Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 19 - Escape Switch - full transcript

Steven, Sara and the Monk are captured by the Daleks in order to force the Doctor to hand over the Taranium Core.

Doctor? DOCTOR?

...Doctor? DOCTOR?

No Doctor.

Perhaps he's inside.



Steven! Look!

He is trying to say something.

Well, thank goodness for that!

The plan has failed.

We can't be certain.

Although the time travelling
Monk has not yet contracted us

we don't know what
difficulties he had to face.

The Earth hour allowed has expired.

In the present situation we can't

afford to measure time exactly.

The time traveller has deceived us!

I don't think so. He DARE not!

Will the Daleks never learn that
all things do not work to a pattern

that flexibility can
also lead to conquest?

Silence! All Daleks will disembark!

All forms of life will
be treated as hostile!

We obey!

You, Chen, will come with us.

But recovery of the Taranium
Core was made my responsibility.

Orders will not be questioned!

If you insist on this approach

I fail to see how I will be able
to answer for the consequences!

So it was the Doctor who did this?

Yes. Unbelievable isn't it.

Absolutely unbelievable.

I admit that I succumbed
to temptation...

What did the Doctor say?

Well, he didn't say anything really.

Nothing. There I was, trying
to warn him of the Daleks

and suddenly, there I
am in the sarcophagus!

Well, I'm sure he'll apologise
when he hears your story.

Well, I am... I am not
one to bear a grudge.

We all know what the Doctor's like.

No, I think that it was
just one of those things.

Where did he go?

I'm afraid I don't know.

Unfortunately, immediately
after this brutal attack,

the next thing I remembered is...

He's probably gone looking for us.

Well then, what do we do?

Go out again and take
a chance on missing him?

Or just stay here?

If he meets the Daleks,
he will need our help.

Stay here. Definitely.

I've got a terrible headache.

What happens if we meet them?

We'll just have to take that chance.

No doubt the Doctor has got
some... some drug or other.

All right. But I won't even
pretend that I like the idea.

Well, if you give me
the key to the TARDIS

I can go and get something out...

What about him?

He can come with us.

That way, we can keep an eye on him.

Come on then.

Oh dear.

What are you waiting for?

Well, are you going to let
me into the TARDIS or not?

I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

The Doctor's the only one with a key.


Don't worry, we'll find him.

That's what I'm worried about.


DOCTOR! Where are you?


There you are, you see.

You're wasting your time.


It's hopeless.

I know it is, but what else can we do?

Ah... there you are.
I'm been looking for you.

What was that?

You will join the other human. Move!

Prepare to exterminate them!

Exterminated? When I've
fulfilled my part of the bargain?


I... I haven't actually
got the Core, but...

I've brought you hostages!



Yes, that could work

the Doctor's loyalty to his
friends is beyond question.

No more discussion.

In exchange for their lives,

The Doctor would hand us the
Core of the Time Destructor.

Is that true?

Their silence confirms that it.

They know that it is true.

Take them back to the Time Machine.

I obey.

Well, now that little problem's
settled, I'd better be...

You will return with us!

Return with you? That was
what I was going to say.


Prisoners... escaped...

Escaped?We left the tomb unsealed.

We must take the men and go after...

No! The war machines
will destroy us all.

Hyksos said he would return
when the sun is above us.


We do not have long to wait.

The voice audio has been adjusted.

What is its present range

Seven earth miles.

Mavic Chen can issue the ultimatum.

Bring Chen to the voice audio.

I obey.

Well now, there seems to
be some activity going on...

What's the matter? Was
it something I said?

Don't you think that you've done enough?

Yes, yes
- I suppose that saving your life...


Well, we're all here, aren't we?

Yes, it was very quick
thinking on my part. Very quick.

I don't believe it!

Just a minute... you don't actually
think I meant what I said to the Daleks?

My dear fellow, it
was a desperate gamble

risking my own life to save yours.

We can trust him as much
as we can trust the Daleks.

You mean, my performance was that good?

I knew I had to fool the Daleks, but I
thought you would see right through it.

He could be telling the truth, Steven.

Only could be?

You don't think I'd take the side with
those creatures against you, do you?

You do! This baffles me... It
destroys my faith in human nature.

Well, you can have your faith destroyed.

Speak the ultimatum
into the voice audio.


Doctor, you should be able to
hear me now, wherever you are.


Voice audio is functioning.

Some sort of loudspeaker system.

Maybe it would be better if
the Doctor couldn't hear it.

Doctor, listen carefully
to what I have to say.

It is useless to try
to fight us any more.

Your two young friends are
held prisoner by the Daleks.

You know why we have pursued
you through time and space.

We want the Taranium that you stole.

You are to proceed to the Dalek
time-machine, south of the Great Pyramid

and receive your instructions.

The vital Core will be returned to us.

Failure will mean the
death of your friends.

Master, It is the voice of the gods.

No, Tuthmos.

The gods would speak words
that we would understood.

Who else but the gods could
speak in a voice like thunder?

The same mortals who would build
war machines that throw fire.

When Hyksos returns, you
will see the end of your gods!

For your sake, I hope that the
Doctor does not keep us waiting long.

We might try to warn the Doctor.

Warn him? Whatever for?

If one of us could get
to that microphone...

No, Sara, it wouldn't
stop him coming here.

In fact, it would probably
make him more determined.

All right, I'm here. Tell
me what you want me to do.

I'm here. Can you hear me?

Yes Doctor. We heard you.

Where are they?

Now, come, Doctor...


It seems that the Doctor
requires proof of what we say.

Put the prisoners on view.

We want the Taranium Core back, Doctor

and there is nothing you
can do to stop us now.

Hello Doctor...


Very well. I will hand
over the Taranium Core.

Oh... very wise!

But on MY terms.

You are in no position
to make demands, Doctor.

A Dalek escort will accompany...

No escort! And on my terms!

We could exterminate you now.

Yes, indeed, indeed you could

but then you'd never get back
the Taranium Core, hmm, would you?

What are your terms, Doctor?

You will release your prisoners.

I also include that Monk fellow too

although I don't know why
I should bother with him.

Bring all three to the place of rendezvous
and handed them over at the same time.

Why can't you come here?

You should know the answer
to that as well as I do.

None of you can be trusted. You

and one Dalek

by the west angle of the Great Pyramid.

We accept. Take the prisoners inside.

I should go now, Doctor

before the Daleks change their minds.

I'm surprised that that you
met his terms so readily.

One Dalek is capable
of exterminating all!


Have you enough men?


They are already moving into
position and waiting for my command.

Have the war machines been seen?

No. But we have heard them
speak in a mighty roar!

My men will destroy them! COME!

It is time for the rendezvous.

You heard what the Dalek said.

If you try any more
of your funny business

I'll exterminate you myself.

Funny business? Me?

Be on your guard!

The war machines will kill and
destroy without warning. Follow me!

Halt. This is the location.

Mavic Chen, you will
receive the Taranium.

Yes, of course.

There will no movement from you
until the handover is completed.

It's not being done on your terms.

Why don't you shut up?

Stay where you are. You
will move when I tell you.

Mavic Chen! Walk towards me.

Dalek, halt!

Mavic Chen! You have
disregard my conditions.

I said one Dalek.

But I am not their master!

Before we go any further, you
will now release your hostages!

Then, and only then, will I
hand you the Taranium Core.

Don't trust them, Doctor!

You are released!

Away, all of you.

Mavic Chen, join me at the back here.

I am now about to hand over
the Taranium Core to Mavic Chen.

Follow me.

Attack formation. Attack formation.

Help! Help!

You did it, Doctor. We got away again.

I'm afraid not, young man.

Why not, Doctor? What went wrong?

I had to hand the real Taranium
Core over to Mavic Chen.

I know I should try to get in,
but it would have been hopeless.

There is so much chaos going
on... and now it is too late.

That means that the Daleks have won!
There's nothing to stop them now.

Except this....

What's that?

That is the directional
unit from the Monk's TARDIS.

Directional... Then with this
we can get back to Kembel!

Perhaps. Perhaps.

But that's marvelous, Doctor!

Yes, I suppose it is.
But that isn't all...

No, I'm sure it isn't Doctor.

But this is hardly the time
or place to tell us about it.

I mean, the Daleks will be here soon.

I think not, dear boy.

I had to take precautionary
measures in case my plan didn't work.

Now, while I was collecting
that unit, I changed the

Monk's TARDIS into a
police telephone box.

Like yours?

Yes, yes, exactly like mine.

Of course, the Daleks
will be on our track.

But I think - should my plan
succeed - they would find the Monk.

By the way, what happened
to him? He was with us.

I don't care if he is in Timbuktu.

Ha ha. I got away from
that Steven and Sara.


No. The Doctor
- he transformed my TARDIS.

There is one of the time
travellers. Stop his escape.

Exterminate him! Exterminate him!

Whole company, fire!

They have escaped!

We shall pursue them through eternity.

The Taranium core must be recovered!

This patrol is obviously
out of touch with events.

What do you mean?

All this hysteria is unnecessary.

The operation is a complete
success. I have the Taranium here!

You have done well.

Patrol, return to the time-machine.

We must leave for Kembel at once.

Yes, well, I hope that the
Daleks don't catch the Monk.

After all he has done?

Yes, after all that.

Well, I shouldn't worry
any more, my dear boy.

There's no doubt about
it. He's well away by now.

Do you think he will be
going for revenge again?

Perhaps. Perhaps. Yes, perhaps one day.

But at the moment, I should say he
has quite enough for us for a while.

Having taken his directional unit

it's going to take him quite a time to
make the necessary repairs to his ship.

What about our repairs?
Will the unit work?

Well, I am not certain.

It's a Mark IV, remember.

There are two possibilities: one
- it will work...

Go on, Doc...

Number two
- the increased energy rate will certainly destroy the centre column.

But we do have a chance?

Yes, my dear. A chance. A slim one.

Course for Kembel has now been computed.

Has all preparations
for take-off being made?

They have.

Prepare to dematerialise...


A planet of ice. I didn't
set course for this.

Unl... The Doctor again... The Doctor...

He's stolen my directional unit.

Now I will have to wander through
time and space as lost as he is!

I'll get you for this,
Doctor! I'll get you one day!

There we are. That's finished.

It's a pity we haven't got a
more reliable way of testing it.

Well, come on. I thought you
said that it was finished.

Yes my dear, I've finished, but...

Oh come on, Doctor.

We haven't got time for
buts! This is our only hope!

You realize, my boy, we're
taking a terrible chance.

Then you can save your
breath. We've got to try it!

Very well. Pull the main switch!