Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 30 - The Executioners - full transcript

The Doctor has assembled a new time machine with a TV screen showing scenes in the past to order, Lincoln, Shakespeare and the Beatles are selected. They land on a barren planet with two suns,and become separated.A sandstorm causes the Doctor and Barbara to lose the TARDIS,Ian and Vicky meet an octopus-like monster, and the Daleks arrive, still hunting for them.

Our greatest enemies have left
the planet Xeros

They are once again in time and space.

They cannot escape!

Our time machine will soon follow them.

They will be exterminated!
Exterminated! Exterminated!

Don't whistle, dear, please? Hmm?

Well, have you nearly finished Doctor?

Stop whistling! Hmm!

Well, can I do anything to help?!

Buzz off now, hmm!

What are you reading?


Is it good?

Yes. A bit far-fetched.

Oh! All right!

I am redundant around here!

Oh, nonsense.

Come and sit down and talk to me.

I am a useless person!

Oh, Vicki!

Oh, what was it?

Oh... it... was a... dress for you.

What's the matter? What's the trouble?

Out of the way! Out of the way!

What's the matter?

Doctor! Turn it off!

Oh, that's better.

Are you trying to deafen us all
or something?

Deafen you? No, no, dear boy.

It was an unfortunate juxtaposition
of the sonic rectifier...

with the linial amplifier.

Oh! Of course, I should have known!

Doctor, what is this machine?

I've already told you, my dear.

It's a Time and Space Visualiser.

Yes, but apart from making that dreadful
noise, what does it do?

It converts neutrons of light energy into
electrical impulses.

Oh, wonderful! I've always wanted one!

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, hmm?
Dear boy, hmm?

I'm sorry Doctor

but you rattle off explanations that would
have baffled Einstein

and you expect Barbara and I to know what
you're talking about.

Very well then, I will quote you Ven Der Haff's law.

"Mass is absorbed by light, therefore
light has mass and energy", hmm.

"The energy radiated by a light neutron is
equal to the energy of the mass it absorbed".

Splendid child, splendid.

It's quite simple.

It just means that anything that
ever happens

anywhere in the universe
is recorded in light neutrons.

I couldn't have put it better myself, child.

Doctor, you know when I left Earth?

Scientists were trying to invent a machine
that would convert the energy

from light neutrons into
electrical impulses.

That meant that you could just tune in and
see any event in history.

Do you mean... a sort of...
time television?

Yes, like that!

Yes, that's exactly what this is.


Doctor, you're kidding!
Why didn't you tell me?

I could have fixed it for you instead of you
fiddling about like that!

Because I have already fixed it, my dear.

My dear Chesterton,

do you mind if I distract you from your
cowboys and indians, hmm?

Oh, all right.

Now, I want to give a little demonstration.

Will you, er, think of an event in
history? Hmm?

All right, I've thought of one.

Well, first the place.

Oh, Earth, that's easy.

Now, the geographical location
date and time.

Nineteenth of November, 1863.
The place - Pennsylvania, USA.

Good! Don't go away.


...conceived in liberty, and

dedicated to the proposition that all men
are created equal.

Lincoln! Abraham Lincoln.

Yes, that's what I asked for
the Gettysburg address!

...civil war, testing whether
that nation, or any nation... conceived and so dedicated,
can long endure.

We are met on a great battlefield
of that war.

We've come to dedicate a portion of it
as a final resting place for those who gave

their lives that that nation might live.

That is altogether fitting and proper that
we should do so.

But in a larger sense,
we cannot dedicate...

...we cannot consecrate,
we cannot hallow this ground.

Doctor, can I have a go?

Can I? Can I? Please?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, now

all in good time, my dear, all in good time!

Now, Barbara?

Yes? Now, listen.

Vicki, did you ever see anything
like it in your life?


Well, that was Abraham Lincoln.

Quiet, you lot!

Put it in there. In the slot.

Hmm, now.

We are well aware of what...

It's Queen Elizabeth the first!


Who's that man?

Oh, wait and see.

Is the Queen angry, sire?
It was only a jest.

She has graciously granted you an audience.

Oh, oh your majesty!

Master Shakespeare,

you aware of the concern your character of
Falstaff has caused to Sir John Oldcastle?

It was so obviously he!

Ah, yes. Ah, well, erm,
I can explain your majesty.

You admit it then?!

Er... er... yes, your majesty.

Good! Give it no more thought.

We found it very amusing!


Tell me, have any plans to write a
further play on him?

Ah, no.


Ah, no, I haven't, your majesty.

That's a pity.
But it does not matter.

We have idea which may be of service.

You shall write a play of Falstaff in love!

Does that not... fire your imagination!

Oh, ah, oh, a happy idea, your
majesty... yes...

Away with you, Will. To your pen.

I also have an idea that you
may wish to use:

the history of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

I'm afraid not, sire.

Oh, do you know the story then?

Er, I assure you, my lord, it would not be
quite in... my style.

Very well then.


Hamlet, prince of Denmark?

Well Barbara, did you find out what
you wanted to know?

I didn't really want to know anything.

I just wanted to see Elizabeth's court.

Er, did you see the way Shakespeare
looked when he thought of Hamlet?

Yes, I did! I...

Well, where are we now?


This is BBC1.

The next programme is due to start in just
under one minute.

Vicki! What year have you got on there?


Come along, come!

You've got a television...


show, it...

I want to watch it!

Here singing their latest number one hit...
it's the fabulous... wait for it...

It's the fabulous... Beatles!


I think I'm gonna be sad

I think it's today, yeah

The girl that's driving me mad

Is going away

She's got a ticket to ride

She's got a ticket to ride

She's got a ticket to ride

But she don't care

My baby don't care


Oh, Barbara!

Now you've squashed my favourite Beatles!

But Vicki, I had no idea you knew
about the Beatles?!

Of course I know about them. I've been to
their Memorial Theatre in Liverpool.

We... well, what do you think of
them, Vicki?

Well, they're marvellous, but...

I didn't know they played classical music!

Classical music?!

Get with it, Barbara! Get with it!

Styles change, styles change!

I think you'd better turn it off, my dear.

Yes, we're about to materialize.

Well, everything appears to be
all right, yes.

The oxygen's high... and the gravity...

is a little greater than Earth, hmm!

Ooh, it's hot!

Well, it's no small wonder.

Look up there, my dear, hmm! Look!

Two suns moving very quickly, hmm?

I expect the days and nights are
very short here, hmm?

Are we going to explore now then?

I shouldn't think there is anything
to explore.

Just miles and miles of sand.

Those strange things...?

You never know - over that sand-dune
there might be a...

a city or a... a space-station or anything.

The child's just like me, you know?

Always wants to know what's on
t'other side of the hill!

I'm gonna find out too!

Vicki, come back!

I'd better follow her.

No, no, no, no, Chesterton, here, here.


Look here, you'd better take this TARDIS
magnet with you.

Watch that little green light in there.


Don't drop it, otherwise you'll get lost.


All right, I'm coming!

We won't go any further than the ridge.

Yes, yes, yes.

Look at her!

Don't worry. I'll look after her.

Come on!

All right, Christopher Columbus! Hang on!

Come on!

Yes, over there!

Look at this thing.
Yes, over there!

Look at this thing.

Oh, what is it? It looks like a man,
doesn't it?

Yes - but of frozen seaweed!

Funny shape...

Funny smell!


Ian! Ian!

Come and look at this.

Hey! You know this gadget of the Doctor's?

It... it really works.

Never mind that - look at this.

What? What is it?

I don't know.

Pooh! What an awful smell.

Well, at least it's not a pool of acid!

That makes a change!

Look, there's lots... more of it.


It's a trail.

Probably blood!

Oh yes, it's bound to be!
Come on, let's see where it leads.

All right.

It is ingenious, this.

What's that awful noise?

I beg your pardon - awful noise?

That's no way to talk about my singing!

No Doctor, not that awful noise!

The other one, listen to it!

Mmm? Oh, yes... yes,
it sounds like the, er, the Visualiser.

I think it's still on.

Yes, would you mind going in and switching
it off for me dear?

OK. I've had enough sun anyway.

Yes, thank you!

Oh, humph! Awful noise indeed, huh!

I can charm the nightingales
out of the trees!

The Supreme Dalek is ready to
receive your report!

The report is ready.

Doctor! Doctor, come quickly!

Yes, all right, my dear,
all right, all right.

What is it now? Gracious me,
can't I even relax for five...

The Daleks!

Give your report.

Our time machine has been completed.

The operation will proceed at once.

The movement scanners have located
the enemy time machine - TARDIS.


Doctor, he said the TARDIS.

And look on their screen, that's us!

What is more important, he referred
to the TARDIS

as the enemy time machine.

At present it lies in the Segaro desert
of the planet Aridius.

We await command.

The Doctor and the three humans
delayed our conquest of Earth.

Daleks cannot be defeated!

To defy Daleks is death!

They will pay for their crime!


Annihilate! Annihilate! Annihilate!
Annihilate! Annihilate!

The assassination group will embark
at once in our time machine.

They pursue the humans through
all eternity.

They must be destroyed! Exterminate them!

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

My machine can only pick up the things
that happened in the past.

Then they're on their way here!

Or worse, already here.
You heard their orders.

We are to be exterminated!

But Doctor, can't we get away from them?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, but Ian and the child.

Come on, we have such little time.

Oh, come on, keep going!

What do you think I am? One of these funny things?


Yes. Well, no space city, Vicki.

Mid-day I suppose.


Ah, Oh! Oh, the trail just ends.

Well, we're a long way
from the TARDIS now, Vicki.


Ah, we ought to get back really, you know.


They'll be missing us.

If you look at the sun through your fingers,
you have twenty instead of ten.

Hmm? Yes. Oh, I could do with a drink.

Oh yes. Ah.

We should get back, you know.

Yeah, soon be dark, you know.
Look at those suns.

Just like the Doctor said - they move fast.

Hard this ground, isn't it?

Like glass.

Come on, Ian. Let's go.

Yeah, all right.

Hello? What's this?

A ring! Ha! A ring in the sand!

No! No! The ring in the field!

What are you talking about?
What's the matter?

Well, you see, when I was very young...


Near where I lived there was a field,
and in this field there was a ring

just like that, sticking out of the ground.


You see, the point was, on the other
side of the hedge

there was a castle, an enormous thing,
with a drawbridge.



Well, go on! Ha!

We had this thing, that if we
pulled that ring...


The drawbridge would come down and
something awful would come out!

Vicki! Look around you.

Can you see a castle anywhere?

No, but for heavens sake

something's gonna happen if we
pull that thing.

Well, shall I pull it or shan't I?

Yes, all right, go on.

I think I'll move it now.

Try turning it.

No, won't turn. Hold on.

Ah, Excalibur!

Come on, no castles, no drawbridges.

Back we go.

Vicki, just check it, eh?





This wretched wind has wiped out all
their tracks, huh!

It's getting so cold here.

Yeah, come on Doctor, let's go back
to the TARD...

Ah, this way, dear.

No, no, no, it's that way. I remember.

I have the directional instincts of
a homing Pigeon!

Now come along, follow me, hmm!


Oh! Oh, Ian, stay over here by this wall.

Oh, there it is!

It's changed!

The whole landscape has changed!

The TARDIS has gone, there's no sign of it!

Ah, it's probably got buried in
that sandstorm.

But where? All these stretches of
sand look exactly alike.

Yes, well, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Ah, I've got an idea.
Let's have a look at the TARDIS magnet.

Oh, I'm sorry, I've just remembered.
I gave it to Ian.

Ha, well... come on, come on, we can't
waste time, let's get going.

That sun'll be up in a minute and we've no
food. and there's no water, no shade...

Get down! Get down!

Oh! What's the matter?