Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 7, Episode 23 - Inferno: Episode 5 - full transcript

The earth's crust has been penetrated and, while the Doctor and Greg try to contain the disaster, the Doctor begins to realise the planet has passed the point of no return.


TECHNICIAN: Zero minus ten seconds,

nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two,

one, zero.

We have penetration zero.


Don't panic! Get back to your posts!

Look, I've got a job to do here!

Never mind him! Stop those technicians!

-Are you all right, Director?
-Yes, yes.

-Check all the other systems.

-You're not thinking of going in there, are you?
-I've never seen a bore I couldn't cap yet.

There's never been a bore like this one.

We've gotta get in there and check the main valve
and get the coolant reserve flowing.

Stahlman! If you're thinking of going in there,
you'd better put this suit on.

Somehow I don't think he feels the heat as we do.

-Can they contain the emergency from here?
-No, they have to go to the actual drill head.

Come on, Doctor.

Well, here goes.


-Oh, what the devil hit me?
-A piece of pipe held by Stahlman.

Stahlman hit me?

-Is the Director still in there?

-Why didn't he come out with you?
-I think he likes it in there.

The main coolant valve's seized.
I can't flood the drill-head area.

-We've got to get the Director out.
-Not to mention those technicians.

Right, let's have another go.

Oh, what the heck's going on?

Well, that's crazy!

They've closed it from the inside.

Bypassed the control
and locked down our manuals!

-What does it say?
-Very little now, I'm afraid.

-Tell me, Mr Sutton, how thick are those walls?
-Well, thick enough.

Ferrous concrete, steel plating,
asbestos sheeting, the lot.

It could stand up to an atomic blast.

Compared to the forces
that you people have unleashed,

an atomic blast would be like a summer breeze.

-What's going on out there?
-The technicians and staff have got away.

Most of my security guards have gone with them.

Doctor, I'm afraid
the computer's finally broken down.


Well, the heat will have fused the main circuits.
I'll have a look.

-Brigade Leader.
-Yes, Dr Williams?

Any news from London yet?

Massive seismic disturbances
reported throughout the country.

Earth tremors reported in the Midlands
and as far north as Leeds.

Just what are the authorities doing?

They've ordered an immediate evacuation
of the area, except for essential personnel.

The Brigade Leader is to assume executive control.

-Anything else?
-No, after that the line went dead.

So they're abandoning us.
They're not even going to try and seal the shaft?

They believe that the emergency
will eventually pass over.

The Doctor doesn't seem to think so.

-Who cares what he thinks?
-I do, he talks a lot of good sense.


There must be some way of sealing the shaft?

Why don't the government evacuate us all
and blow up the whole area?

Too late, Mr Sutton.
You've unleashed the energies of the Earth's core.

All right, but we must cap the bore somehow.

No substance on this earth is strong enough
to withstand those pressures.

SUTTON: Okay, so what's gonna happen?

what is going to happen?

The heat and the pressures
will continue to build up

until the Earth dissolves
in a fury of expanding gasses,

just as it was millions of years ago.

-How long have we got?
-Maybe a few weeks, maybe only a few days.

So it's doomsday? We just sit back and wait for it.

Don't go near him, Brigadier! Don't go near him.

He's probably more interested
in getting to the drill head than he is in us.


DOCTOR: He seems to be dead this time.
BRIGADE LEADER: Rather surprising.

It wasn't just your bullets
that killed him, you know.

-The fire extinguisher?
-Yes, the fire extinguisher. They can't stand cold.

Well, that's enough for me.
There's no point in us hanging around any longer.

-If you're thinking of deserting...
-Evacuating is the word.

If I've only got a little time left to live,

I'm going to spend it
as far away from this place as I can get!

-We were ordered to remain here.
-And that's exactly what we're going to do.

-You speak for yourself!
-You still have a job to do here, Sutton.

You just don't listen, do you?

You heard what he said,
there's nothing we can do.

-Is that right, Doctor?
-Yes, I'm afraid so.

Well, I'm clearing out. Coming, Petra?

You will stay here and do your duty!

You're still loyal to your glorious republic.

I'd like to know
what your precious dictator can do for you now.

-I will not listen to treason!
-Gentlemen, stop arguing.

-Just save your energy.
-For what?

We're all under sentence of death.
Oh, come on, Petra.

I've managed to round up
a few of the men, Leader.

Good. Post them outside.

No one is to leave this building
without my permission.

-No one, Benton!
-Understood, Leader.

It's marvellous, isn't it?

The world's going up in flames
and they're still playing at toy soldiers!

You lot! Fall in on the double!

-SUTTON: Pack it in, it's no good.
-We can't be sure of that.

You heard what the Doctor said.
The heat will have fused the main circuits.

-The Doctor has no control here.
-You could have fooled me.

It's not his responsibility.

Maybe not, but he's the only one
who seems to know what's going on.

-Thank you, Mr Sutton.
-Oh, I'm not getting at you,

but if the Doctor's right, you're wasting your time.

If I can get this computer working again,
it might give us a solution.

Still hasn't sunk in, has it?

There is no solution!
The whole place is gonna blow up.

The whole system needs rewiring.

And no one is being allowed in or out
of this place. Do you get the point now?

-What point?
-Those blokes in London know it's no use.

If they thought there was any chance,
this place would be crawling with experts.

You'd have as much equipment as you need.

-It might be on its way.
-Nothing's on its way!

We've been left here to die.

-I don't believe that.
-Oh, yes, you do.

'Cause it's logical.

They're scared to let us out of here
because we'll increase the panic.

They wouldn't just abandon us.

They'd evacuate us if things got too dangerous.

Maybe you're right. Let's hope so.

-You really think this is the end, don't you?
-It could be.

We're just going to die in here.

I can't take it in.

Look, I'm sorry, but there are times
when it's better to face the truth.

Oh, Greg, I'm frightened!

What can we do?

Well, the question really is, what you're gonna do.

-What do you mean?
-I'm gonna get out of here.

-I could do with some help from you.
-From me?

Well, what about it?

Are you going to be a nice,
well-behaved little zombie

or are you going to join the rebels?


There's nothing we can do. Absolutely nothing!

-You could help me to save a world.
-You said we'd passed the point of no return.

Not this world, Elizabeth. The other one.

Even now, you stick to this absurd story.

This other world exists, Brigade Leader.

It's as true as the one you know yourselves.

And we're all duplicated there?

Yes. You, the Brigade Leader,
Stahlman, Sutton, Petra, all of you.

You could save your other selves.

-Save them? How?
-With the aid of the Tardis.


You mean that odd-looking contraption
we found in the hut?


Could it take you back?

Yes, possibly.

If I could use your nuclear reactor for power.

But if this other world is parallel,
they'll be in same situation as us.

Not necessarily.
Work on their project is not so advanced as yours.

I may be able to stop them
before they penetrate the Earth's crust.

I think we'll take another look
at this wonderful machine of yours.

Brigade Leader, for your information,
all systems are breaking down.

Remain here. We shall return shortly.

I wonder where he's off to.

-Can't we try and get out now?
-You heard what he said.

All the exits are being guarded
by a bunch of trigger-happy thugs.

-They might let us through.
-And they might shoot us out of pure nervousness.

Just wait our chance. Don't worry, Petra.

When the time comes, we'll get out of here,

and it'll take more than
a bunch of tin soldiers to stop us.

You expect us to believe
that you came here in this?

That's right.

-But this isn't a vehicle at all.

But she's a very important part of one.

-And where's the rest of it?
-Back in the world where I came from.

I, uh, I removed the console
to make some trial runs.

Well, what's happening?

You said you needed a power source
to make this thing work.

There's always a certain amount of energy
left in the storage unit.

I think we've seen enough
of this nonsense. Come on.

-You said you were gonna help me.
-I said nothing of the kind.

This contraption is obviously incapable
of taking anyone anywhere.

We shall return to Central Control.

If you'd only try
and use the little intelligence you have...

I've no time for fairy stories.

If you could give us some proof, Doctor,
a demonstration.

Proof? Demonstration?

What do you think I am, a conjuror?

How can I give you a demonstration
when I haven't got...

-Well, wait a minute.

If I'm to do it,
I'll drain the storage unit completely.

Very well, you shall have your demonstration.




Well, are you satisfied?
Or do you think it was all done with mirrors?

What happened? Where were you?

Just a pitiful few seconds into the future.
I only wish it could have been more.

-Stay away from that!
-Don't be a fool.

I can't possibly go anywhere.
The storage unit is completely flat.

If the power was connected,
you could make the journey back?


-And take others with you?
-No. No, I couldn't possibly do that.

-Why not?
-Well, it would create a dimensional paradox.

It would shatter the space-time continuum
of all universes.

If you can save yourself, you can save us.

Squad, 'shun! As you were.

'Shun! Stand at ease.

Don't move.

MAN: Dr Williams...




-What's up?

I was disposing of that thing's body.

-I just heard something from the intercom.
-Not a chance, they're all done for in there.

You come and listen.

I did hear something.


We've just heard something from the drill head.

That's impossible. They must all be dead in there.

I tell you, we heard something.

Dr Williams! Can you hear me?

Raise the heat shield!

Manual controls are jammed with the heat...

It's the Director!

Can you hear me, Dr Williams?

Let us... Let us out!

It is the Director! We've got to do what he says
and let him out of there.

You mustn't.

-But he's alive.

Whatever you do, don't raise that heat shield.

If the Director's found a solution,
then we need him out here.

Now stand back, Doctor!

He must have unlocked the manuals.
The controls are working.


No, don't go anywhere near him.
Don't go near him!

He needs help.


Why don't they attack?

They're acclimatising themselves.
They don't want to get too far away from the heat.

Let's get out of here!

The other way!

-Now they've covered both exits.
-We'll make a break for your office.

Benton, get out!

Please, no! No, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no!



Into the office!

-Leave him be!
-DOCTOR: There's nothing you can do.

Come on, hurry!



Well, we shouldn't have just left Benton!

You don't mind sacrificing your men,
do you, Brigade Leader?

Believe me, Mr Sutton,
there was nothing we could have done.

Not now there isn't.
He's probably been killed by those things.

Worse than that, he'll have become one of them.
And the heat will accelerate the process.

Why did you cut them off from the drill head?

To keep them away from the heat.
The hotter it is, the stronger they grow.

Well, if it gets any hotter in here,
they won't have to attack. We'll just shrivel up.

Well, Doctor,
it doesn't look as though your spacecraft

is going to be much good to anybody now.

-What are they talking about?

The Doctor has some sort of device
that could get him out of here.

Only the Doctor, of course, not the rest of us.

He says he comes from a parallel world.

Look, will somebody tell me what's going on?

Where are we, Patterson? I don't recognise this.

Different route, sir. Trying to avoid the traffic.


-What's the matter with this thing?
-No idea, sir. It was working on the way up.

It took me a day's hard talking
to convince the Minister,

now I can't even get in touch with the complex.

They going to slow down the drilling, sir?

They're going to suspend it,
pending a full review of the project.

Where the devil are we?
It looks like the middle of nowhere.

-All right, Patterson, what's going on?
-Sorry, sir. I don't understand.

-Answer me, please.
-Orders, sir.

From whom?

-Professor Stahlman, wasn't it?
-Yes, sir.

Was I ever supposed
to get back from the Ministry?

Not if you were successful, sir.

I was to drive as far off the route as I could
and stage a breakdown.

-The man's raving mad.
-He threatened to have me sacked, sir.

Well, you realise now that I have the Minister's
full authority behind me.

-Yes, sir.
-All right.

If you can break all records
getting back to the complex,

I might just forget about all this.

-Thank you, sir, I'll be very grateful.
-So you should be. Now put your foot down.

Sir, I'd like you to know
that I objected to the order, sir.

Keep your eyes on the road! Look out!




So, we're expected to sacrifice all our lives
so as the Doctor can get back to his other world.

We haven't got any lives to sacrifice.
It's only a question of time.

What do you think, Greg?

It's the weirdest story I've ever heard,
but I'm prepared to believe the Doctor.

You're outvoted, Brigade Leader.

Makes very little difference
since we're all trapped in here anyway.

Not necessarily.

I do have a plan for getting us out,

but it all depends on those creatures out there.