Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 7, Episode 21 - Inferno: Episode 3 - full transcript

The Doctor finds himself in a parallel universe where Britain is a dictatorship and the Inferno Project is a slave labour camp policed by his friends' counterparts.





-Miss Shaw?
-Stahlman's cut off the power.

Wherever the Doctor is, he's trapped.

I think you'd better tell me what's been going on.

-Professor Stahlman.
-Not now, Brigadier.

I want you to reconnect the power
to the Doctor's hut.

Don't be ridiculous, my dear man.

Professor Stahlman, the Doctor has disappeared.

Excellent. At last he's done what he was told.

No, no, you don't understand.
He was engaged in an experiment

and you switched off the power
at a critical moment.

Now you've got to restore it.

Well, I denied the man a power source
when he was under my feet,

I'm certainly not going to reconnect it
now he's gone.

Stahlman, do be reasonable.

I've been more than reasonable.

Up till now, I've tolerated these crackpot experts
and advisors and only offered a token objection.

But now that we've accelerated
the drilling programme,

I won't be obstructed any further.

You had no right to accelerate the programme
without proper consultation with the Ministry.

I have every right, Sir Keith.

Very well. I'm sorry, but I shall have to
refer the matter to the Minister.

Please do. I can tell you exactly what he'll say.

That this project is vital to our industrial future.

The country needs the new power source

and Stahlman is the only one
who can give it to us.

Please! We must have a nuclear power system
reconnected at once.

The matter is closed, Miss Shaw.

Under no circumstances will any power
of any sort be reconnected to the Doctor's hut.

Well, we tried.

What exactly has happened to the Doctor?

-He's vanished.
-And we're afraid he's in some kind of danger.

Yes, well, we're all likely
to be in some kind of danger, Miss Shaw,

unless we can persuade the Professor
to slow down the drilling rate.

Will you really go to London, sir?

Well, I have no alternative.
Something must be done about that man.

-Do you think they'll listen to you?
-I very much doubt it. Stahlman was right.

They believe he's the only one
who can succeed with this project.

Shouldn't you go at once, Sir Keith?

My dear young lady,
this project is at a crucial stage.

If Stahlman can find the slightest excuse
to accuse me of inefficiency,

who will listen to me then?

Now, if you'll excuse me.

-Are you all right, Professor Stahlman?

-Hadn't you better get a doctor to...
-I'm perfectly all right.

I suggest we continue with our work, Petra.

Very well. Here are the latest acceleration figures.

I tell you, there's nothing more we can do.
I'm sorry.

You don't seem very worried.

Professor Stahlman seems determined
to blow us all to kingdom come,

the Doctor has vanished into thin air

and I have a number
of unsolved murders on my hands.

I promise you, Miss Shaw, I'm worried.

Unity is strength?

Who's been messing about with my equipment?



What the blazes do you think you're doing?

-It's a saboteur. He was in the technical stores!
-Well, get after him!

Halt! Halt! Hey!

Try round the other side!

-Why don't we go down the ladder?
-One of you lot, come with me.

Come on, come on, come on!



There he is.


When you see him, shoot.



Liz, it's me.

Don't you recognise me?
What's happened to everyone round here?

Have you all gone mad?
What are you doing in that ridiculous get-up?

Put your hands up.

-All right, Liz, a joke's a joke...
-Get back!


-Take him away.
-Yes, Leader.

Liz, this is ridiculous.



Brigadier, will you kindly tell me what on...

Is this the man?

-What on earth are you doing in that get-up?
-Keep quiet!

You'll find it unwise to be insolent.

How did you get inside this establishment?

-I beg your pardon?
-How did you get in here?

-Look, your name is Lethbridge Stewart?

Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart?

-Brigade Leader.
-All right, Brigade Leader, have it your own way.

-And you are Elizabeth Shaw.
-How did you know my name?

-You've been spying on this establishment.
-What are you talking about?

-Your name?
-My name?

You ask me my name after all the years
that you and I...

Well now, wait a minute.

Yes, I think I'm beginning to see
what's happened here.

Might I suggest you just call me Doctor?

Doctor. Doctor what?

Smith. Doctor John Smith.

Smith, yes, of course.

And where do you come from, ''Doctor Smith''?

Yes, well, this is where
we come to the difficult bit.


I come from a parallel space-time continuum.

Obviously, he is trying to confuse us, Leader.

Yes, well, let me put it this way.

I've been transported from another world,

one that is running almost parallel to this one.

He's unbalanced.

No, I see what he's trying to do.
He's trying to make us believe that he's mad.

Well, it won't work, my friend.

Now, now, look. Wait.

You are Elizabeth Shaw.

I am Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw, yes.

-You're not a scientist?


This is fascinating.
So many similarities, yet so many differences.


Now I want the truth.

Tell me, how far down is the shaft
that you are drilling?

Leader, he is a spy.

And Professor Stahlman,
is his liver still playing him up?

And Sir Keith. How is Sir Keith?
Yes, now there's a man who might understand.

What do you know about Sir Keith?

Only that he's the Executive Director
of this project.

Yes, I should very much like to see him.

Would you, indeed?

Indeed I would. Failing that, Professor Stahlman.

He's an opinionated oaf, I know,
but at least he's a scientist.

Very well.

Are you taking this man to see the Director?

Why not?
Whoever he is, he'll never leave here alive.

Wait a minute.

Three hours, 22 minutes?
You're a lot more advanced with the drilling here.

Come on!

-The intruder has been apprehended, Director.
-So I see.

I thought you might like to question him.

I don't think so, no.
You know what to do with spies.

-He asked to speak to Sir Keith Gold.
-Did he?

And did you tell him
that that might be rather difficult?

Difficult, why?

Sir Keith Gold was killed
in a motor accident 24 hours ago.

-Rather unfortunate.
-Sir Keith dead?

He was on his way to the Ministry in London.

Yes, to complain about you, no doubt.

Who is this man?

We have not yet established
his correct identity, Director.

He gave an obviously false name.

Have you no idea where he came from?

He spoke of having come
from some other dimension.

I've no time to waste on maniacs, Brigade Leader.

Quite so, my apologies.

-Excuse me, but what about this computer?
-The computer?

-Yes, it doesn't seem to be working.
-It's been sabotaged.

Yeah, missing microcircuit,
do you think, Professor?

Obviously this man is responsible for the damage.
Take him away.


-Carry on, Dr Williams.
-Yes, Director.

Will you tell the Director that
we have no pressure in the coolant pipes, please?

He's aware of that fact. He's had the pressure
temporarily bypassed to the shaft himself.

Well, if an emergency develops,
there'll be no safeguard at the drill head.

There will be no emergency.

Well, it's still my job
to bring the situation to his notice.

In my experience, when an oil shaft blows
with no safeguard...

-This is not an oil shaft, Mr Sutton.
-Now you listen to me, Petra!

Must I remind you once again
that I am Assistant Director of this project?

You will address me in the correct manner.

All right. I'm sorry, Dr Williams.

Unless you grant me the respect
due to my position,

I shall have no choice but to report you.

All safety factors have been exceeded, Director.

We are very near penetration zero.
I will not decelerate at this crucial stage.

As you wish, Director.

Look, may I ask what is going to happen to me?

You'll be shot, eventually.

-Without a trial?
-This is your trial.

You can't possibly have the authority...

I have full authority.
Defence of the Republic Act, 1 94 3.


-Then what happened to the Royal...
-Executed, all of them.

Pity. A charming family.

I knew her great-grandfather in Paris.

-Do you know, I remember on one occasion...
-On your feet!

Look, I've been standing here for quite some time.

You'll be standing for a lot longer yet!

Why is this place
crawling with you oafs in uniform?

You are talking of the Republican Security Forces.

And the reason we are here
is that this is a scientific labour camp.

Staffed by slave labour I take it.
Well, you're all in very grave danger.

We are in danger?

Before that computer broke down,
it was transmitting danger signals, was it not?

-You're very well informed.
-And what about Harry Slocum?

What do you know about him?

Only that he went berserk
and started killing people.

You condemn yourself.
No one but a spy could know so much.

-Look, I am not a spy. I've seen it all before!

In another world.

Very well. I can wait.

You're just wasting time!

We work to an orderly system. Your identity
is being checked with Central Records.

When we know who you are,
the real interrogation will begin.

But I don't exist in your world!

Then you won't feel the bullets
when we shoot you.



Right. I'll be there.

-The prisoner will remain here.
-Yes, Leader.

I've just been on the telephone to Central Records
about our prisoner. I gave them a full description.

-Well, who is he?
-They've checked and re-checked.

There is absolutely no one answering to his
description on their files. The man does not exist.

-That's impossible!
-They'll go on checking,

but they're certain that this man
is not a known agent of any foreign government.

Central Records have never been wrong before.

He seems to know so much
about this whole project, Leader,

as though he'd been here for weeks.
Just doesn't make sense.

You are giving us a great deal of trouble.

I am delighted to hear that.

You'd make things much easier for yourself
if you'd tell us who you are.

Proper little bureaucrat, aren't you?

Can't shoot me unless you've filled in
all the forms, is that it?

Unless you cooperate, you'll soon be in front
of a firing squad. You have very little time left.

My dear young lady,
if that computer was functioning,

it would warn us
that we all have very little time left.

Number 2 output pipe again? Is the leak bad?

I see.

-A minor detail.

-At the drill head?

There's no such thing
as a minor detail at the drill head.

Director, they report
a minor leak in number 2 output pipe.


So something should be done about it.
We are approaching final countdown.

-Have one of the duty riggers see to it.
-Yes, Director.

I think you should see for yourself, sir.
It could be important.

Don't presume to tell me
what I should or shouldn't do, Sutton.

No, Director. Sorry, Director.
Three bags full, Director.


Watch him!

Tell me, have you ever seen anything
like this before?

All security units, alert.

All units alert and take up
emergency stations immediately.

No technician will be allowed to leave his post.

I say again, all security units alert.

All units alert and take up
emergency stations immediately.

No technician will be allowed to leave his post.

Come on, hurry up! Get those suits on!

Dr Williams, the coolant pipes.

Get me some extra power
laid on for the reserve supplies. Come on!

Prepare to alter your pressure readings!

Begin readings at 1 2.

Hold your pressure at 50...40.

Get back! Get back to your posts!
If this place goes up, we'll all go up with it!

Get back or we fire!

The emergency will be contained!
Remain at your posts.


Come on, where are you?

What do you think you're doing?

Trying to find a particular microcircuit.

I may be able to repair your computer for you.

Outside. We've got a firing squad waiting for you.

You idiot! If I don't repair this computer, you'll...

Look! Are you coming with me quietly
or do I shoot you here and now?