Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 7, Episode 22 - Inferno: Episode 4 - full transcript

The Doctor attempts to convince the alternate Inferno staff that penetrating the earth's crust will cause a disaster but instead is imprisoned with an infected Bromley.


Are you coming with me quietly
or do I shoot you here and now?

Just a moment, Benton. What's going on?

-I was about to take him out and shoot him.
-Not yet. I'll take charge.

Thank you, Section Leader.

I am not concerned with saving your skin,
only in carrying out the correct procedure.

Nevertheless, thank you just the same.

Incidentally, I think I may be able
to repair your computer for you.

-It's none of your concern.
-I should say it was everybody's concern.

-Take him into the office.
-Wait a minute.

-I think this might be it.
-Come on.

-Hang on, just a moment.
-I said come on!

-Let him try.

Let him try! We've got nothing to lose.

You see?

The computer's already aware of the situation

and is assessing its immediate problems.

-What's this man still doing here?
-He has repaired the computer, Director.

He shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near it.
He's a dangerous spy.

-He sabotaged the computer.
-I was not sabotaging it. I was repairing it.

The computer is working again, Director.

-Shouldn't we see what it's got to say?
-We're working to my calculations.

Do your calculations tell you
how to deal with this emergency?

I have everything under control, yes.

-It doesn't look that way to me.
-Watch your tongue, Sutton!

-Can you transcribe what the computer's saying?

The pressures and the heat are overwhelming
the present velocity of the drill bit.

What can we do about it?

-Well, you can disperse the heat and the pressure.

By creating a reverse vortex
at the bottom of the shaft.

-And how do we do that?
-Reversing all the systems.

-And bring the whole programme to a standstill?
-It's not so crazy. It's been done before.

-With an oil shaft, Sutton.

But when everything else had failed,

instead of closing down the whole shebang,
someone threw everything into reverse.

-It's out of the question.
-It's worth a try. What have we got to lose?

We could smash the whole system.

Looks to me as if it's getting
pretty well smashed up as it is now!

You two are just wasting time.
What I suggest is this,

we push all the coolant down the output pipe

and then draw up all the debris from
the bottom of the shaft through the inlet pipe.

Oh, very well, reverse all systems!
Bypass number 2 outlet pipe.

Right! Come on, Dr Williams.

And get this man out of my control area now.

Of all the ungrateful nitwits.

You seem to know a great deal about this project.


-You're a scientist?
-Of sorts, yes.

Where do you come from?

I've already told you.

I come from a parallel space-time continuum,
a twin world of this.

If you told us the truth,
there might be some hope for you.

Your counterpart in the other world would tell you
that I'm not in the habit of telling lies, Elizabeth.

This other woman, the one that looks like me...

It's not that she looks like you. She is you!

I do wish I could make you understand this.

-What does she do?

She's a scientist.

I'm a security officer.
So there's no possible link, is there?

Did you ever think of becoming a scientist?


Yes, I can see that you did.

I read physics at university.

What's that got to do with it?

Simply that her mind process
runs along a similar parallel to yours.

Doesn't that strike you as significant?

Not particularly.

Look, Elizabeth, please try and think.

Whatever they taught you in this bigoted world
of yours, you've still got a mind of your own.

Now use it, before it's too late.

Well, it seems to be working.
Who was that man in the funny clothes?

They said he was a saboteur.

-How comes he saves our skin?
-He's trying to save his own.

Hadn't you better get
number 2 output pipe working?

It'll mean cutting down the drill to minimum revs.

-The Director won't like that.
-Well, he'll have to lump it, won't he?

There's no alternative.

Sutton, if you would only curb this insolent streak,

you might have a great future
as a servant of the state.

What, and become a nice well-behaved
little zombie, you mean, like the rest of you?

No, thank you.

You've only survived so long
because you have certain usefulness,

because of your technical skills.

Once this project is over...

Greg Sutton's for the high jump.

A nasty little accident in the cells
or shot whilst trying to escape?

It's been known to happen.

Would you care?

I'd regret the waste. That is all.

Yes, I see.

Thank you.

The emergency is over.

Good. I'm very glad to hear it.

Your idea worked.

Maybe you'll give me a medal. Posthumously.

-You find the idea of death amusing?
-No, not particularly, do you?

If you told me the true facts about yourself,
I may be able to help you.

Elizabeth, I am trying to help you.

You said the emergency was over. Well, it isn't.

As long as you people go on drilling,
you're rushing into terrible danger.


-How long?
-Almost finished.

-Good, then we can continue with the drilling.
-At reduced revs.

No, I intend to accelerate again
as soon as possible.

-Well, I don't advise it.
-I don't need advice.

Except from that prisoner!

I would have come to the same conclusions.

You may have come to them a bit too late.

I sometimes wonder why I tolerate you, Sutton.

That's easy.

On a project like this you don't just need
a good party member, you need a good engineer.

Oh, you are useful, but you're not indispensable.

It seems to be my day for getting warnings.

You have a bad record, Sutton, a long history.

It would be very easy to have you disposed of.

Remember that.


Who sent you here?

Did you come to commit sabotage?

-What organisation employs you?

When did you first become a traitor?

How did you get into the complex?

Who helped you? Was it Sutton?

Name? What is your name?


You're wasting your time, you know.

I can stand a great deal of this childishness.

This is only the beginning.

We have other methods.

Yes, I'm sure you have.

But it won't do you any good.

You'll talk, eventually.

Everybody talks.

How can I give you information that doesn't exist?

BRIGADE LEADER: The information must exist
and you will give it to us!

-Who sent you here?

-Which of our enemies are you working for?
-Who are your associates?

I came here on my own.

I came here by accident.

I came here...

The Tardis console slipped me sideways in time.

Slipped me sideways in time.

Shall we proceed to stage two interrogation?
He's just babbling.


He's a tough one. He might die before he talked.


We better let him get his strength back.



He's accelerated the drilling.

All right. We'll start again, shall we?

-Who sent you here?
-Why did you come?

Well, what progress have you made?

As you can see, Director,
the prisoner is still being interrogated.

Proceeding according to plan!

I see you're wearing...

white cotton gloves, Director.

May we ask why?

You're allowing the prisoner to be impertinent?

Brigade Leader...

ask him to take off his left glove.

I think you'll find it very interesting.


Well, they say a madman should be humoured.

-Why the bandages, Professor?
-I scorched my hands.

You touched some of that green substance
from that cracked jar, didn't you?

-Just a little, but it was enough to infect you.

Take him away, down to the security cells.

Listen to me.

-You're seriously ill. You've been infected.
-Take him away.

Listen to me, Stahlman. For God's sake...

You will supervise the transfer
of the prisoner to the security cells.

-Very well, Leader.
-At once, if you please!

Yes, Leader.

You're taking a great deal of interest
in this prisoner, Director.

-For security...
-Security is my responsibility.

Since you allowed the man to enter
the complex and roam about...

The man was caught!
He is no longer a danger to us.

The people who sent him, how and why
he came here, this information is vital.

Then you'd better get him to talk and do it quick.

Before the day is over, I want him liquidated.

If it decreases, let me know at once.

Thank you.

Dr Williams, I think we should have checked
the whole system from top to bottom

while we had the drill at minimum revs.

Director Stahlman knows what he's doing.

You all make a little tin god of that Stahlman.

-Well, I think he's a nut.
-That sort of remark's dangerous.

I tell you, Stahlman's a nut.

Well, aren't you going to report me?
Get me a week in the punishment cells?

Things are looking up.

A couple of days ago,
you'd have reported me without a second thought.

Please, don't push.

I'll have you know
that your counterpart in the other world

is a nice sociable sort of chap, Sergeant.

-My rank is Platoon Under Leader.
-That's a bit of a mouthful.

Your trouble is you talk too much.

Ah, I see I've got company.

-And what did he do? Park in a restricted zone?
-Stop asking stupid questions.

At least he seems to be sleeping peacefully.

He's had a tranquilliser dart.
They don't give us any trouble after that.

We should have done the same to you. Now get in.

What about some food?

A cup of tea? Some cocoa?

A glass of water, then?

BENTON: This way, Leader. Cell two.


-Visiting time already, is it?
-Your interrogation isn't over yet.

Oh, yes, it is.

Get on your feet
when the Section Leader's talking to you.

Ah, go away and give me some peace.

When I say get on your feet, prisoner,
I mean get on your feet!

Oh, well, that's different.

Anything for a quiet life.

Now we'll start again.

Who are you?

How did you get into the complex?

Look, I'm sick and tired of answering
all these idiot questions.

-The questions will go on until you answer them.
-I have answered them.

More times than I care to remember.

-You have told us nothing.
-I've told you the truth.

If your minds are too narrow
to accept it, that's not my fault.

-Give us a few minutes with him, Leader.

Wait outside, in the corridor. Both of you.


perhaps we can talk reasonably.

-Trying a change of technique?
-If you like.

First you try to bully me,
then you switch on the charm.

Secret police routine 7 /4.

-Believe me, I really am trying to help you.
-Even though I'm a spy?

No, no, you're too conspicuous to be a spy.

No, I've got a theory

that you're from one of these
crackpot free speech groups,

trying to make some crazy demonstration.

Oh, no.

Look, if you'll give me a full confession,

I may be able to convince them
that you're some harmless lunatic.

You'll get away with a few years in a labour camp.

Look, I am not mad.

I am not a spy
and I'm certainly not a political demonstrator.

You just won't listen, will you?

I can see I've been wasting my time.

I'll leave you to the Brigade Leader.

He'll get the truth out of you.

Your counterpart had some intelligence.
I wish I could say the same for you.

Hello, old chap. How you doing?

Been down here long, have you?


Read any good police records lately?

The friendliness of this establishment
overwhelms me.

I'm sorry, Liz, my men have
searched the entire complex thoroughly.

There's no sign of the Doctor.

I didn't think there would be.

Maybe that wretched machine of his
has dumped him a few miles away.

It's not as simple as that, Brigadier.

He's somewhere in space or time.

Well, wherever he is, or whenever he is,

he can look after himself.

He's not indestructible, you know.

Professor Stahlman,
could you spare me a moment?

Run out of paper work?

Please, this is important.

Just a moment.

-Any problems with the accelerated drilling?

No, none at all. I didn't expect any.

But I assume you'll be taking extra precautions
as we approach penetration zero?

I shall do what I think best.

What is it you want?

I have a car outside waiting to take me to London

and an appointment with
the Minister later on today.

Well, have a pleasant journey.

Unless you can give me certain reassurances,

I shall feel bound to convey to the Minister
the full extent of my anxieties.

-What anxieties?
-Oh, come now, Professor.

-You know what I mean.
-No, I don't.

Perhaps you'd explain exactly what you do mean.

We must slow down drilling
as we approach penetration.

We need extra safety precautions and a failsafe
mechanism to close down completely if necessary.

Now, Sir Keith, if you'd had your way,
we would never have started this project.

I am not saying...

Now you want us to proceed at a snail's pace
like a pack of cautious old women.

I want this project to succeed as much as you do,
but we must act like responsible scientists.

You accuse me of irresponsibility?

I conceived this project,
I fought for government backing,

and I shall carry it through to success
in spite of all your efforts to stop me.

-No one's trying to stop you.
-You've consistently obstructed my work.

You've caused delay after delay

and I won't put up with
this interference any longer.

Oh, very well, Professor,
you leave me no alternative.

You can tell the Minister what you like.

He, at least,
is aware of the importance of my work.

-He doesn't get any better tempered, does he?
-The man's impossible.

Do you think the Minister will listen to you?

Well, he's an old friend of mine,

but Stahlman's dazzled him with promises,
limitless cheap power for the whole country.

-Will you be back in time for penetration zero?
-Oh, yes, of course.

-I can't say I'm looking forward to it very much.
-LIZ: Why not?

Well, it sounds ridiculous,

but there's something ominous
about the whole project.

Your friend the Doctor felt it, too.

By the way, where has he gone?

We're not quite sure.

Well, he's better off out of it, wherever he is.


Sergeant. Sergeant.

-What's the noise all about?

This man is sick. He needs medical attention.

If you don't shut up, I'll shut you up.


SOLDIER: By the right. Right wheel.

Is everything ready?

All systems have been checked and are functional.

We'd better cross our fingers.

We depend on science, Mr Sutton,
not superstition.

We could do with some
plain old-fashioned luck as well.

-Where's the Director?
-He'll be here.

Well, I wish I wasn't. Something's wrong.
Something's just not adding up.

What can go wrong?

Perhaps we should try asking the computer.

Zero minus three minutes, zero seconds.

Condition Red Two now commencing.


Right, you all ready? Let's go, at the double.

Zero minus two minutes, 1 0 seconds.

Disaster crew at action stations.

Zero minus two minutes, zero seconds
and counting.

Condition Red Three now commences.

Zero minus one minute, 50 seconds.

Final re-check, all monitoring circuits.

Zero minus one minute, 40 seconds.

Technical personnel at final stations.

Zero minus one minute, 30 seconds.

Final power build-up now completed.

Zero minus one minute, 20 seconds.

Non-technical staff to safety positions.

Zero minus one minute, 1 0 seconds.

All systems check for final countdown.

Zero minus one minute,
zero seconds and counting.

-Final countdown commences now.
-You there. Come down here!

Zero minus 50 seconds. Stand by.

Did you hear what I said? Come down here.

Zero minus 40 seconds.

You must stop this countdown before it's too late.

Do you hear me? You must stop it!

Brigade Leader, shoot that man now!

You can't do that! It's just murder!

If you break through the Earth's crust now,

you'll release forces
you never dreamed could exist!

Countdown moves to final phase.


Listen to that! That's the sound of
this planet screaming out its rage!

-I order you to shoot that man.
-Countdown will now proceed by seconds.

Go on. Run for it, run!

Zero minus ten seconds,

nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two,