Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 18 - Golden Death - full transcript

The Doctor, Steven and Sara travel to Ancient Egypt, pursued by both the Daleks and the Meddling Monk.






Report to Skaro.

Our time machine is now in pursuit.

Nothing can match Dalek technology.

The universe shall be ours.

Conquest is assured.



Mavic Chen

the recovery of the Taranium
Core is your responsibility

I welcome it.

Guile and cunning will
succeed where force would fail.

Once the Taranium core
is in your possession

we shall eliminate the humans.

Of course.

And I assume that that
is where they've landed?

You are correct

and we shall arrive shortly

in four Earth minutes.

They must have equipment in their ship.

Equipment that would
inform them of our pursuit.

The time traveller is making
no attempt to take off.

That's very strange.

Why should they choose
to wait... and face us?

How long is it going to take
you to mend the lock, Doctor?

Well, it's hard to say, my boy.

But I think that it's going to be a
little more difficult than I thought.

Oh yes, and the other time
machine is still registering.

Yes, but I don't think
so for much longer.

It's about time, you know,
that that wretched Monk landed

and I think he will quite soon.

Well, it's quite impressive isn't it?

Well... the pyramids are the
seventh wonder of this ancient world

I should say the word "impressive"
is rather an understatement.

Yes, you could be right.

Well, they've finished it, you think?

There doesn't seem to be anyone around.

Would you mind passing me
the diatrab, dear boy, please.

I said the diatrab.


There's not much cover, is there?

If the Monk's TARDIS lands
this side of the pyramid

we should see it easily,
however it disguises itself.

I think I'll take a look from up there.

It'll give me a better view.

Yes, I think perhaps
it would be a good idea

if you keep your eye on the Monk.

So, if you climb higher...

Talking to myself, hmph....

Stand by for materialisation.

Continuum stabiliser reading four








I can see it.

I saw it land! DOCTOR!


Tut, Tut, Tut. Calm down. Calm down.

What's all the fuss?

Is that you bawling your head off?

Yes. I saw it land. Over there!

Doctor, whatever was
following us has stopped

registering on the time curve indicator.

It's over there, Sara

about a quarter of a mile away.

Now, that's very good...

very good. Now, please excuse me.

Well, oughtn't we to take the
initiative and go and meet the Monk?

Oh, my dear young man, I have no
intention of leaving the TARDIS unlocked.

And another thing you should know

you realise I've have to
strip the whole of this

mechanism down before
I could put it right.

How long are you going to be?

Oh, I don't know.

Anyway, I dare say that I
can catch you up somewhere.

But be careful. You know, that Monk
can be very harmful if he wants to...

Don't worry Doctor, we'll watch him.

Master! Strangers... at the tomb!


Well, it didn't work this time, did it?

What hasn't?

The Monk's TARDIS.

It usually blends in with its
surroundings, like the Doctor's should.

Maybe the Monk didn't bother this time.

Yes, maybe
- but I thought it was automatic.

Anyway, let's take a look.


I knew we should have
tried to get back to Kembel.

It's a bit late for that now.

We've got to warn the Doctor. Come on.

Take them away! The
rest of you follow me!

More of them. Seize them!

Seize them, you cowards!

Exterminate the creatures.

Pursue and exterminate.

A slaughter! I must
fetch reinforcements.

Did we sustain damage?


It was only inhabitants
of this time and planet.


Exterminate them on sight.

Well, that's finished. Now I must go.

I wonder where those other two are.

Sara! Steven!

Who was it landed here before, then?

The Daleks!

Plunderers! Murderers!

What of the others?

I will journey to the next encampment.

We'll need an army to do battle
with their fire-throwing machines.

Yes. And I will take
my slaves to the Tomb.

The treasures that Pharaoh has sent for his
journey to the afterlife will be placed inside.

There they will be easier to guard.

I will return when the sun is above us.

How long are you going to keep us here?


Until your friends have
been brought to join you.

Then you will answer for your crimes.

We haven't got anything to answer for.

We're not interested in your treasures.

Not even the old man?

Not even the old man.

Then why did he examine so
carefully that large blue box?

Well, probably because
the large blue box was his.

Now I know you lie!

Everything the slaves hauled here
across the desert belongs to Pharaoh!

What are you doing?

While you were talking, I managed
to find a piece of broken pottery.

With a bit of time, I think
I can get though these bonds.

Great. Keep sawing!

Good morning, my son.



Don't fire!

Dalek exterminations
will not be questioned!

This could help us
recover the Taranium core.


In a moment.

So, you have heard of the Daleks.

Yes, yes. By reputation.

Then you are certainly not of this time.

No. Oh no. Certainly not. No.

Just a passing time-traveller,
anxious to be on his way.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'd....


Three time machines in one
infinitesimal speck of space and time!

Of course, a coincidence is possible

but hardly likely. You would agree?

Oh yes, I would agree.

Then why have you arrived here?

Three... three time-machines.

Yes, well... the odd one out
belongs to a certain Doctor...

The enemy ship!

Yes, that's right. The enemy.

I have an old score to settle with him.

But I'm sure yours is the prior claim.

He is a friend of yours?

Friend? No, no. An enemy!

An enemy to end all enemies!

I came here to inflict a
terrible vengeance on him!

I mean, we are all on the
same side here, aren't we?

But he knows you?

Well... in a manner of speaking, yes...

and again, in another
manner of speaking, no.

Could you gain his confidence?

Certainly. Certainly.
If you wanted me to.

No question about it! No doubt at all.

Then you may have a slight
chance of saving your life.

The Doctor and his friends have in
their possession a full emm of Taranium.

A full emm of Taranium.

It belongs to the Daleks.

You will recover this and return
it to us within one Earth hour.

Oh I will. I promise!

I need hardly remind
you that the Daleks will

reward failure on your
part with elimination.

Elimination. Thank you. Elimination!

Oh, you'll get it back. Have no fear.

Then you better leave at once, and
waste no more of your valuable time.

Good Heavens! You're given an
opportunity you didn't before.

How's it going?

I think that's done it. Yes.

Now for those guards.

Come on!

Not bad! Remind me to teach
you a few tricks sometime.

Remind me not to pick a
fight with you. Come on.

You're wasting your
time. You won't get in.

Doctor, you've been following me!

For a time, yes. For a
time. I've been glad to.

You know, I don't think that
I would have found my TARDIS

without the help of that energy counter.

No. Come in very handy, hasn't it.

You know, Doctor

if your machine would blend
in with its surroundings

people wouldn't be able to find it.

And then we wouldn't
have all this trouble.

Yes. Like your machine, I suppose, hmm?

Exactly, Doctor. Like mine.

I could teach you a
thing or two, you know.

Well, you know, my
way has its advantages.

The Egyptians thought that
it was a very good idea

otherwise they wouldn't
have brought it in here.

As for your machine, well,
it's probably disguised as a...

what... a sort of... a
block of stone? Hmm... Hm...?

Now, Doctor, it's a pity that
we're having this feud, you know.

By the way, you didn't track me on your

time curve indicator this time, did you?

Not your machine, no. I
didn't realise it at the time.

I jumped across the track.


It's simple really, you know, Doctor.

It's up to you, of course.

If you'd like to come inside,
I'll show you how it was done.

And then you would be able
to see the Taranium too.

Yes, yes.

Do you know, I knew there was
something I had to tell you.

I've come here to warn
you about the Daleks.

Warn me?

Yes. I played them along
their own game, of course

for quite a time, but they
don't like you, you know.

They don't like you at all.

Why didn't you?


Warn me.

Oh... well... you were
talking at the time.

I didn't want to interrupt.

You know, I think, before I go

I shall put you safely out of the way.

Come now, Doctor.

Surely you don't think that I
was going to help the Daleks?

I did.

Now Doctor, look, let's talk this
over like civilised time-travellers.

It's the Taranium core
they want, not you.

Why don't you give it to them.

Then we can be all on our way.

If you believe that, my friend,
you will believe anything!

Doctor, don't do
anything you might regret.

Doctor? DOCTOR!

Give your report.

The time-traveller
has not made contact.

He has betrayed us.

Prepare a task force to attack.

All the humans will be exterminated.

I obey.

The TARDIS! It's gone!

Well, the Egyptians must have
taken it into the tomb already.

Come on!

Doctor! Doctor!

...Doctor! Doctor!

No Doctor.

Unless he's inside.

Doctor! DOCTOR!

Steven. Steven! Look!