Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 45 - The War Machines: Episode 4 - full transcript

The first War Machine is defeated but the Doctor only has a matter of hours to destroy WOTAN before the rest of its army is activated.

No joy Sir.
Even the grenades won't go up.

Never faced anything like this before.

I've got some wombat missiles
coming up if they're in time.

Doctor get back it'll kill you!

- Quick this way!
- Hurry man! Don't be a fool.

Come on Doctor!

Go away my boy.

Here is a further bulletin
on the London emergency.

It is announced, a few minutes
ago that the machine

has successfully been put out of action.

The city of London has responded with
characteristic calm to the emergency.

As yet there seems to be no
explanation for this sudden attack.

An emergency cabinet meeting was held at
number ten Downing Street this morning,

and service chiefs were called in.

The Ministry of Defence have just
made the following announcement:

Further attacks on London can be
expected in the next twenty-four hours.

The army are standing by at key centres.

People are warned to stay
in doors and keep calm.

It's remarkable, truly remarkable!

Doctor. Doctor, the Minister.

- How do you do sir!
- Oh well now...

You any idea what caused the collapse,

Oh yes, this is all very simple.

This is a computer and this computer
hasn't been completely programmed.

Can you make
that a little clearer Doctor?

Computers depend upon programming.

That is the information
that is fed into it.

Exactly, and my guess is this was
put into action before it was ready, sir.

Because it had to be.
Because we launched our attack.

You see Mr Minister,

if we'd not send our army units in,

the maniac behind this business
would have been able to finish the job

and I doubt if very many of
us would have been left alive.

Well, I hope that we're just
as lucky next time. Gentlemen.

Let me have that screwdriver young man

Next time?

We must locate and destroy any further
machines before there is a next time!

Hello Central-Control
hello Central-Control

this is sector two calling.

We have completed the first stage,
request permission to switch on.

Permission granted,

switch on to be carried out.

Stand by for testing

there must be no mistakes this time.

The disaster of Covent Garden
will not be tolerated again!


I've searched the warehouse all round
here, but there's no sign of Polly.

Oh don't worry my boy, she'll be back.

But she was in there,
what can have happened to her?

As far as I can make out
they've got everyone else.

My dear young man I haven't
the time to discuss Polly at the moment!

If I'm going to analyse this mechanism
I've got a great deal to do...

Oh dear and I'm so hot. Wait a minute,
let me take this cloak off.

Now hold onto that and don't drag
it on the floor, there's a good boy!

Have you discovered something Doctor?

Well yes,
I think I've managed to decode the um,

programme mechanism.
And if I'm right,

I think there are
eleven others in London,

perhaps in an area of
twenty to thirty miles.

And this has it's own timing device,
this computer.

And I think if my calculations are right

Then we can conclude that they were
intended to attack at 12 o'clock today

Twelve o'clock with another
eleven machines like this?

Good heavens Doctor,
what are we going to do?


Turn plus eight seven degrees!

Be prepared to attack
when given the order.

There must be no mistakes!

Stand by for reaction test. Testing.

On command go towards exit.
Stand by for reaction test. Testing.

On command go towards exit.

Move forward.

Continue until ordered.

We've been cut off.

The machine has destroyed
the transceiver.

Programming is at fault.
It must be corrected immediately.

We've rounded up everyone in
the warehouse.

- Much trouble? - None at all Sir.

They seem like people
who've been brainwashed.

I've brought one of them along,
you might like to question him.

I think perhaps
you'd better bring him over.

- Bring him here Sergeant. - Sir.

Minister, if you don't mind I think
I'll ask this fellow a few questions.

Just a moment Sir Charles, please.

Major Green?

- Do you know him Doctor?
- Yes, of course.

Do you remember me Major Green?

Oh no. I don't.

I'm afraid I don't remember anything.

Where am I, what is this place?

- You don't remember anything? -No.

Do you remember this machine?

Good heavens,
what on Earth is this thing?

I think you'll have to have him removed
gentlemen he may need medical attention.

- Alright Sergeant. - Sir.

- Alright you two men go with him.
- ...this way sir.

- Yes.
- Look Doctor, how do you

know he's telling the truth?

Of course he is. He
remembers nothing since

he was taken over by
Brett's computer system.

- You seem very positive about that Doctor.
- Yes, I am.

If Brett's at the root of this business,

the sooner we get to
the GPO tower the better!

What do you intend to do there, sir?

Well get hold of Brett
and get him out of it!

That is very dangerous Sir Charles.

And if I may say so,

your strong arm methods have already
got us into plenty of trouble!

- I strongly…
- What do you suggest Doctor?

Quick give me the Police!

This is an emergency!


Hello, listen, one of those
machines it's on the street now!

I tell you it is I've seen it myself!

It's out there now

It's seen me!

The following statement
has just been issued.

A second War-Machine has
been reported in London.

People are warned to
remain in their homes

and to keep off the streets.

Under no circumstances
should they attempt to attack

or impede these machines.

Phone your local Police station

if you have anything to report.

All radio programmes will be interrupted

as further bulletins are issued.

They must've built these
things all round London.

If they've got Polly,
Doctor; they could've

transferred her to help
at any one of their pro...!

My dear boy, if we worry about ...person we
shall never solve anything, now shall we?

Looks such a kind old bloke too,

'Ee's got other things
to think about mate.

Yeah I know but this
bird saved my life, see.


Battersea, I see.

Well have you had any reports in yet?

Good heavens it's appaling!

Well you stay and get the phone
and I'll be back to you.

The second machine is approaching
the Battersea power station

and it's creating absolute havoc!

Well we've tried the army,
what else is there?

Haven't you anything you can
suggest Doctor; this is urgent!

Somehow we've got to get
a hold of that machine!

Get hold of it?

Yes, and I think our only
one chance is to paralyse

the nervous system of that mechanism!

Yes, and if I remember rightly

it will be electro-magnetically

Yes, in other words gentlemen
we've got to capture it!

Why are you here?

I have come to submit
myself to WOTAN's judgement.

I allowed a prisoner to escape.

WOTAN will consider your case later.

If found guilty, you will be destroyed.

I understand.

For the moment your help is needed here.

Fetch me the plan of
subsidiary computer bank W-4.

More reports of destruction sir.

Doctor! You must hurry Doctor!

I shall need equipment Sir Charles.

Sufficient equipment to set
up a powerful magnetic field

and it must operate effectively
within say... twenty feet.

- Won't that be dangerous?
- I'm afraid that we have no choice

- Supposing that fails?
- Then we shall turn to other means.

Right! Well where is it
you want this equipment?

Where was it reported last?

Approaching West London, sir.
This is the area here.

Good heavens, we shall never
locate it in time to trap it!

Now just a moment Sir Charles, now look.

If you close that road there...

this and this.
Then we can funnel it into here...

and there,
gentlemen - we can spring our trap!

You are advised to
remain off the streets,

this is for your own safety.

Please close your windows
and doors and stay inside

You are advised to
remain off the streets,

this is for your own safety.

Please close your windows
and doors and stay inside...

Well it all sounds very ingenious,
but I'm afraid I don't understand it.

Oh well allow me to
illustrate Sir Charles.


to set up a magnetic field
I want a four-square box

formed by four cables.

But the machine will never
cross the first cable!

Exactly! Therefore,
we must prepare these three first.

And when the machine has approached
and appeared in that position

we connect the forth cable and switch on!

But how do you connect the forth cable?

I shall connect the forth cable myself.

That's impossible with the
War-Machine inside. You'll be killed!

That is a risk we have to take.

You're a bit past
that lark aren't ya Doctor?

- I beg your pardon young man!
- I reckon that's a job for me sir.

How's it going Sergeant?

- They're on the last cable now sir.
- Oh good.

Then take up your positions and let
me know when the machine's coming.

Yes sir.

Let's go now sir.

I shall allow it to come within twenty
feet, so don't be alarmed my friend.

Now wait for it!

Until he's in the area!

Wait, wait!

Surely now Doctor, surely?

Not yet, not yet!


Come on man, quickly!

He's done it!


It worked!

Good man!

I want you to remain up here,
Sir Charles, until I give the signal.


Ah temper-temper!

Switch off, Sir Charles!

What did you do?

Well to coin a phrase Sir Charles,
I neutralised it.

Quite a harmless looking
fellow don't you think?

We must find a way
to get it down to Covent Garden.


Hello hello New York?

Johnny, hi! Listen,

the second so-called War-Machine in five
hours has just been captured and made safe.

Now I gather the question is: how
many more of these machines are there?

And is this new threat to world
peace only confined to London?

Time's getting short Sir Charles.

- How long do you think the Doctor will be?
- I don't even know what he's doing.

Does he still say they'll attack at noon?
- Yes he does.

I'm afraid that something

Well I think that's about all gentlemen.

What have you done Doctor?

I've made an important readjustment to aid
and change the purpose of this machine.

It sounds as though you've
changed its character Doctor.

Well you could say that of course, yes.

I hope it would carry out a special
programme that I've fed into it.

But will it be successful in
stopping these other machines?

Well my dear Sir Charles,
we can soon find that out can't we?

Would you mind just
standing back for a moment?

Now my dear Ben, just carry
out what I've asked you to do.

It's quite safe gentlemen.

Well how are you going to use it Doctor?

Well it all started at that Tower.

What, the Post Office Tower?

Yes, in Brett's Office.

And I think that it
will probably end there.

What about Polly? I think
that she must have gone back there.

Well now, I'm afraid we can't
check up on that now my boy.

My machine has to face WOTAN before noon!

Right! Well just give me until then.

No you can't, you won't be able...!
Oh you foolish boy!

All serviceable machines
are now standing by.

They must be ready to attack
at exactly eleven minutes.

Instructions to all War-Machines.
Stand by for attack.





How will it work Doctor?

Well, it will be like the crossing
of two electrical currents.

My machine has to face up
to Brett's computer WOTAN.

And what will happen then?

Well, those people that
were under some form

of hypnosis will return
to their normal selves.

- Polly look out!
- What are you doing?

- Quick Polly, get outta here!
- No, I must work for WOTAN!

WOTAN's power is finished!

That is not true.
You must not make contact.

- Come on Polly!
- Brett!

No my place is with WOTAN!

- What is it?
- A danger's approaching!

It's for your own good!

- The danger's here!
- Oh no, I mustn't!

Quickly Polly, down the stairs.


Emergency control, quick Brett!








There's nothing you can
do for the poor fellow.

Good heavens! But what about all
the other War-Machines Doctor?

All immobilised, all waiting
for orders Sir Charles

orders that will never come!

Sir Charles.

Ah, Brett. Are you alright?

I think so.
What's been happening here?

Yes well I think you'd better ask.

Oh where the devil's he gone!

There you are my child,
it's nice to see you so well again.

And you my boy!

Away from that wretched tower!

Never felt better Doctor,

Sir Charles has been
looking for you everywhere,

we've got a message from him about Dodo.

I've been waiting around here for her.

Where is she?
I very nearly left without her!

- Left?
- Yes, to the airport, yes.

She is well I hope?

She says she's feeling much better and

she'd like to stay here in
London and sends you her love.

Her love?

There's gratitude for you!

Take her all the way round the world,
through space and time...

Come again Doctor?

What? I...
nothing my dear boy, nothing.

Now I think you both want
to get away don't you?

Thank you Polly very much.
Thank you Ben.

Goodbye, run along.
Enjoy yourselves!

Well the miserable old!

Watch him. I'm sure there's something
strange about that Police box.

Look he's got a key for it...

He's going inside!

Key, that reminds me!

I forgot to give him this one back.

Come on, we'll do it now.

But I've got to get back to barracks.

Oh come on!


What on Earth is he doing in there?

Ah look it's locked,
come on let's forget it.

Hey, Ben.

Look, I've only got a couple of minutes.

Come on.