Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 35 - The Faceless Ones: Episode 5 - full transcript

Jamie finds himself aboard the Chameleons' satellite and meets their Director while the Doctor forces the Chameleon Meadows to tell him the aliens' plans.

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Negative report from Air Sea Rescue, sir.

But with two aircraft ditching, there must be some signs of wreckage.

Why do you think the Chameleon plane crashed into the sea?

Because it disappeared off our radar screen!

But it stood still first!

Because it must have collided with the RAF plane and dropped like a stone.

Why do you think that?

You see, when a plane on that radar appears to stand still, it is in point of fact dropping straight down.

What about straight up?

Oh my dear Doctor! To get above our radar umbrella like that it would have to climb vertically until it was a hundred miles high. The darned thing would be in outer space.


That plane they sent to follow us. Should we have destroyed it?

We could eliminate a whole squadron of their toy planes and they'd never get on to us. Their minds can't cope with an operation like this. Remember the teaching of our Director - the intelligence of Earth people is comparable only to that of animals on our planet.

I thought I'd missed one of you. I wondered what happened to you.

What have you done to them?!

Close that drawer.

No... No... Don't leave me.

Right, thank you.

Air Sea Rescue say they're still searching but there's no trace yet.


I see - did the pilot managed to bail out?

I'm sorry.

They've found the remains of that RAF plane. The pilot had been electrocuted.

Do you still think these people are from Earth?

I don't know, Doctor. I just don't know what to think. If only there was one solid piece of evidence.

I think it's just come in!

Do you mind if I question him? I think I know how to make him talk.

You know what this is, don't you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh I think you do. Roll up your sleeve.

Do I have to take orders from him, sir?

I think perhaps you should explain, Doctor. After all, this man is working for me.

You only think he's working for you! Commandant, your personnel are being systematically replaced. And this is how they're doing it. This is not Meadows, it only looks like Meadows. He's wearing one of these things on his arm.

Very well, do as he asks.

But sir, this is ridiculous...

We all have to help in this, Meadows. Roll up your sleeve.


Now get him in this chair.

Jean, send for the police. All right Doctor, go ahead!

Roll up his left sleeve.

There we are.

Now then. What happens if I were to turn one of these?

Don't touch it!

Ah, I see. Right. Now then, you are going to answer all my questions. And in return, I promise no harm will come to you. Do you understand?

All right.

Where are your planes taking all their passengers?

There's a... satellite, about a hundred and fifty miles up.

Why are you abducting all these young people?

We had a catastrophe on our planet. A gigantic explosion. As you've seen, we have lost our identities. My people are dying out!

But what use would our people be to you?

Our scientists devised a process so that we could take on the physical characterises of another being.

This is part of the process?

Yes, that's why you mustn't touch it.

How many of these young people do you hope to abduct?

This time - Fifty thousand.

Fifty thousand!

How large is this satellite?

On the journey in our planes, the passengers are miniaturised.

I see. How many of your people are working here at Gatwick Airport?

I don't know.

That's the truth, I tell you. I don't know.

Very well. What happens to the people whose identities have been taken over, the originals?

They're somewhere in the Airport, I... I don't know exactly where.

I'll have the whole place torn to pieces to find them.

No, you mustn't find them.

Why not?

You... you mustn't, that's all.

Because if we do find them we'll find one of these on their arms, eh?

And if we remove it, something terrible will happen to you?


What if you have to change back?

Well, that can be done, but with the machine.

The machine in the Medical Centre?

Yes. None of us know where our own originals are. Except that Nurse.

Nurse? What about her?

Oh she was cunning. She's got her own original with her.

Where is it?

I don't know.

I think you do know.

Now, are you going to tell me?

It's in the Medical Centre.

Right. You're going to show me where it is.

I... I daren't. She'll have me destroyed.

Are you going to co-operate or are you not?

All right. It won't make any difference. You'll never see those fifty thousand young people again!

I think I'd better take him down there - the Medical Centre.

What is it?

This girl. What do we do with her?

We need to use her as an original. That way we can get one of our people close to the man who is menacing us. He will then be killed.

But surely Captain Blade isn't bringing any more of our people to Earth...

Can I help you?

Bring him in.

I'm afraid I don't understand.

I think you two have something in common.

Is this man ill, officer?

Roll up your sleeves.

What are you talking about?


Please take your hands off me.

Certainly. I've seen all I want to see. I'll have that, if you don't mind!

Now then, where is her original?

It's in there.

You can't go in there!

Would you rather be destroyed?

Keep an eye on her, officer.

Bring him along.

Sam! Sam, are you all right? Are you all right Sam!

I thought I was done for there. Pins and needles...

You're lucky it was no worse.

What are you doing?

Just checking up!

Now then, where is the Nurse's original?

It's in a panel in the wall, somewhere. The control's in the couch there.

All right, Officer.

Flipping heck! But she's in there!

You traitor!

Look out!

It's all right Sam. It's all right.

She's vanished!


Put her on here.

There we are. Will there be any permanent damage?


You can take that off now.

It's all right. You'll be quite all right in a few minutes. There.

Doctor, what's happened to Jamie?

What on Earth are these doing here?

Doctor, Jamie wasn't anywhere near the kiosk the last time... LOOK YOU'RE NOT LISTENING. I THINK THEY'VE GOT JAMIE!

Jamie! Where?!

Well you should know. You got him to pinch me ticket!

Pinch your ticket?

To stop me from going to Rome.

Oh you mean Jamie...

Has gone in my place.

First Polly and Ben, and now Jamie. We've no time to lose.


Let's see if I can get you out of there.

How did you get here?

I... I came on the plane, stole someone's ticket.

You ought to have been miniaturised on the journey.

Min... miniaturised?

Reduced in size - like all the youngsters in these cabins. Did you not have anything to eat or drink?

No, I... I felt too ill!

That explains it. The food is the first part of the process.

Inspector, what is this place?

A satellite, Jamie. A flying ship in space. These people are from another planet. It seems the Doctor was right after all. Does anyone down there believe him yet?

Oh I... I'm not sure. I... I don't think so.

I suppose it is too much for them to believe. But surely the Doctor's convinced them that something is going on?

Aye, I think maybe the Commandant...

Yes, Jamie.

Inspector, have you escaped or something?

No-one escapes from here.

But the plane that comes here. Well it must go back to Earth. We could get on it!

The last plane to Earth is leaving now. They've just gone back to pick up their own people.

Surely the Doctor will think of some way of rescuing us.

Not this time, Jamie. This time, he's up against a mind superior even to his. The mind of the Director.

You mean someone clever than the Doctor?

The man in charge of this whole mission.

You seem to know a lot about it, Inspector.

Of course I do, Jamie. I am the Director!

This is the bearing where the Chameleon plane vanished. I want to know if it reappears there. They've a flight due any minute.

Very good sir.

Now then Doctor, what's all this about personnel files?

Over here, I'll show you.

I found these in the Medical Centre. Records of twenty-five people who work here. Each one of these has been taken over by Chameleons.

Right. I'll have them all under arrest within fifteen minutes! Airport Police please. Now look at this.

What is it?

Chameleon Air Schedules.

You see here their last flight of the season goes in an hour. Er.. Superintendent Reynolds please.

The last flight? Well that's exactly why they mustn't be arrested.

Superintendent? Commandant here.

Will you please listen to me!

Will you hold on a moment please?

These people must not be arrested.

Why not?

Somewhere in outer space, there are fifty thousand young people, three of my friends amongst them, and somehow we've got to bring them back. I want to get on this last flight, which means the Chameleons must think that everything is going according to plan.


Reynolds, I'll call you back. Now what is it?

This blip. It's just appeared out of nowhere and it's coming this way!

Right well keep tracking them. It may be the Chameleon plane returning.

Now look here, Doctor. All very well talking about getting on that plane, but how?

At the moment, you look like a man called Meadows. Could you shed that identity and become somebody else?

Yes. Yes, some of our people have been processed twice.

Good. Then in that case I shall pretend I am a Chameleon, and get on board that way.

But even if you get on that plane, what do you hope to do?

I don't know until I get to the satellite... and then I will have one card to play. And that's up to you Commandant.

What's that?

The people the Chameleons have taken over, the originals, are hidden somewhere here in Gatwick Airport. You have got to find them.

Of course, and get those fearful things off their arms.

No, no, no! Find them, by all means, but don't tamper with those arm sheaths. Otherwise we lose our one threat - the one thing I may be able to bargain with!

Yes I see that.

But I still don't see how you're going to get on that plane, let alone convince them that you're one of their people.

That will depend entirely on Nurse Pinto.

Jean, get onto Superintendent. Reynolds.

Now is everything clear? You're sure you understand what I am asking you to do?

Yes, of course, but we've got to think of those young people.

How very convenient. Lock the door.

No, don't shoot! This is Meadows. He had to be re-processed.


The Doctor became too suspicious of me as Meadows. I was able to kidnap him. The rest is as you can see.

A pity. It was useful having someone in Air Traffic Control. But then of course we have possession of the Doctor's brain.

You think that will be useful?


That means that you'll be taking us up to the satellite?

I am taking everybody back to the satellite on the next plane. It's the last flight. Surely you haven't forgotten that?

The re-processing. It's difficult to remember details.

Yes, of course, I understand.

What have you done with his original?

In a safe place.

It should be with the others.

Tell me where that is and I'll have it transferred.

There's no time for that now. Jenkins will see you through Immigration.

We leave in fifteen minutes.

Do you think we convinced him?

I don't know. However we've got aboard that plane. Come on, don't let's be late.

Right. Thank you.

That was the police, sir. They say the passengers are now boarding the Chameleon plane.

Did they see if the Doctor had got on board?

Yes. He was with Nurse Pinto. All the passengers are adults and most of them have been identified as airport personnel.

Commandant. Chameleon plane's requesting clearance for start up.

All right Heslington, normal procedure. Give them clearance.

Chameleon Three-Four-Five, stand by for start temperature...

Yes. Now it's stationary. It must be ascending vertically.

The blip's getting fainter, sir. That means he's rising above our radar umbrella.

Ah Superintendent, the very man.

Blip's just gone, sir.

Now look, Reynolds. We've got to get every man of your force on that search. There isn't a moment to lose. Time's running out on us.

Any luck?

No. Look at that! Wish my files were as neat as that!

How about you. What about the kiosk?

Not much. Just a few papers.

Hmm... Oh we'd better get back to Air Traffic Control then.


Just a few papers sir.

Well, there might be a clue there.

Commandant, surely they'd put them somewhere... I mean, well somewhere we'd never think of.

We've got to think of it, Jean, wherever it is. The Doctor's relying on us. Thousands of lives are depending on us finding those originals - and quickly!

How much longer, Doctor?

I don't know. I should think we're almost there. Don't worry.

One moment! Owing to the complete success of our operation, living space on our satellite has had to be used for our... cargo. Therefore, quarters will be re-allocated. Report to the accommodation centre for instructions.

Do you think he's suspects?

I don't know. Let's follow the others.

What is your name?

Try again, What is your name?


Where do you come from?

From Earth, a place called Scotland.



What is it?

We have found two impostors. The Doctor and Nurse Pinto. I want permission to have them destroyed.

One moment.

What do you know about the Doctor?

He is not of this Earth or of this century. He has travelled through time and space. His knowledge is even greater than ours.

Director, this man is a danger to us, he should be destroyed.

And I say he must live - but as one of us.

You will regret it.

You have your orders, Captain Blade.

What do we do now?

We slip away and see if we can find these young people. Come on.

Ah, Captain Blade, we're carrying out your instructions. We're looking for the accommodation centre.

My instructions don't apply to you. You two won't be needing living space.