Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 21 - Destruction of Time - full transcript

With the Daleks poised to invade the solar system, the Doctor decides his only option is to activate the Time Destructor prematurely, threatening the entire planet.

No, I am alive and soon will be master of the universe!

Perhaps, Kingdom, you'd like to lead the way.

Down there?

Of course. I'm certain the Daleks will be delighted to see you.

Don't you understand?

By bringing us down here, you're doing exactly what the Daleks want.

Of course.

He's mad!

Take care, Kingdom.

I could easily forgo the pleasure of giving you to the Daleks.

I could kill you myself.

Why did you come back?

This couldn't have been planned.

You weren't to know that we'd come back and set you free.

I'm not a fool. I guessed your plan.

Our only plan is to destroy the Daleks.

You were able to fool the others, but you can't fool me.

Where is the old man, the one you call the Doctor?

We were looking for him.

Yes, of course.

And that's why you came here.

Now do stop this masquerade!

See, I know he is trying to usurp my position with the Daleks.

That is absurd!

The Doctor's always fought the Daleks.

Why don't you believe us? We don't know where he is.

Yet I find you at the entrance to the Daleks' secret headquarters.

I know the Doctor's here, and that he's trying to take my place.

But I'll soon change that.

Why can't you understand the Daleks do not make allies?

Save your breath, Steven.

You'll never convince him. I tell you, he's mad!

The Daleks need me.

And now I'll be able to show them the Doctor will betray them.

Lead on!

Assault division of five thousand

Daleks awaits orders.

The Time Destructor will be placed in the lead ship.

Prisoners have been taken at entrance five.


Dalek guard reports that the group consists of

Mavic Chen and two of the time travellers.

Have them bought here to main central control.

I obey.

Your assistance, although welcome, is entirely unnecessary.

I demand to take them to the Dalek Supreme alone.

Central control has been advised.

Well advise them again.

Until you realise that these people are my prisoners,

I shall refuse to hand them over.

I will verify my orders.


There is still no proof that the Doctor is here.

Whatever else is thought about you

one cannot help but admire the way you

both continue with your absurd bluff.

Representative Chen, new orders have been received.

You are to escort the prisoners to the Dalek Supreme.


After you.

But we are still to assist him.

The prisoners have arrived.

Bring them in.

I obey.

Bring in the prisoners.

Once again, I - Mavic Chen

Guardian of the Solar System

have helped the Daleks with their conquest plan.

Our alliance has ended.

What! But I have helped you time and time again with your absurd incompetence!

I - Mavic Chen - will decide when the Alliance is at an end.

You, Dalek Supreme

tell them they're to take their orders from me.

I assume that this silence means that the orders have been passed.


You! Bring me the invasion reports.

It is essential that I know what stage the countdown has reached.

Now, move!

You did not pass on my order. Why?

Failure to obey the orders of your ruler brings only one reward.

Take him away and exterminate him, but do not fire in here

you will damage us and some of the controls.

You cannot turn against me! I - Mavic Chen

first ruler of the universe - am immortal!

Pursue and exterminate in safe area

repeat - in safe area.

Doctor, how on earth...?

Don't say anything. Just do what I tell you. Take that.

What? The key to the TARDIS?

Yes. Now, when I tell you, I want you to take Sara back to the TARDIS...

You still have that power impulse compass?


Good. Now follow bearing 627 to the TARDIS.

But what about you, Doctor.

Shhh... There is no use in all of us taking risks.

You must do as I say.

Yes, but how did you get here?

I followed a Dalek here, of course.

Now, let me get on.

I am going to activate the Time Destructor.

You will pay for your crimes against your ruler.

You cannot kill me!

Be quick! I'm sure they're coming back.

Aha, that's it! Hmm, Hmm.

Move back, all of you.

I am afraid you're too late.

The Time Destructor is activated.

Do not fire!

No, you cannot fire, can you? You dare not.

If you were to, yes, you could kill us, but you will totally destroy your equipment.

I think it is checkmate. Hmm.

Send one of your Daleks over here.

Remember, the Time Destructor is working...

working slowly, but if you disobey me, I can accelerate it.

Do what he says.

Turn about.

You two behind it.

Steven, take my stick and clamp it down on his gun.


Now, both of you, back to the TARDIS.

What about you, Doctor?

Do as I say, quickly!

Go on!

Wait! Steven, we can't just leave him.

The Doctor knows what he's doing. At least, I think he does.

All we're doing is running to save our own lives.

If anything goes wrong and the Daleks recapture the Time Destructor

we'll have failed for ever.

I know what you're saying. Now, I'd go back too, if I thought it would help.

Whatever he's doing, he's doing because he thinks it's the best way. Now, come on!

Pursue and recapture. Pursue and recapture.

Activate alarm! Activate alarm!

Door control jammed - contact broken.

Correct fault immediately

then pursue and recapture.

What are you doing here?

I came to help you.

You must remember, my child, this machine is working.

It's working slowly because its range is rather small at the moment, but it is working.

Now, if you start to feel strange, you must let me know at once.

Yes, all right, but what about them?

First, back to the TARDIS. Steven's not with you?

No. I came back that way.

Hurry, my child, hurry!


... Sara!

Hurry, Doctor!

My dear, are you beginning to feel strange? Hmm.

The wind... Listen... Can't you hear it?

I've never heard that on Kembel before.

Yes, well, perhaps it's this Time Destructor having an effect on the elements, hmm.

Then destroy it!

No, no! That's impossible my dear.

There's one thing I do know about this machine

it will continue until the Taranium has finally burnt itself out.

Our only chance is to get back to the TARDIS. Then I can neutralise it.

Secondary door circuit completed.


Obstacle clearing.

Pursue and exterminate!

It's not far now, Sara!

Keep going! The Daleks must be after us by now!

The Time Destructor...

You think I don't know?




Dust! It's all crumbling into dust.


Come on, Doctor.

No, don't touch me.

I must help you.

Get back to the ship!

Close the door.

Thank you, my friend.

Thank you, Steven.

By chance, you reversed the Time Destructor.

Instead of Time rushing forward, it's now racing back.

Sara? You realise she came to look for me, to see if I was all right? Hmm.

I was forcing my way through the jungle.

I didn't even see her go.

The Daleks!

Oh, dust. Nothing but dust!

The Time Destructor - what's left of it.

Mavic Chen's Taranium Core has finally burnt itself out.

I wish Sara could have seen the end.

Yes, my boy, so do I.

You know, Steven

the one thing that Sara lived for was to see the total destruction of the Daleks.

Well, now it's all over.

Without her help, this could never have been achieved, hmm.

What is it?

Millions of years of progress reversed back

that's all that remains of a Dalek.

Lets go, Doctor.

I've seen enough of this place.

Well, my boy we finally rid this planet of Daleks!

Brett! Katarina! Sara!

What a waste.

What a terrible waste.