Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 31 - The Death of Time - full transcript

While Ian and Vicki are threatened by a Mire Beast, the Doctor and Barbara meet up with the Aridians...who are then ordered to hand them over to the Daleks.

Keep your head down.
They haven't seen us yet.

Doctor, look! There's more of them.

The enemy time machine is in this area.

We can locate the position with our
seismic detectors.

Find and destroy it. The remainder
will search for the humans.

Are they to be taken alive?

No. They are to be exterminated.




Let the search begin.

Stay down. One of them's coming this way!

We must find the TARDIS before they
do, hmm? Hmm?

Yes, and we must warn Ian and Vicki.

They don't even know the Daleks are here.

Yes, ye... Warn them?

But how? We haven't seen them for hours.

Anyway, it's no good hanging about here.

Come on, let's get moving, come...

Don't just stand there and scream you
little fool! Run!

Oh, don't just standing there gaping,
you nit! Come on, back!

Wait. Tracks of the humans.

Follow them.

Wait. Perceptor indicates someone is near.

It draws closer.

Destroy on sight.

An Aridian.

One of the species that
inhabits this planet.

Unimportant. Continue the

This desert, was once a vast ocean.

We, the Aridians, lived in a city beneath
the sea

but for a thousand years,
those twin suns that burn

have moved closer and closer.

Then... then the sea's dried up and all the
creatures that lived

within their waters perished.

All but... the Mire Beasts.

Mire Beasts? What are they?

They lived in the slime, at the bottom
of the ocean.

When the waters were gone, they
invaded our cities.

There were too many of them.
We tried to destroy them!

They multiplied too quickly for us.

We were driven back as the Mire Beasts

took over more and more of our
beautiful city.

These Mire Beasts - what do they feed
on, mmm?

They are... flesh eaters.

You mean they attack humans?

Of course.

Oh, good gracious!


Look, two of our friends went out
into the desert.

Will you help us find them?

When did you see them last?

Last night.

The Mire Beasts hunt at night.

Do you think they are near or far?

Oh, I don't think they can travel
far in this sand.

Then they might have gone through the
Taltarian air-lock, into the tunnels.

Then it is too late!

What do you mean it's too late?

It is to be exploded.


Yes, the air-lock.

You see, we Aridians have learned the only
way to destroy the Mire Beast

is to entomb them in the sections of the
city they have occupied.

The Taltarian air-lock will be
detonated at high suns.

Well then we must stop it!

No, we would not
reach the air-lock in time.

Now, hush, hush, hush.

Look where...?

Look, where is this place?

If we move faster than the suns?

We will try.


It's high sun.



Ian! Ian! Oh!

Oh, Ian!

I'll get help, I'll...

I'll find the Doctor and get help!

We have arrived.

This is the gate to our city.

I'm afraid I can't see any signs
of a city, hmm!

This... this old air-lock, we used it when
our city was beneath the sea.

It will take us to a part of our home
that is still free from Mire Beasts.

I see. Well, we're very grateful
for your hospitality

but I must you the Daleks are right
on top of us.

And I don't want either you or your people
involved in any of this dangerous business.

If they knew... you'd given us shelter,
they'll show no mercy.

No matter. First, you need food and rest.

Then we will help you search
for your time machine.

Ah, splendid, splendid!

Open the lock.

Please enter. There is no danger.

Barbara! Barbara, my dear!

Come along, come along!

The seismic detector is
registering a contact.

The enemy time machine is beneath the
sand at this point.

Then it was buried by last night's storm.

It must be uncovered before
we can destroy it.


We will take some Aridians prisoner.


And use them to dig the ship free


Well, see to it!

I obey!

Mmm. I think this is.. is...
is absolutely delicious.

Mmm. It's a most unusual flavour, isn't it?

Doctor, how can you sit there
eating when Ian...

Oh, my dear, you think I'm being
callous do you?

Yes I do!

Then I think it's pure supposition that
they've been caught by Mire Beasts.

After all, we weren't, mm?

You haven't much faith in Ian's infallible
self-preservation, have you? Mmm?

I'm sorry. This place gives me the creeps.

Oh rubbish, my dear, rubbish!

I think it's fascinating, ye-es!

You could almost call it... beautiful..

You know I think you're tired.

Close your eyes and try and get some
rest. Go on, go on!

We must conserve our strength if we're
going to get back to the TARDIS.

Yes... if ever we can get back to the

Ah, Malsan! Hmm!

You enjoyed your meal?

Oh, indeed, yes! Indeed, yes.

Yes, it was a most unusual taste.

You know, I've been taking stock of this
place, having a jolly good look round.

Tell me, why is this, er, opening
walled up, hmm?

It led to a part of our city that's been
invaded by Mire Beasts.


It is the same all over. We have to block
off tunnels to stop their advance.

Do please sit down. I have...
some news for you.

Now, what is it?

The leader of the Daleks has
communicated with us.

They have issued an ultimatum.

Yes, I suspected something of that kind
might happen. What is it, hmm?

We hand you over to them, or they will
destroy what remains of our city.

They mean what they say.

They don't make idle threats.
Have you replied, hmm?

Not yet. The elders
are still discussing it.

We have a half-sun in which to give
them our answer.

Hmm, you haven't much choice, have you?

Well I don't propose to inflict our
troubles on you sir

so I think we'll leave
and take our chances.

No, no, no!

The Daleks have said that we
must hand you over.

Not... set you free to try and escape.

You mean?

You must be our prisoners.

Until such time as our arrangements with
the Daleks have been completed.

Then... if the elders agree, you will be
given into their custody.

The digging is completed.
Are the prisoners to go free?

No. They are worthless inferior creatures.

They have no value to us. Destroy them.

Destroy the enemy time machine.
Use full power. Fire!

Again - fire!

It is undamaged.

It must be constructed of a material
that can resist our neutralizers.


Remain on guard until the prisoners have
been handed over and exterminated.

We obey.

Are you feeling better, hmm?

Yes. What's happened?

Well, it's not too good, I'm afraid.

Ah, this looks like bad news coming now.

Bad news? What bad news?

The elders have made
their reply to the Daleks.

They must be told.


Have you eaten?

What is the news, hmm?

You are to be handed over at last suns.

The Daleks have promised that when the

execution is over they will Aridius

You're... you're going to hand us over
to the Daleks?

We have no choice.

The elders have so decreed. Please...?

They have no choice.

Yes... but... just to be handed
over like that?

Two hours. Their suns are due to
set in two hours.


Vicki? Vicki?


Where does this walled up section lead?

Oh, it's another part of the city,
I believe.

The part that was invaded.


Vicki, where's Ian?!


Is Ian... is Chesterton all right, mm?

He... he got a bad knock on the head.

I made him as comfortable as possible
and came to get help.

It might have been better if you'd
stayed where you were.

No it wouldn't - because on my way here

I found an exit out of one of the tunnels

and just outside it - the TARDIS!

Ah, well, well, well now!

That puts a different complexion
on the matter.

Tell me, my dear, this tunnel - would you
know how to find it again? Mmm?

Yes, I'm very sure of it.

A big iron door, just beyond that opening,
over there.

Oh Doctor, maybe things will be
all right after all?

Yes, now I c...

It is time. I am to take you to
the main airlock.

Down here.

Are you sure this is the right way?

'Course I am - come on!

The prisoners have escaped from
the Aridians.

Are we to proceed with the destruction of
the underground city?

The Aridians have one hour to re-capture
the humans. If they fail, we act.

I understand.

The humans may try to reach their machine.

Remain on guard.

I obey.



Chesterton, come here!

Are you all right? What's happened
to your...

It looks worse than it is. Look...


It's only twenty yards away but
there's a Dalek guarding it.

Well, we must get past it.

Now listen, I've got a very good idea.

You two go first.


You get out of here and there's a
ridge of sand on the left.

Now you take cover.

You get in a good position where
you can nip in.

Nip in what?


Yes, yes, course

Off you go.

Oh, Barbara, could, I, er,
have your cardigan?

Quickly, quickly!

Oh, not again!

It's for the Dalek, not for me!

I hope it suits it!

Off you go.

Oh, Doctor?

Er, your coat please?

My dear boy, we're trying to beat
the Daleks.

Not start a jumble sale! Mmm?

All will be revealed in due time Doctor.

Your coat please.

Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear.

What are they gonna do, Barbara?

I don't know. Trying to get the Dalek away

from the TARDIS, I should think.

What's the point of all this, dear boy, mm?

Doctor, with any luck, with your coat,

and Barbara's cardigan,
we're gonna make a trap.

We're gonna lure the Dalek...

...over this trap, and with any luck,

he'll... it'll fall down here.

That's a good scheme. Yes,
that's a good idea.

Keep down!


But how?

I dunno - but wait and see.


Well, I hope it works.

All right, Doctor.

Now, I'm going first.

Then you follow, you keep on that side...


You keep plenty of cover in.

All right, careful.

Oo-ooh! Dalek!

Over here, friend!

Yoo-hoo, Auntie!


Over here!


Try and get out of that hole, friend.

Well, that got rid of that one.



Quick! Into the TARDIS!

Go on!

Cease firing. They have escaped.

Final termination is inevitable.




We will embark in our time machine at once.

The Dalek Supreme has ordered they are
to be pursued through all eternity.

Pursued and exterminated!