doctor, please?!

Now listen, this is an official call from UNIT...

Yes, but gone on to where?

United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

Because it?s urgent.

Look, I warn you, if you?re withholding information...

_ you will ring me back?

But you must know something?

Right then, I?ll ring you... in ten minutes.

Well, find out and ring me back at this number.

No, make it five.


No, sir. You?

No. The Brigadier went on somewhere after dinner. No one knows quite where.

We?re sorry for this interruption in our outside broadcast from Devil?s End but we still can?t get through to our unit...

Oh, this is stupid!

Just as soon as we have some news...

I?ve a good mind to go down there and find out for myself.

The Brigadier?d go spare, sir! I mean, we might get news at any minute.

Oh yes, sure, and in the meantime what?s happening to Jo and the Doctor?

Too late, I?m afraid. He?s gone, just like the Professor.

No... no, he can?t be dead!

I?m sorry.

Oh, please, you must do something!

I can?t work miracles, you know. He?s very nearly a solid block of ice.

Oh, there, there. I?m sorry, my dear, there?s nothing we can do.

I don?t believe it...


Get some blankets and some hot water bottles - lots of them.

He?s alive then!

It?s possible but I think I felt a pulse.

Oh, then there?s a chance?

Maybe. He must have the constitution of an ox to be able to survive a reduction of temperature like that.

He doesn?t look all that tough.

You can?t always tell by...



Silly really, I swear it sounds as if he?s...


It?s quite ridiculous. It must be an echo off an atypical bone structure.

Sounds as if what?

As if he had two hearts... one on each side?


Fine, fine, now more if you?ve got them.

He?s going to be all right then?

There is a chance.

Cheer up! While there?s life there?s hope, right?

Look, have you got a telephone I could use, please?

In the corner.

Oh yes, thank you.

And is he all right now?

Well, touch and go, I think Mike. Look, can you get down here right away?

Yes, of course. We?ll come down in the chopper as soon as it?s light.

Hello? Jo? Can you hear me? Blast! We?ve been cut off.

Well, that?s the last of us. Thanks for all your help.

Happy to oblige, sir.

Well, I can?t wait to get away myself. Don?t envy you.

Oh, that?s all right, sir. Just a bit of night duty. I enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Well, you?re welcome to it, mate. Anyway, I?m away. ?Night.

Bye, sir.

Soon be there, sir.

Hello, what?s that?

Must be the dig.

No, beyond that. A line of... they couldn?t be hoofmarks, could they? They?re enormous.

Shall we go and see, sir?


They are you know, sir.

Hoofmarks? They can?t be! The animal that made these would have to be at least thirty feet tall.

Well, whatever it is, it?s gone into that wood over there.

Well, it?ll have to wait.

Come on, first things first.

What, like breakfast you mean, sir?

No, I don?t - I mean Jo and the Doc.


Well, where?s the red carpet then? And the brass band?

After last night, I reckon they all deserve a lie-in.

Well, there?s the pub, sir.

And Jo.

Are you sure you?re all right now?

Yes thanks, honest. Boy, am I glad to see you two.

And the Doc?

Upstairs. Better I think, but he?s still out cold.

Oh, he?ll pull through. You know what a tough old bird he is!

Anyway, you?re both safe - that?s the main thing.

Well, I don?t think there?s any danger in here - but out there...

Look Jo, what is going on?

I don?t know, something... really bad, you know...

Well, how do you mean?

Well, you know... devilish.

Look sir, if you don?t need me here, I?d like to make a quick recee of those tracks.


Look, fifteen minutes, say twenty?

Right - but at the first sign of trouble, straight back here.


Do be careful, Sergeant Benton.

Don?t you worry, Miss. Oh, and don?t forget to contact the Brigadier, sir.

Ah! I?d forgotten all about him!

The Doctor?s gone? Gone where? Well you should know, corporal. I want to talk to him. What? Oh, all right then, wake up Miss Grant. I see, and I suppose she didn?t leave a number either? I suppose it wouldn?t do any good to ask for Captain Yates or Sergeant Benton?

My helicopter! Where to? Devil?s End... Yes, yes I see. Get my car here right away. Yes, and if they do contact you, tell them to stay put.

Help! Help!

Help! Let me out of here!

Help! Help!

Oh, let me out...

Who are you? Friend or foe?

Friend, I hope, ma?am.

Oh, oh, oh, very perfect gentle knight!


Oh well, your damsel in distress may be a bit long in the tooth, but... she?s very grateful.

Yes well, you?re lucky I heard you.

Who are you?

Benton - Sergeant Benton. What happened?

Police Sergeant?

No - army. Now who put you in here?

Garvin - the verger.

Now, we must... we must get the police at once. Oh, oh, may name?s Olive Hawthorne, by the way. How do you do?

How do you do. Look, what is going on here? All hell seems to be breaking loose.

Do you know, sergeant, you?re exactly right. Come on.

What is it?

Garvin - the one who tied me up.


Hide down here ?til he?s out of the way.


What? What is it?

The gargoyle - it?s gone!


Better wait ?til he?s gone.

Here what?s this?

The sign of the evil one.

Keep away!

For goodness sake!

You know who?s at the bottom of all this?

No - who?

The Reverend Mr. Magister.

Who?s he?

The vicar, so called. But he?s an imposter.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, I should have realised at once. Magister is the name given to the leader of a black magic coven.

Black magic? That stuff died out years ago.

Do you know when the last Witchcraft Act was repealed in this country? 1951 - why, it?s as alive today as it ever was.

Yes, well...

I?m sure it?s safe now.

That?s what you think!

Right, on your way - move.

All right - on your feet.

Oh, don?t be stupid. Can?t you see he?s half unconscious?

Somebody?ll have to help him then, won?t they?


Come on.

Right, come on - this way.

Doctor? Doctor, wake up!

You see? He?s been like that for hours.

Well, shouldn?t he be in hospital?

Well, Doctor Reeves said that we shouldn?t move him.

Then we?ll just have to wait.

All right?


Azal! I welcome thee!

Now you?re sure you?re all right? You?d better come and sit in this chair over here. Come on.

Jo... Jo, please, stop fussing.

She?s right you know. Better take it gently.

Look, I tell you, I am perfectly all right. It was a parky up there for a while, I?ll admit, but it soon warmed up.

That wave of heat?

Yes, the final confirmation of my theory.

You mean you know what caused it?

Yes, I think so.

Tell us then.

No, not just yet. I want to wait until I?m absolutely sure. Right, I?m going back up to the dig.

Doctor, haven?t you had enough of that place?

Hello? You better? I thought you?d had it.

Fortunately, no. Captain Yates, you?d better wait here, all right?

Oh, If I drop him, he?ll go with a most dreadful wallop!

He?s out on his feet!

Get him over to that bench - quickly!

Here, what?s happened to your boy?

He?s been beaten up - by an expert, I?d say.

Oh, you might indeed say that! You might indeed.

Oh, no...

Oh dear, he?s a very heavy young man!

I?ll get a doctor.

Yes, it?s all right - I am a Doctor.


Well, there are no bones broken or anything. Look could you get me some hot water and some hot sweet tea, perhaps?

Yes, _.

Thank you very much - and thank you too, Miss Hawthorne.

You know who I am?

Yes, of course. It?s a great pity they didn?t listen to you in the first place.

If only they had.


Oh, what a tale I?ll have to tell them now!

Both alive are they? And the others? I see. Very well, they?ll all be dealt with. Now you?d better get back inside before they become suspicious.

This fellow, Garvin, who did him over...

No, no, no, it was the elementals in the cavern!


Yes, creatures of the devil.

Did you say the devil?

Yes, dear boy - Satan, Lucifer, the prince of darkness, Beelzebub, the horned beast, call him what you like - he was there!

You saw the devil?


And what did he look like?

Oh, well, it was a glimpse - no more. Twenty, thirty feet high, but the horns were there... and the face...

The devil!

Look, Miss Hawthorne, I agreed with you from the first about the danger, but now I think you?re utterly mistaken. Whatever else you saw it certainly was not the devil.

But it was! There?s a Satanist cult in this village and last night they held a sabbat.

A sabbat?

Oh yes, an occult ceremony to call up the devil.

And it worked! The devil came!

Nonsense, Jo! Miss Hawthorne, who is the leader of this cult?

The new vicar - he calls himself Magister.

Magister! Yes, of course, I should have known!


Jo, did you fail Latin as well as science?

Magister is the Latin word for Master!

What?s up?

I wouldn?t go any further, mate, look what?s happened to my van!

Petrol tank?

No, it just went up in a flash.

During the earth tremor?s was it?

No, just after it stopped. I was about to get back in and drive back to the village and bingo! - off it went.

Is that Devil?s End over there?

Must be some sort of heat barrier! We?ll try getting in from the south.


Get the saw, will you?


Right, that settles it. We?d better try and raise the Doctor.

And, er, that?s about it, sir - over.

I see, Yates. So, the Doctor was frozen stiff at the barrow and was then revived by a freak heatwave, Benton was beaten up by invisible forces and the local white witch claims she?s seen the devil?

Yes, sir. I know it sounds a bit wild...

It does indeed, Yates. Now listen, I?m bringing up some men to investigate this heat barrier. Let me talk to the Doctor. Over.

I?m afraid you can?t, sir. He?s gone up to the dig with Jo. Over.

I see. Well Yates, anything further revelations?

Just one, sir.

Well, what is it?

We?ve found out who?s at the bottom of all this - it?s the Master. Over and out.

Still alive are you, Doctor? Very well.

Ah, poor fellah.

Do you know what killed him?

Well it certainly wasn?t the devil - at least not exactly.

What do you mean?

Look, I?m going in. Would you prefer to wait outside?

No. I?d rather stick with you - if I wouldn?t be in the way.

No, of course not. I?d be glad of the company. Come on.

What are you looking for?

If my theory?s right, we?re all in mortal danger.

Everyone in the village?

Everyone in the whole world.


What is it?


It looks like a model spaceship.

That?s right. Except that it isn?t a model.

What is it then?

Jo, look at the shape of this tomb.

Well, it looks like that spaceship.

A different size, that?s all. Now you try picking it up.

I can?t. It?s fixed down.

The reason why you can?t pick it up is that is weighs... oh, about seven hundred and fifty tonnes, at a rough guess.

Oh, come on, be serious!

Be serious? All right. About a hundred thousand years ago...