Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 13 - Planet of Fire: Part One - full transcript

The Doctor and Turlough arrive on Lanzarote to investigate a signal. Turlough rescues American Student Peri Brown from nearly drowning and discovers she has in her possession a data core from Turlough's home planet Trion. The Doctor, Turlough and Peri follow the signal to the volcanic planet Sarn, where the natives worship a fire god known as Logar, and where the Doctor learns The Master has accidentally shrunk himself after testing a more lethal version of his tissue compression eliminator and has taken control of Kamelion, using him to find numismaton gas that will restore him to his normal size.


-Come on, Roskal.
-It's no good. I can't make it.

Give me your hand.



-I'm afraid.
-So am I.

We've come this far.
We can't turn back now.

Come on. Just a short climb, then we
can see into the heart of the mountain.

The others are depending on us.

Since my father's time, Unbelievers
have been sent to the flames.

-That was barbaric.
-Yes, a little overzealous perhaps.

In those days, people didn't
tolerate dissenters as they do now.

-But the Unbelievers are harmless.
-Yes, but it's still a wise precaution

to send the occasional free-thinker
to the flames,

encourage his faith in our traditions.

I could never order a burning.

When the time comes,
you will be given the strength.

It can be a rewarding experience
for those consumed in the flames.

Unbelievers are such...

Such unhappy souls.

Is it not sometimes
good to doubt, Timanov?


for our people to survive,
we must have faith,

and never more so than at this moment.

Logar is testing us.

We must not seem to be wanting.


I can't breathe.

My feet are burning.

Timanov says Logar is benevolent.

Perhaps he's waiting
with a cool drink and new shoes.

-How can you joke?
-Keep going.

It's now or never, Roskal.

AMYAND: There's nothing there.
ROSKAL: Not even a machine.

Logar's a myth.


Be careful. Do you wish to achieve
what the sea could not?

These items are fragile.


-Sure isn't Greek.
-Neither is it Roman.

You're right. The metal's modern.

-Must be some kind of alloy.

-Do you recognise the logo?

I'll get one of the crew
to take it to the police.

Yes. But first, we must get this statue
safely ashore.

I won't be happy till it's safely
in the workshop at the museum.

Only Logar could create a place
of such beauty.

Then why's he now trying
to destroy the planet?

The ways of the gods are complex.

Why with his own hands
did he build such a place?

-You're his Chosen One.
-I don't know.

Same with the day of fire.
But why does he test us in this way?

I only wish I had your faith.


Accept what you see and hear

and feel all around you

-and the faith will come.

But I don't think I will ever understand
why this makes me special.

Sign of Logar. You are the Chosen One.

The people of Sarn
expect your leadership.

But why?

-Why the importance of this mark?

You were found
on the slopes of the volcano.

But you know all this.
How many times must I tell you?

I know only that I am confused.

What of the memories
and strange dreams that I have?

I keep forgetting
how very young you still are.

Come, we must hurry.
One day, it'll all be clear to you.

Daleks. I sometimes think
those mutated misfits

will terrorise the universe
for the rest of time.

Doctor, you're becoming obsessed.

Yes, obsessed and depressed.

You miss Tegan?

Well, we were together a long time.



Ah, help me!


He's connected to the Tardis databank.

No, no, no.
No, we need to stop the spasming.

Go and program an alpha rhythm
on the computer. It should calm him.


Help me, Doctor.

It's all right, Kamelion,
help's on its way.

Point of contact...

Point of contact will be made.

Contact me.

Contact who? What's happening?

Doctor, we're picking up
a distress signal.

Oh, no.

I apologise for
that hysterical display, Doctor.

For a moment there was confusion.

A Trion ship.

How's Kamelion?

Spasming's stopped and
he's fully conscious. I just wish I...

What have you done?

We were picking up some sort
of random emission, I...

I thought it might be
interfering with Kamelion.

And why have you reset the coordinates?

I haven't.

Well, someone has.

Kamelion's plugged into the computer.

He must have computerised
the signals we heard.

-What are you doing here?

I thought you were going sightseeing
with your mother?

No, she's taken up with that
Mrs Van Geysegham from the hotel.

And I'm not spending all afternoon
exploring a Cro-Magnon cave

with some octogenarian from Miami Beach.

Hey, what's this? Looks like Elton John.

It's Eros, if you really want to know.

-The god of love and fertility.
-That's right. Beautiful, isn't it?

A personification of natural forces
in an anthropomorphic deity.

In the same pantheon,
Hephaestus rules fire,

-Poseidon the sea and earthquakes.
-Howard, do you have to talk at me

like it was the Albuquerque
Women's League or something?

I'm sorry. If you're not interested,
then I...

I am interested. I just don't
like being lectured, that's all.

I must get on,
I've got a great deal to do.


Howard, I've got to go and find out
what's happened to the transport.


Look, Peri, I'm really sorry
I don't have the time to talk.

It's all right. I only came out
to say hello and goodbye.

Goodbye? What are you talking about?

This island, Howard,
I'm bored out of my mind.

How can you be bored,
for heaven's sakes?

Look, I've met a couple of
really nice English guys

-and I'm going with them to Morocco.

But you're due back at college
in the fall.

-In three months' time.
-But what about your work?

Your ecology project,
your reading schedule?

You've got exams coming up.

Come on, Peri, no way are you going
to North Africa.

I'm not a child. You can't stop me.

Okay. So what are you
gonna use for money?

I've already cashed in my return ticket
for New York.

-I leave for Morocco this afternoon.
-You what?

-How do you expect to get home?
-I'll get a job.

Oh, don't make me laugh.

Oh, stop playing the heavy stepfather,
Howard. You're not dressed for it.

Damn it, Peri.

Please, don't let's argue,
I've made up my mind.

Okay, have it your own way.

-I can go?
-It's your life.

You mean it? I knew you'd understand.

There's just one thing.
Reclaim your ticket to New York.

I'm not having you stranded in Morocco.
Your mother'd never forgive me.

-But I...
-Don't say it.

I'll advance you the money and you can
pay me back out of your allowance.

-That's great. You're marvellous.
-I know.

My money's on the boat.

Once they've unloaded the dinghy,
we'll go out there.

Thanks, Howard.

Kamelion denies
hearing any transmission.

Did you get a precise fix on the signal?

It stopped. There wasn't time.

Well, if it transmits again
we'll get a fix on it with this.


-I'm a fool.
-What's the matter?

-I've left my wallet in the hotel.
-I'll cable my address from Morocco.

-You could send the money to me there.
-Sure, of course.

-What's this?
-I don't know.

-It's never platinum.
-It could be anything.

Hmm. How intriguing.



Sorry, Peri, you'll have to
wait for the next trip.


I'll send over another dinghy.
Keep an eye on the ship, will you?

Well, get one of the crew
to stay behind.

-I have to be at the airport in an hour.
-Sorry, honey.

-You're doing this deliberately.
-As if I would.

I will not be treated like this.

Morocco's not going anywhere
at the moment.

You got your whole life to see it.

Of all the low-down,
cheap, rotten, sneaky...

You won't get away with it, Howard.
You hear me?

Citizens of Sarn,

you have all seen the smoke
from the fire mountain

and felt the quaking ground.

These signs tell us
it is the Time of Fire.

Logar, lord of fire,
is testing our faith.

Testing our common sense, you mean.


The old men will tell you
that soon Logar will send

a sea of fire from the heart
of the mountain.

-Then we must all leave this place.
-We must do nothing.

-If we have faith in Logar

and are not found wanting,
we will survive and prosper.

And as a reward, the Outsider will come.

There will be food and gifts
we have forgotten existed.


It's a lie. Logar's a myth.

-Heretic. Unbeliever.
-We have climbed the mountain.

It is death to trespass
on the mountain of fire.

We've climbed the mountain
and we're still alive.

Logar doesn't exist.

These ropes aren't tight enough.
Must I do everything myself?

And what do you want?

A kouros. Late Classical period.
It's really rather fine.

I'd hazard a guess
by a pupil of Praxiteles.

-Doctor, you're showing off.
-I'm inclined to agree.

But a remarkably
well-informed guess, sir.


It's a pity about the erosion.
But the overall effect

is not unattractive,
like the Marina Venus on Rhodes.

Has this just been brought up
from the seabed?

Earlier today.

It's proving to be a very
interesting wreck out in the bay.

A real mixed bag,
just like your English Mary Rose.

Indeed. More of a mixed bag
than you realise.

And what does that mean?

Uh, nothing.

Oh, come on, Curt. No one's gonna
take your wreck away from you.

-Nice talking to you.

Do you think the divers
disturbed something?


Without a doubt.

We'll need two readings
to pinpoint the spot exactly.

You take one from here. It's, uh...
It's quicker if I go back to the Tardis.

Yes. Hurry.

I don't know how long it'll be
before the next emission.

Could be platinum.

Do not interfere.

Tardis will be taken
to point of contact.

I must obey. Find point of contact.

You're not taking the Tardis anywhere.

And you're not listening
to any more messages from Trion.

You're finished, Kamelion.










This is your last chance, Timanov.

If there's no sign, it's you who'll burn
on the sacrificial altar.

Logar! A sign!


Thank you.


-I think I'm gonna die.
-No, you're not.


Where did you find this?

Howard was such a pig.

I needed the money.


The point of emission moved. It's odd.
It's very odd indeed.


You're soaking wet.


A data core.

-Where did you find this?
-On the shore.

Hmm. Must be what was
sending the signal.

Now, with a little help
from the Tardis computer,

we may find out exactly why Kamelion
set the coordinates to come here.

Uh... I'm sorry, Howard.


I didn't mean it.

No, Howard.

Please don't leave me alone.

Don't... Don't turn out the light!



Another moment and we'll know
where the cylinder came from.


Well, that shouldn't have happened.


-Did you do that?

The Tardis has dematerialised.

Doctor, we meet again.

This has to be the most amazing machine
I've seen in my life.

How did you get in here?

I saw your young friend here save Peri.

-The girl.

-What girl?
-I was going to explain.

-What's happening?
-TURLOUGH: That girl, Doctor.

-How are you feeling, honey?

Am I still dreaming or will someone
please tell me where I am?

I called to Logar
and the fire lord has answered.


I called to the spirit of the mountain
and was answered.

The spirit of the mountain
demands sacrifice.

To the burning with all Unbelievers.


Even facing death,
you remain blasphemous.

Timanov was right.
The Outsider has come.

I feel sick. Can I go back to the hotel?

Haven't you heard a word
the Doctor said?

We're no longer on Lanzarote.

-Then where are we?
-Uh, I'm not sure yet.

But I promise I'll get you back to Earth
just as soon as I can.

What does he mean, back to Earth?

Bleak, isn't it?


Stop! Only a Chosen One
can order a burning.

Well, Malkon?


-I don't know.


He is here, with a sound of great wind,
a shining light,

the Outsider has come.

Do you really think we've left Earth?

The Tardis is mine.

Uh, sorry?

The Tardis is mine.

What... What are you doing, Howard?

-Don't touch that.
-I have succeeded.

Contact has been made.



Who are you?


I am the Master and you will obey me.