Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Traitors - full transcript

With Katarina being held hostage, the Doctor, Steven and Bret are in danger of having to given in to Kirksen's demands, while, on Earth, Chen has them listed as traitors.

Next stop Earth.

Oh, oh, I'm glad to hear that, Bret.

Now, you've got some
serious thinking to do.

Katarina, check up on that
door and see that it's secure.

Remember, Chen will have
allies on Earth, and...

Keep back!

Who are you? What do you
want? Release that girl!

Never mind that! Who's
in charge of this thing?

Answer me!

I am.

Where are you heading?


Change course.

Change it!

Where to?

Not Earth.

Go to the planet Kembel.


Shut up and do as I say!

Kembel's deserted now.

It's as bad as Desperus.

Nowhere's as bad as Desperus!

The Daleks are on Kembel!


The Daleks are no help!
We're going back to Earth.

Then I shall be sent back
to the Devil's planet!

No, whoever the Daleks
are, they'll help me.

You don't know about the Daleks...

Just do as I say! To Kembel!


Only slight damage was sustained.

We are ready to continue
pursuit of Earth vessel.

What is course of Earth vessel?

Back on course - seven, oh,
seven - heading for Earth.

Contact Mavic Chen through
secret communication red.

He must recapture the Taranium and

exterminate creatures who took it.

I obey.

Pursuit vessel, return to base.

We obey.

Destroy pursuit ship.

They have failed in their mission.

We will not tolerate mistakes!

We're changing course.

Now, release that girl.

Do you think I'm a fool?

The course is changed.
We're heading for Kembel.

It doesn't feel as if we've changed.

Well, look up at the
screen and you'll see.

Well, open the door from the control panel
- I'll rush him!

The girl will be dead
before the door's half open!

Can we talk to him in there?

Yes, I'll channel the talk-back.

Let's try a little bluff.

Now, then! Listen to
me, whoever you are.

Bring that girl in here,
or we will press a button

and you will go outside the door
- into space.

Then the girl dies too!

If you open the outside door

I'll press the inner release
and then we'll all be dead!

We can't get through to him
- he's crazy.

We've got to get Katarina out of there!

Stop that!

Turn the talk-back on again!

There's no point.

Turn it on again, before
he really hurts her!

Look, he can't kill her
or he hasn't a hostage.

You... animal!

Now that's just for
starters. Do as I say!

Change course!

Now, that's more like it!

Take him back to Kembel.
Take him back to Kembel!

Let the Daleks deal with him.

Yes, and us.

Oh, don't worry, dear
boy, We'll find a way out.

Stop that or you're dead!

I can't sacrifice everything
for the sake of that one girl!

Listen, without us you wouldn't
have got off Kembel at all

and nothing'd be worth bothering about!

All right, so we all go back together.

But without me, I doubt if
you'd have got this far either.

Yes, all right, but I
won't let you hurt Katarina.

We'll head back for Kembel.

As the Doctor says, on the way we may
find a way to get her out of there.

You won't.

Not that one! Katarina!


She pressed the wrong button, Doctor.

She may have wanted to, dear boy.

She wanted to save our lives.

It must have been... quick.

I hope she's reached
her Place of Perfection.

Yes, but not that way.

She didn't understand.
She couldn't understand.

She wanted to save our lives.

And perhaps the lives of all the
other beings of the Solar System.

I hope she's found her Perfection.

Oh, how I shall always remember her...

as one of the Daughters of the Gods.

Yes, as one of the
Daughters of the Gods!

Dalek Supreme

You have failed to get back
the Core of the Time Destructor.

We shall get it back.

You show too much trust in Mavic Chen.

Mavic Chen is hungry for power.

We have offered him more power
than he has ever thought of.

He will return to us the Taranium Core.

Supposing he fails?

He will not. He has
been given instructions.

What instructions?

It is not necessary for you to know.

As representative of the
largest of the outer galaxies

I have the right to know!

Representative Trantis, the Daleks

will not fail and neither
will any of its allies.

If anything tries to stop
us we will destroy it.

Nothing will be allowed to stand in the

way of our plan to conquer the Universe!

Hmm, judging by the
position of those planets

we shall land quite soon.

Yes, and that's the
problem. It won't be easy.

Oh, haven't we sufficient power drive

to land safely, hmm?

Yes, but we can't land
at the main landing area

remember, this is Chen's space vessel!

Yes, you've got a point there.

Where can we land, hmm?

An Experimental Plant

a little way out from Central City

I have a friend there
who I think will help us.

So that's our traitor.

- Bret Vyon. Bred on Mars, Colony Sixteen.

Joined Space Security Service, 3990.

Gained First Rank, 3995.

Gained Second Rank, 3998.

You have a good memory.

Thank you, Guardian.

And he looks like that?

Exactly like that. How
could he look otherwise?

Guardian, have you no
faith in computerised data?

Every faith. But this
information is vital.

The man is dangerous and must be caught.

I would hate there to be any mistake...

A mistake is impossible.

Our computer network contains
precise chemical details of every man

woman, and child
within our Solar System.

There are forty billion
people in the Solar System.

Doesn't that provide
some scope for error?

There is no scope for error.

Very well, have it sent
out to all stations.

Now, what about Gantry,
the other traitor?

We're working on his
Identity Projection now.

It should be ready shortly.

Since Vyon is in command, I
gave priority to his Projection.


Excellent! Vyon and Gantry were the two

who never reported in from
the planet Kembel, am I right?

Yes, Guardian.

Then they are the two
who took over my Spar.

It's possible they may be in
association with some other creatures.

But we don't know... where from.

When you catch Vyon and Gantry

you catch them, too.

You've done well.

I want all Space Security
agents called back to Earth.

If the traitors are not
caught at the landing zone

then Central City must be
cordoned off until they are found.

And Lizan! They will be killed on sight.

Give out the instruction.

Yes, Guardian.

I think that takes care of that.

You know, Karlton, some of your
agents are getting too good.

We don't want to, er, spoil
things for ourselves at this stage.

They won't.

I've already insisted
that all future operations

shall be cleared with
me before they're begun.

If you'd done that in the first
place, we wouldn't be in this spot.

Cory's mission was one
that he kept to himself.

It was done without official
sanction of any kind.

And you could hardly have stopped
the others, after his distress signal.

You must do better than that. I
would hate to have to lose you.

You know you can trust me!

Look, the drive force is very weak.

But can we land?

Yes, but I don't know what'll happen.

The pull is too hard.

We can't crash now!

I'm afraid I may not be able to help it.

Yes, well remember, Bret

we've got some valuable cargo on board.


What, the Taranium?

And the Doctor.

Yes, I heard that!

Now, don't concern yourselves over me.

I can look after myself.

The most important
factor is this Taranium.

That's it. Stand by!

Only because of the
Taranium am I on the council!

It will be returned.

It's got to be!

I want that position,
right beside the Daleks.

I'll govern the Universe!

Surely Trantis will be
first after the Daleks?

Trantis! Trantis! They don't like him.

Agreed that his is the largest galaxy

but he's already demanding
too much say in what goes on.

They'll want him out of the way...

and I have a plan which may
help them to achieve just that!

Then it'll be me, Mavic
Chen, who'll be next in line!

And I will be there, behind you.

Of course!

Of course.

Is your Special Force
dealing with Bret Vyon?

Not completely.

I thought it wiser to use some
of the ordinary Security men.

Hmm, very good.

We'll need your men next
time. Who's in command?


Kingdom! Ruthless, hard, efficient!

And, er, does exactly as ordered.


Ah ha!

I see.

Carry out Emergency Plan D.

The traitors have arrived.


But not at the landing area.


They have crash-landed at
the Experimental Station.

No one here.

We'll have to wait. Come on!

Kingdom is here.


Come in, Kingdom, come in!

You know what's happened?


Do you know how many there are?

- Bret Vyon and two strangers.

They look as though they could come
from Earth, but are oddly dressed.

None of them can leave the plant.


They're in the main block.

I'm going to capture them myself.

Before you do that...!

There is something you have to know.

Look, where on earth is this Daxtar?

He shouldn't be long.

Well, I think we're wasting
valuable time sitting

around here waiting for this
man, Baxtar or Daxtor or what...

whatever he calls himself, hmm!

Doctor, Daxtar's in
a position to help us.

Oh, but surely everyone must know that

Chen's spaceship has crash-landed
only a short distance away from here.

There must be hundreds of
people looking for us! Ho!

Doctor, there are very few
people allowed near this place

it's a restricted area.

Look, don't you understand that Chen will
probably have returned to Earth by this time.

He'd have realised that I was
on man on the planet Kembel.

I expect we're wanted men by this time.

But this is an experimental plant!

There's no scientists, no staff, nobody!

We might just as well have landed
ourselves on an empty planet.

What on Earth is happening?

Doctor, I don't know
any more than you do.

Has it occurred to you,
by any chance, that we

might have deliberately walked
into an ambush? Mmm? Hmm!

What's the point in standing
here just waiting to be caught?

Because Daxtar is the only
man who will believe our story.

What story?

So you will understand
that it's absolutely

essential that this emm of
Taranium is returned to me.

Of course.

Every precaution for
its safety will be taken.

Good. See to it.

She actually believed you.

Of course.

I thought for a moment you were

really going to tell
her about the Daleks.

Oh come! We need that Taranium back

but we can't allow any more
people to know the plan.

I was watching her all the time.

She never doubted
anything, even momentarily.

A good security agent.

A heroic war cry to
apparent peaceful ends

is one of the greatest
weapons a politician has.

Mavic Chen? The Daleks?
I can't believe it!

The Doctor saw it.

Quite true.

And then he gave a
rather pompous speech of

self-satisfaction and handed over the
core of the Time Destructor to the Daleks.

Yes, they intend to capture
or destroy the Solar System

and Chen is helping them.

But why?

A lust for more power
than he already has

universal power!

It's incredible!

Oh don't worry about its incredibility!

We've got to do something to stop it.

Yes, quite so.

So, whatever plans you
have, it's essential that

Steven and I return
to the planet Kembel.

I want to recover
something of unique value.

You didn't leave the Taranium there?

No, no, the Doctor has it.

Good. That gives us a little time.

Very little. We've got to move fast.

Of course. We must get down to
the security buildings at once.

The planets must all be alerted.

A combined task force must be
sent off to Kembel immediately.


What do you mean, Doctor?
What are you playing at?

I suggest you ask Daxtar
what he is playing at.

I don't understand. Look, this
situation must be dealt with at once!

What price is Mavic Chen paying
you for your treachery, hmm?

Treachery? I've know this man
all my life. He's no traitor.

Long acquaintance is no
guarantee for honesty. Ask him!

Ask him how he came
to know that the core

of their Time Destructor
was Taranium, hmm!

Don't be so ridiculous!

One of you mentioned it
when you were telling me.

Why you, yourself, mentioned it when
you said how Chen handed the stuff over.

I did not, sir! How long have
you been in this conspiracy?

What conspiracy?

You're making a stupid mistake!

There is you, and Chen,
and how many of the others?

Or what others are involved?

Look, Bret. You've
known me for many years.

You know I wouldn't be mixed
up in anything like this?

How did you know about the Taranium?

He told me! For heaven's
sake, you must have heard him.

You too!


You brainless idiot!

How many times have I told
you about taking lives?

We have other ways and means
of dealing with evil doers.

He deserved worse.

Possibly! But now we shall
never know whom we can trust!

A signal from the planet Earth.


Mavic Chen has almost
recaptured the Taranium Core

and will be returning with it
to land here in two Earth days.

Have the fugitives been exterminated?

The report did not say.

But it is believed
that they come from the

tenth galaxy under the
leadership of Trantis.

That is not true.

It is a plot by Mavic
Chen to discredit me!

He is jealous of my power
in the outer galaxies.

We shall see.

Has the report been confirmed?

No. It was a suspicion
by the Earth people.

It is Chen!

He is trying to undermine the
balance of the Galactic Council.

When Mavic Chen returns we
shall discover the truth.

By then, those who stole the Taranium
will have been identified and exterminated!

I'm going to get into the security
building and send out the warning myself.

And how do you propose to do that?

Yes, we're probably being searched
for now by other "friends" of Chen.

I mean, Daxtar clearly knew about
the disappearance of the Taranium.


Possibly, we filled in the story
long before he gave himself away.

I could try and bluff my way out.

Well, it's worth a try!

Well, you haven't
thought of a better idea.

Yes, possible.

If you hadn't killed Daxtar, of
course, there wouldn't be any need to.

Of course there would.

We wouldn't have been able
to believe anything he said.

Well, there's not much point in
standing here discussing it any longer.

We shall have to try out your scheme

though I very much doubt of any
sort of success that it might have.



You're just the person we need.

I doubt that.

Which of you has the Taranium?

Run for it!

Give me the Taranium!

Sara! Please listen...

Give me the Taranium!

You too?

Borkar! Borkar, where are you?


The two fugitives have escaped.

All exits to the main
block are to be guarded.

That's Bret Vyon!

Yes, he's dead.

The others must be killed as well.

They will be shot on sight...

But aim for the head!