Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 14 - Planet of Fire: Part Two - full transcript

On the volcanic planet Sarn, Turlough recognizes several Trion artifacts that point to Malkon (the Chosen One among the Sarn people) being his own brother. Meanwhile, Peri flees from Kamelion who has almost been entirely possessed by the Master.


The Tardis is mine.

Uh, sorry?

The Tardis is mine.

What... What are you doing, Howard?

-Don't touch that.
-I have succeeded.

Contact has been made.



Who are you?


I am the Master and you will obey me.


-Release the Unbelievers.

It is not necessary.

By sending us the Outsider,
Logar has shown his favour.

The fire god demands sacrifice.

I cannot order the deaths
of three innocent people, not now.

There will be no burning. Release them.

Look, I...
I just want to get out of here.


You will remain in the Tardis.

We'll see about that.




Resist the girl. Resist.

Obey control. Resist.


Who are you? What are you?


Oh, help me.


The Misos Triangle.

Oh, is that what it's called?

It means there are people
from Trion here,

my home planet.

This must be an old Trion colony.

Hmm. Very old.
By the look of it, rather deserted.

TIMANOV: A blue box?

It came from nowhere,
with a flashing light.

There's no recorded history
of a blue box

and every visitation's different.

Perhaps we've been sent
another Chosen One.

The boy is weak, the heretics walk free.

No, no. No Chosen One
has appeared on the Time of Fire.

It can only be...

The Outsider. Yes.

What has happened to Howard?
Who is the other man? What's going on?

Howard is safe on Earth.

His appearance was a projection
of your own energy,

which overwhelmed
my personality circuits.

You really are some kind of robot?

I am Kamelion.

Was Kamelion. But I must help you.

Leave the Tardis at once
and find the Doctor. You must...




My dear Doctor,
so relentlessly predictable.

Give this to the Doctor
and warn him that the Master...


The Master? Who is the Master?

Kamelion my slave, resist the girl.

Her mind is strong,
but you will obey only the Master.

My dear Peri, do not be confused
by my shifting appearance.

The transfer is now stabilised.

I am immutably the Master.

Now quickly to my Tardis, release me.


I've, uh, changed my mind.
I'm waiting here for the Doctor.

You will come with me
or you will remain in the Tardis dead.

Oh, well, since you put it that way...


I deplore such unsophisticated coercion,
but your cooperation's necessary to me.


I think not... I think not, Miss Brown.

We must not lose the girl.

Look at the dials. They're going mad.

Every time the volcano becomes active,
these instruments react.

They must be controlling
the mountain somehow.

If only we could work out how.

DOCTOR: We should get back
to the Professor and the girl.

DOCTOR: And Peri.

TURLOUGH: Just a bit further,
Doctor, please.

There's no one alive on this planet.

-I have a feeling there is.
-Let's get a move on.

The Tardis computer may be confident
the volcano isn't about to blow,

but instinct tells me otherwise.



Quickly, Kamelion,
go to the Doctor's machine,

materialise that preposterous box
inside my Tardis.

TIMANOV: I'm going to the place
of arrival, you will attend me.

It might me a chance for you
to redeem yourself.

The Unbelievers do no harm.

Sarn was a thriving
and prosperous planet

until the existence of Logar
was questioned.

Now look at us!

A primitive settlement
on the verge of extinction!

No harm?

Those heretics

must be executed.

Comparator's missing.

The girl must have removed it
while my control was weak.

You must find her
before she rejoins the Doctor.


ECHO: Doctor!


ECHO: Turlough!



DOCTOR: Why have you never mentioned
your home planet before?

TURLOUGH: No particular reason.
DOCTOR: Are you in trouble?

TURLOUGH: What makes you think that?
DOCTOR: Instinct.

And the fact I've never seen you
so nervous before.

Hey! You there!

And you said the planet was deserted.

Greetings, I am known as Amyand.

And I am Sorasta.

And this is the Doctor. I am Turlough.

-Where are you from?
-Here and there.

AMYAND: You're not from Logar?

I'm afraid not.

Then you are welcome, strangers.

-Are there any more of you here?
-Yes, our group is sheltering down here.

Why didn't they send a rescue ship
from Trion?

Trion? You are from Trion?

The home planet.

We are from Sarn.

This is our planet.

Uh, please forgive my friend.
He seems to have made a mistake.

I would like to know more about Logar.

In due course.

Where could they have gone?

MASTER: My dear Peri.

How positively evanescent you've become.

In fact, your disappearance has given me
a great deal of trouble.

You keep away from me.

You've removed a component
from the Doctor's Tardis.

Return it to me instantly.


One step nearer
and you'll never get this back.

If you damage that comparator,
the Doctor's Tardis is useless.

So keep your distance or I drop it.

Give me that component immediately!

This thing belongs to the Doctor.

So it's the Doctor I give it to
and no one else.

You will obey me.

-I am the Master.

So what?

I am Perpugilliam Brown
and I can shout just as loud as you can.

Peri, be reasonable.

Without the comparator,
you will never return to Earth.

Do you wish to stand here
till the planet's destroyed?

Well? Answer!

Kamelion? Where are you, Kamelion?

Come on, show me your real self.
Come on!


Yes, Kamelion, your real self. Come on.

If you can't manage that,
show me Howard, please.

Kamelion, my slave, resist the girl.

Have I travelled a billion light years
though time and space

to be thwarted by this brat?
Resist the girl!

Kill her immediately.

Stay where you are, Kamelion.
I'm your friend.

This is the Doctor and Turlough.

Look, I know it isn't polite
for a stranger to take over a party,

but you really must get away from here.

The volcano isn't stable.

-We're safe enough underground?
-Well, far from it.

The tunnel we've just come along
is a vent for the volcano.

Well, the planet's covered in them.
We use them as shortcuts.

Mmm, it's the same route the molten lava
will take to burn you alive.

I have a ship.
I can get you away from here.

Think about it.

Is, uh, this from Trion?


Your Trion settlers
must have tapped the volcanic gas.

It's a very complex control mechanism.

A seismic energy converter
for powering a city.

Do you know how this machine works?

In principle, yes.

I thought if I learnt how
to manipulate it,

I could control the volcano.

Not from here, you won't.

Doctor, we accept your offer of help.

-Timanov has gone to greet the Outsider.

Doctor, your ship,
would there be a shining light?

-The sound of a great wind?

The lookout wasn't lying.

That old fox Timanov,

he'll have a long search
for his messengers from Logar.

We have them here.


Grateful as I am
for the visitation of the Outsider,

I wish he'd come nearer
to the settlement.


MALKON: Timanov.

MALKON: Shining is well documented.

MASTER: There's energy around you.

Use it.

Come, my slave,

be at one with me.



Outsider, welcome to the settlement.

Who are you?

Timanov, chief elder of the Sarns.

I've been struggling to keep the faith.

I never thought I'd be alive
to see this day.

Logar is just.

He sent you to help us
through the Time of Fire.

Don't anyone move.


Stay where you are
and no one will get hurt.

Citizens, listen to me.

You're here to see the Outsider.

You won't be disappointed
because we've found him.

In fact, we found two of them.

Doctor? Turlough?


Look at them.

But they're not who you think they are.

They're not messengers of Logar,
but men like us.

They will tell you that Logar is dead.

Logar never existed.

I hope you bring proof
of your statement.

Doctor, this is our leader, Malkon.

-How do you do?
-You're welcome to Sarn.

Not a very hospitable planet
at the moment.

You will hear out the Doctor.

Uh, yes.
Well, what Amyand said is right.

What you call the spirit of the mountain
is fire itself.

And that fire will pour down
onto your settlement

destroying everything in its path.

It has happened before, but do you
have knowledge that will help us?

I can't save your planet,
but I can get you away from here.

Where did you find these?
Tell me, please.

They're gifts of Logar.

This equipment is relatively new.
It comes from a Trion spacecraft.

-Now where are the crew?
-Malkon speaks the truth.

Timanov says they're gifts of Logar.

Whoever your benefactor, they provided
you with a transceiver unit,

even if somewhat incomplete.

What is transceiver unit?

Uh, it's a way of communicating
with other people.

Possibly a more effective way of
getting you settled on another planet.

The Trions must have a form of colony
or something, Turlough?

If you could get a message to the Trion,
they could send a rescue ship.

Contact Trion and you ruin everything.

-What are you talking about?
-Where did you find that?

It is nothing.
A Chosen One has many gifts.

There are more like this?

Show me.

-Doctor, you don't understand.

I think this equipment came
from my father's ship.

Someone help me, please.


Why do they call you the Chosen One?

I carry the mark of Logar.
At least that's what Timanov says.

Show me.

The Misos Triangle.

Timanov also says I came from the fire.

That is always how
the Chosen One arrives.

From the fire?

I was found in the wilderness,
near the volcano.

-Do you know precisely where?

-Take me there.
-I can't. It's in the forbidden land.

-Please take me there.
-No. Unbelievers are not allowed.

If you are caught,
you would be sent to the burning.

Come on. No one's going to burn us.

-I order you!
-No one can order a Chosen One...

Except another Chosen One.

Now, please,
take me to where you were found.

Where did you get that?

Probably the same place as you. Trion.

It's a unique custom they have.


ECHO: Doctor!


We need more power.

Doctor, Timanov has returned.

Good, good. I need to speak to him.
We've a full-scale exodus to organise.

Seize the enemies of Logar.
Arrest all...


Obey me!

Look, be a good fellow,
we're trying to help.

The volcano could erupt at any moment.

You must be the Doctor.

It is the Outsider's wish
that you go to the fire.

There is no Outsider.

Do as the Outsider has instructed!


Oh, no.

This was your fire.

The ship crash-landed.

-I travelled from Trion in this?
-And you weren't alone.

-PERI: Turlough!

Oh. Am I pleased to see you.

-Who's this?

Peri is a friend, another traveller.


Have I seen everything today!

A transgalactic payphone,
a stepfather who turns into a robot

and a robot who turns into a gangster.

That must be Kamelion.

That's him.
I sure prefer him to the Master.

Master? Kamelion turned into the Master?

Yes. Do you know him?

Come on.
We have to get back to the Doctor.

Oh, no, please, no.

Wretched citizens of Sarn,

you turned your backs
on the lord of the fire mountain

and listened to his enemy.

-The man's an impostor.
-Save your breath, Doctor,

to tell me but one thing.

Where is the girl from your Tardis?
She's joined you here?

Where's the comparator?

Outsider, sacrifice the enemy.

Not yet. Burn the others first.

-The comparator, if you please, Doctor.

Only Malkon can order a burning.

It is the will of the Outsider
that you all die.

The messenger of Logar
has supreme authority.

I don't know where the girl is.
I don't have the comparator.

-Commence the burning!

-Doctor, help us!

-You must believe me!
-Oh, but I do believe you.

Commence the burnings!


-Stop this.
-You are quite powerless.

Continue the sacrifices!
See that this Doctor burns slowly.