Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 34 - The Faceless Ones: Episode 4 - full transcript

When Spencer attempts to kill them, the Doctor, Jamie and Sam become convinced Chameleon Tours are hiding something and Sam decides to book a ticket on one of their flights.

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All set.


You wanted to know the secret of Chameleon Tours. Well Inspector, see for yourself!


He's dead! You're coming with me.

I'll not leave him.

You have five seconds to change your mind.

You'll have to kill me then.

I said five seconds. Five, four, three...


I suppose there's no use my asking where this plane's going to?

You will know soon enough.

This is Plane Number Three to Base. Inform the Director that I have an original for him as ordered. I am delivering him now, and will return immediately to Gatwick Airport.

Jamie? Are you all right?

Aye. Th... They've not harmed you, have they?

No - but I can't move.


Are you all right?

What's happening? I... I can't move. What's that?

I... I don't know. It's a beam of light.

Aye. Doctor, it... it's moving towards us!

That's just a small fore-taste of what'll happen to us if we don't move and quickly.

But I can't move, Doctor!

Neither can I.

Wait a minute. I can move one arm.

But I can't move away!

Oh Doctor! Can't you do anything to stop it?


Wait. One thing. It's a long chance but it just might work. Have you got a mirror in that bag?


Let's see.

Yes, that'll do. Hand it to me.

I can't.

I can't move my hand. Jamie, can you take it?

Have you got it?

No, careful!

Take it!

Got it!

Right now, see if you can point it at that laser gun.


Th... that thing on the wall.

I... I'll try, Doctor. But why?

Well, if you can reflect the light back, we've got a chance.

Can't you prop it up on something?

No, it won't work. I'll... I'll have to hold it.

But your... your hand.

It's a risk I'll have to take.

Quick Jamie! Now!

Oh, well done!

Why... I can move!

I... I wonder if...

Do you think that's what happened to Ben and Polly, Doctor?


Are you sure?

I think they were needed for some purpose.

We weren't.

We were obviously too dangerous for them.

But to try and do something like this, in broad daylight!

Yes. That means only one thing, I'm afraid. Their plans are almost complete. We'll have to act fast if we're going to save Polly and Ben.

And Brian, or have you forgotten about him.

No, I've not forgotten him Sam, but if my guess is right, they're all in the same place.

And where's that?

I don't know. Wait! The first aid post!


We saw a first aid post on that monitor.


We must find it.

Come on, you're not going to sit there all day are you?

Just a minute. We can't all go down to the Medical Unit.

All right. What can I do?

Did you get a good look at the man who tried to kill us?

I'll say. I had my arms around his neck.

Go down to the Chameleon Kiosk and see if he comes in or out.


But be careful. Don't let him see you.

Me be careful!? You two watch out for yourselves! I'll be OK!

She's got a lot of courage, that wee lass, Doctor.

Yes. I just hope she doesn't try to be too adventurous.

Who are you?

Steven Christopher Jenkins

Where do you live?

With my parents in Wimbledon.


I'm an Immigration Officer, at Gatwick Airport.

Come along, easy. You'll be all right. Now come along, take it easy. We'll have you as right as rain in a minute. Now just get you down here. There we are.


How am I doing, Doctor?

Very well but don't over do it.

Yes, this is the room. We see... saw on the TV monitor.

If the tablets do not help, come and see me again.

What's the matter with him?

It's a rare tropical disease, Nurse. I'm his doctor. If he... if he doesn't rally soon we shall err... we shall have to use somnalin.


Yes... yes, somnalin. I shall have to get him somewhere to lie down. Umm...

Oh yes, this will do nicely.

I... I'm afraid you can't go there.

Why not? It's just an X-ray room, isn't it? Isn't that a couch behind the screen.

I'm sorry, Doctor. You can't take your patient in there.

You refuse to help my patient?

Oh, it's not that. I have someone coming for an X-ray.

Oh I see. Well why didn't you tell me in the first place.

Let's get you out of here.

That Doctor is a menace to our plans.

Then we must kill him.

I tried. He must have escaped.

They won't escape me.

No, wait. This time, let them to come to us.

I've been paging him, Superintendent, but he hasn't responded.

Yes, very well sir. I'll keep on trying.

Operator. Look, I booked a call through to Athens, now what happened?

Yes, very well, I'll stay near the phone.

What's all this about?

Oh Doctor, have you seen Inspector Crossland?

Well no. Why?

Well, Scotland Yard are looking for him and we can't find him anywhere. Also, your Miss Briggs wants to see you.

But I told her to... Where is she now?

Well she said something about going to the Chameleon Kiosk.

Go down and join her, Jamie. She's a very strong headed young woman. See she doesn't come to any trouble.

I'll keep an eye on her, Doctor.

Commandant, did the Inspector say where he was going?

Hmm, oh he said he was going to make some enquires about Chameleon Tours.

And now he's disappeared?

Aren't you rather jumping to conclusions?

I don't think so. My two friends became involved with Chameleon Tours, and they've both disappeared. However, you know what I think wh... that's happened.

Yes, and you know what I think about your ridiculous theory. People from outer space, indeed.

Something the matter with you?

Commandant, I've found out what's been happening.

Well, that's a step in the right direction.

Wh... what I mean is I took the liberty of phoning all the airports that ah... err... Chameleon Tours fly to. The last on my list was Athens.

B... but don't you realise the expense of phoning Ath...

Yes, I know, I'm sorry. But what I found out is - they never deliver any passengers.

What do you mean? Never deliver any passengers...

It's absolutely true, sir. They all say the same thing. Dubrovnik, Athens, Rome. They say they pick up young passengers to take them off to other places but... none of them ever arrive anywhere!

Well in that case, they must be flying these young people to some secret airfield. But why?

You're still thinking in Earth terms.

And I intend to go on doing so. Wh... what was the name of that Chameleon Pilot?

Captain Blade.

And what er... what time is the plane due back?

About half an hour sir.

Right. After the turn-round we'll have it followed this time.

Might I have a word with you, my dear?

Get me the RAF Station Manston.

I suspect that the Medical Centre is connected with all this.

Medical Cen... Oh come on...

Now please don't get like him. Oh yes, there is definitely a connection, now, I would like to get in there and have a look round.

But anyone can go in there.

But I would like to get that nurse out of the way first... Do you think that you can manage it for me?

You'll find that in order.


He said you'd do something silly.

Oh yeah, what else did he say?

He said you were headstrong.

Oh great. Look, you can tell the Doctor he's not going to talk me out of this one, and neither are you. I'm going on the next Chameleon flight, that leaves in half a hour.

Oh look don't you see it's the only way we can find out anything. Oh, don't worry. I'll come back and tell you all about it.

If you do come back.

Oh, it's only going to Rome.

And what makes you so sure you'll find your brother in Rome?

Oh, I don't know. But that's where he was supposed to be going. At least I'll be doing something.

Aye, but do you not realise how dangerous it is.

Look if you're scared, I'm certainly not.

I wish the Doctor were here.


Hey, maybe I could go with you.

Hey, now you're talking. Do you think you can you raise the lolly?

The lolly?

The brass - the money. Look it will cost you twenty-eight quid - pounds to you.

Oh but that's a fortune. I've never seen that much money in my life. I suppose I... I couldn't take your place?


The Doctor said it was er... no job for a wee lassie...

A wee lassie!

You can tell the Doctor...

I say goodbye.

Hey, kid! I can take care of myself, you know.

I just wanted to make sure.

Hmm. So you can arrange to have it followed. Good. Oh I'll find out. What time's the next Chameleon flight?

1530hrs to Rome, sir.

1530hrs heading South. Right. And I'll let you know when they request permission to start up. Cheerio old man and many thanks.

Well, that's settled that. The next Chameleon flight will have an RAF fighter on its tail.

Good grief. Jean. Jean!

What's the matter with the girl? Get me the Medical Centre.

Isn't it possible for your assistant to come down here, Commandant.

But I'm not supposed to leave here.

All right sir, if you insist.

I'm just going off duty, but err this gentleman will be pleased to attend to you.

How do you feel now?

Not too good.

I can't understand it. She's never done this on me before.

Thank you Nurse. I feel much better now.

Well there couldn't be much wrong then.

Have you had any lunch?

No I've been so busy today, I haven't even had any breakfast.

Then no wonder you didn't feel well. Really Commandant. You must see that your staff have time for regular meals.

I've never stopped her having her lunch!

I'm sure, Commandant. But it has been known to happen.

Now look here.

Very well done!

Did I give you enough time?

Ample time.

What is all this? You weren't ill at all, were you?

It's all right, Commandant. She was acting on my instructions.

On your instructions?

Yes. What do you think of these?

Now, what are these?

I think there's somebody here who can tell us.

Excuse me.

Where's the chap who usually sits there?

Well he's probably off duty. In that case, he'll be back on shift in a couple of hours.

I see. Oh well, these'll have to wait.

Chameleon Youth Tours announce the departure of their flight number Four-One-Nine to Rome. Will all passengers please assemble in the departure lounge.

Don't forget your postcards. Give them back to me and we'll post them for you when...

Have you found your ticket yet?

I don't know. I seem to have lost it somewhere. But you remember me, don't you? I bought it off you.

There are so many people... what was the name?

Err, Samantha Briggs. Oh, it had S. Briggs on the ticket.

S. Briggs has already checked in.

Oh no. Well, who the heck... Look, can you remember what she looked like?

She? I seem to remember a boy with that ticket.

Jamie! He's pinched it. Look you have to stop him!

I can't hold up the flight.

But look.

I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can do for you.

Hello. Yes, all right. That's very kind of you.

You're very fortunate. Your ticket's just been found.

Oh good. Well who got it?

We can't tell you that I'm afraid but our manager would like to see you. He's just through there.

Oh right, ta.

Now, who's got their postcards ready?

Er, you wanted to see me?

Yes, indeed. You won't escape again!

Chameleon Four-One-Nine. Clearance correct.

Chameleon Four-One-Nine. Taxi Clearance?

Chameleon Four-One-Nine. Taxi following southern taxiway for departure runway two-seven.


Well this time they'll have the RAF on their tail!

How high can fighters go these days, Commandant?

Oh, ten miles plus.

How futile.

RAF Manston, sir.

Oh, good. Hello, old boy. The Chameleon Rome flight's just taken off. They're on Amber One, at flight level two-one-zero. Right. Good man.

You can unfasten your seat belts now. Thank you.

Are you all right?

Oh aye, I'll be all right.


That's the fifty-mile mark they're passing now.

Normally you... you don't plot them at this range?

No, there's too much traffic to control. Once they're up and away on their air corridor, we're finished with them.

Hello, Gatwick Airport. This is RAF Two-Four-One. How do you read me?

Gatwick Airport to RAF Two-Four-One. We read you loud and clear.

Have the Chameleon aircraft in sight. Am following at ten thousand feet, heading due south.

That's him. Right on the tail. So far so good!

All set.

Something's following us.

Another airliner going the same way?

No, it's too small.

It's a fighter. Give me a radar reading.

Two-three decimal seven-nine.

Heslington, that fighter's off course!

Gatwick to RAF Two-Four-One. Do you read me?

That plane isn't just off course. Something's happened to it.

You're right. It's out of control. Gatwick to RAF Two-Four-One. Do you read me?

I don't think you'll get a reply.

It's fading, dropping out of our radar. Jean, get me RAF Manston. That plane's crashed.

Look at the Chameleon plane! There's something wrong with that too.


It's standing still!


No sir, the blip's stationary.

That can only mean one thing... It's crashing too!

Report to the flight deck immediately.

How many people require passports in order to leave the airport on the next flight.


You missed this one here.

I'm sorry.

Carry on.

Negative report from Air Sea Rescue, sir.

But with two aircraft ditching there must be some signs of wreckage.

Why do you think the Chameleon plane crashed into the sea?

Because it disappeared off our radar screen!

But it stood still first!

Because it must have collided with the RAF plane and dropped like a stone.

Why do you think that?

You see, when a plane on that radar appears to stand still, it is in point of fact dropping straight down.

What about straight up?

Oh my dear Doctor! To get above our radar umbrella like that it'd have to climb vertically until it was a hundred miles high. The darned thing would be in outer space.