Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 6, Episode 11 - The Invasion: Episode 1 - full transcript

When the Doctor, Zoe and Jamie investigate the mysterious disappearance of an eminent scientist, their search takes them to International Electromatics, a powerful firm run by the sinister Tobias Vaughan. Under surveillance by the Brigadier's top secret United Nations Intelligence Task Force (UNIT), it soon becomes apparent that there is more to Vaughan's activities than meets the eye. Just who are his mysterious allies? What is lurking down the sewers of London? Soon the Doctor discovers his ultimate horror - that the Cybermen are in league with Vaughan. As they begin bursting from the sewers onto the streets of London and cities around the world it is clear that their plan is the total invasion of planet Earth

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Doctor! It's all right, it worked!

Jamie! You're right!

We'd better just check though.

Are we actually on our way, Doctor,
or are we stuck somewhere?

Well, let's see, shall we?

Where are we? What's that?

It's the moon, isn't it, Doctor?
Yes. Yes.

That's the dark side of the moon.

Why, we seem to have stopped in space.

I remember seeing this before.

Shush, Zoe. That light on the moon's surface.

Do you see it?

Doctor! It's getting bigger!

-It's coming towards us!
-Zoe, that's a missile!

-A what?
-It's a missile.

Somebody's fired a missile at us, Jamie!

-Oh, Doctor, come on, let's get out of here!
-Now don't fuss me, Zoe.

Well, what's happened?

Well, it's the... It's the landing circuit.
It seems to have jammed!

That's why we're stuck in space! Ah.

We'll never make it! Oh, we're too late!

Oh, the stupid thing! Oh!


I think we've landed!

Yes, I'm... I'm sorry about that, Jamie!

-Are you all right, Zoe?
-Yes, I think so!

Oh, anyway, we weren't blown to pieces
by that missile thing.

Why would anybody want to fire a missile at us?

Surely they'd find out who we were first?

Yes. Unless they knew already.

The question is, was the object we saw
on the other side of the moon

in this time zone or not?

-You mean it could still be out there?
-Yes, let's have a look.

We're certainly not on the moon's surface, are we?

What's the matter with the Tardis, Doctor?
It keeps going wrong all the time.

It merely needs an overhaul, Jamie,
just like any piece of machinery.

Well, haven't you got any spares?

No, no. We shall have to see whether
we can get some made.

Let's have a further look, shall we?

Oh, yes, it could be 20th century.

England in summertime, I should say.
See the rain clouds?

We might try and look up our old
friend Professor Travers in London.

-He might be able to help us, hmm?
-Yeah. Aye.

Always supposing he's not a baby or a schoolboy!
Now come along!

Let's just collect this circuit,
and I think I'd better see this one.


Yes. It's all right.
It's just a fault in the visual stabiliser circuit.

It's, uh... We'd better take that, too.

Doc... Doctor? Where are you?
Come along.

-I wonder if you could help us?
-Are you trying to get out?

-We're trying to get to London!
-Get in!

-Oh, that's very civil of you.
-Well, shut up, will you, and get in.

-Is something wrong?
-Look, we'd better get clear of the lorry.

Come on.

What's happening? Why are we hiding?

-Company security were on my trail.
-Which company?

Oh, come on, there's only one company.

Well, you see, we're strangers around here.

Then you're not from the community, then?


Then how did you get inside the compound?

Well, it's rather a long story.

With this community you talked about,
are they prisoners here then?

Those who haven't gone over
to the company are, yes.

Not that they say you can't get out. They just
make it pretty impossible without passes.

-You can move in and out?
-I got in all right.

But getting out might be just a bit more difficult.

This company, what do they do?

International Electromatics.
Now, surely you've heard of them?

Well, no, we've been a little out of touch.

You must have been.

They're the world's biggest
electronics manufacturers.

You can hardly buy a piece of equipment
that isn't theirs.

Quick, get down!

Well, what is this place, this compound?

They set up a whole community of their own.
Factories. Houses.

A vast network of industrial complexes.

All of the local people have been bought out.

Most of them join the company.

-The others...
-What about them?

-My people haven't been able to trace them.
-Your people?

Should be safe now.
We're not far from the guard post.

You three had better stay out of sight in the lorry.

I'll try and bluff our way out. Come on.

We're slowing down.

Must be the guard post now.

Yes, but why are we hiding like this?
We've done nothing wrong.

We'll find out later. Keep down.

-They're right behind us.
-Oh, well. Thank you...

They're there in the distance.
Now, come on. Get lost!

Hey, you! I want to see your pass!

You will come back with us for questioning.

Oh, come off it, that pass is in order, isn't it?

Don't argue!

-Follow us.
-No, no.

I'm not going back inside that compound,
and there's nothing you can do to make me.

You will come back with us.

Look, we're not on IE property now,
you've no authority.

Sorry, you want to hold me, get onto the police.
See you.

-Er... Can you give us a lift to London?
-Yes, I suppose so.

In you get.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Here we are.


-Well, that's odd! It says "Watkins".
Must have the wrong house.

Well, the telephone directory definitely said
number 1 8.

We'll ask.

If you don't mind, I'm trying to work!

Oh. I'm sorry, miss, but we wondered
whether you could help us.

We wondered if...

Oh, look, now the stupid thing's
gone and jammed!

Oh, dear, perhaps I could help you.

Well, do you know anything about cameras?

Yes, a little. I see...

Now I had it on automatic shutter.

Taking photos of yourself?

Yes, then you interrupted me
and the stupid thing jammed!

Have you come to see my uncle? He's not here.
But who are you?

Friends of his? Fellow nuts?

Please let me answer one question at a time.

Hey, you be careful with that thing.
It cost me a fortune.

It's all right. It's a very simple mechanism.

-Who is your uncle?
-Professor Watkins.


Then Professor Travers doesn't live here?

Well, he did. He left about a month ago.

Gone to America for a year with his daughter.

Oh, that's just great!

My uncle worked at the Cavendish lab.

He wanted to do some work so Professor Travers

said he could use his daughter's lab here.

And I moved in because I got kicked
out of my studio last week.

What field of science is your uncle in?

Oh, I don't know,
he's in applied physics or something.

Always messing around with computers
and things. Complete nut.

Well, that is fortunate.
Perhaps he might be able to help us.

-Is he at home?

-Well, where is he?
-Well, how do I know? I'm not his keeper.

-Hey, have you fixed it?
-Oh, yes, that's all right.

-That's really great, thanks!


That's a jolly outfit.
Would you mind posing for me?

-Look. Just stand there.


Yeah, okay. Now just stand here.
Now get... Head over the shoulder.

Have you any idea when your uncle
is going to be back?

No, he left about a week ago.
I haven't seen him since.

A week?

Yeah, he was prattling on about some
new invention, or something or other,

and having the chance to develop it.
Now... Not you.

Okay. Now.

Can't you get in touch with him?

No, I tried.

I wanted to borrow a couple of quid off
him in a hurry,

but, well, they said
he wasn't available for phone calls.

They! Now... Now who is "they"?

Just get that, will you? I don't know.

International Electric, something or other.

International Electromatics?

Yes, probably.

You mean your uncle has gone to
work for these people?

-Well, surely we can get in touch with him.

Well, you can try telephoning,
but I doubt if you'll get any joy.

Oh, phone's in the hall and
the number's scribbled on the wall.

Thank you.

Hey. Don't go.

I don't often get the chance of
photographing a real model.

Oh, all right.

Come on. Let's get you fixed up with some gear!




Doctor, do you suppose this firm could
be the one that driver was talking about?

Oh, I'm sure of it.

In that case, Watkins could have been kidnapped!

Ah, Jamie, you mustn't let
your imagination run away with you.

I must admit, it's a bit strange.

International Electromatic Company.
State your business.

I would like, please,
to speak with Professor Watkins.

One moment.

-Party not available.
-Oh, yes. You see, but this is very important.

Party not available.

-Yes, but I must speak with him.
-Party not available.

-Party not available.
-But this is an automatic answering device!

Ah, shut up, you stupid machine!

-So, now what?
-There's only one thing for it!

We'll have to go there ourselves.

Okay, that's fabulous, just keep it like that.

Great. Any luck?

No, it was a stupid simple-minded
computer answering service.

Well, what do we do now?

Well, Jamie and I are going to this place.
Come on, Zoe.

Oh, no, thanks. I think I'll stay here.
It's great fun.

You look like a chicken with all those feathers on!

Well, come on, Jamie. Oh, the address?

-Oh, that's scribbled on the wall, too.
Oh, thank you.

Do you not write anything down on paper at all?

Well, I'd only lose it if I did.

Writing on a wall is much safer.
You can't lose a wall, can you?


Okay, listen.
Look, just put your boa round your head.

Okay, now bring your eyes just into me. Okay.

-I thought so!

More stupid computers!

Automatic receptionists!


International Electromatic Company.
State your business.

I would like, please,
to speak with Professor Watkins.

One moment.

Party not available.

Then I would like to speak
with someone in authority.

Your request will be considered
and your appointment arranged.

Please state your name and address.

Well, that's no good.
I wish to speak with somebody now.

I am sorry. All personnel are engaged.

But I insist. This is an emergency!

State the nature of the emergency.

It's a private matter.

Private matters have no emergency status.

Ah, shut up, you stupid machine!

Diabolical inventions!

What now?

-Come on!
-Where are we going?

Well, there must be somebody else in this
building except these stupid machines.

Come on.

HQ are checking now. Where are they?

Gone round the back, down the side alley.

It's a dead end, isn't it?
So they've got to come out this way!

If they come out.

-The same two?


Deal with them.

Okay, let's move.

-Yes, they've run a check.

-They want these two. Priority.
-Right, let's get them.


This will be my pleasure!


Bring them to my office.

But, Mr Vaughn, I haven't interrogated them yet.

Packer, please, do as I say.

Yes, sir.

Come on. This way.

Come and sit down, gentlemen.

Thank you.

-You can go, Packer.
-But, Mr Vaughn...

-Thank you, Packer. Thank you.
-Yes, sir.

I must apologise for Packer's crude
devotion to duty.

But your method of entry into my building
was rather... unconventional, wasn't it?

-Aye, well, there was no need for all that...

...gas and stuff.

I think perhaps it is we
who should be apologising to you, Mr...

Vaughn. Tobias Vaughn.

I'm the Managing Director
of International Electromatics.

Your business must be very pressing
to force you to such extremes.

Yes, it is.

-Concerning Professor Watkins?
-How did you know?

My computer. It reported directly to me.

Oh, I see.

You've gone to a lot of trouble for nothing,
you know.

The Professor's working on an experiment
and refuses to see anyone.

Ah, well. We only want to talk to him, you see.

Perhaps I can help.

No, I don't think so, thank you very much.

Oh, come on, Doctor,
it's only a couple of electronic circuits.

Circuits? Electronic circuits?

My technicians are the best in the world.

I'm sure they'd be able to assist you.

-Show me the circuits.
-Well, I...

Please, I'd like to help.

As you say, rather complex.

-However, I'm sure we'll be able to help you.
-Yes. You see...

I'll have them sent to my workshops immediately.

-Oh, how very kind.
-Not at all.

Professor Watkins is a valued colleague.
Any friend of his is... Oh.

-Have you got one of these, young man?
-No, what is it?

Surely you've seen them about.
They're disposable transistor radios.

One of our latest products. Most popular.

We've sold 1 0 million in this country alone. Here.

Compensation for the treatment
you received from the worthy Packer.

Thank you. How does it work?

Yes, that's how you turn it off, Jamie.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm afraid I have an urgent appointment.

Yes, of course. Come along, Jamie.

Packer will meet you
and show you the way out, Mr...

-Doctor. Goodbye.
-Goodbye, Doctor.

Goodbye, Mr Vaughn, and thank you for the radio.

Not at all.

-Yes, Mr Vaughn?

Show our visitors off the premises, will you?

Very good, sir.

The next time,
read the notice on the door.

Oh, don't tell me you can read as well.
What else do you do?


Friendly sort of chap, hmm? Is something wrong?

Yes! That fellow's not what he seems.

That big idiot? Oh, don't worry. I'll soon sort...

No, no, no. I mean Vaughn.

The normal rate of human blinking
is about once every 10 or 15 seconds.

Vaughn was blinking far less frequently than that.

Oh, and he's got a forked tail and wee horns.

Oh, I'm not joking, Jamie.

Underneath all that charm,
there was something odd.

Sinister. Almost inhuman.