Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 37 - The Meddling Monk - full transcript

The Doctor is being held prisoner by the Monk and Steven and Vicki's search for him brings them to the Saxon village.But a greater danger threatens when a Viking raiding party arrives.




Oh! Ah!




Breakfast! Breakfast!

Come along. Early to bed, early to rise!

Come on.
Do you want the eggs to get cold?

DOCTOR: Go away!
I'll come out when I'm ready.





Oh, Steven.

Morning. What are you looking
so jittery about?

I thought I heard somebody
moving about in the bushes.

That was me.
I was looking for some food.

-Did you find anything?
-That's a matter of opinion.

-Want some breakfast?
-Oh, yes, please.

Well, you can either have
some blackberries or some blackberries.


I don't think it matters. Thanks.

-Oh, I'm freezing.
-Mmm. We'd better get moving, then.

-Oh, what, back to the Tardis?

If the Doctor's not there,
we'll have to think again.

I wonder what time it is.


I wonder if the Doctor did drop that...

-You said before he didn't have a watch.
-I said I didn't think he had.

Oh, why don't you admit
all this 1 0th century stuff's just...


(WHISPERING) There's somebody there!




What shall we do with them?

Take them to the village.

Good morning, Father.

Ah, good morning, my children.
Good morning.

Oh! So deep was I in my meditations,
I failed to see you arrive.

-You must forgive me.
-Oh, no.

It is we who should ask forgiveness
of you, disturbing you like this.

No, please, please.
You're always welcome here.

We, erm...
We thought you might need some food.

Ah, how very charitable of you, my dear.

Oh, I'm sorry, Father.
It's poor fare for the likes of you.

Yes, but don't distress yourself,
my child.

We must all be prepared to make
sacrifices when they're asked of us.

Well, I would like to stop and talk
and pass the time of day with you,

but this morning, solitude and study
are uppermost in my mind.

We understand, Father.

Thank you again, my child. Good morning.

Morning, Father.

DOCTOR: Open this door!
Open this door, will you? Open it!


At last! At last!

You all right?

I've felt better.
I dare say I'll get over it.

It's pretty authentic Saxon, isn't it?

Don't tell me you've actually started
to believe us?

They'd hardly go to all this trouble
for a fancy dress ball, now would they?

(WHISPERING) We've got to
get out of here.

It looks as though they want us to stay.

Yes. We must be more popular
than we thought.

Wulnoth, we can't just let them go!

Their clothes are strange.
If they're travellers...

With no provisions or belongings?

And travelled from where?

-Well, we can ask them.
-Why listen to their lies?

They've been put ashore

somewhere along the coast
to spy for the Vikings.

-You've got no proof of that!
-Nor do we have proof of what you say!

Maybe not,
but I'm the headman of the village!

You may be headman now,
but when the people hear

how you treated their enemies...
Those two will be killed!


Are you looking for an old man
with long white hair?

-You've seen him?
-Of which old man do you speak, woman?

He came here late last night.
He wore clothes like these people.

-Do you know where he is now?
-Did you question him?

A little. He said he was a traveller.

-Then he lied.
-Oh, for goodness sake!

-Wulnoth, I do not trust them.
-Well, I'm not mad about you either.

I think these people are what they say
they are, Eldred, innocent travellers.

I do not trust them.

Sooner or later, you will regret
that you didn't listen to me.

Are you going to stand here
arguing all day?

Either let us go

or do whatever you're going to do,
but make up your minds.

You can go.

Edith, take the girl inside
and get some food for their journey.

And the Doctor, the old man,
what happened to him?

Oh, he was going to stay

and then he suddenly decided
to visit the monastery.

That's quite near here, isn't it?
I heard the singing.

It's not far. It's just at the top
of the hill behind the forest.

I can take you.

(STAMMERING) Oh, it's all right. Thanks.

Oh. Here.



-Thank you.
-Thank you.

-God be with you.
-God be with you.

God be with you.

Time we were working in the fields.

-Any sign of life?

Tell the others to wait below.

Sven, you, with Ulf and Gunnar,
go south.

Radnor will take a similar group
to the north.

-I understand.
-And remember, Sven,

when you rejoin the force, we shall
want to know the lie of the land,

where there is food
and fresh water available

-and the strength of the villages.
-And if we're seen?

Then you'll have no choice but to fight.

But keep in your minds,
this is no ordinary raid.

-You are the eyes of the King!
-We'll need provisions ourselves.

The first village we find
will provide those.

Yes, but be careful.

If your presence here
can be kept secret,

Harald Hardrada will have
surprise on his side. Now, go.

SVEN: Gunnar.

Send Radnor and the others up.
Then we can rejoin the fleet.

-It's very beautiful here, isn't it?
-They could use a gardener.

-Good day, my children, good day.
-Good day. We're looking for...

Indeed, we're all searching
for something.

Some, like myself, seek it
in the peace and solitude

-that repose behind these monastery...
-We are looking for a friend of ours.

Oh, and you think I can help?

Well, he left word in the village
that he was coming up here.

Would that we could all realise
our ambitions. Be they a lifelong wish

or a stated intention
of journeying for self...

Look, are you trying to tell us
that he didn't come here?

My son, no stranger has knocked
on this door for many a day,

welcome though they be.

Are you sure you haven't seen
anyone around the place?

-I'm afraid not.
-What about the others?

-The other monks.

Ah, the other monks, yes.

Well, I'm sure they would have
mentioned it to me had they seen him.

However, if you will wait here,

I shall go inside and inquire
just to make sure.

Looks as though
the Doctor didn't come up here.

Didn't he?

You know, I don't believe a word of it.

It's just as if he expected us.
And if the Doctor didn't come here,

well, where else could he go
except back to the village?

-I don't know.
-Well, I'm not convinced.

I'll tell you what. When he comes
out again, I'm going to try something,

so whatever happens, don't say a word.
Nothing! Okay?


-I apologise for keeping you waiting.
-That's quite all right.

I'm afraid the answer is not
the one you'd wish to hear.

They haven't seen him?

I'm sorry.

Oh, well,
perhaps you'd keep a lookout for him?

Oh, I certainly will, yes.

Are you sure
you'll remember his description?

Description? I... Let me see.

Long white hair, a black cloak
and rather strange checked trousers...

That's it. You've got it. Fine, thanks.

-Not at all.
-Thanks very much indeed.

You're very welcome, my son.
I'm sorry I couldn't have done more.

-Good day.
-Good day.

We didn't give him
a description of the Doctor!

I know we didn't.

That means he must have
seen him, doesn't it?

He's keeping him prisoner in there.
I'll stake my life on that, Vicki.

Well, he was pretty stupid
to give himself away like that.

-It's easily done.
-Too easy.

I don't think we've been
as clever as we think we have.

Oh, now, what does that mean?

Well, look,
say he's the one who's tricked us.

Say he gave himself away
deliberately like that

in order to make us think
we'd fooled him.

Vicki, there's only one way we can
find out what's going on in there.

-That's to break in.
-That's exactly what he wants us to do.

Well, possibly,
but we've no other choice.

We'll wait till it's dark. Come on.

I think the best idea is to go
and try around the other side. Okay?



Get what help you can from the village.

It was those travellers. I know it.

I said you would regret
not listening to me, Wulnoth.

But even I would not
have thought them capable of...

Get the men!

Who did it?


Who was it?


We're ready.



They're leaving a good trail.

We'll find them all the quicker.
Come on!


SVEN: Ulf, you like the provisions
we found?

ULF: (LAUGHING) Yeah, yeah.



Saxons! Here!


Leave him, Ulf. Gunnar's dead. Come on!


How is it? It's bleeding badly.

I think I can walk back to the village.

No, no. The monastery's much nearer.
Come on.

Put your arm round me. This way.

BOTH: Follow me.



-It's the Doctor. I think he's asleep.


Yes. What is it?

I have a wounded man here, Father.
He needs help.

By all means, bring him in.

Doctor! Doctor, wake up. We're here.


He's... He's gone.

He's gone!