Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 14 - Counter Plot - full transcript

The Doctor, Steven and Sara are accidentally transported to the planet Mira where Chen sends the Daleks after them.

Borkar! Borkar, where are you?


The two fugitives have escaped.

All exits to the main
block are to be guarded.

That's Bret Vyon!

Yes, he's dead.

The others must be killed as well.

They will be shot on sight...

But aim for the head!

Where's Bret?

He's right behind us, I think.

He's probably dealing with that girl.

Oh, most irritating man!

Come along in here, quickly.

Strange room.

Now I wonder what that is?

Yeah, there are mice inside.

Funny sort of cage for mice.

Yes, it, er, could be some
kind of... transmitter, mm?

Hope Bret finds us.

Well, I suggest you
stay at that door and if

you hear any noise outside
it's bound to be him.

Yes, if he's moving fast enough.

Yes, mice, yes.

Perhaps it is some kind of experiment?

Are they ready yet?

Pressure count seems
to have risen again.

We'll have to go ahead anyway.

All Continuum readings are perfect.

No, wait, just for a moment.

Have you seen two strangers?

Get out!

We're looking for two men

who headed in this direction.

I don't care who you're looking for.

We're in the middle of a
highly complicated experiment

now get out of here!

We're all right now. All
readings registering normal.

Once again, will you get out of here?

Starting dissemination countdown
in ten seconds... from... now.

I think I heard someone.

You will stay right where
you are, both of you.

I'll give you five seconds
to hand over that Taranium.

Let me speak, please...

The Taranium!

Open up!

Time molecule absorption.

Planet-side power falling.

Projections alpha zero, zero, zeta.

Instruments register
perfect dissemination.


Cut in computer control.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect!

Just as I hoped.

Hey! Someone's opened the door!



Just what do you think you're doing?

What's going on in this room?

We have been carrying out
a molecular dissemination.

And if you Space
Security people would stop

interfering we'd be able
to get along a lot faster!

Looks as though it was perfect.

You don't understand!

Have you touched anything in this room?

No! But there were three people in here
- where are they?

There can't have been.
There were only my mice.

I know
- I set them here myself.

You've got to get them back.

Get them back? But we can't.

What do you mean, you can't? You must!

You don't seem to understand.

Anyone or anything that was in this
room at the time of the experiment...

is now being transmitted through space.

Yes, my friend. They're many
light years from Earth by now.

Moving towards a strange
planet, in a strange galaxy

the nature of which
we can only guess at...

Has any message been
received from Earth?


Contact Mavic Chen and ask for a report.

He should be bringing the
Taranium Core by this time.

I Obey

How long will it take till you know if

your "experiment" is successful.

We don't know.

Once the instruments
re-form on the planet Mira,

they should start
transmitting immediately.

Would it not have been wiser to
choose a nearer planet than Mira?

The whole point was the distance.

We already know that
certain small objects

can be sent by cellular fragmentation
over some short distances.

And will these people arrive safely?

We don't know. We've never tried to
transpose people in this way before.

Why didn't you stop when
Space Security came in.

The experiment had already
started. We couldn't stop.

You're a fool!

Why didn't you make them stop?

There wasn't time.

And we didn't know
where these people were.

Inform me as soon as you know that

your mechanism has reached Mira.

Of course.

Is there no sign of anything yet?

No, no... ah!

I think something's coming through.

Hey... yes!

The instruments reassembled
successfully, and the mice were alive.

You know that might mean nothing.

You realise the Daleks might just...
assemble a force and conquer us!

And there'd be nothing we can do.

We still have the power.


They are expecting me now
to arrive with the Taranium.

Calm down.

Mira is not far from Kembel is it?

It's nearer Kembel then Earth is.

But what help is that?

Tell the Daleks that
you trapped the fugitives

in the Cellular Projector and
sent them to Mira on purpose.

You're mad!

Am I? It was a safety measure.

Unwelcome attention
was being paid to the

fugitives so you sent
them to Mira on purpose.

Ah, we could attribute it to a
too efficient security system.

It'll show conclusively that we're
completely allied to the Daleks.

They would trust us the more.



How do we know that the Taranium
wasn't destroyed on the way?

We don't.

But the...

No buts!

The only reason that you as
Guardian of the Solar System

were admitted to the Universal Council were
because of our superior knowledge of mineralogy.

Without us they cannot get Taranium.

Without me their plan
cannot completely work.

Without me, they are but nothing!


When I am next to the Daleks

only they stand between me and the
highest position in the universe.

Then will be the time for
me to take complete control.

You are a fortunate man, Karlton.

You will have a high
place in galactic history.

The highest... next to you.

The mice couldn't have done that!

Extraordinary, most extraordinary.

Steven? Steven, my boy, where are you?



All right, all right, all right.

What's going on? Where are we?

What on Earth's happened?

Calm down, calm down!

I don't know where we are.

We're safe and sound
- that's the main thing.

Oh, I suppose she had to come along, eh?

Yes, but what's happened?

All I know is, when she was
about to shoot us, there...

there was this fantastic noise!

Yes, I'm very glad that you
took that gun away from her.

Is she all right?

She hasn't come round yet.

Pull yourself together, Madam.

I want to ask you some few questions.


Take a good look round, dear boy.

And find a place to hide.


We've a lot to sort out.

You! The traitors!

I must...

Quiet! Do as you're told!

Get on your feet.

You're lucky to be alive.

Now you come with me, and don't
try any tricks. Come along.

The pursuit ship reports that they

have landed on the planet Mira.

Have they located the fugitives?

The detectors register strong readings.

When the fugitives are captured

report at once.

I obey.

Feeling better?

I'll feel a lot better when
we get out of this place.

Getting away from this
place sets quite a problem.

Where are we?

At the moment, I haven't
the faintest idea.

Oh! But how did we get here?

Cellular... dissemination.

Cellular what?

To put it... in lay language,
cellular... dissemination

means our bodies were broken
up by some process or other

shot through into the fourth dimension

and at a given point
reassembled again on this planet.

That's fantastic.


Fantastic it may be,
my boy, but impossible

no, because precisely
that is what has happened.

Yes, but Doctor what about
that, er, transmitter thing?

You know the one with the mice in it.

Yes, that followed
along too and I believe

it's sending messages back to Earth.

Now that would mean that Mavic Chen
will know precisely where we are.

Therefore, the Daleks
will attack once again.

Detector indicates being at close range.

An alien device.

There are small white creatures inside.

They may be hostile.

It is sending out signals.

It may belong to the fugitives

and register our presence here.

Destroy it.

Detector still registers
being is very close.

I can see nothing.

There is a being near us.

Fire at any movement.

The beings appear to be invisible.

We must continue the
search for the fugitives.

Keep constant detector readings

Open fire when it
registers close proximity.

I obey.

I can't understand it.

We were getting such powerful signals

now we're getting absolutely nothing.

A technical fault?

Well it couldn't be, just like that.

Those criminals must have damaged it.

Why didn't they do it
when they first arrived?

Perhaps they have only just found it.

You are certain that there
are no natural beings on Mira?

Not to our knowledge.

Our probes have never shown any.

That's why we sent the mice.

I was hoping that they might perhaps...

Oh dear, perhaps we
should send some more mice?


Send nothing further to Mira.

Inform me as soon as you
regain any form of contact.

In the meantime send no
further matter to that planet.

I might have known it
- Visians!

The planet Mira!

But he was the one person
who could have warned Earth!

So you say.

You killed Bret! You just shot him down!

He was a traitor.

Between the three of you,
you had stolen the Taranium

the most valuable
mineral in the universe.

It was needed desperately
to spread the peace

which was advanced in the solar
system, to reach the whole galaxy.

What was the Taranium going to do?

How should I know? I had my orders.

Oh, your orders!

And even though it meant
killing one of your own people

you obeyed them blindly,
without question!

One does not question the
orders of the Guardian.

Oh, you didn't even stop to
think how it came to happen.

That a space security agent, one
of your own people, was a traitor?


You didn't give Bret a chance, did you?

You couldn't question Chen
and you wouldn't question Bret.

Look, what do you want me to say?

That I believe your fantastic story?

It's true.

It mustn't be.

I'm afraid it is, my dear.

But Bret had to be killed.

Shut up! Bret Vyon was my brother.

Leave her, my boy.

There's nothing we can do.
She finally believes us.

Something... touched me!

It's all right.


Listen to me, both of you.

This is the planet Mira.

And the only beings on
here are the Visians.

We can't see them but
they're very vicious.

We must try to get away from
here as soon as possible.

But how?

I don't know yet.

Is that them?

Yes, and it appears we're trapped!

I am certain that the Daleks
have already reached Mira.

That means I must
return to Kembel at once.

Of course. Everything is arranged.


It looks as though the
Daleks have believed my story.

I must be there before
the Taranium's bought back.

If it is?

Wait till you hear from me,
then take your party to Venus.

Whatever happens we
shall outwit the Daleks!

We should be able to destroy Kembel

with help from the rest
of the solar system.

But that will only mean
mastery of this galaxy.

But a start, Karlton, a start.

I don't think they've
quite fathomed us out.

Well, when we beat our way through

we've got to stick together.

And you remember my boy, aim high.

These Visians are eight feet tall.


You're right Doctor, they've come.

You are surrounded.

You will come with us.

I'm afraid, my friends,
the Daleks have won.