Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 6, Episode 14 - The Invasion: Episode 4 - full transcript

The Doctor and Jamie enlist the help of UNIT to rescue Zoe and Isobel before trying to find out what Vaughn is really up to.

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You two, search this one.

Jamie. Jamie.

-Doctor, I think...

-But, Doctor...
-I think the guards are still out there.

-Keep your voice down.

That thing in there, it moved.

In the crate, there's something alive in there.


Jamie, the darkness plays funny tricks
with the imagination.

Look, it moved, I tell you.

-Are you sure?

-All right, let's have a closer look.
You two! Over here!

Get those two girls
over to the main administration building! Move!

-Zoe and Isobel.
-Wait. We'll follow in a few moments.

-The whole compound's under alert, Mr Vaughn.

-Well, um...
-You haven't yet found them.

-Well, it's only a matter of time.
-Is it?

I doubt it, Packer.

This Doctor's far too clever a fish for you to net.

Well, if you'd let me
take care of them properly in the first place

and obeyed the orders of our allies, you might...

Orders? Me, Packer?

I told them and I'll tell you.

I give orders, not take them.

You told them that?

The invasion's under my control,
and when our purpose has been achieved,

I shall still be in control.

You can't fight them.


Why do you think I kept
that old fool Watkins alive?

Well, to work on his machine, of course.

And why did you think I wanted him to do that?

Well, you... I don't know.

Our allies appear to find the Professor's machine
somewhat disturbing,

so much so, in fact,
that when they first saw the prototype

they ordered us to destroy it
and all similar machines.

-You mean they're frightened of it?

The teaching power of the machine
didn't worry them, but...

when I generated some emotion pulses...

I'm convinced, Packer,
that emotion could be used to destroy them.

Well, that's only a guess.

A gamble, Packer, a reasonable gamble.

And, after all, we are playing this game
for very high stakes, are we not?

Well, I think you're taking too big a chance.

Do you wish to be totally converted, hmm?

Would you prefer to be one of them?
Completely inhuman?

Ah, no! But...

That's what will happen if they take over.
We will cease to be human.


we must use their force and their might and then

discard them.

And you're sure that this machine can do it?

Even if we fail, we could escape.

The Doctor.

We must secure this spacecraft of his.

Oh, yeah, I see. Insurance.

Exactly, Packer.

The two young ladies have arrived, I hope.

-Yes, sir, they're under guard.

They're being taken over
to the main administration building now, sir.

When they're safely tucked away,
we'll flush out our clever Doctor.

Take them inside. Central block, tenth floor.

Could be the Brigadier's lot. Call them up for help.

No, no, not yet. We've got to rescue the girls first.

Tenth floor, central block. Come on.

There's a lot of unusual activity, sir.
Guards everywhere.

It looks like some sort of emergency.

Any sign of the Doctor and the boy?

No, sir. None at all.

Right,Jimmy. Get out of the area and stand by.

Right, sir. Will do.

-All units, please, Sergeant.
-Yes, sir.

Go ahead, sir.

This is the Brigadier. All units, stand by.

Full penetration of red sector imminent.

-A helicopter?
-Yes, sir.

And two of the outer perimeter guard posts
reported seeing strangers in the area outside, sir.

-I see.
-I think this Doctor's with the UNIT organisation.

Well, what are we gonna do?

-Nothing! But...

They can't harm us, Packer. We're in control.

Or at least I am.

Leave this to me.

What's that?

I should think that's the central block,
wouldn't you, Jamie?

How do we find out which room they're in?
And when we have, how do we get them out?

Stop looking for problems, Jamie.
Let's get along up there, shall we?

Doctor, if you can hear me, listen.

You have 1 0 minutes, Doctor.

Ten minutes to relinquish your freedom.

At the end of that time, your young friend Zoe

will pay the consequences
of your foolish and totally pointless opposition.

Ten minutes, Doctor.

Ten minutes.

There's not much time.

It's just about time enough
to effect a simple rescue operation.

-Come along, Jamie.

Yes, come along.

Oh, let us out of here, you stupid idiotic...

Oh, why have they brought us here?

I suppose because I ruined
that stupid computer of theirs.

-Well, I'm sorry.
-But why kidnap us?

Why don't they just turn us over
to the police or something?

I don't know. Anyway, we've got to get out of here.

We can't get out this way, look.

It's a sheer drop.

Hey, Zoe.

Zoe, look!


We're up here!

-Doctor, it's them, look!

As long as they don't give
the game away too soon.

It looked as if they were trying
to tell us something.

The Doctor wants us to keep away
from the window for some reason.

-I wonder why?
-Well, I'm not sure.

Just try and act as though nothing has happened.

Don't look now, but we're being spied on.

Yes, Doctor, come in.

Brigadier, I think we shall require
a little assistance in a few moments.

Are you in trouble?

No, but we shall need help.
You have a helicopter in the area?


I wonder, have they a rope ladder on board?

Yes, I'm pretty sure they have. Where are you?

We're just going up to the roof
of the main building.

That is the central block on the north side.

That should give your helicopter cover
should there be any ground fire.

-Have you got that?
-Yes, I've got that.

Over and out.

All right. Keep looking. Find them!

I've got the whole place covered, Mr Vaughn.

Don't worry, Packer.

They won't risk
any harm coming to their little friends.

Doctor, you have five minutes.

Five minutes.

They won't give themselves up. They'd be mad to.

Not mad, Packer, merely human.

-It's the same one, the same helicopter.

Perhaps they do mean to save their own skins,
after all.

Probably the helicopter's trying to pick them up.
Stop them!

-Shoot it down if necessary!
-Yes, sir.

You're not going to leave
the lasses by themselves, are you?

No, no, of course not.

Help me to get this over the side. Come on.

Right. Down you go, Jamie.


-Something must be going on.
-It is a helicopter.

-Hey, look, it's Jamie!
-Oh, yeah!

Give me a hand with this.
We have to barricade the door.

Oh, yeah.

Keep the guards out.

Bring the filing cabinet.

Oh, sorry.

Packer could never get through that.

-Jamie, be careful.
-Oh, yeah.

Right, now quick, up you go, you.

Oh! You don't think we're going up that, do you?

You don't want to be left here
with Vaughn and Packer. Now go on!

Get going. Come on, now. Watch yourself.


Hang on to the ladder tightly.
Whatever you do, don't let go.

And don't look down, either.

Right, Isobel, now you.

Guards, follow me.

There he is. Fire!

Well done, Jamie.

Get up there! Stop them!

Oh, thank goodness that's over.

I'm afraid it isn't quite yet, Isobel.

Oh, no!

Come on! Get up there after them!


Come on, Jamie, hurry up!

Get us out of here!

Hold on, Jamie.

Jimmy! What's happening, Jimmy?
Do you want ground support?

Hello, sir. No, mission accomplished.

-On our way back now.

-No casualties?
-No, sir. All well.

Fortunately, Vaughn's jackboots
couldn't shoot a flying elephant.

Over and out.

-All units, please, Sergeant.
-Yes, sir.

Go ahead, sir.

All UNIT groups, red alert cancelled.

I say again, red alert cancelled. Return to base.

That helicopter was one of the UNIT force group.
I told you.

Don't panic, Packer.

You've blundered again,
but fortunately it won't really matter.

Matter? There's bound to be an official reaction.

There will be no official reaction.

-I've told you, we are in command.

Don't argue, Packer!

Just do as you're told, man!
And for once, do it right!

Yes, sir.

Now, I want Professor Watkins'
Cerebraton machine loaded into my car.

We're going back to London.

Back to London, sir? But you can't go back...

Due to your clumsiness, Packer,
we must now alter our plans.

I intend to bring the invasion forward.

We have 24 hours to prepare for it.

Twenty-four hours! But they'll never agree to it.

The invasion forces
aren't anywhere near complete, sir.

They'll be sufficient for our immediate purpose.

After the invasion,
we'll no longer have a need for secrecy.

Now, you attend to the Professor, and...

I'll deal with our UNIT friends.

Bring Watkins up here to me when you're ready.

Yes, sir.

Get me the Ministry of Defence
and switch it through to my visual circuit.

Good morning. Ministry of Defence.
Can I help you?

Yes, get me... Oh, good morning.

Major General Rutlidge, please.

Just one moment.

Who is calling, please?

Tobias Vaughn.

Fine, sir, fine.

We'll meet this evening for dinner, then.

What? Oh, about 8:00.

Yes, at the club.

Good. Fine.

Goodbye, sir.


Outside call for you, sir.

Male or female?

It's a Mr Tobias Vaughn, sir.

-Yes, sir. Shall I put him through?

Vaughn? Yes. Yes.

Just one moment.


-Yes, sir?
-Priority scramble.

Yes, sir.

Ah, Rutlidge. Can we be overheard?

No, no, no. Priority scramble is in operation.

Good. Now listen.

Your friends in the UNITgroups
have been causing trouble.

They must be stopped, understand?

I... I understand.

There must be no more interference.

No, no, no. I'll deal with it.

Good fellow. Knew I could rely on you.


I understand.

You were lucky, dead lucky.

He said it would be
a simple rescue operation. Simple.

But what about my uncle?

-They've still got him prisoner.
-Don't worry, Miss Watkins.

As soon as we return to base,
I'm going to raise hell and get some action.

You think they'll listen to you now?

No one, not even Tobias Vaughn, can go as far
as trying to shoot down one of my helicopters.

Oh, I wish I'd had my camera.
I could have got a fortune for those pictures.

Yes, it was a pity.

That would have clinched it
as far as the Ministry are concerned, sir.

Don't worry, Jimmy.
Billy Rutlidge will have to take some action now.


-Hey, Doctor, what's the matter?
-Hmm? Jamie,

that object on the other side of the moon...

-Other side of the...
-Yes. The Tardis went wrong, you see,

and we had a sort of...
Well, what, Doctor, a forced landing?

Mmm? Yeah.

-And then they fired a missile at us.

Well, whoever it was who was on that spaceship
on the other side of the moon.

Spaceships? On the other side of the moon?

And then there was
that deep space radio transmitter.

I wonder.

Look, sir, I know this may sound ridiculous,

but could those reported sightings of UFOs
have anything to do with this?

UFOs? What's that?

Unidentified Flying Objects.

-Flying saucers?
-But these weren't saucers.

All of the sightings were quite clear on that.

Did anyone, by any chance,
photograph any of these objects?

Oh, yes, we've got several in the files.
Shall I get them?

-Oh, if you would be so kind.

Unidentified Flying Objects.

What was that shooting going on?

If you harmed Isobel...

She's perfectly safe, Professor.

Then why am I being taken back to London?

What about my niece? What's happened to Isobel?

I tell you, she's perfectly safe.

Well, I want to see her!

So you shall.

When you've finished working on your machine.

Do as I ask and you shall both go free.

You don't even expect me to believe you, do you?

Well, you've very little choice.

Now, we're going back to London.

There you will work on your machine
to my specifications.

You will have 24 hours to complete it.

Only if you haven't finished your work by that time

would you have cause to worry about your niece.

Got everything you need?


Come on, then. Move.

Mean anything to you, Doctor?

How long ago were these objects first sighted?

Reports have been drifting in
for well over a year now.

We sent up fighter planes to investigate,
but nothing ever came of it.

The odd thing about these sightings
is that they usually seem to disappear

somewhere over southeast England.

But isn't that where all those factories
and laboratories of Vaughn's are?

Exactly. That's why I brought it up.

Jamie, when you were hiding in that crate,
you say something moved?

Aye, it was wrapped up in that gauze stuff.

Did you recognise it at all?

-What do you think it was, Doctor?

I don't know. We've got to find out and quickly.


Well, obviously they bring these things,

whatever they are, up from the factory
in the country to the London premises.

That's where we're going to find the answer.

You mean go back to Vaughn's place?

I don't think that's wise, Doctor.
You've been lucky so far.

Aye, if you think I'm going back inside there...

Jamie, we have to find what is inside these crates.

Brigadier, have you got a map,
including the London premises?

-Yes, yes, I think so. Sergeant Walters!

-May we have map number eight, please?
-Yes, sir.

-I'll get it, sir.
-Thank you.

Here we are.

Now, this, this is the whole area in detail.

London offices, warehouse area
and surrounding buildings.

Oh, yes, I see.

But, Doctor, you can't go back
the same way again.

They'll be waiting for us this time.

Oh, my word. How very fortunate.

Anything I can do to help?

Brigadier, you don't by any chance
know where I can find a canoe?


-Are you sure this is a way in?
-Yes. Yes. Now, come on.

Go on, I'm holding it steady.

-Jamie, I'm afraid I was right!