Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 43 - The War Machines: Episode 2 - full transcript

Dodo is under the control of WOTAN and attempts to lure the Doctor into a trap, while the rest of WOTAN's slaves begin construction on its robotic War Machines.

Subtitles by BeKh4t




Here are your orders.

Time is short,
progress is impossible unless WOTAN

takes control within
the next few days.

Then WOTAN shall decide
on the future of the human race!

Who shall live to serve the machines,
and who shall be eliminated!

Krimpton you take that.

London is the first
capital to be taken over.

Then Washington and Moscow.

War-Machines must be
built immediately!

Further instructions from WOTAN.

We shall require skilled labour;

a labour corps will come
into operation immediately!

Contact will be made by
these people by telephone.

When they are on the line switch
them through to thought control.

This is the way each
person is to be enlisted.

When we have the people where
are we to construct the machines?

At central points in London.

You Major Green will
select suitable places.

I shall supervise the initial stages

suspicion must not be aroused!

I shall attend to this immediately.

You Krimpton will work upon a suitable electronic
programme for the new mobile computers.

They must be able to move freely
and contain their own power.

All computer systems throughout
the world must be integrated in WOTAN.

I shall begin this at once.


Top priority is to enlist Doctor Who

he has advanced knowledge
which WOTAN needs.

Doctor Who must be enlisted
into our services tonight!


Look love, I really am sorry
about your friend not turning up,

but I've got to lock up now.

You can hang a note
on the door if you like?

Yes, a good idea.
Thank you, that's very kind.

I think we ought to
go to the Police.

I'd rather not have them
round here if you don't mind.

Well we have got
a license to think of!

Well we must do something!

I'm gonna start
phoning the hospitals.

What's her surname?

Oh, Chaplet, Dodo Chaplet.

I wonder which the nearest will be?

What are you phoning
the hospitals for?

Well she might have had an accident!

Oh, a regular little ray
of sunshine ain't ya?!

Well look, it's better than just sitting
around here on our backsides doing nothing!

Hello Doctor!
So you found us alright!

- Oh my dear child!
- Dodo! Where've you been then?

- What happened to you?

I've just been around the corner.
But you've been hours!

Yes, we've be extremely
worried about you!

I had a call from some old friends.
I just popped along to see them.

Was I really that long?

Indeed you were!

You didn't tell me about your friends, and
how did they know that you might be here?

Oh it's a long story.
I'm sorry if you were worried.

Well I sincerely hope so!

And by the way my child,

Sir Charles Summer and his family have asked
us to pay a visit; so if you'll excuse us,

I think we'll be off.

Well I think
that I'd better get some kip too.

Yes, I suppose isn't too
late to get a cab is it?

No, we'll get one outside.

Oh yes... I suppose so.

Goodnight Kitty!

Goodnight Doctor.

Yes goodnight young lady, goodnight.

Look wait'ere Doctor,
I'll go an' get you a taxi.

Wait for me Ben,
I know where we'll find one!

They shouldn't have done that.

Well that's very helpful
of him I thought!

Oh yes, you're quite right.
Of course it was.

You know Doctor, those two have gone off in the
wrong direction, the taxis are all down there.

Well, are you sure my dear?

I've just seen three go past!

They're coming.

Come along Doctor,
we can pick up Polly when we find her.

- Oh very well my dear... - Doctor!

We had to do one for another,

Not so fast!

What about my fare?

I was about to pay you my man.

Have you got change of a quid?

Oh no, not another one!

No I haven't got the change mate!

Then I'll just pop over to
the all night cafe and get some.

You're staying right here mate!

Oh come along,
my man we're in a hurry, come along!

Not until he pays!

We all know him round here!

I think I've got change,
here you are.

Thank you Miss.

There you are my man,
half a crown on the top.

Thanks, now be off with ya!

Right, where to guv'ner?

Now look, give him that my dear.

Come along, come along Dodo.

Alright... off you go...!

- I'll see you all then!
- Where do you have to get to Ben?

Oh, just to a services club just around
the corner. It's alright I'll walk.

Right! Listen, if you meet me at the reception of
the Post-Office Tower tomorrow I'll stand you lunch!

But I'm no Deb's delight you know!

I can see that!

- Goodnight Doctor!
- See you tomorrow Polly!

Goodbye young man, goodbye.

Have you got a bed
for the night, mate?

Well perhaps not what you'd call a bed,
after a bit of a meal...

Sorry mate.

I'm going to doss down in
the old warehouse over there.

OK, goodnight.

It's blooming paradise after what I've
been used to for the last six months!

She didn't bring the Doctor.

Yes, she tried to
but they went off in a taxi.

I understand. We will do as you say.

This is your blueprint.

It is to be followed in every detail

the outer sections are to
be constructed at once!

The electronic section must
be assembled in this order!

They've painted out the number!

What's been going on around here?

The welding of
the casing must begin now!

Hurry, time is short!

This machine must be completed
and armed by tomorrow morning

ready to be programmed by WOTAN!

Cease work and stand by;
there is a warning!

Close the doors,
there is a stranger amongst us!

He is in North section of the warehouse
bearing two seven zero degrees, behind cover.

He is a danger to us, he
must be destroyed!

Now look!

If you're the law,
you got nothin' on me.

I'm clean - just come out!

Well alright, live and let live.

I'll find another place to doss.

Night all!

Cover the door! He must not escape!

Now what kind of a welcome's this for a
bloke what's just come out the hospital?

I won't say nothing!

Here what is this, a nut house?

Here, you keep away from me!

Resume work immediately.

Construction must be
completed by tomorrow morning!

Good gracious!

What is it Doctor?

Well, just take a look
at this Sir Charles!

Tramp found dead in Covent Garden.

Yes! Three o'clock.

That must have been
after we left him!

Do you know the fellow Doctor?

No... We met last night; or rather,

early this morning.

We used his taxi
which he left in Covent Garden.

The Police aren't sure if
it was a street accident.

Yes, it is possible of course

Well what else?

Oh I don't know sir Charles, I dunno

Well if you'd just stop
worrying about the indefinable,

you might be able to give me
a little advice on a very real problem!

Oh yes? What's this then?

Letters of resignation from scientists,
both of them in my faculty!

Oh yes I see, yes.

There's no reason
given at all is there?

No, that's the strange thing.

Now these are two of
the best men in England

and I haven't been able
to get in touch with them.

No-one appears to have seen them since last
night, now isn't it an extraordinary thing

that two such well known
men can vanish so suddenly!

Yes, I wonder Sir Charles,
do you suppose...

No I don't suppose you would.


No thank you.

Good morning Sir Charles, Doctor.

... morning, morning.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Late? Late, what for?

Well for work.

If you'll just show me where your
secretary does work, I'll take over.

I'm afraid I don't quite understand.

But Major Green told me to
come straight round at once as

Professor Brett didn't want me this
morning, and your secretary was ill!

Yes, well my secretary is away today,
but how on Earth Brett knew...

Still, I-being as you're here
I'd be very grateful of your help.

The office is through there
I'll be there in a moment.

Right, thank you very much.

How's Dodo this morning Doctor?

There she is child.
Perhaps you'd better ask her yourself?

Hallo Dodo, how are you feeling?

Quite well thank you.

Hadn't you better start work?

Pardon me for asking!

Hello Doctor. Hope I haven't
kept you waiting for me today?

No child, no. Y're right on time!

Well I'm sorry Sir Charles,
I can't help you with your problem;

but I'm afraid
I'm rather out of touch.

Yes well it's not going to be easy, men of
that quality are very hard to find - especially

men with
their knowledge of computers.


Well surely the person who can tell you
all about computers is Professor Brett!

We can call round and see him now.

But my dear, I thought you were going
to show me round London this morning?

Don't worry about that,
your business sounds important.

That's very nice of you.
Yes, very understanding

Right, I'm ready.

I think perhaps I'd better
phone his office first?

Yes, that might be best.
- Do you mind if I use the phone...

- By all. - Thank you.

I want to speak to Professor Brett.

Yes, he's at the General
Post-Office tower.

That's right, yes!



It's the Doctor!

I'll switch him through.

Direct to WOTAN.

Are you alright?

Let's get him back into this chair.

I'll get Brett's secretary
to phone for a...

Well a little brandy then...


Alright I'll get some water.

Don't be alarmed Doctor this is
the method of establishing contact.

Time is very short, construction of the
machines has already begun, you are needed!

What happened?

It's alright Doctor,
you are now one of us!

My function was to bring you in contact,
now I shall serve as an assistant.

Oh what are you talking about child?

Listen Doctor, construction is taking
place at strategic points in London.

What were you saying my dear?

But you took the call,
you made the telephone call

You made the contact didn't you?

Yes... I...

I think I remember,
I was speaking to Professor Brett and

all of a sudden there
seemed to be an explosion.

It very nearly knocked
me off my feet.

It was as if, as if...
- What Doctor?

It was as if something ENORMOUS
and TERRIFIC was trying to absorb me!


ridiculous child isn't it?

Yes... there's something heretically
wrong with that telephone, yes.

It's just like an electric shock.

Then you received no instruction.

From whom my dear?

- From...
- Here you are Doctor, drink this.

Ah yes, thank you.

What happened?

That's it!

Either that telephone is
dangerously out of order, or...

Or what?

Stay where you are my dear!

What is the matter?

There's a new and...

Deadly danger facing us!

Yes, and it's coming

from Professor Brett's office!

From my office?

I don't understand.

None of us do.


Come here my dear.

Look at me.

Yes, it's just as I thought.

She's been hypnotised.

Sit in that chair my dear.

Now I want you to repeat after me.

My name is Dodo Chaplet!

My name is Dodo Chaplet.

I resist all attempts to
change me into somebody else!

I resist all attempts to
change me into somebody else.

Now I'm going to start counting,

and When I've counted up to five

you will be fast asleep.

And when you wake again

you will forget all about
this distressing incident.

Now I'm going to start counting.

Just look at that ring on my hand.






Yes, I think she'll sleep
for about forty-eight hours

and when she wakes I want absolute peace
and quiet for her, d'you understand?

- Are you sure she's alright?
- Oh yes, she's alright.

She can go down to my house in the
country. My wife will look after her.

Yes, it's a very fine thing.

- Yes, and take care of her won't you!
- Indeed I will. Polly, would...?

Oh where has that girl gone to?!

I don't know.

She said something about
strategic points in London.

- Strategic points? - Well, I wonder


Destructive weapons to
be fitted and tested!

Prepare for demonstration
of effectiveness.

You there!

Stay where you are, stand still!

Bearing fifty two.

Distance check thirty feet,
elevation five feet.



take aim!

Ready to proceed, observe results.

About to fire... Fire!

Test satisfactory,
effective at thirty feet.


There is no word yet from
the person known as Dodo.

Perhaps she has failed in her task?



There is someone outside.

We must be ready to destroy.

There you are Professor!

Are you alright?

Excuse me sir?

Ben. How did you know I was here?

Well I was supposed to meet Polly for lunch see,
but they told me at the tower that she'd come here.

- Didn't she keep that appointment?
- No Doctor.

Oh dear me, it's just as I feared.

Well is there something wrong?
Well where's Dodo?

She's a little under the weather and she's
gone into the country for a few days.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh she'll be quite alright,
yes really.

I'm rather worried about Polly,
she appears to be missing, that child.

Oh, probably gone all snooty on us.

No, I think it's far
more serious than that!

That tramp in the paper,
did you see it?

Of course! I thought I recognised him,
he was in the taxi!

But how does this
connect with Polly?

Well I'm not so sure that it does, my boy; That's
why I want to solicit your help in this matter.

I think... I don't think you'll arouse
so much suspicion as the Police might.

Well just tell me what to do.

Well, I want you to investigate in and around that
neighbourhood where we were last night in that club.

That tramp had a sort
of home round there.

Well, I'll go right now.

Yes, and be careful my boy,
this might be dangerous!

I'll watch it Doctor.

Destruction and target test,
stand by!

Stand by for test on arm action.


Test satisfactory.

Stand by for sight test!
Commence testing...

Sight to be improved,
thirty yards maximum insufficient!

Movement test! Commence testing.