Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 15 - Coronas of the Sun - full transcript

The Doctor, Steven and Sara escape Mira in a Dalek pursuit ship but when they find the ship is returning to Kembel, they are forced to come up with a new plan to avoid the Daleks.

You are surrounded.

You will come with us.

I'm afraid, my friends,
the Daleks have won.

You will hand over the Taranium Core.

If I do, what guarantee is there that

you won't fire your guns afterwards, mm?

There is no guarantee.

Seismic detector shows that the

object he is carrying is the Taranium!

You will surrender it!

He will not!

Silence! You will not speak!

You dare not fire,
because of this Taranium!

To end this stalemate, may I suggest...

There will be no more discussion!

The Core is to be handed over.

Re-form line!

Prepare to exterminate them!

What is that noise?

The invisible creatures
are attacking in force!

Patrol alert! Patrol Alert!

Annihilate them! Annihilate them!

There's a good boy! Keep going!

The invisible creatures
have been exterminated.

Search for the fugitives!

They must not escape.

We obey!

Communication received
from the planet Mira.

Are the fugitives still evading capture?

Yes, there has been no further contact.

Reinforcements can be dispatched.

Our force already there
is sufficient for the task.

Contact them and order that
the Taranium is to be recovered.

Failure will not be tolerated!

There's only one guard.

Now you know what to do?


It'll never work!

It will! It's got to!

The other Daleks will be back
here before he can get started.

Why should they?

They're out looking for us.

They won't expect us to come back here.

Look, they're not complete fools!

They know we've got to get off Mira

that their ship is our only chance.

Don't worry.

Like most of the Doctor's plans,

this one's simple, it won't take long.

Well, why doesn't he get started then?

Give him time.

He's got to get round there.

Look, you must learn to trust him.

He's had dealings
with the Daleks before.

I have no choice.
Let's hope you're right.

He should be in
position by now. Come on.

Remain where you are.

I certainly will. I've
come to give myself up.

Do you have the Taranium?

I have.

I realise, of course, that
I am no match for the Daleks

so if I hand it over, will you help me

and my friends to get
away from this planet?

Where are the others?

Oh, they will come when I call them, mm?

The Taranium.

Shall I give it to
you or would you prefer

me to hand it to you in your ship, hmm?

You will wait there
until the Patrol returns.

The others are to join you.

If you try to escape, you...

Escape! Oh, my tin friend, never!

You mustn't forget that I came here

and surrendered of my own free will.


Ahh! Help! Help!

Loss of vision! Loss of vision!

I'm under attack! I'm under attack!

Patrol alert! Patrol alert!

Cease firing before we sustain damage!


The fugitives boarded the Pursuit ship!

Alert all patrols!

Can you work it, Doctor?

Oh, one moment, my dear.

I'm... quite accustomed
to this... Dalek technique.

Close the hatches, please.

The doors are not closing.

Vacuum-lock reading...

two point two four.

Oh, the power build-up is far too slow.

Feed in that extra energy.

Three point eight two, rising.

Yes, it should activate
at five, zero, zero.

They're lining up to attack!

Four point three two, still rising.


Exterminate them! Exterminate them!

That was close! It was too close!



Coding nine, two. Red, blue, blue.


Coding one, zero, zero.

All blue readings, take off...


Hold tight!

Mavic Chen, you have
failed in your task.

Failed! Is this my greeting?

I agree that my mission was to return
to Earth and recover the Taranium.

This I have not done.

Failure will not be tolerated!

But I did notify you of
the fugitives' whereabouts.

The planet Mira.

There the vital Core can be taken
from them, without suspicion.

Their presence on Earth
was a constant danger!

At anytime they could have contacted
forces unsympathetic to our plans.

You make your incompetence
sound like an achievement.

Incompetence now, is it?

You forget that the original
blunder was not of my doing.

I journeyed to and from Earth to correct

a failing your security
force should have dealt with.

The Core was stolen from here.

My actions have brought
about a situation

which will allow you to recover the
missing Taranium easily and simply.

If that is a failure,
then I have failed.

The fugitives have
stolen our Pursuit ship

and have left the planet Mira.

Stolen! Left the planet Mira!

Is their course being computed?

It is.

What news of our forces?

They are stranded on the planet

and under constant attack from the

invisible creatures that inhabit it.

Dispatch a rescue ship to their aid.

They will be dealt with on their return.


I will personally supervise
recovery of the Core.

I obey.

And you had the audacity to accuse me,

Mavic Chen, of incompetence!

It is...

A Dalek ship stolen...

It is not...


It is not an emergency!

No. More like a catastrophe!

They may believe that they have

successfully escaped from us,

but we, the Daleks,
are still in command!

Will it work, Doctor?

No, of course it won't, dear boy.

That's the whole point.

I mean your plan.

No, we shall have to make a copy.

A copy so exact that we
can deceive the Daleks.

They'll still want this
Taranium back, you know.

They won't rest until they get it.

Yes, but suppose...

There isn't time to suppose.

I'm sure the Doctor
can copy it well enough.

Yes, thank you, thank
you, my dear, thank you.

I'll have a good try, and I think that'll
give us sufficient breathing space.

What's that?

We're changing course!

We're moving away on a selected route!

Good gracious, we're on the
course for the planet Kembel.

You know, I'm very much
afraid that we're...

under the Dalek influence.

Yes, it's obviously this
that's causing the damage.

Ah, that settles that.

Well, isn't that a rather a
drastic way of dealing with things?

Look, Sara, the technology
of my age may be hundreds

of years behind yours and the Doctor's,

but there are still
some things I can handle.

Yes, of course there is,
dear boy. Of course there is!

Come along, young
lady, let's get on with

our mineral whilst we
still have the time, hmm.

Pursuit ship has broken
free of our control.

Activate Magnetise Beam.

Magnetise Beam activated.

I sincerely hope there's not
been any further bungling?

We have temporarily lost control

but once the Magnetise Beam reaches

them it will pull them to Kembel

where they will be exterminated!

After we have the Core
of the Time Destructor...

in our possession, I trust.

Of course! Of course!

Yes, I think so.

Yes, yes, there
- that's a good copy

although I say it myself, hmm?

Yes, but there's still
the problem of charging it.

The Daleks will know immediately
that it isn't the real Taranium.

I appreciate that, young lady,

but this is the right balance
and the right weight, mm?

We're still on our own course.

The Daleks haven't
attempted to divert us yet.

Oh good, good, good.

Well, you keep watching,
there's a good fellow.


No, I should try that one.

This is excellent.

Hmm, hmm. Isn't it?

How do you propose to activate it?

Oh, we're working on that.

Yes, er, we're working on that.

Well, you know, we...

we could use the Gravity-force
from the ship's power centre.

Well, I mean, there's an outlet, here.


What's wrong with that?

Too primitive, my boy.

Too primitive and far too dangerous.

Gravity-force as a source of
energy was abandoned centuries ago.

We were still using it!

Oh yes, and the Romans used treadmills.

I still think G-force
would do the trick.

We're changing course again.

Back to the... planet Kembel, what? hmm!

Oh, you know, it appears that we're,
er... affected by magnetisation.

We're been held in a...
very strong beam, hmm hmm!

That will take us right
back to the Daleks.

Well, let's try and break
it, child, come along!

Now we'll see about those treadmills!


My dear boy! What is
it? What's happened?

He's still breathing.

The fool!

What? Hmm?

He's tried his... his experiment,
with G-force and reliance power!

Oh, he's still alive,
and lucky at that, hmm?

But it worked! Look, Doctor.

It's just like real Taranium!

Oh, isn't that wonderful?
That's wonderful.

Steven's theory has proved successful.

What about the poor boy? Hmm?

Dalek pursuit ship has
entered the atmosphere.

Reducing speed. Ten degrees of light...



It appears that you have at last
succeeded in getting the Taranium back.

Of course.

And we shall deal with these fugitives

as with all those who oppose us.


Do you challenge us?

Of course not.

But might it not be advisable for me

to return them to Earth... for trial?


They will be tried... and found
guilty as traitors to the Solar System.

After all, the woman is from Earth.

The Daleks will deal with them.

There is no need for the
delay in their extermination.

Some people on Earth know that our
traitors were transposed to Mira.

If they disappear for good, those people
will be curious and ask what happened to them?

It's possible that they might find
out... that the Daleks... executed them.

Then your plans could be hindered.

It is essential that you do not allow

your Earth people to become curious.

Human curiosity is something
I can have no control over.

You must forestall their
questions until it is too late.

Too late?

Yes! We will have
conquered the Solar System

before our presence here is discovered.

It is possible.

Once we have the Taranium

there is nothing to stop us!

Very well. I leave their fate to you.

The Dalek reception force should now

be in position at the
specified landing point.

Yes, they should.

And I think it's about
time we left to join them.

Don't you?

Height and speed reducing.

Yes, we should be landing
in about five minutes.

I'll see how Steven is.

I think the effect's wearing off.

No, my dear. He's adapting to it.

Can you talk, my boy, mm?


He's... he's still under the
influence of that force field.

Nothing further will happen to you.

Now don't worry, mm?

Yes, nothing further's going to
happen to him but I must confess I..

I have no cure for that condition, hmm.

He's enclosed in a force-field.

Yes, yes, I'm afraid so.

Hmm. Sara, bring me
that fake Taranium, hmm?

Hmm. Yes, yes, yes.

Now, listen to me, Steven.

Try and understand.

This is very important, so you
must trust me. You do understand?

Just try and indicate.

Pursuit ship is landing at
precise point calculated.

Well, it appears that everything's
going according to plan.

The Taranium will be recovered.

I hope you're right.

This time there will be no error

Well, we're here. Hmm hmm.

Now we've got to face the Daleks.

Open the doors, please.

Steven will lead the way.

This way, Steven.

But it won't... it can't work!

It's our only chance, my dear.

And remember, I will
do all the talking, hmm?

The Taranium!

I would suggest that you
give that to me, young man.


And remember, you cannot
fire because of the Taranium.

You'd have another
fifty years work, hmm?

Possibly, but you are still
in no position to bargain.

will hand over the Taranium
outside my ship, the TARDIS.

You heard the condition.

It is not acceptable!

You heard what the Dalek Supreme said.

Outside my ship, the TARDIS, or nowhere!

He seems determined.
Does it really matter?

Very well. In front of his ship.

Thank you! Steven?



Sara, open the door please.

The young man will give you the Taranium

when the girl and I are safely
inside my ship, the TARDIS.

Very well.

Making sure of your escape, eh, Doctor?

Remember to do exactly as I say, Steven.

I will give you further
instructions from inside my TARDIS.

Steven, hand the box over to Chen.

Then come inside the TARDIS.

This is it! The Core
of the Time Destructor!

Exterminate him!

The ray guns did not take effect!

All were operated at full power.

No human being can withstand their fire.

What happened is unimportant!

We have the Taranium!

The invasion can go ahead!

The universe will be ours!

Are you sure you're all right?

Yes, more or less.

The Dalek guns must have destroyed
that force field completely.

It's a good thing they
didn't fire a second time.

I don't really know what happened.

You were enclosed in a field of
gravity force and reliance power.

You had a shield round, you know, similar
to the one that protects the TARDIS.

Oh, that reminds me.

Where is that genuine Taranium, hmm?

Oh, over here.

Well, it's a pity I blanked out.

I mean, if we knew the ratio readings,

we could use the same force again,
to protect us from the Daleks.

Certainly not!

What you did was very
dangerous and extremely stupid.

Oh, come off it. It worked.

One more 'experiment' like that,
and you really will be dead.

Oh, nonsense...

Now, now, now, you
listen to me, young man.

I warned you it was
dangerous before you tried it.

You might have killed yourself...
and blown up the spaceship.

Then where would we all be, mm?

Well, I know where I'd
be, I don't know about you.

Now, now, now, now, don't be cheeky!

Look, if it haven't been for me

how would you have charged the Taranium

and carried out the handover?

I think we should experiment further.

I don't care what you think,
we're not going to repeat it.

Why do you think science
turned down your discovery, hmm?

Because it isn't safe!

So perhaps in future you'll
pay attention to what I say

and remember that I happen to be
the leader of this 'expedition'

and I don't want to
keep on repeating myself.

But Doctor...

Never mind the buts!

If you don't like it,
you can get off! Mmm? Hmm!

All right, Doctor

I promise that I won't
experiment with it any further.

I hope not.

Something's gone wrong.

What's the matter, hm?

It's stopped going up and down.

Oh, that means that we've landed.

That scanner's not working.

Can you mend it?

Yes, I shall have to repair it, of
course, yes, yes, but that means...

Let's get...

...checking up on the whole circuit.

Let's get on with it.

Dah, dah, dah, dah!
Don't you dare touch that.

Why not?

Well, just look at those dials, look!

Look here, Sara.

Do you see those dials?

Now, do you know what that means?

If either of you went outside,
it would be extremely dangerous.

The whole atmosphere
is entirely poisonous!