Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 10 - Kinda: Part Two - full transcript

Left in charge by Sanders, Security Man Hindle - unhinged and in complete control of the two Kinda hostages - locks up the others while he primes the dome for a 50 mile perimeter of deforestation through acid and fire, having "reasoned out" that the trees and plants are a threat. Adric perpetrates a ruse to help the Doctor and Todd but is caught and about to be punished when Sanders returns, a changed man. Sanders bears a gift for Hindle - a box given him by a Kinda mystic elder, which may be dangerous and which the Doctor is forced to open. Meanwhile, Tegan is shown herself in the dream world and left to determine which of her selves is real.


Doctor, you don't fool me, I'm afraid.

Don't be ridiculous.

You, too.

You're no longer considered
to be reliable.

Really, am I not?


Then you're going to have to
shoot me, aren't you?

Because I have
absolutely no intention of...

No. It isn't possible.

You're all under arrest.

You have neither the power
nor the right to arrest us.

You forget, I'm now in command.

I have the power of life and death
over all of you.



It's coming.

Have you got the box?


-I'm here.

What is the matter?

It's dangerous.

There is no other way.

The Not We must know
how it is with the Kinda.

The presence of those in the dome
threatens us.

They must go away and leave us in peace.

-But what if they're not...
-Do as I say.

You must not doubt.

Your doubt is the only danger.


What is it?

KARUNA: Aris is here.

PANNA: Well, what does he want?

Come on, child, quickly, read him.

Fear and hurting and confusion.

Where is my brother?

PANNA: He is with the Not We
in the dome.

KARUNA: But why has he gone
from my head?

There is no time now, Aris.

Not now.

You must be patient.

No. Not agreeing.


Why must I listen?

Don't the Not We in the dome have voice?

Yes, of course they do,
but it is not as it is with us.

With them,
voice is not a mark of wisdom.


What is to happen here
is more important.

Oh, why must he interfere?

Do you understand, Aris?

Well, girl, does he?

KARUNA: Darkness. Understanding nothing.

Hurt. Heal me.

No, not now. There is no time.

Listen, Aris, you must go away.

Well, what is he doing?

KARUNA: I am go.

His brother is their prisoner.

Yes, yes, we know.


But listen.

Go on, choose.

Well, uh, logically, that one.

That's rather clever, Adric.
Don't you think so?

You have unexpected talents.


Well, now logic would dictate that one,

but wait, no, I'll try
and second-guess you. That one.

Oh, that one, then.

That one. Where, then?

Nowhere. Vanished.

No, no, no, quite impossible.

That would be in direct contradiction
to the laws of the material universe.

Then where?

DOCTOR: Uh... Oh, well, that one.
That one.

-Ah, yes, of course. Can I try it?

For heaven's sake,
we've been locked up in here all night,

there's no sign of Sanders, Hindle's
probably completely unhinged by now.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Shouldn't we be applying our minds to
some form of plan for escape from here?

-Should we?
-TODD: Well, shouldn't we?

I mean, isn't that what one does
when one's locked up?

-One tries to escape.

Oh, I don't know. I'm not an expert.

I mean, some plan, some trick,
some ruse.

It may surprise you to learn, Doctor,

I've never actually been
locked up before.


Go on.

-That one.
-You sure?

-Not the other one?

Come on, open your hand.

What's this? Your tie is a mess.

Here, let me show you.

There. See?

I can't be expected to attend
to every detail myself, can I?

It's too much, isn't it?


Defence of the dome,
its conception and implementation,

effective immediate.

Show me your fingernails.


All prisoners present and correct, sir.

PANNA: Are you ready with the box?

KARUNA: It's another male.
The old, red-faced one who shouts.

PANNA: No matter. Continue.

But you said that only a woman
could understand,

that it's dangerous for a man.

Do as I say.

Go on, open it.

Please, you must.

We mean you no harm.


-What about Tegan?


Accompany them, please.

And, Doctor, be sensible.


There's nothing we can do
about Tegan at the moment.

I'm just hoping she's safe.




Particles of generation,
microscopic, everywhere.

Eh, Doctor?

-Or rather...
-Rather what?



Or even worse, viri, as in virulent.
Am I getting warmer?

Change and decay in all around I see.


Out there!

Growth, everywhere!

At random, higgledy-piggledy,
but to what purpose?

There's the clue.

Stop. Don't come any nearer.
Uh, I am onto you, you know.

Oh, dear.

Yes, I've had plenty of time to think.
Do I have to spell it out?

-Well, perhaps you might...
-Why should I?

-Well, you don't...
-No, I don't, do I?

This is ridiculous.

You're obviously in urgent need

-of medical attention.

I need time to think.

-What will Sanders say?

Doctor, tell him.

Sanders will not return.

-I hope, for your sake he doesn't...
-Well, why should he? The others didn't.

I wish to announce the strategy
for the defence of the dome,

implementation immediate.

We will raze to the ground and sterilise
an area of forest some 50 miles radius.

Objective, the creation of
a cordon sanitaire around the dome.

Method of implementation, fire and acid,
acid and fire.

This is insane. There is no danger.

-DOCTOR: And then?
-And then we will wait for rescue.

The mother ship.

The mother ship doesn't return
for six seasons.

We'll be patient.

Doctor, tell him.

What are you defending the dome against?

Against out there.

Trees, plants.

Oh, I see.


Well, perhaps if you could define

the exact nature of the threat
posed by the trees...

I've told you.

Seeds, spores and things, everywhere.

Getting hold, rooting, thrusting,
branching, blocking out the light.

-Yes, but I...
-Well, don't you see?

Nearly, nearly, nearly.
I thought that the Kinda...

No, the Kinda are not important.
They're just the servants.

-Of the plants.

The plants feed them.

Did you know that?

And then return. That's why.

That's why.

Why do you think the plants are hostile?

Because they are.


Yes, of course!

Can't you see it?

He's got it right.
He's absolutely right.

The plants are the danger.

I'd like to help you.

Step forward.

-Come on, what are you thinking?
-Don't you know?

Maybe I do.

After all, apparently, you'll have been
thinking it, too, won't you?

But I asked first.

So did I.

Look, stop it.

If you must know, I was thinking
about eating ice cream.

-What do you mean, ''Yes''?

So was I.

I was three years old,
and I didn't like the taste.

-But that's my memory!
-And mine!

Stop it.

Look, this is silly.
What are we going to do?

-What now?
-I don't know.

Your friend had
a sudden change of heart.

I'd like to know what he's up to.

Well, as he's free, I hope he's got
more than his own interests at heart.

So, what exactly am I looking for?


I see.


There is something!

-Out there.

Out of the way. Let me see.

I can't see anything.
There's nothing there!

Oh, I'm sorry.

I must have been mistaken.

Things could be much more puzzling,
you know.

Have you thought what it would be like

if there were not
just two of you, but...

-Don't think it!
-Don't think it!

-Think of something else!
-Anything else!

What else? Quickly! Uh...
Uh... Uh... Whale bones!

-Uh, windmills!

-Uh, wibbers.

It doesn't matter,
as long as we don't think it.

What if there were 1 0 of us?

Don't think it!

DUKKHA: Too late, I'm afraid.
You already have.

Where have I gone?

You're you again.

Don't you see?

ADRIC: We thought you might be hungry.

What's he up to?

ADRIC: The defence of the dome
is proceeding as planned.

DOCTOR: Fire and acid?
ADRIC: Are being prepared.

Oh, good. That is good news, isn't it?

If in doubt, then fire and acid
every time, don't you think?

-Are you hungry?

-Then choose.


Oh, I see, a little game. Yes, uh...
Now, let's see.

That one.

No. No, no, that one, then.

Wait! Show me your hand!


The other one!

Are you sure?

Show me, now!

Look, it's only a game.

If you make me angry, you'll regret it.

If I was to agree
to your borrowing my form...

Just for a while.
Perhaps only for a few moments.

But I won't.

What would you do as me?

They always ask that.


You would be suitably entertained
by the experience.


I don't trust you.

So why don't you go away
and leave me alone?

-You want to be alone?

Very well.




Are you there?

Where am I?




I want to come back!

All right, I agree.

You agree?


Then hold out your hand.



-Don't hurt him!
-HINDLE: Why not?


HINDLE: Ah, very well.

I think your guess was right.
The Kinda are telepathic.

Why should they obey him?

I don't know.

I've tried to communicate with them
myself, but I can't get through.

The problem is knowing what punishment
would be most appropriate.

To what?

To teach you not to steal,
not to commit treason.

To wash behind the ears.

-Must be painful, don't you think?
-For heaven's sake!

When I was a boy,
I was beaten every day.

Never did me any harm.
Made me the man I am.

-Look, I have a...

All right, speak up. What is it?

Well, I was simply going to suggest
that you banished him from the dome,

left him at the mercy of the trees.

No, no, the trees have no mercy.

Oh, yes, I was forgetting.

Weren't you?

Must I think of everything myself?


I wish to announce the procedure
to effect the punishment of Adric.



It's impossible.

It's Sanders?

Go away!

Somebody make him go away!

Mummy! Mummy! Make him go away!


I never thought I'd be glad
to see Sanders.

-He's the first to return, isn't he?

Yes, he is.

Good. Then we may find out
what happened to the others.

I still can't believe
the Kinda are hostile.

Well, there may be another reason.


Something more hostile is out there.

I can explain, sir. The...

The boy, Adric, is unreliable,
as you suspected.

You... You did suspect, didn't you, sir?

Uh, Todd is also unreliable.

Discipline has to be maintained
to a degree, sir.

I've brought you a present.



What is it?

Open it and see.

Go on. I did.

-You did?

I don't think I will, not just now.

As you like. You know best.

Well, now, if the Kinda are more
sophisticated than they first appear,

is it not possible
their enemies are, also?

And I didn't see them, you mean.


Oh, Doctor, you frighten me.

Not half so much as Hindle frightens me.

I'm afraid he's insane.
Leave him to Sanders.

Mr Sanders has returned.

TODD: Good! Perhaps now we can...

And he's brought me a present,
haven't you?


Can I sit down?



-What is it?
-Open it and see.

Why should I?

Then you'll understand everything.

I don't want to understand everything.
I want to work things out for myself.

Oh, please!

-Look, I...

-Well, it won't bite you.
-What won't?

-So it's got teeth.

-No, no.
-Fangs, claws.


A fire-raking tongue,
licking you all over.

No, no.


I'm in charge here, old man,
and I'll decide what's to be done.

I was forgetting,
we haven't been introduced, have we?

I was also forgetting you don't speak,
do you?

I'm not surprised you look so sad.

Telepathy is a very boring way
to communicate.

Such a strange creature.


Something to say.

You are unhappy. Very unhappy.

Perhaps I can help you
free your brother from the dome.

Would you like that?
I thought you might.

With my help,
you could launch an attack,

destroy the people
who've held your brother prisoner.

Yes, you're right.

The people in the dome are evil.

With my help, Aris,
you could become all-powerful.

I am the Mara.

Do not resist.

I am your strength.


HINDLE: Hurry up!

You, too, Doctor.

On the floor, between you.

All things are possible.




DOCTOR: Where did you get the box?

What? Uh... It... It was given to me.

Yeah, by whom?


-There could be anything in it.
-Yes, I know.

Sanders, do you know what's in the box?

I... I can't remember.

You in there.

You, Doctor, open the box.

I don't think that would be very wise.

HINDLE: Open it.

Are you mad? We don't know what's in it.

Open it and find out.

It could be very dangerous.

Open it, or I'll have you shot!

Don't! It'll kill us!

Unfortunately, so could Hindle.