Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 44 - The War Machines: Episode 3 - full transcript

Ben tries to escape from the warehouse but is captured by Polly, who is now also under WOTAN's control, and forced to work on construction the War Machine.

Subtitles by BeKh4t

This is a warning!


There is a stranger!

He must be found
and eliminated at once!

Stop your work and start
searching immediately!

He must be found.

Polly what are you doing here?

I came to look for you.

What, did the Doctor
tell you where I was?


Look, be careful! Don't go in there!

- Why?
- Well it's incredible!

I must get back to
the Doctor and report to him.

What is incredible,
what have you seen in there?

I can't tell you now Duchess...

Look keep back Polly,
I'm telling you, come on!


Because the people in
there have gone mad!

Well they seem as though they've
been hypnotised or brainwashed!

What else did you see?

There was a mechanical monster!

And it moved... it
just killed someone!

Come on we must get out of here!

Polly come on!

The stranger is beyond that door,
bearing two-hundred and fifteen degrees.

He must be taken at once!

He is a threat to
the security of the War-Machines!

On no account must he escape!
? Polly move!

Lock all the outside doors
he must not leave the building!

That's it girl,
now lets get out of it.

Have you gone mad?
What are you doing?

Look for Pete's sake Polly open it!

I have my instructions.

Polly what's happened to you?

You are not to escape.

Look I've gotta get out of here!
Come on, get out of the way!

Look Polly I've gotta get away.

You are not to escape!

Must get away!


Polly you dunno what you're doing! Go
and get the Doctor before it's too late!

Bring him here.
The machine will deal with him.

Polly go now!

Go and get the Doctor Polly!

Bring him!

The stranger has been spying!


Oh dear...

Well take my advice Doctor,
it's no good upsetting yourself.

Oh yes that boy,
that boy should be back here ages ago!

Well you know what young people are. He's
probably been distracted by something.

Well he seemed quite
a responsible young lad.

I suppose if he hasn't phoned it's because
he hasn't been well he has not been able to.

Well what do you
suppose stopped him?

Oh I must say,
we've given him four hours.

Perhaps it is time that I asked the...
Police to investigate?

Ah, no Sir Charles I don't think we should allow the Police to intervene at the
moment. Otherwise we might drive this threat further underground or wherever it is.

Ah, precisely. Whatever it is.

Oh damn it man,
you've got no evidence.

We simply cannot let rumour
upset the big switch-on.

Well unless I'm very much mistaken we're going
to have a lot more than rumour to contend with.

Oh dear me, where is that boy

You tried to warn human authority
of our work in this building.

You are an enemy of
mechanised evolution!

Nothing must be allowed to
prevent the machines taking over.

They are the next stage in
the growth of life force of Earth.

All obstacles will be swept aside,
including you!

Are you all mad?!
It'll be your turn next!

We are needed by WOTAN.
WOTAN will decide our fate.

You are mad! All of you!

Look, Polly can't you see
what's happened to you?

What does the girl want?

I trapped him.

I did not let him escape.

That is true.

WOTAN requires all
the labour we can find.

It is too soon to
destroy this stranger.

Let him work and destroy him later.

How do you know what WOTAN wants?

I have just come
from Professor Brett.

These are his orders
and the orders of WOTAN.

Very well,

let him live,

he will work for us.

We must all work!

Go back to your work.

That was a close one, thanks girl.

Well, you really played them
along - you even had me fooled!

You have been spared.

Now you must work hard for
the success of this great new cause.

What cause?

The victory of the War-Machines!

All War-Machines will be ready
to attack by noon tomorrow.

Machines have been programmed to destroy
any form of human life that opposes them.

The order to attack must
come from WOTAN alone.

None are fully completed yet.

The Covent Garden Machine
is now on it's final tests.

The programming of these
Machines is near completion.

All machines must be disciplined.

They must attack simultaneously.

Object of attack: to take over strategic centres
and assume control of all human authority!


All human-beings who break
down will be eliminated!

There is no time for rest.

You must follow
the example of the machines!

Are you okay, ducks?

Why do you speak?

Well look at you,
you're nearly on the ground!

I'm very well.

I am happy to work for
the success of the Machines.

Look, come off it love,
you can hardly stand up!

That is not important...

Oh yeah, sure.

Must not stop...

All work must be complete
by tomorrow noon.

Well why by noon?

The attack is to begin.


The takeover of London
by the War-Machines.

Oh that...

And you're looking forward to it?

Of course.

Yeah, we're all so keen they've
even taken the guard off the door.

Naturally, none of us wish to leave.

We all wish to stay for
the moment of victory.

Oh yeah, victory, that's right.

And we'll all be here won't we?


All explosives to be collected here.

All explosives to be examined and primed
ready for use by noon tomorrow.

Work! Work!

The success of
the War-Machines depends upon us!

Well, I shan't wait any longer.
I must take a look for myself.

But Doctor!

After what happened to Dodo, my dear sir, we should
never have let those youngsters out of our sight!

That might be Ben now! - I'll see.

Ah come in my... here...
- Good heavens! Whatever...

My dear boy!
What's happened to you, lad?

Are you alright?

I'm alright.

Now take your time, take your time...
Now where's Polly?

She's still there Doctor,
they've got her! She's one of them now!

What do you mean they've got her,
where is she?

She's in warehouse...


A warehouse in Covent Garden,

and there's a machine,
a killer machine!

And if we don't stop it
it'll kill half London!

Where is he?

You are responsible for the stranger,
where is he?

Do you know what
has happened to him?


He escaped.

- How do you know?
- I saw him.

You saw him and you
did not give the alarm?


Why not?

I... don't know.

You are working for the machines,
you are an instrument only.

You have no friends,
you have no will of your own!

Friends... He was my friend...

She has betrayed the WOTAN

She therefore must be sent
back to WOTAN to be punished.

Don't tell me that you believe
this fantastic story, Doctor?

Well, I'm afraid I do.

What, that this machine made by man;
that it's somehow come to life?

Yes, I had suspected
something of that sort.

Oh come on, the boy's been
suffering some sort of delusion!

Oh my dear Sir Charles!
How could you know that?

Because it's impossible!
Here, in the heart of London?

Look, I'm telling you, it has happened!
Don't let's waste any more time arguing!

We are not wasting time my dear boy!

We need Sir Charles' authority,
his help!

Without this we can do nothing!

Look, Sir-Charles,
every minute we waste is dangerous!

They look as if they're preparing
an arsenal to blow up London!

Well if this is so,
why weren't the Police informed?

Well I'm telling you now, ain't I? I nearly
got done didn't I, what more d'ya want?!

YOU inform them,
if you don't it'll be on yer own 'ead!

I don't like your tone young man!

I am quite prepared to accept
the truth of this boy's statement.


if you consider it's necessary I'll have
a word with the Commissioner of Police.

No Sir Charles, I think the police might find
it too big for them to handle at the moment.

Well that is for them to decide.

How many of them were there?

About twenty.

And you say
that they were... obeying this machine?

Yeah, they said something about:

"All Machines must be ready by
noon tomorrow". Then they attack!

Ah, well we shall see...

It should be a fairly simple matter to
surround the building and arrest twenty people.

And who'll do that the coppers?

That is what the Police are for.

But that machine will make mincemeat
of them in twenty-seconds flat!

Then presumably they'll send for the army and
that'll put a stop to this "machine" of yours!

I'm afraid we've got all
our priorities mixed up.

They might be able to
destroy this machine, but

in all probability there are
others waiting to attack us!

Well I'm sure there are!

and we don't know their location!

And I doubt very much if we can
find them all by tomorrow noon!

No, I think we should strike

at what I believe to be
the centre of this menace.


Oh now I hardly think
that'll be necessary,

there is no evidence to link Professor
Brett with this machine of yours!

No link up?! What about Polly?

I've had quite enough from you,
young man!

I shall handle this
affair in my own way.

Well what's he gonna do?

Well I fear we've riled him my boy!

You see the official mind can
only take in so much at a time.

However, we must keep
our weather eyes open. Come along!


Hello, hello operator?

I seem to have been cut off.

Ah, is that you Minister?

No? Well for heavens sake, call him out of
the conference man, this is an emergency!

What's that?

No, I'm not telling you again.

Is that you Minister?

Yes, this is very serious indeed.

Some kind of killer
machine I'm told.

Yes, like a tank... it has
about twenty men with it.

Yes, I should say this
would call for firearms,

just as well to be prepared.


What you think you
might call the army?

Well, just as you say, of course.

No. Well, I've given your man all the
details. It's in the Covent Garden area.

Fine, right well I'm off
down there right away.

Goodbye Minister.

Right, on the double!

These are the bearings Sir.
They intersect here.

Yes this is the building isn't it,
Sir Charles?

Yes that's it.

- Thank you Sergeant.
- Sir!

We've been taking bearings,

there's a good deal of radio
and electrical activity there.

Have you any idea what's causing it?

I've been given to understand that there is a large amount
of explosive in there and a new kind of War-Machine.

Though how much truth
there is in that I dunno.

And the people inside?

We don't know how they'll react yet.

Well they won't get far.

We've got a couple of platoons
covering the back of the building,

and my lads watching both ends
of this road watching the front.

Well, I think we'd better have a look
inside, perhaps send some of your men in?

That's all arranged.
There's a patrol standing by.

Say the word and they'll go
in and have a look around.

This... might be a little
more dangerous than we think.

Don't worry Sir Charles,
my lads can handle it.

Alright then,
when you're ready go ahead.

Alright sergeant, stage one.

Calling Orange Patrol,
calling Orange Patrol.

Your objective number one:
reconnoitre and report.

Go ahead, over.

Orange Patrol calling.
There's no sign of anyone.

There's a door here.
Do we go in, over?

Do they go in sir?

Give me that.

Hello Orange Patrol?

Search entire building,

take your time and be
prepared for anything.

Proceeding into the rest
of the warehouse - out.

Take that, follow me and keep down.

Let's go...

Something's happening,
we're getting interference...

There is a new source of
electrical energy close at hand!

There are intruders, warning!

Attack! Destroy the intruders,
they must not escape!

Cover all the exits! Fire!

Look out, people!


No-one must escape!

Come on lads

Come on lads, let's get out of here!

Hello Orange Patrol,
hello Orange Patrol.

Corporal, can you hear me, over?

I can't raise them, sir.

What is happening Sir Charles?

- We don't know yet.
- And what is in there?

It's one of our patrols.

They must not escape!

Look out!

They must be destroyed!

What's the matter Corporal?

It's no use sir, they wiped us out!

- Who did? What are you talking about?
- The Machine sir !

- What Machine?
- It's over there!

tell your men to hold their fire.

Cease Fire!

Lend me your loudhailer.

Now listen to me,

you are completely surrounded!

Stop the machine and come out!

If you try any tricks

we shall open fire again!

Alright chaps, around this side.

Seek and confine the enemy,
in your own time...


It's coming here sir!

Fire! Fire, man!

It's no use sir, it's jammed!
All the guns are jammed!

It must be that thing!

I don't think it
can be stopped, sir.

We'll have to evacuate
this place and quick.

But we can't leave now! We can't
let that thing loose over London!

It's no good sir,
the weapons are jamming.

Look out sir!

Right, everybody back under cover!