Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 21, Episode 12 - Resurrection of the Daleks: Part Two - full transcript

While Davros looks into solving a small problem offered up by the Movellans, the Daleks have not overlooked the Time Lords for all their years of interest and attention paid them, hoping to make of the Doctor and his companions em...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Once the Doctor is exterminated,

I shall build a new race of Daleks.

They will be even more deadly.

And I, Davros, shall be their leader!

This time we shall triumph!

My Daleks shall once more become

the Supreme Beings!

- What are you doing?!
- She was about to scream.

It's Tegan. She's a friend.

- Turlough... Who's this?
- Never mind. We must get away. Now!

- Not without the Doctor.
- He's here?

Look behind you.



I can't stand the confusion in my mind.

Quickly... Release me.

- What about the guards?
- We'll call them in here.

You must secure the Tardis for me.
Take the troopers.

We obeyI

In here!

Now what? Dalek conditioning could
c-cloud my mind at any time.

- You'll be safe in the Tardis.
- You don't understand. I could kill you.

I'll chance it.

- Doctor!
- Don't just stand there. Come and help.

The Doctor is free.
Your troopers have failed.

And where were your Daleks?

This is Lytton. Call out my Special Guard.

Doctor, look. We should get out of here.


Lytton grows too arrogant.
His mind resists our control.

He must be exterminated as soon
as it is convenient to the Daleks.

- Where are we going?
- Earth.

Best news all day.

- Why did the Daleks rescue Davros?
- To find a cure for a virus.

- Is that what's in those cylinders?
- Yes.

- Why Earth?
- They were safer there.

With a duplicated Bomb Disposal Squad,
the Daleks have guards above suspicion.

- Very neat.
- They've lost none of their guile.

Where are you going?

- To kill Davros.
- Doctor...!

Davros created the Daleks.
He must not save them.

But, murder?

Once before, I held back from destroying
the Daleks. It was a mistake.

- Davros must die.
- I'll come with you.

- No.
- I know where he is.

I'm coming, too. I'd like my revenge.

All right. Wait as long as you can
but, should the Daleks attack,

- leave at once.
- What about you?

- Could this be the Doctor?
- The prisoner is important.

The one on the left, Stien,
is a Special Guard.

He wouldn't do escort duty otherwise.

The Doctor and his Tardis.


- Lytton.
- Davros has control of two Daleks.

They are in the reception area,
attempting to enter the Doctor's Tardis.

- You must exterminate them.
- At once.

You must also destroy Davros.

He is unreliable.
He cannot be trusted.

Welcome, Doctor.

I have waited many years
for this meeting.

- I'm sorry to have detained you.
- It was a pleasure deferred.

Now here, you will be paid tenfold
for the mental agony I suffered.

I'll say one thing for you, Davros.
Your conversation is totally predictable.

Like a deranged child, you talk
only of revenge and destruction.

It is the only path to ultimate power.

But to what end?
More suffering for those who survive?

Only for those who resist my will.

- What are you doing?
- I hoped I wouldn't have to do this.

Stien! Kill him!

I'm not here as your prisoner, Davros.

- But your executioner.
- Listen...

I had planned to completely redesign
the Daleks.

- Kiston will confirm I am telling the truth.
- It is so.

My mistake was making them
totally ruthless.

It restricted their ability to cope with
creatures who rely not only on logic,

but instinct and intuition.

That is a factor that I wish to correct.

And compassion? Are they
to be programmed for that?

They will learn to recognise the strength
that can be drawn from such an emotion.

To become more efficient killers.

- To become a more positive force.
- For destruction!

The universe is at war.

Name one planet whose history is not
littered with atrocities and ambition.

It is a universal way of life.

Which I do not accept.

Then you deny what is real.

Join me! You will have total power
at the head of a new Dalek army.

- Doctor.
- Outside. Deal with them.

To be honest, I wouldn't know
what to do with an army.

What's that?

The Doctor preset the controls
on the timer.

- We're going to Earth.
- He didn't intend to return.

- What's happening?
- We're going down the Time Corridor,

being dragged back to the warehouse!

You hesitate, Doctor.

If I were you,

I would be dead.

I lack your practice, Davros.

You are soft, like all Time Lords.

You prefer to stand and watch.

Action requires courage...

..which you lack.

Don't argue. Report
to Commander Lytton at once.

Perhaps I can convince you.

Did you have to?

Help me hide the bodies.

- Now what?
- The Dalek conditioning is taking hold.

You should have stayed in the Tardis.

Drop your guns!

- It's all right. They're our troopers.
- They're Dalek troopers!

- Stay there.
- You need medical attention.

I can't control my mind. I'm not safe.
I must get away from here.

- Wait! I can help you.
- Don't follow me.


Your troopers have failed.
Davros still lives.

Then shoot the space station down.

I must see him dead.

I have dispatched Daleks
to complete the task you failed.

You must redeem yourself.

You must destroy the Daleks of Davros.

- Where are they?
- You must follow them to Earth.

You must exterminate them.

This isn't any good.
I've got to be more positive.


Self-destruct... I must find
the self-destruct chamber.

- This is lunacy.
- Quiet! The soldiers might hear you.

What's the point?
We can't go back to the Dalek ship.

The Doctor may get back. Some other
opportunity may arise. I don't know!

Absolute madness.

The virus in those cylinders is the only
effective thing to fight the Daleks with.

Go. Release the virus in the Dalek ship.

Davros's Daleks?

Destroy them.
The Supreme Dalek's order.

The Tardis is not on this level.
We must search elsewhere.


Behind you!

- Surely one's enough!
- We need another.

Let's get back to the Tardis.

Take cover!

We are ready to descend.

Everything must be exterminated,

including Lytton and his troopers.

We obey.



We must find the Tardis.
That is our prime mission.

We must obey Davros.

- What is happening?
- We are being attacked.

The Supreme Dalek
wishes us destroyed.

The invading Daleks
must be exterminated.

Daleks, to the self-destruct chamber.

A hostile has broken in.
EmergencyI EmergencyI

He must be stopped.

We must find the traitors. The enemy
of the Daleks must be destroyed.

We are not traitors.
We serve our creator, Davros.

The Supreme Dalek is your ruler.
He must be obeyed at all times.

- Davros must be honoured.
- He must be exterminated.

Nothing must impede
the true destiny of the DaleksI

You must be exterminated.


- Doctor!
- Well done.

She's been trying to open the cylinder.
I warned her she could start an epidemic.

The virus attacks only Daleks.
Then it will die.

What's happening on the next floor?

Lunch has arrived.

My escape hatch is prepared.

Now for the Daleks.

I did not summon your assistance.

We are here to exterminate you.

- By whose order?
- The Supreme Dalek.

Exterminate me, and you abandon
your lives without purpose.

Join me, and I will make you
rulers of the universe!


- EmergencyI
- MalfunctionI

Your lives are over!

System failureI

Open the doors.

What is happening? I cannot see.

- I cannot seeI My vision is impairedI
- EmergencyI

They are dying.

And so are you.

- I cannot seeI
- EmergencyI EmergencyI

Done it! I must rest.

I'm tired.

The Daleks are dead.

Long live the new Daleks!


What is happening?

No...! No!

It cannot be!!



- It's over.
- It was horrible.

The Earth is safe, at least
until the Daleks find an antidote.


You have not won, Doctor.

- You won't be able to invade Earth!
- You forget, Doctor.

Daleks do not need to invade.

I have my duplicates.

Some have already been placed
in strategic positions around the planet.

The collapse of Earth society
will soon occur.

Your duplicates aren't stable.

The Daleks will triumph.

We cannot fail.

The Daleks' true destiny
is to rule the universe.

Hello, boys. Just in time for the fun.

- The Dalek ship has been destroyed.
- How?

- The self-destruct device on the station.
- Davros?

No, no...

Stien, I would think. He must have
finally decided which side he was on.

- Are all the duplicates unstable?
- Oh, yes.

Yes, given time,
they will be free of Dalek control.

- Should we inform Earth's authorities?
- Ah, yes. Yes, indeed. Come along.

I'm not coming with you.

- I beg your pardon?
- I'm tired of it.

- What's the matter?
- A lot of good people died today.

- I'm sick of it.
- You think I want this?


I just don't think I can go on.

- You want to stay on Earth?
- My Aunt Vanessa said,

when I became an air stewardess,

if you stop enjoying it, give it up.

It's stopped being fun, Doctor!




I'll miss you both.

- No! No, don't leave, not like this.
- I must. I'm sorry.


It's, uh, strange.

I left Gallifrey for similar reasons.

I'd grown tired of their lifestyle.

It seems I must mend my ways.

Come on.

Brave heart, Tegan.

Doctor, I will miss you.