Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 20 - The Abandoned Planet - full transcript

The Doctor, Steven and Sara reach Kembel where they find the Daleks have betrayed their allies and imprisoned them.

thought that you said
that it was finished.

Yes, my dear, I've finished, but...

Oh come on, Doctor.

We haven't got time for
buts. This is our only hope!

You realise, my boy, we're
taking a terrible chance.

You can save your breath.
We've got to try it!

Very well. Pull the main switch!

The mission has been
completed successfully.

With guile and cunning, I have
been able to repossess the Taranium.

Are you certain it is the real core?

Of course. I had it examined
before we arrived here.

It is ready to be fitted
to the Time Destructor.

I hope that the Daleks will
not suffer any more setbacks

which could upset the plans for
our conquest of the universe.

The final conference of the remaining

members of the Galactic
Council awaits you.

I shall go and address
them... presently.

The task force has disembarked.


Is the core fitted to
the Time Destructor?

That is being done.

Do we now deal with Mavic Chen?


His arrogance and greed
have a further use for us.

Alert the council to attend
their final conference.

Well, fortunately there's no damage
done to the control panel itself.

But the directional unit?

Oh, that's useless, dear boy.
Useless. Take a look for yourself.

What happened?

Well, the unit required a much
higher energy rate then we process.

Then why did it burn out
and not the TARDIS controls?

A built-in safety measure, my dear.

You see, the excess energy must have
forced itself back into the directional unit

and that means that our plans
to return to Kembel have failed.

That means that the Daleks can
invade the universe and conquer it.

Yes, and there's nothing
that we can do about it.

There must be something
we can do, Doctor.

You must try to think of some way.

Well, our only chance, my dear, is to
try and capture the Monk's Time Machine

or that of the Daleks.

Yes, well let's get going!

Have patience, dear boy.

It's highly probable that
they've all left by now.

And I should think there's one
or two of those Egyptians around.

Let's take a look on the scanner.

But that's not ancient Egypt.

It's... It's more like Kembel!

Yes. It's vaguely familiar.
It might be Kembel.

Do you know, that means that
that directional unit must have

burned itself out after
we'd dematerialised!

I wonder if you'd bring that,
um... that impulse compass.

Hmm... yeah, sure.

Well, now, young lady, perhaps you'll
have more faith in me in the future, hmm?

I thought something would work out.

But it was you who said we'd failed!

Oh, nonsense, nonsense.

Well, it wasn't me!

Of course it was...

Oh come on, Doctor,
you'll have to forgive her.

After all, she hasn't
known you very long.

Yes, well, perhaps, perhaps.

Anyway, now that we are here,
we had better make a plan.

How far do you think that
we are from the Dalek city?

I've no idea. Though I think that
we might be able to make it on foot.

Perhaps I'd better go out
and take some bearings.

Open the door, dear boy.


That man! He was as much in the dark as
we were, and now he has the gall to...

Very good, you're getting
to know him quite well.

Before this is over...

Ah, ah, ah, save it for the Daleks.

There has been too much time wasted through
the folly of the representative from Earth.

Surely, it is only right that on his
return he be removed from this council.

But without him, there
will be no Taranium!

The Daleks have assured us that they will
recapture the core of the Time Destructor.

Then we do not need Mavic Chen?

Exactly! He no longer merits a
place on this Galactic Council.

I call for a censure motion.


The final conference is now in session.

Mavic Chen, representative from the
Solar System, will address the meeting.

Fellow delegates, even as you
sit here, the great war force

assembled under the Daleks, is awaiting the
final order to set out and conquer the universe!

Why is Mavic Chen speaking
for the Dalek Supreme?

The final checks are being made.

And in a very short time,
that final order will be given!

Why is it that Mavic
Chen is in possession of

information denied to
the rest of this Council?

Although we are all equal partners with
the Daleks on this great conquest...

some of us are more equal than others.

The representative speaks out of turn!

No! My contribution,
of the emm of Taranium

is greater than all
of yours put together.

You have been dwarfed, dwarfed!

This violates the agreement by
which this council was assembled.

Arrest him! Arrest him! Arrest him!

You are nothing! Do
you hear me? Nothing!

Your ambition condemns you, Mavic Chen.

Death! Death!

Before this conference began, the
Dalek Supreme and I spoke together.

This Council now is under my power.

I will give the orders.
You will obey them!

You all right?

Yes, though this jungle is hardly the
place I'd choose for a gentle stroll.

Just be careful of the Vargas.

Vargas? I haven't seen any Varga plants.

They've all over the...

Come to think about it, neither have I.

I thought the Daleks
scattered them all over Kembel.

Steven! You sure we're on Kembel?

'Course I am.

The Doctor was certain
when he took these rea...

Where is he?

We have all served the
common cause! All of us!

Indeed we have.

But I, Mavic Chen, was
solely responsible for the

recovery of the Core
of the Time Destructor.

Because of this, I...

...naturally precede anyone here.

For without my power,
the Daleks cannot succeed.

You do appreciate the point!

There remains one question.

Where is our co-ruler
- the Dalek Supreme?

He... He was... Oh.

It is clear that he knows that I
can run this council without his aid.

Now, gentlemen, we come to the
main discussion before this meeting.

The apportioning of the government
of the universe after the conquest.

All of you will be allowed
to oversee your own galaxies.


all of you will be responsible
to the Dalek Supreme...

and me!

This meeting is over!

But it's isn't...

There will be no more discussion.

All representatives will come with us.

Where can he have got to?

Anywhere you like out there.

This is serious. Perhaps
the Daleks have caught him.

Then now they'll be looking for us.

Look, Steven, with or without the Doctor

we've got to get to the Dalek city
and put that place out of action.

Yes but, Sara, what about the Doctor?

He can't just have vanished into
thin air. We've got to find him.

No. Not yet. Mavic Chen will
have returned with the Taranium.

That means the Daleks'
plans will be ready to go

ahead and we've got to stop them!

I understand that! We
can't just leave the

Doctor wandering around
lost in this jungle.

If I know anything about him,
he's already reached the city.

If we go there, we can stop
the Daleks and find the Doctor.

Yes, all right.

The stronger signal's on bearing 242.

According to the Doctor,
the Dalek city is over there.

Where to now?

I'll take another reading...

What exactly is...

So far, so good. We're
on the right track.

The source of power is still 242.

Would you mind telling
me how that thing works?

What now?

Yes now.

Look, Sara, this is no time for a
lesson on the power impulse compass.

Supposing something happens to you?

What are you talking about?

I'd have to go ahead
and reach the city alone.

Don't you think you ought to show
me how it works in case of accidents?

Oh, you are so cheerful, aren't you.

The Galactic Representatives have

been detained, as you instructed.

They will be destroyed at the same

time as the headquarters

at the start of the
conquest of the planet Earth

Commence invasion countdown!

There it is -
the take-off area.

Yes. Are those the Daleks' ships?

No. Those belong to the
other representatives.

Where's the Daleks' landing area?

There too, possibly.

But those representative
ships will have to

take off first to collect
their forces for the invasion.

Right, let's get going.

Just a minute!

Why? We've got to defeat the Daleks.

We've got to try to defeat the Daleks.

If you and I just charge in there

what chance do you think we've got against
the greatest war force ever assembled.

Oh, for heaven's sake,
we'll go carefully.

Look, Steven, just because
the Doctor isn't here

don't think that you're the only
one who can outwit the Daleks.

Look, I don't think that. But, as you said, in
any case, we'll probably find he's here already

Come on!

I don't get it. It's uncanny.

I mean, where have the Daleks got to?

It's like a city of the dead.

Let's see if there's any
sign of life down here.

We should have been challenged by now!

Hmm, we haven't come very far yet.

What's that got to do with it?

They're probably making final
preparations for the invasion.

Yes, well, they still
need guards out here.

Maybe they're not frightened.

They always take some precautions.

Alright, you think of an explanation.

Well look, suppose...

suppose the Doctor did come
here and they have caught him...

Then now they'll be looking for us.

No, possibly not. Not
if he said he was alone.

Huh! They wouldn't believe him!

Why not? We weren't anywhere around.

Steven, this could all be a trick.

If they have caught the Doctor,
then they could be waiting for us.

No. If they've caught the
Doctor, they won't worry about us.

We've got to find him.

This place is empty too.

Then it must be a trap.


Well, it looks like a control room.

The Daleks wouldn't leave
a place like this unguarded.

Yes, that's true.

That means they must have the Doctor,
if they can be this sure of themselves.

Hey, isn't this their time machine?

Now we can get back
to Earth and warn them.

Yes, except that neither
of us knows how to work it.

We could bluff them.


If we could lock ourselves
inside their Time Machine

until they let the Doctor come
to us. Well, he could work it.

It's worth a try.

Now we've got to contact the Daleks.

Steven! Here's the
Daleks' loudspeaker system.

This is Sara Kingdom of Space Security.

Send the Doctor to the control room.

I'd better try to get
into that Time Machine.

Hello, Kingdom, Where are you?

That's Chen!

He must still be working with them!

Mavic Chen, can you hear me?

Let us speak to the Doctor.

Is this more treachery?
Who are these people?

They are the people
who stole the Taranium!

Why have they come back?


NO! Already you have betrayed us.

This could be another trick.

Mavic Chen! Let me speak to the Doctor.

Don't waste time. They'll
be on their way to us by now.

Yes, but if they don't bring
the Doctor, the plan's useless.

Listen to me.

Who's that?

Through the treachery of
Chen we have been imprisoned.

Who are you?

We are the Galactic
Council. Will you release us?

Where are you?

In a detention cell.


We do not know!

We've got to find them!

No, wait! This could be
all part of the trick.

No, I don't think so.

Look, if there were any Daleks
around, they'd be here by now.

They must have gone. Maybe the
Doctor's with the Council! Come on!

Mavic Chen, if this is a further trick

we shall destroy you before
they could destroy us.

It's not a trick!

Then why have they come back!

If you'd only think! Is there
no sense in the outer galaxies?

It is clear that they
have lost their leader

the one they call the Doctor.

The girl has bought the
young man here to look for him

but really she has come
back out of loyalty to me

to ensure my safety as the
Guardian as the Solar System.

Now where?

How should I know. Just look at this place
- it's fantastic.

Come along. No time for
sightseeing. Let's try down here.

The efficiency of our
security system is one

of the main reasons for
our natural supremacy.

What about the Daleks?

Once we are out of here,
we can destroy the Daleks.

Between us, we muster a
greater force than they do.

We can form our own galactic council.


That's them.

Kingdom! You've done well.
Now let us out of here.


What do you mean, no?

Where is the Doctor?

If he is your leader, he is not with us.

Where is he?

I don't know. Now let us out!

So that you can rejoin
the Daleks? Not likely.

Absurd! The Daleks have betrayed us!


Why should we rejoin them?

If we let them out,
there's just a chance that

some of them could mobilise
a force to defeat the Daleks.

Of course we will!

You must! The Daleks must be destroyed,
or our galaxies are in danger!

We have no choice.

Very well.

But the Daleks have already left Kembel.

It's probable that their invasion
plans are already going ahead

and the universe can be taken by
surprise, because of your greed!

Must you moralise...

Your only chance is to go back
to your own people and warn them.

Our people will kill us!

Not if we save them. We
must destroy the Daleks.


We agree to go and defend our galaxies

and to organise a search
for the Dalek invasion force.

Let them out, Steven.

Yes, all right.

You are a sensible woman, Kingdom.

I will see that you are justly rewarded.

There they go.

Yes, let's hope they'll be in time.

Look, there's the ship
of Celation and Beaus.

Chen's ship is still there.

Yes, he must be nearly
the last one to take off.

What about the others?

Those must belong to
the dead representatives.

Chen's taking his time to get off.

There he goes.

No!Something's gone wrong.

He's had it.

Now he won't be able to get
back to Earth and warn them.

Let's hope that the others
can mobilise fast enough.

There must be something we can do.

- find the Doctor.




The Doctor?


They're still here.

We must follow it! Quickly!

It went down there
- right into the heart of the mountain.

Underground. Why didn't
we think of that before.

Sara, it's possible the
invasion hasn't started yet.

Maybe the rest of the
force are down there.

Or part of them. There must be
hundreds of places like that.

Yes, but that Dalek must know
that the representatives got away.

They might even know
that we're on Kembel.

The representatives gone
and the Doctor disappeared

we're gonna have to put
them out of action ourselves.

Can we?

We've got to. Earth
will still be invaded.

Certainly. Thanks to you.

Chen! But you're dead!

Not yet, my innocent one

though I'm delighted my
pyrotechnic display impressed you.

No, I am alive and soon shall
be master of the universe!

Perhaps, Kingdom, you'd
like to lead the way.

Down there?

Of course.

I'm certain the Daleks will
be delighted to see you.