Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 6, Episode 5 - The Dominators: Episode 5 - full transcript

Jamie and Cully manage to rescue the Doctor's party and together they try to find a way to stop the Dominators before they destroy the entire planet.

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Quark, kill!

You! You're next, you know the boy, where is he?

Answer or you will die! Quark..!

Toba! What is the meaning of this? Explain!

We were being attacked and a Quark was destroyed; it was an emergency.

Emergency? A few hostile primitives manage to destroy a Quark and you expend time and power chasing them!

Don't you see...

Why has the drilling stopped? Are you finished?

All four perimeter bores are complete!

And the centre bore?

The centre bore is...

Not even started! The Quarks power cells are dangerously low, and yet you send them scuttling all over this island on a pointless search and killing harmless aliens!

I considered it was my..!

Silence! Have the rockets been inserted into the perimeter boreholes yet?


Do it! Is the seed device at a critical mass?

There has not been enough time!

Time?! You have jeopardised this most vital part of the Dominator's war mission, you will remain on this planet and die with it!

Navigator Rago I have been.. but.. but!

You are useless unless you obey the Navigator's orders! Now check that seed device.



Seed device is almost at critical mass.

You are fortunate Toba.

Now, time is running short. You must complete the operation with maximum speed. Has there been a reply from fleet leader concerning the potential use of slave labour force?

I will check

No, I will. Take these aliens and place them under guard. Complete the centre borehole and place rockets in all perimeter holes, understood?

Command accepted.

Recall all Quarks from this ridiculous search and conserve their power. We can afford no more delays.

That was too close for comfort, they're all around us.


Wait a minute, they're leaving I think - look!

Hey you're right. Come on, let's get back to the shelter while there's still a chance.

Alright Cully?


I've unblocked that ventilator shaft, at least we can breathe now.

Oh I haven't had so much running about for years! Still, it was worth it.

Aye, we certainly stirred them up didn't we? Anyway, we'll lie low a wee while and then nip out and get us another Quark.

Oh, you don't believe in half measures do you?

Well it's important to keep the enemy guessing. Oh I wish we had some food though, I'm fair famished.

Hold on, I seem to remember...


Yes, survival kit.


Goes with the shelter; food, medicines, all that sort of thing.


Well what's that?

Try it.

Basic nutriments. Vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins - you can live on it for years!

Oh, I hope I'll not need to do that. Here did you unblock that periscope?


Good, let's see if we were followed.

Hey Cully would you look who's here!

Any Quarks?

Yes, one.


No there's more... can't quite see but I think they're working at something just outside the building.

Let's have a look.

Aye, they don't seem to have harmed anybody.

Well Balan isn't there.

Aye, he's probably working somewhere else. Look Cully...

What now?

We can't just let them stay up there can we?

Well what can we do?

Get them down here with us.

But what about the Quarks?

Well we'll...

Here we go again! But how?

Ah well, don't know yet. Er...

Ah, wait a minute!

Ah... yes.




What are they doing?

They're drilling.

Well yes, I know that, but what for?

Mm? I don't think they want to take something out of the earth Zoe, rather put something into it.

Well what?

Well, if I'm right... Oh no!

Ah, excuse me, I wonder...


Oh... oh!

Right Cully!

Quick follow me!

Doctor, come! Move on!


Cease drilling, a Quark is being attacked! Follow!

Quarks search and destroy!

Quark, where are the prisoners?


They can't be far away, they must be hiding. Quarks, search and destroy!

Command countermanded! Why has the drilling stopped again Toba?

The prisoners have attacked a Quark and escaped!

And once again you drop everything to hunt them! I have just completed calculating the remaining power levels of the Quark force; thanks to your foolish actions they are dangerously low! All efforts must now be concentrated on completing our mission!

And if they attack us again?

The Quark's power must be conserved. Complete the drilling operation!

Command accepted.

Toba. The primitives will not go unpunished. Fleet leader has just confirmed the Dulcians are unsuitable for slave labour. They will die with their planet.

Good! So the sooner we complete the drilling operations the sooner they will die.

Quark, follow!

They've gone.

It was very rash of you Jamie, those Quarks are appallingly dangerous.

Och they're not so terrible.

You know, we dropped a rock on one earlier.


Hey where's Balan? Why wasn't he...

He's dead Cully, the Dominators killed him.

Oh no! If only we'd managed to get him away too.

You did your best Cully.

It's thanks to you and Jamie that the rest of us are safe.

I'm afraid not. Nowhere on the island is safe; nowhere on the entire planet come to that!

You see we heard the Dominators say that the Dulcians were unsuitable for slave labour.

But then they'll leave us in peace!

Well, no. They said you'd all die with your planet.

Surely they don't mean to destroy Dulkis completely?

I'm afraid they do.

But why, what do they want?

A large amount of fuel for their invasion fleet.

But we know that there are no minerals worth having, at least not on this side of the planet.

They're not mining for minerals or any natural fuel source.

But their spaceships use atomic power, we've established that.

But there was no reactor in their ship of theirs, only a radiation storage unit. You remember how, when they landed it sucked up all the radioactive dust from the island.

Yes. So you're saying that they store radioactive particles and then convert that energy into power.


But then why are they drilling?

Look, I'll show you.

There are four drill holes here, here, here and here. And one drill hole in the centre.

Now then, they have rockets mounted in each of these drill holes, and the centre hole is probably for that atomic seed device.


W-well don't you see? They've chosen this spot because the crust of the planet is thin.

They're going to fire the rockets through the crust into the magma, the molten core.

Then that will almost certainly fracture the crust of the planet.


But that would create a volcano; and if they explode the atomic seed device in the middle of that...

Yes, that's right Zoe. The whole planet will become one vast molten mass of radioactive material - the fuel store for their fleet!

Well we'll just... have to stop them then.

Oh Jamie, it's not as simple as that is it? If only I could get hold of that atomic seed device I-I might be able to defuse it.

Yes. Then there'd only be a local volcanic eruption on the island.


How can we get to the device?

Yes, that's the problem.

Doctor, I've just had an idea.

Shush a minute Jamie, I'm trying to think.

Yes I know that but...

Oh Jamie!

Will you listen to me?! Now look, there's a dead easy way to get that device thing.


Yes! You said they were going to drop it down the centre hole, the one they're drilling outside here.


Well it's simple isn't it? All we've got to do is dig a tunnel through from here to the borehole and catch the seed device thing on it's way down!

Oh, well it was just an idea...

But Jamie... It's a brilliant idea! It's so simple only you could have thought of it.



We can get the direction from the periscope, just line it up with the drilling site.

Yes, there's only one snag though - could we complete the tunnel in time? It'd have to be twelve feet long or more.

Well Cully and I could delay the Dominators' work up there.


Oh, we're getting very good at destroying Quarks aren't we?

Yes, certainly seems to stop them working.

Yes, that's true - but you've been lucky so far. If only I could devise some sort of weapon for you... Ah, is anything down here, Cully?

No, doubt it. Nothing but survival rations and medical kits.

Medical kit, ooh. It's surprising what you can do with a few simple chemicals and a little ingenuity. Now come on, we must dig this tunnel!


Zoe, give us a direction will you?

Right. Er, on a line from... here!

Right! We start there tunnel there. Get that bunk away come on.

That's it Cully, I'll start it off with a knife, now... This line here.

I think you'd better let me start it, Jamie.

How are you gonna dig through there with your sonic screwdriver?

A little more than a screwdriver, just watch this.

He's got the technology to do that?


It's burning straight through!

Aye, the Doctor's very good.

Cease drilling.

Report progress.

Proceeding as planned. Operation will be completed on schedule.

Good. All rockets are now in position, no further sign of the aliens?


Good. Continue. Inform me when you are ready for the seed device.

Command accepted.

Oh we can't wait much longer.

What's the Doctor trying to do?

I've no idea.

Look Doctor, I-I don't think we should wait you know!

Hang on Jamie this is ready. Now if this works you should have a good chance of distracting the Quarks, and maybe even destroying one or two of them. Right come on Zoe let's try it.

What, in here?

Yes, in here. There you are. Just a bit.


Whoah-whoah, that'll do. Now then Jamie, all you've got to do is to add one of these little number nine pills to each bottle just before you throw it, like that.

But whatever you do, and this is important, you must throw it before ten seconds have elapsed, otherwise you're liable to blow up with...

Seven... eight... Doctor!

What? Whoah!

It works!

You could have blown us all to kingdom come!

No-no-no Jamie, that was just a small quantity. But with ten times that amount you should have quite a handy little bomb!

Two each side.

Yes. Where do we start?

Well one of the Quark's as good as another. Come on.

Two... three... four... five...

Not quite. Quick, another one!

That's it! Quick, round the other side.

Cease drilling. Quarks, search and des...

Wait! Continue working.

They've started again.

Oh dear, it's obviously going to take quite a disturbance to stop them drilling. Er, Teel?

Teel, how far have you got?

A little bit further than my own length.

Teel, come out and take a rest. Zoe, your turn. Come on.

I hope Jamie and Cully are alright.

Sounds as though they're having great fun.

Cease drilling.

Two more Quarks have been destroyed.

You should have let me destroy the aliens!

Silence! We have eight Quarks left, but their power levels are very low. Do your two Quarks have sufficient power to complete the drilling?

Quarks check power levels and report.




They will have enough for drilling.

Good. Continue operations.

They've started drilling again! Look, we've got to stop them somehow.

Now that's going to be tricky.

I know, but the others need more time! Come on.

Oh... ooh, we must be merely six feet or so from the borehole, I can hear their drill.

Yes, but they must be nearly finished by now!

Right, I'll take another turn.

Any sign of Jamie and Cully?

No, still up there. Unfortunately they're taking a bit...


That was close!


I think they've attacked the drilling Quark!

Has the drilling stopped?

I think... yes!



Ah, these primitives again! You see what damage they're doing with their primitive explosives? We must destroy them!

Replace the Quark! Continue operation! You will not be interrupted anymore. I will personally destroy these primitives. Quark, follow!


It's no good! Trapped.

Up here. Quarks can't climb - I hope.

Quarks, destroy.

Recharge force units. Reason for failure?


Keep order. Destroy.

Right Cully, I think we're safe now.

Wait! It's my arm, I can't move it, nor my leg. You'd better leave me behind.

Now don't be ridiculous, I'll give you help.

Those Quarks will be after us in no time!

Aye. How many of those bombs have you got left?

Quarks, form a flank movement round this area. Disperse.

Doctor, they've started drilling again! The blast didn't destroy that Quark and Toba's managed to get the drill working again!

Yes, I know, I can hear it up there. We must be pretty near. Ssh.

Doctor, help him, he's hurt!

What happened?

He was hit by a Quark, lucky for him its power levels were low.

My word, lucky indeed! Come along, down you come. That's right Cully. Get over to the bunk, get the table out of the way. Here... there we are, it's all right Cully. Sit down, mind your head. There we are, there... now then.

My arm seems to be paralysed.

Can you move your fingers?

Ah... you're lucky. I think it's only temporary paralysis.

Oh don't worry about me; get on with the tunnel.

Thanks to you and Jamie it's nearly finished.

Doctor, I think the Dominators have finished drilling too.

What?! We've still got a few feet left!

Have you finished?

Yes, just completed.

Good! I shall enjoy destroying this planet and its creatures. Get the seed device, we will delay no longer!

Can you see the borehole yet Jamie?

Ceiling keeps caving in.

They're back! Toba's bringing the seed device.

Oh dear.

I'm through!

You will recall all Quarks from their positions and prepare the craft for take off.

Command accepted.

I will insert the seed device. Prime the rockets at perimeter boreholes.

Command accepted.

I would soon see this planet die and it's creatures with it.

Shall I report to fleet leader?

Inform him the Dominator fleet may approach, and it refuel in orbit.

Command accepted. Quark, follow.

Quickly Doctor, he's taking the device out of it's case now. Oh Jamie, he'll be too late! He's putting it in now.

It's gone!

Oh... ooh!

Doctor, have you caught it?

Oh Doctor!

Great tunnelling Doctor!

Quick, out. Well?

Oh thank goodness!

We're saved then!

Now that's just it. I've still got to defuse it before they explode it. Oh. Oho-ho my word!


Well it's sealed, it's completely sealed! I can't possibly undo it!

You mean all that was for nothing? W-we're still gonna get blown up?!

Yes I'm afraid so, unless I can think of some way of getting it off the planet without a...

H-h-have you thought of something?

Well there is a way of getting it off the planet without it doing any harm to any of us at all...

Well how?

Ha! But it's not going to be easy...

W-what're you gonna do?

Now just leave it to me Jamie, mm? You and Zoe go back to the TARDIS. Teel take Kando and Cully and get them to the capsule and go to the Capitol. Tell them that there'll be a minor volcanic eruption, but with any luck nothing more violent.

But what're you going to..?

Now-now-now there isn't time Jamie! Now come along!

Is all prepared?

Yes, just two more Quarks to arrive.

Start take off procedure.

Command accepted!

All Quarks now accounted for.

Power level?

Capacity for lift off.

Electromagnetic field, contact!

All systems functioning.

Proceed with lift off!

Oh where is he?

The Dominator's ship, it's away!


Oh where's the Doctor?


Hey, where's the bomb thing?

Oh, did you get rid of it?

Oh where is it?

Y'askmanyquestionz... there's no time.


What's that?

It's the rockets in the other perimeter holes. Come along we'd better get inside the TARDIS there's going to be an almight... Whoah-ohhh!



Toba! Stop the countdown.

Impossible, countdown has already started!


Doctor come on will ye, the whole place is gonna blow up!

Oh it's quite alright Jamie, the planet is quite safe, there's only going to be a localised eruption - it'll only affect the island.

Maybe so, but we happen to be on the island!

Oh my word! Oh-oh!