Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 29 - The Final Phase - full transcript

While Ian tries to force Lobos to release the Doctor from the museum, Vicki joins the Xerons in trying to gain the weapons needed to start a revolution against the occupiers.


Is he in here?


Open the door.

Now get in. Both of you.


What have you done to him?

I don't think you would appreciate the technical difficulties.

Just tell me what you've done.

He has completed the second stage of preparation. He's as good as dead.

If you want to save yourself, you'd better bring him back to life.


But your only hope is to try.

No one has ever attempted to reverse the process.

There's a first time for everything, now get moving!

And remember...I shall be watching you very carefully, so don't try any tricks.

There are no tricks in science, only facts.

How long is this going to take?

How can I say? This has never been done before. Perhaps he never will recover.

That's nearly the lot.

Right, move along. Hurry up.


Just a minute, Vicki.

Right, now you know the main objective - the Morok barracks.

Most of our force is already on the way there. But we must surprise them.
If they mobilise, we shall fail.

Come on, take a ray gun.

Tor, will everybody be going to the barracks.

Mmm, we need every man and woman we can muster Vicki, why?

Well if it's all the same to you, I'm going back to the museum.

The museum?!

Barbara may still be there. I've got to find her Tor...and my other friends.

Look, after we've finished here, you can get...

Now! It may be too late then.

I won't let you go!

I won't let you stop me!

But if you're captured?

The Moroks don't know of the revolt. I'm not likely to tell them.

Well you won't have to!

The gun will give us away. They'll check the armoury

I'm still going. Look Tor, I've got to find them and tell them what's going on.

There's no knowing what they'll do otherwise. If I am captured...

oh, I'll just have to hope that you're successful and you find me in time.

I know it sounds silly but...whatever I do may be wrong. I...I've got to find them.



Wait a moment.

Sita? Go with Vicki to the museum. I'll join you later.

Yes, but...!

Don't argue Sita!

Do what she tells you.

Come on, Sita.


Leave that. Where is the relief guard for this entrance?

There was no one here when we arrived, sir.

You, take over the watch.


You two come with me. I'll get to the bottom of this.

Dako! Dako! Come on!

Well, what's happening?

His temperature is returning to normal.


Look, can't you speed things up a bit?

After a temperature of several hundred degrees below freezing, it is a complicated process.

You will have to be patient.

Body temperature has now been reached.


Yes, he's getting warmer.

Good. We shan't have long to wait.


Get back!

Ohh! Ahh!

Ohh! Support me, dear boy!

Support me over there and sit me down.

Ahh! Ahh! Ah!

How are you feeling?

I shall be all right in a minute. It's a bad attack of rheumatism.
Yes, it always happens to me when I'm cold.

You've been cold all right, Doctor, I can tell you that.

Yes, unfortunately, I...I'm not used to being subjected to such low temperatures.

When I give you the word, you rush him.

No, well, we'd better bring the circulation back.

That's an order!

It's all right, dear boy, it's's not the circulation freeze.


Yes, don't fuss. Now don't do that.


My dear Governor, my dear Lobos, I don't think your soldiers have really got their heart in their job, have they? Mmm?

Thank you for getting me out of this little predicament.

Although, I...would have been better pleased had you done it more voluntary.

Yes, his conscience did need reminding.

Yes. Mmm! I know, I know! Mmm.

What do you mean you know? Surely you were...

Dead? Not at all, my boy. Not at all! I was merely, let me say, er...frozen stiff. Mmm?

You mean you knew everything that was happening?

Exactly! My brain was working with the speed of a mechanical computer.

I was asking myself questions and the answers were arriving with remarkable alacrity, yes! Yes!

I must confess, I didn't enjoy the refrigeration, hence this attack of rheumatism.

But thanks to you, my dear boy,
I am now de-iced and I think I'm quite capable of facing up to the climate once more.

I wouldn't be too sure of that, Doctor. Of course, I have no proof

but your brain could very easily have been affected.

The best thing for you, Governor Lobos, is to put you in there! Mmm?
Then you will have all the proof you needed!

But you think yourself lucky. My conscience won't allow me to do that. Mmm! It's a pity, isn't it?
Mmm? It's a pity! Mmm mm!

Well Doctor, I think thing to do is find Barbara and Vicki, eh?

I'm not so sure of that, my dear boy. Where did you say you'd left them?

In the museum.

And the TARDIS?

Well, that was outside the museum building.

Mmm. I see, I see.


What's the problem? Surely we've changed the future by now?

Yes, and I'm not sure of that either Chesterton. Have we? Have we? Mmm?

Or are we...doing...what we're allegedly intended to do? Hmm? Now, what do you think? Hmm?

Well, you out of that thing, I...

Yes, that's true

That's true, but I'm sure the Governor here would be delighted if we were both put back in there.

Am I correct, sir? Hmm?

Yes, Doctor. You are quite correct. And it would appear that I shall have my wish.

There's only a few more feet, Dako.

Th... (Coughs.) They'll be guards out there, Barbara. (Coughs.) Waiting for us.

You'll stand a better chance outside.

(Coughs.) A chance of what?

I met this soldier on his way here, asked him what he was doing.
He said reporting to you on your orders.

I was a prisoner of one of the aliens, sir. He had a gun.

Which he took from you.

Yes sir.

I posted a relief guard and then came here to see what was happening.

You did well Commander. Have this man placed under close arrest.


Relief guard, exit 4-1-7. The aliens are just about to leave the museum.

Good! Detain them there. I'll send extra men.

Yes sir.

Well, it would appear that this li...little diversion will soon be over, Commander.

Strange, no reply from the barracks.
Well, it seems that a faulty connection has given our friend here another chance.

Go with the Commander.

When you've got them, bring the aliens to me.

Yes sir.

I've just a word about your friends. You'll all be together again soon. Perhaps for centuries?

Halt! Halt!

Stay as you are. Over to the wall. Over!

Sorry Barbara.

It's all right. Wasn't your fault.

No talking! Hands on your heads. Up! Up!



Barbara! Are you all right. You look terrible!

No, I'm fine.

Sita! Where did you come from - and guns?

Yes, the revolutions finally started. We broke into the armoury.
Tor is leading an attack on the Morok barracks.

Well, why aren't you there?

We came for you.

Is Ian still inside?

Well, I don't see how he could be. I think he must have been captured by the guards.

Taken to wherever the Doctor is, I suppose.

Oh, Barbara, we've got to find them.
We've got a chance now.

Why? What's happened?

Everything...everything's going to be all right. I know it is.

When the revolution succeeds, Tor and the Xerons are going to destroy this museum and all the exhibits.

Well, we can't be put in a museum that doesn't exist any more, can we?

Dako and myself are going to try and see if we can find Tor. Are you coming?

No, I don't think so, are we Barbara?

Well, we must find out where Ian and the Doctor were taken.

And if that means just wandering around the exhibition aimlessly, well we may as well go with them - Tor.

Where will they be taken?

Mmm, the Governor's office, I expect. First of all anyway.

We don't want to go there, do we?

Possibly not, but that's where you are going.


Where did you get this?

I asked you a question.

I...I can't remember.

Soldier. Have their been any guerilla actions against us?

Oh, none recently.

Have any arms fallen into Xeron hands?

No sir, not that I know of.

It seems as though our illustrious Governor is going to have more
than his usual batch of questions to ask. Move.

No answer.

No. First the barracks, now the armoury. Well, the soldier will report as soon as he gets there.

Yes, you don't think...

I don't think anything, Commander!

All I know is that this gun came from the weapons store.

Mmm. What, er, is going to happen to them?

In due course, they will go into the museum, as planned.

Chesterton! Chesterton! Save your strength.

It's going to take much more than that to get us out of this situation. Hmm!

Well, Exhibits! In a forgotten museum, eh? Is that how we're all going to end up?

Not with this apparatus...

Well, my boy, you'd hardly call me a pessimist, but, er, I think it's most unlikely that th...
that is the only contraption of its kind. Mmm?

Well, you can't blame Ian for letting off steam, Doctor.

Oh, I wish I'd had thought nit...thought of it. I'd have smashed the whole thing too.

Yes, I think I would have done the same thing.

But we must have changed the future! We just must have done!

Must we Vicki? Or were all the things that happened planned out for us?


Four separate journeys. Four choices, that led all the time, closer to here.

Maybe it could have changed things if I hadn't left that museum?

Yes, and perhaps I shouldn't have got myself captured, Mmm?

Well, if your all joining in, I suppose I...oh, what's the use?

It hasn't happened yet, you know.

Yes, Vicki's quite right! Quite right! Mmm!

It's only a matter of time, isn't it, Doctor?

Well, it's not necessarily, my boy.

But Doctor, what can we do now...

My dear Barbara, you must try and remember, the short time we've been on this planet

we've met people, spoken to them and who knows, we might have even influenced them.

That's what I was trying to say.

Yes, I know you were child, yes! Yes, I knew you were! Mmm!

You mean we don't necessarily have to change our own future? It could be changed for us?

Quite so, yes, quite so, my boy.

Like the revolution!

To headquarters, quickly! Look out!

Dako, Dako! It's Tor!

Tor, the barracks...did you...destroy it?

The Moroks are on the run. And you know what's happened?

She found her friends...then the Moroks came.

They took them?!


Well, where to Dako? Where did they take them?!

I'm not sure...the Governor's office, I think.

Stay with him. The rest of you, come with me.

Yes, armoury?


Well, what's happening?

OVER TANNOY: We've been attacked - the weapons have gone.

What?! Stay there - I'll send extra men.

OVER TANNOY: No, the barracks have been wiped out, the Xerons have got them...

Hello? Hello? This is Governor Lobos!

We'll still get away. I've got a ship standing by at the launching port.

What about the aliens?

All this trouble started when they arrived. Kill them!




Oh, marvellous! Oh, thank you!

The future doesn't look too bad after all, does it? Mmm?

Take that straight through.

Where's that going? Where's that going?

Well, that's just going anywhere.

Well, it didn't take them long to dismantle the museum, did it?

No! Well, it must be quite a feeling getting your own planet back.

Well, there you both are, hmm?

That's it! That's the little thing that's been giving us all this dimensional trouble. Hmm!

Just that?

You know, it's a funny thing how it happened - it got stuck.

I don't know whether you've gone into a room and switched on the
light and had to wait a second or two before the thing lit itself up, hmm?

Yes, I have. I think most people have.

Well, this is the same kind of problem, you see.

We, er, landed on a separate time track, wandered around a bit

and until this little thing clicked itself into place, we hadn't...actually arrived, Hmm!

Oh, well, thanks very much for explaining it.

Not at all, my dear boy, anytime, anytime! Hmm!

Yes, er, (Coughs.) well, er, do you want it back?

Er, yes, er, please, yes.
Er, I wondered if you'd mind taking it in for me? Inside the ship, thank you.

I just want to fetch Vicki.

But, Tor, surely it doesn't all have to be destroyed. Can't you use any of it?

Oh, we only want on Xeros what belongs to Xeros, Vicki. The rest will be broken up.

Yes, I think I can quite understand your sentiments, young man.

But you know, you mustn't, er, lose sight altogether. You might need it.

Oh, yes Doctor.

Doctor, what is that extraordinary thing you've got in the TARDIS?

Ah, that my boy, yes. Well, that I got from the space museum.


This young man here, Tor, very kindly gave it to me as a souvenir.

A souvenir? Ha! Couldn't you get something a little smaller?

My dear Chesterton, I don't think I have to ask your permission
for what I take in my ship, and another thing, I will not have...

Oh no, Doctor, of course you don't. But, er, what is it? It looks terribly interesting.

Yes, well, er, as a matter of fact, my dear, it's what they call a "Time and Space Visualiser."

You know, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in the space museum. Hmm!
But I have an idea I can get it working again.

Yes Doctor, but what exactly does it do?

You will see, you will see! All in good time! Hmm hmm!

Now then, have you said your good-byes?

Yes, er, thank you Doctor. Your party made our revolution a success.

Splendid, splendid. Well now, I think we must get moving, er, goodbye young man.

Goodbye Doctor.

Goodbye Tor. Come along, my child, come along.

TOR: Goodbye Vicki.
VICKI: Goodbye Tor.

FIRST DALEK: Our greatest enemies have left the planet Xeros.
They are once again in time and space.

SECOND DALEK: (OVER TANNOY) They cannot escape! Our time machine will soon follow them.

They will be exterminated! Exterminated! Exterminated!