Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 8 - Four to Doomsday: Part Four - full transcript

The Doctor needs to stop Adric from siding with Monarch and get Bigon quietly restored (who was mechanically lobotomized for previously siding with the Doctor). The ship then gets turned into one big multi-cultural dance party so the Doctor can make a desperate leap for the TARDIS, floating just outside the spaceship, and stop Monarch's plans for Earth.

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De-circuit that.

And kill him.

No! No!




Do not harm the boy.

The boy has great courage.

And the girl, Your Majesty,
has Urbankan intelligence.

Yes. The graphite of the pencil
conducted the power of the sonic device,

-causing a short circuit.

If you can hear me, Your Majesty...

I hear you, my boy.

With respect, I cannot join you
if any harm is done to the Doctor.

Persuasion, stay the execution.
Bring them all to me.

But first, confiscate
the Doctor's sonic device.

That instrumentation, please.

You may keep the pencil. Release him.

-You will turn out your pockets, Doctor.
-I think I will, yes.

Oh, thank you, Nyssa.

It was brilliant by the way,
quite brilliant.

What is this?

Eyeglass. I'm a bit short-sighted
in this one.


It's a piece of string.

And this?

It's a cricket ball. A memento.
I used to bowl a very good chinaman.

I took five wickets once
for New South Wales.

His Majesty wishes to see you.
All of you.

Replace their motor circuits.

Precede me, please.



No. Leave well alone.

Yes, Doctor.
The poor are always with us,

but I would prefer not
to keep His Majesty waiting.

MONARCH: Ah, Doctor!

Your machine is reluctant
to break free from mine.

I can't think why.

A more considerate guest
than you perhaps.

Oh, is it usual for a host
to kill a guest?

Oh, in certain rarefied circums,
but your life is forfeit

-because you were plotting against me.

My actions were motivated
by scientific curiosity.

Not as they were reported to me.

-Reports can be garbled, Your Majesty.
-Not this time.

Was it scientific curiosity which caused
you to interfere with my monopticons?

I wouldn't dream of interfering
with your monopticons.

Enough of these recriminations.

I propose to show my moral superiority
by sparing your life.

I'm not, as you would have
others believe, a wanton destroyer,

but I must protect myself
and my mission.

Now, the girl Nyssa
will be held hostage.

If you're restrained,
you'll come to no harm.

Beware you're not the cause
of her destruction.

Take her to Lin Futu.
Let him sedate her and await my orders.

Control, let there be a recreational.

For while my eyes are restored
from the results

of the Doctor's scientific curiosity,

I would have my family
under my benevolent gaze.

-You have my permission to withdraw.
-Thank you, Your Majesty.

The boy Adric cannot fail
to be with me now.

Only mumbo jumbo.

The girl Nyssa is secured
and sedated, Your Majesty.


Where are the Doctor and the boy?

Bigon is there.

He should have been de-circuited
centuries ago.

I will go seek the Doctor
and the boy, Your Majesty.

Adric, I'm sorry. I really am.

Well, that's all right. And nothing
will happen to Nyssa as long as you...

I know, I know,
and that's what I'm sorry about.

You know, I think I have been
entirely mistaken about Monarch.

What? I'm so glad to hear you say that.

DOCTOR: Oh, he's an autocrat, of course,
but I now believe a benevolent one.

ADRIC: He is, yes.

And he's ruthless, anyone can see that.

But all great leaders
have to be ruthless.

It's the intention, the mission,
the sheer breadth of vision,

-that's the important thing.
-Yes, isn't it?

DOCTOR: He could quite easily
have had me killed. Now why didn't he?

ADRIC: Exactly what
I've been trying to tell you.

I know, and that's what I'm sorry about.

That's why, at the earliest opportunity,
I shall request permission to see him,

seek an audience
and make my peace with him.

Come on, let's go and see
a bit of the recreational, all right?

Now, listen to me, you young idiot.

You're not so much gullible
as idealistic.

I suppose it comes from your
deprived delinquent background.

Monarch is the greatest being
in the known universe for evil.

He will destroy Earth and much more
if he's not stopped.

Back there, you said...

Yes, back there he could hear us.
Here he can't. I'm playing for time.

But you're wrong, Doctor.
He civilised...

-Do you want to save Nyssa?
-Of course I do.

Then shut up and listen.

He is not concerned with
bringing civilisation.

He has the greatest contempt
for anyone but himself.

He wants to rob Earth of its minerals

in order to travel faster
than the speed of light.

All right, all right,
if that doesn't convince you,

why does he carry poison on his ship?

-It's stored in the Mobiliary.

If his mission is peaceful,
why does he want the poison?

-Well, history and research.
-Do you really think that?

He could have had you killed
and yet he spared your life. Why?

Because he doesn't want
to upset you yet.

-I don't believe you.
-Look, he wants to use you.

His subjects are all synthetic.
You are flesh and blood.

If you speak up for him on Earth,
you can delay their opposition.

I still don't understand.

No, you don't, do you?
Look, the Urbankans are synthetic.

They are not like you and me.

However sophisticated their circuitry,
they are still machines. With me?

I think so.

Well, make up your mind.
We haven't much time.

Why? What are you going to do?

I haven't the slightest intention
of telling you

until I know if you're with me.


All right, then, yes.

DOCTOR: I don't believe it.

The Doctor is tired,
a prime disadvantage of the flesh time.

That's good, we're in luck.
They haven't put this one right yet.

-What are you going to do?
-Get some allies.

This door leads to the Mobiliary.
Nyssa's in here.

Now, with this I can distract
the monopticon without disabling it.

It won't scan us, but neither will it
draw attention to us.

Be ready to take over from me
when we get inside.

Now, it's important to hold it steady.

It has a cobalt ring
with a high flux density.


-What are you doing here?
-Saving your life, I hope.

-Seize him!
-No! No, hear me out.

You are in great danger.

Everything is in order, Your Majesty.

Yeah, I saw our friend retire.

Mobiliary, why have you changed
your scan?

Control, report on that monopticon.

CONTROL: Cobalt high flux density

Don't say that Doctor's
on the prowl again.

What a pest! Persuasion!

You must know all I say is true.

Put them back.
Bigon must have them back.

-You know I cannot do this.
-You must.

Lin Futu, you are a very old
and wise man.

You have been promised leadership
of your people on Earth.


Do you think that for one moment
Monarch will honour that?

The Chinese are the most populous
and powerful race on Earth.

Once Monarch grasps that,
what hope is there for you?

How can I re-circuit Bigon
without Monarch knowing?

Leave that to me.

Will your dragon dance be included
in the recreational?

-It can be.
-Then let it be next.


Ah, conformity.
There is no other freedom.

What have I got to lose?

Wake up, Nyssa. Nyssa!


Thank you. I am very glad
that you are with us.

What about the Princess and Kurkutji?

They, too, will be with us
when they hear the truth.

I will summon them.

-What are we going to do?
-Somehow I must get to the Tardis.

There are hatches.
I must try to get to it on a lifeline.

Hatch 9 is nearest.

You will need life support
and protective covering.

We have this.

Oh, no. That won't do
for the temperature out there.

And anyway, I'll need your help.

Here, used for repairs
and maintenance topsides.

Our lubrication freezes
and our joints seize up.

Splendid! Adric.

I can use this,
but we have only six minutes.

That's as long as I can withstand
sub-zero temperatures.

MONARCH: The Doctor and the boy Adric
are conspicuous by their absence.

To say nothing of Bigon!

What about the androids?
Have you control of them all?

Yes, but Monarch or one of his ministers
can countermand any order.

Well, is there no way
to break the contact?

Only by de-circuiting them.

No, there's no time.
Anyway, you'd be seen.

Wait, there is a way.
There is a failsafe mechanism.

A faulty circuit once gave rise to
development of reason,

a potential for revolt.

Any collective activity automatically
jams the androids' circuits.

Nyssa, relieve him.

Can you arrange a collective activity?

I do not see why one thing
should not lead to another.

What is going on? Control, let it cease.

CONTROL: Cessation not possible.

Motor circuits jammed
on common activity.

What was designed as a failsafe
has been turned against me.

The Doctor is behind this.

Kill the girl Nyssa. Find the Doctor.

Destroy him! Persuasion!

The boy has betrayed me.

Help him!



In space forever, going nowhere.

Report, Enlightenment.

Report, Enlightenment. Report!

We must get a line to him.

Too late. His six minutes are almost up.

I, too, am not without agility,
my friend.

Doctor! Are you all right?

-How on Earth did you...
-You're spoiling my concentration.

Come on, old girl.
Just don't let me down now.

Don't let me down now!

-Bring that and bring another.
-What are we doing?

Rescuing Nyssa and Adric.

Look, just do what I say
and do it quickly!

Quick, run!

You sentimental fool!

Cut all life support atmosphere.

-Monarch has cut the life support.
-Ah, had the feeling he might.

-Save your breath.

You two, put these on. And you, Adric.
Have you another helmet?

-One. It's in pieces.
-Well, assemble it quickly.

NYSSA: Doctor, what about you?

I can go into a trance,
which reduces the need for oxygen.


Hang on!


My oxygen's running out.

Then don't talk and keep still.

Now all I have to do is wait.

And that is something I do
very, very well indeed.

Thank you.


Can you change the course of this ship?

-To where?

Monarch's poison,
the last dangerous thing on this ship.

Be very careful with it.
I want to analyse it.

ADRIC: Right.

I'd go home if I were you.

You don't stand an earthly
where we're going.

Confound you!

Control, release
full life support systems.

Well, come on, come on,
I'm taking you back to Earth.

No, Doctor!


-Oh, it's quite all right.

He needs the atmosphere
as much as we do.

Hence the Flora Chamber.

-You mean he's still in flesh time?

Anyway, the poison
only works on organic matter.

NYSSA: Of course.

You know, I had my doubts about anyone
who wants to go backwards in time

by travelling faster than
the speed of light.

It's impossible. Fallacy of flesh time.

Can we go now, Doctor?

Yes, all right.

-Are you coming?

I think we'll go on to another planet
and try and start again.

Good luck.


I suppose it would have been a bit
difficult placing Bigon and the others.

Oh, I don't know. They wouldn't have
looked a bit out of place in Terminal 3.

-Heathrow, here we come.
-I've heard that before.

Except Nyssa never repaired
the time curve indicator.

Doctor, I...