Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 36 - The Watcher - full transcript

The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven Taylor, go to 1066 England, but something doesn't seem right including modern inventions like a Gramaphone and electricity. Could there be another time traveller?

- I shall miss them, Doctor.
- Who?

Ian and Barbara.

Yes, I shall miss them, too.
First Susan and now them.

Come over here, my dear,
I'd like to talk to you.

What about the control panel?

Oh, that's all right, my dear.
It's already set.

Their decision certainly surprised me,
although it shouldn't, I know.

But it was quite obvious they intended
to take the first opportunity

of going back home.

Well, they weren't getting any younger,
were they?

It's lucky for you, child,
they're not here to hear you say that!

Gracious me! You think they're old?
What do you think of me?

You're different, Doctor.

Anyway, we may land in their time one
day and be able to talk over old times.

Well, perhaps, Vicki. Perhaps.

- Anyway, it's done now.
- Mmm.

I wonder where the Tardis
will take us next.

Yes, it's done now, although I must
admit, I'm left with a small worry.

You know, I wouldn't mind New York.

I didn't get to see a lot of it,
what with the Daleks and everything.

But what I saw from the top
of the Empire State Building,

I wouldn't mind going back there.

My dear Vicki, I'm trying to talk to you.

- Oh, sorry.
- I just wanted to ask you,

are you sure you didn't
want to go home too, hmm?

I didn't give you very much time
to consider now, did I?

I should hate to think that you're just
staying for the sake of an old man.

Doctor! I made my decision,
I wanted to stay.

Anyway, I wouldn't have anything
to go back to.

Yes, your father...

- Did you hear that?
- Yes, perhaps it's something fallen down

or maybe we've changed course. Hmm?

There's someone in the living quarters.

Doctor, be careful.
It's obviously a Dalek!


I wonder. Oh, I wonder.

Thanks. Sorry about that, Doc.

- We thought you were dead.
- Well, I nearly was.

I just managed to climb down that cable
before it burned out.

- Then I came after you.
- You should have shouted.

Should have? I never stopped!

Say, this is quite a ship
you've got here, Doc.

- Never seen anything like it.
- Now listen to me, young man. Sit down.

Now, there are two things you can do.

One, sit there until you get
your breath back

and, two, don't call me "Doc".
Now, do I make myself clear?

Yes, yes, whatever you say, Doc... tor.

Apart from that, young man,
I'm quite willing to accept you

at your face value.

You were lucky to find the Tardis
in all that jungle.

Yeah, we were lucky.

You know, I don't seem to remember much
about it. There was a door.

When I went through it,
I must have flaked out.

I remember registering that, well,
it didn't look like a ship

and it was very small.
I must have been delirious.

I don't suppose you were.
It is very small outside.

It's just in here it's big.

Oh, come off it!

You don't believe me, do you?

Of course I do, Vicki! Every word!

This isn't an ordinary ship, you know.
This is a time machine.

Time machine? Look, this ship may have
a way-out design, but time machines?

That's ridiculous.

- Doctor?
- Mmm?

He says the Tardis isn't a time machine.

- Oh, does he now?
- Tell him.

I don't see why I should, my child.
He'll learn soon enough.

Look, Doctor,
I've seen some spaceships in my time,

admittedly nothing like this, but...
Well, what does this do?

That is the dematerialising control,
and that over yonder

is the horizontal hold.
Up there is the scanner,

those are the doors,
that is a chair with a panda on it...

Sheer poetry, dear boy!
Now, please, stop bothering me!

Look, you gave this ship a name
just now, what was it?

Tardis. T-A-R-D-I-S.

It stands for
Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.

- What? IDBI?

- Mmm. I-D-B-I.
- Yeah?

It means "I Don't Believe It".

You'll see, you'll see.

- Vicki?
- Yes?

I've checked up on all the readings.

Now, I think our guest will need
a wash and brush up.

So I think the best thing
for you to do is

to go and find him some clothes
and a cloak. Bring mine as well.

We'll show him whether
this is a time machine or not, hmm?

- Where are we?
- Judging by the readings, my child,

I think we've landed on the planet Earth.

- Wulnoth with you?
- Inside.

Something's landed on the beach.
I saw it from the cliff.

- What is it?
- A large box washed ashore by the tide,

probably from a ship.
I didn't go down, I came for you.

- What sort of box?
- I don't know. It's just very big.

I've never seen anything like it before.

The tide will be turning. We must hurry.

You lead the way.

It's a long way to the beach and back.
What about your meal?

Where did you say you found this, Vicki?

Just down there. I saw it
as soon as I came out of the ship.

Yes, it's a bit rusted,
but it's not as old as that.

Tenth, eleventh century?


England. Hmm.

Well, there you are, young man.
What do you think of that now, eh?

- A Viking helmet.
- Oh, maybe.

What do you mean, maybe? What do you
think it is? A space helmet for a cow?

Look, it could just as easily
be part of a costume.

- You know, a toy left here by a child.
- Oh, rubbish, rubbish!

No more so than your theory.

Though your ship is, to say the least,
a little unusual.

Oh, I see, so you've changed
your ideas now.

If it is a time machine,
I'm not saying it is, mind you,

but if it is, shouldn't you know where
we are? You know, your control panel?

Yes, yes, yes, but unfortunately,
we have a slight technical hitch

at the moment. Excuse me.

As a matter of fact, we never know
where we're going to land next.

Oh. So assuming I believe
what you tell me,

you can't take me home.

Not by any direct route.

- Let's go exploring now, hmm?
- Yes, perhaps we should find a village

whereby we can convince
this young upstart of the true facts.

Oh, great, Doctor! I'm all for that.
But there is one thing that bothers me.

Oh, yes, what is it now?

Well, how come you chose such an unusual
design for your ship?

A police telephone box? Is that right?

The design is completely immaterial,
young man.

The Tardis is required to land
and blend in with the surroundings.

- Blend in?
- Yes, quite so.

For instance, if we were to land
in the middle of the Indian mutiny,

well, I'm sure the ship could possibly
take on the appearance of a howdah.

- A how what?
- A howdah!

- The carrier on the back of an elephant.
- Oh, I see!

Oh, and if it landed on the pebbles...

- On the what?
- If it landed on the beach

against a cliff, it'd take on
the appearance of a large rock?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
But you do keep on, don't you?

Do you wonder why I don't believe you?
You know that large rock over there

looks exactly like
a police telephone box.

That is merely another technical hitch
and the Doctor will repair it one day.

Anyway, if we're going to do
any exploring, we should do it now

'cause it's going to get dark
in a minute.

Now, I suggest we take a walk along
the beach and try and find a spot

where the cliffs run down to sea level.

Yeah, but that could be miles!
It'd be much quicker to go up here.

Yes, possibly it might,
but I'm not a mountain goat

and I prefer walking to it any day,
and I hate climbing!

We'll go with you, Doctor.

No, you won't. You'll stay with the ship
and wait till I've got to the top,

then you can both climb up and join me.

- But, Doctor, you...
- I'm not going to argue, my child.

Yes, but... Oh!

You might try being a bit more tactful
in future...

Don't you start as well.
Come on, let's go up.

No, I think we should stay here
and wait for him, like the Doctor said.

Why? We've gotta go up there sooner
or later. It might as well be sooner.

We can walk along the top and meet...

Say, that bit there looks climbable.
Come on.

- I'm not very good on heights!
- Very good on heights!

Oh, come on, you'll be all right.

Yes, it was on the beach, below us here.

- Are you certain?
- Yes, positive.

I remember the way the rocks look.

Pity, it might have been valuable.

It would have been crushed against
the rocks by now, whatever it was.

- Oh, what's this?
- Mead.

Mead? Oh, mead! Yes, of course, yes.

Yes, how nice of you, yes.
Delightful. Thank you, thank you.

Well, here's to your very good health.

Oh, delightful. Mmm.

Mmm. Oh!

Oh, yes! Delightful!

Tell me, is the monastery near here?

No, it's not far from here.
It's just at the top of the hill.

And when the wind's
in the right direction,

you can hear the monks much clearer,
as though they're down in the village.

Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes,
it's quite understandable, you know.

- Sounds do play funny tricks at times.
- I...

I hope you will forgive
a woman's harsh welcome.

We do fear strangers, but
we're very happy to welcome a traveller.

Not that we see many in this wild place.

I'm sure that when my husband returns,
he'll insist that you stay the night.

And then you can rejoin
your friends in the morning.

Well, that's very kind, very kind indeed.

And I do hope they won't worry...
Worry about me too much.

You know, I...

I hadn't intended to walk quite so far.
You near the coast, hmm?

Yes. While there are fish in the sea,
one need never starve.

Yes, yes!

Of course, there are bad things, too.

Oh, of course, of course, my dear.
Yes, the Vikings, for example?

Mmm. Not that we've seen
much of them this year.

Except for that one raid
that was beaten off just north of here.

Yes, I had heard about that battle,
yes, yes.

The King greatly improved
the position no end...

The King? Harold Godwinson?

We received no help from him.

You know, it seems like yesterday

that the good King Edward
was laid to rest.

When was it?

- It was the beginning of the year.
- Oh, of course! Yes, yes, yes.

The beginning of the year.
Yes, yes, yes. How silly.

- Yes, it's most refreshing. Mmm.
- Oh, I'll get you more.

Oh, thank you. Yes, thank you, my dear.

Now, if Harold is king,
and Edward was laid to rest

at the beginning of the year,
then it must be 1066.


Judging by the appearance
of these leaves, late summer. Hmm.

And a balmy night, a balmy night!

Oh, thank you, my dear.
Thank you, thank you.

You know, it's a bit stupid of me,
but we are in Northumbria, hmm?

- Yes, of course we are. Why do you ask?
- Oh, nothing, nothing, I...

Just that I wasn't sure
whether I'd crossed the border or not.

Yes, it's a bit tedious of me, isn't it?

But you must have patience
with an old man.

Please, sit down and rest
before the fire.

You must be tired after your journey.

Forgive me, I have things to do
before Wulnoth returns.

I will, I will, and thank you indeed.
Thank you.

Yes, it's a great pity
that Barbara isn't here.

Now if my memory of English history
serves me right,

we're about to have
a Viking invasion and very soon.

Now let me think.

Harold came north to defeat Hardrada,
the Norwegian King.

Yes, now that was before he faced
William the Conqueror at Hastings.

It's all very interesting!

Yes, that's very, very,
very, very interesting!

It's going to put that young man
in his place.

Woman! Woman! Where are you, hmm?

- What? What is it?
- The monastery. Where is it did you say?

Well, at the top of the hill. Why?
What's the matter?

- The monks, have they been here long?
- No.

The monastery itself has been deserted
for years and years and then,

several weeks ago, a few monks
must have moved back in.

And you haven't seen them?
No one in the village has?

One's been seen, but never spoken to.
How does he know that?

Oh, you've been very kind
and a great help, yes!

I'm sorry, but I must take your...
My leave of you.

- Are you going to the monastery?
- I most certainly am.

- Look, are you coming?
- Can't we rest a minute?

- We just did!
- Oh! Well, I'm tired.

Oh, we'll... We'll wait a little while.

But we're lost.
We can't stay here all night.

- Shh!
- What's the matter?

I think somebody's coming.

Why are we hiding?
We can ask him the way.

No! Because I think we should follow him

until we find out whether
it's safe or not.


Supposing you do what I say for once!

- He's found something.
- What is it?

- I can't see.
- Did you drop something?

Hey! You!

- Hey! Come back!
- Steven!

Steven, I...

Leave him alone!
Stop it! Stop it! Steven!

- You all right? Hmm?
- Yes, I think so.

- I got it.
- What was it?

You still say
this is 10th century England?