Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 11 - Kinda: Part Three - full transcript

Todd and the Doctor receive a telepathic invitation to visit the Kinda's blind matriarch and her ward in a cave. Meanwhile, Hinkle is finally set to reduce the dome to its "base chemical constituents" but stops to relax and build a toy city. Tegan is out cold after the snake tattoo of the Mara leaves her arm to possess Aris, giving Aris voice and, through it, the ability to lead his people to their destruction.


Where did you get the box?

What? Uh... It... It was given to me.

Yeah, by whom?


-There could be anything in it.
-Yes, I know.

Sanders, do you know what's in the box?

I... I can't remember.

You in there.

You, Doctor, open the box.

I don't think that would be very wise.

Open it.

Are you mad? We don't know what's in it.

Open it and find out.

It could be very dangerous.

Open it, or I'll have you shot!

Don't! It'll kill us!

Unfortunately, so could Hindle.


Oh! Oh, oh, oh, no!

Oh, is that...


Well, we've established one thing.


The Kinda have a sense of humour.

What's happening? What's funny?

Absolutely nothing!


ADRIC: The power's failing.

Put the light on!

Put the light on!

I don't believe it. This is impossible.

I think it's safe to assume
we all three had the same experience?

How do you feel?


Not different?


What happened?

Somehow, the box linked us up
with the Kinda.

We were seeing the world
through their eyes.

It's certainly affected Sanders.

Yes. It's shock.
He'll be all right. Come on.


You were right.
This is no planet of primitives.

And the answer's out there,
in the forest. Come on.

Leave the box!

What about Adric?

He'll be all right.
He's very resourceful. Quickly!

-Well, jump!

Which way?

Has anyone ever told you
you ask a lot of questions?

By training, I'm a scientist.

Yes, so you are.


-That way.
-You sure?

Come on.

Which way now?

-Yes, what?

We're lost.

Where precisely were we heading?

-Well, I thought the cave in the dream.
-Are you sure that exists?

Oh, absolutely.

So, where do we go from here?

Tell you what. Toss for it.
Heads, this way, tails, that.




I found Mr Sanders, sir.
The others must have left him behind.

I've also found the box.

I don't want to see it.

I was thinking, sir,
if I could have your permission,

that I could go and look for them.

Not outside.

No, but if you thought that I was...

It's all in here, you know.
Everything, the whole of life.

Just a matter of knowing where to look.

-I don't know what...


You, too, old man! Listen.

"Emergency Class, 5B.

"If, in the opinion of the officer
designated SR security,

"a situation should develop where
a threat to the territorial integrity

"of the dome will, could, or might
extend to a threat

"to the security of home world itself,

"then Emergency Class 5B
shall be declared.

"The procedure, implementation
immediate, shall be in two phases.

"Phase one, the preparation, priming
and location of explosive devices,

"sufficient to render the dome
and its contents

"to their base chemical constituents.

-"Phase two..."
-But all I...

Well, don't you see?
Well, then we'll be safe.

For ever and ever.

Outside will never get in.
Don't you see?

Doctor, there's something following us.


There's something following us.

Come out from there, whatever you are.




So many of them.

Normally, they only associate in groups
of three and four.


Culturally non-hostile, didn't you say?

Yes, we take the point, don't we?

Yes, the clown/jester is a familiar
figure, anthropologically speaking.

He defuses a potential
source of conflict

through mockery and ridicule, don't you?


Your turn.

Uh, well, I don't really see
what I could, uh...

Wait a minute.


It's all quite simple, really.
Just a... Just a matter of practice.

Your turn.


Seize them.

Seize the Not We!

I think he means us.

I thought you said the Kinda
had no voice.

-They don't.
-Well, he certainly seems to.

Look, they're as surprised as we are.

It's the girl from the dream.

That's ridiculous!

I have spoken.

The Not We must be killed.



Must read your mind.

You have voice.

How can this be?

No! Forbidden!

I don't understand.


Must be so.


The prophecy?

Prophecy teaches that at the beginnings
of things, when the Not We are come,

a man will arise from among we
who has the gift of voice,

and so must be obeyed.

I am he.

I have spoken.

Seize them!

No! Wait!

We don't know!

Only the wise woman knows.

Aris has been sick.
Perhaps it's the sickness that speaks.

The wise woman told me to bring
the Not We to her cave.

This I must do, quickly. Follow me.


Stop them!

-There, that should do it.
-You sure?

Yes. You see, the master detonator here
triggers six explosive charges

placed in a pattern of two overlapping,
equilateral triangles on the dome wall.

That way, you guarantee ZMI.

Zone of maximum impact,
which is right here in this room.

-Yes, or more accurately...

Uh, just about where you're sitting.



-That'll surprise him, won't it?
-Surprise who?

Anybody. Anything at any time
tries to get in here, and boom!

-We blow ourselves to bits.

Particle bits. Boom!

SANDERS: Of course, the TAD, it ought
to occupy perhaps, um, 30 square miles.


Total area of... Of devastation?

Right! Uh, where do you want this?

Hold it there.

I wish to announce Phase 5B,
defence of the dome, now complete.

What now?


Well, now we can relax.

Enjoy ourselves.

Where are we going?

I expect you know
these woods backwards, eh?

Well, I don't suppose you've come across
a young woman.

A Not We woman with auburn hair?

Yes, that's her, Tegan.

-We've seen her.
-Now, where is she?

She was seen at
the Place of Great Dreaming.

Well, is that far?

I'll take you there later.

Come on.

-Now, this person Aris...

You said he'd been sick.

His brother is with Not We in the dome.
This has darkened his mind.

Yes, but now he can speak. He has voice.

-As you heard.
-Yes, but so do you.

Aris is a male. Panna will explain.

-The wise woman.

Aris is one of my fathers.

Is he?

-How many do you have?


Isn't that rather extravagant?

Why? How many fathers do Not We have?

Well, on the whole, one.

-Only one?

That's very sad.

So many questions, Doctor.

No, I don't want to play.

-Why not?
-Because I don't want to.

It's childish.

Oh, go on! It isn't a game, it's real,
with measuring and everything.


Tell him!

Well, if he doesn't want to...

Who's in charge here?

-You are, of course.

One word from me.

One word.

I'll help you.

-You, old man?
-I'd like to.

I still give the orders.

Oh, yes, of course.

All right, then, let's get started.

Panna! Panna!

Such stuff as dreams are made of.

Panna, are you there?

Of course I'm here.

Where else should I be?

Did you bring the Not We woman
from the dome?


Where is she?

Let me feel her face.

You are welcome.

Thank you.

-There is another.
-What other?


A man?

He was with her.


Was he present when you opened the box?

Yes. Most enlightening.

What's he babbling about?

No male can open the Box of Jhana

without being driven out of his mind,
it's well known.


Is he an idiot?

TODD: Are you an idiot?

Well, I supposed I must be.
I have been called one...

Keep silent, idiot.


-We could cover the whole floor.
-Yes, let's.

-Every detail must be correct.
-Oh, of course.

Where are you going?

Uh, as you're so busy,
I thought I might go for a stroll.

Haven't you forgotten something?

You first ask permission.

Sorry. May I?

No. You've made me angry.

Aris has found voice.

So soon.

The others will follow him.

It is all beginning again.

What is?

What is?

What is? History is, you male fool.

History is. Time is.

The Great Wheel will begin
to roll downhill,

gathering speed through the centuries,
crushing everything in its path,

unstoppable, until once again...


He must show you.
That is why you have been brought here.

Then perhaps when you understand,
you will go away and leave us in peace.

If it is not already too late.

-You said, "Once again."
-Of course.

Wheel turns, civilisations arise,
Wheel turns, civilisations fall.

And I suppose this happens many times?

Of course.

Wherever the Wheel turns,
there is suffering, delusion and death.

That much should be clear,
even to an idiot.

Now stop babbling and get ready.

Are they seated?


The Wheel turns...

Old woman!



Quickly, child, help me.
He must not interfere.

You, Not We woman, stay where you are.

With the idiot.

That's it.


What do you think, Adric?

-I'll go after him.

I'm in charge here, old man.
I'll decide what's to be done.

Yes, sir.

Why can't we all play the game?

What do you want?

Listen to me, old woman!

No, you listen to me, all of you!

I have voice.

They know the prophecy.

Now they listen only to me.

Is that true, child? Quickly, read them.

-Go on.

I can't. It hurts me.

I must know what is in their minds.

Obedience. Obedience.
Obedience. Obedience!

Obedience! Obedience!
Obedience! Obedience!

-Stop, that's enough!
-Obedience! Obedience!

Stop. Come over here, Karuna.

Stay where you are.

Where are you, child? Please!


What are you going to do?

We shall destroy the dome.
The Not We must be killed.

This is our duty.

You fool! You blind, male fool!
Do you think it ends there?

We shall be free.

Of course not. It doesn't end there.

That is how it all begins again,
with a killing.

It doesn't end that ends, as it has
always done, in chaos and despair.

It ends as it begins, in the darkness.


Is that what you all want?


Who are you?

I am Aris, he who speaks.

No. No, you are not.


To the dome.

We will return.

-Come on, we must follow them.

-Did you see the design on his arm?
-What design?

The sign of the snake.

Yes, that's right.

It is the mark of a Mara, the evil one.

-Doctor, I really think...
-What do you know of the Mara?

It is the Mara who now turn the Wheel.

It is the Mara who dance
to the music of our despair.

Our suffering is the Mara's delight.

Our madness the Mara's meat and drink.

And now he has returned.


I, too, have heard
the legend of the Mara.

Help me.

Doctor, we're wasting time.

Yes, yes, you're right.
We must proceed at once. Sit down.


No, I must show you.

You cannot help without understanding.

Don't you see?

SANDERS: Adric! Adric!


Adric, you really must try
not to antagonise Mr Hindle.

I'm sorry.

Well, play along with him, son.
He means well.

Does he?

Oh, yes, of course he does.
We all do, don't we, underneath it all?

Now, come along.

And now the Mara turns
the Wheel of Life.

It ends as it begins.

Pass through.

You must pass through.


Go now.

Tell me it's a trick.

We must do as she says.

Doctor, look!
The cave, Panna, they've disappeared!


What's going on?

You heard Panna.
This is the beginning and the end.


-We must go and help him.
-We can't!

Can't we do anything?


DOCTOR: It's the end of everything!

Did you recognise the laugh?


No. The Mara within him.

The Mara caused all that to happen?

In a manner of speaking.

Look, was what we just saw
the future or the past?

Both. And now we must get back
to the dome, stop the attack!

We'll never find our way
through the forest.

Well, the old woman must direct us.



I think she's dead!