Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 17, Episode 3 - Destiny of the Daleks: Episode Three - full transcript

The Doctor reaches Davros first, but can he hang on to him? Meanwhile, the Movellans test a bomb to incinerate the planet.


Romana, I was right.

Doctor, they're breaking through.

So, the long darkness has ended

and the eternity of waiting is over.

The resurrection has come,
as I always knew it would.

Now, where are my Daleks?


Davros, you don't look a day older
and I'd hoped you were dead.

Dead? I do not die!

Mark this moment, Doctor.

In the history of the universe,
this moment is unique.

Davros lives.

Yes, well, I can see your long rest
hasn't done anything

to cure your megalomania.
Have a Jelly Baby.

Where are you taking me?


Entry to level 3 has been cleared.

All units to proceed immediately.



Seek and locate.

Seek and locate.

Do not deviate.

Charts indicate objective located
in this precise position.

Objective has been removed
from this location.

DALEK 2: Surface disturbance.
Humanoid footprints.

Follow, follow, follow.

All units, full alert.

Emergency. Emergency.

Emergency. Emergency.


You will release me.
You will return me to the Daleks.

Shut up or I'll switch you off.

Quick! Back this way.

Tyssan, back down the corridor
and check it.

You, give me a hand with this.

It's shifting. Stand back.

Well, you didn't do that very well,
did you?

-I didn't do it very well?
-No, you didn't.

-The corridor is full of Daleks.


Then we're effectively boxed in.

We're too exposed here.
Come on, get him. Let's get under cover.

Get that door up.
Make some sort of barrier.

Good, good.

That wouldn't keep out
a determined mouse.

Well, it's got to serve.
Now, listen to me carefully, you two.

I want you both to get out through...
Come over here.

Good. Now, get back
to the Movellan spaceship,

tell them to mobilise a force
and bring it here.

It's vital we get Davros out of here

before the Daleks find us.
Off you go now.

-We'll be as quick as we can.
-Don't take too many chances.

Come on, quick.

Well, now we've
a little time to ourselves,

I'll fill you in on some of the events
that have taken place

during the centuries you've been dozing.


Arcturus won the Galactic Olympic Games,
Betelgeuse came a close second.

The economy of Algo is in a terrible
state due to irreversible inflation...

-What? Yes?

Do you believe your puny efforts
can change the course of destiny?


let's just say I might tamper with it.

-Destiny, Doctor.

-Invincible necessity.
-Oh, that, that, yes.

Power. My power. My invincibility.

My supreme plan to control

-the universe.
-The universe.

Yes, yes. I've heard all that before.
Now, do be a good chap, eh? Stay quiet.

I've got to concentrate.

Errors of the past will be rectified.

I will add new design elements
to the Daleks' circuitry.

They will be armed with new weaponry.

Weaponry so devastating that all
matter will succumb to its power.

I will equip them with
all the knowledge of the universe.

Yes, yes, yes, we've heard all that.

The Daleks can do
all that for themselves.

-The Daleks need me.

The Daleks left you for dead
centuries ago.

You've given them all you got.
What do they want you for now, eh?

What's so special about the Movellans
that they need your help again, eh?

The Daleks have gained their objective.

Their objective has been identified.

Name, Davros.

Function, creator of the Daleks.

Species type, mutant humanoid.

This data will be processed.
The strategy will be determined shortly.


How much further?

Across that next rise,
shouldn't take long now.

We could go back.
Take another way round.

We haven't got that long.

It's only a question of time before
the Daleks find the Doctor.

Get under cover.
I'll try and lead them off.

Well, get clear.

-I'll get to the ship as soon as I can.

There, that should do it.

Very good.

(CHUCKLING) Well, aren't you
going to ask me what it is? Hmm?

All right, I'll tell you anyway.
Life insurance.

-What were we talking about?
-Your inevitable destruction.

No, no, no. We had that conversation
last time we met.

I'm more interested in your survival.
I saw you destroyed.

The Daleks blasted you
at point-blank range.


There was damage
to my primary life-support system.

The secondary and backup circuits
switch in immediately.

Synthetic tissue regeneration took place

whilst bodily organs were held
in long-term suspension.

Blimey. Wasn't that outstaying
your welcome in rather a big way?

Until the Daleks' universal supremacy
is accomplished,

I cannot allow myself
the luxury of death.

Oh, poor Davros.

However, it is a luxury
I shall delight in bestowing upon you.

(CHUCKLING) You're very generous.

Since my entombment,

I have no knowledge
of the advancement of my Daleks.

Of course they have achieved
great things.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

They've wreaked havoc and destruction,
destroyed countless innocent lives...

Only the beginning!

Now I have returned,
the campaign will begin in earnest.

I have slept but now I have awakened,

and the universe will be sorry.

Davros... You...

''I have slept but now I have awakened,
and the universe will be...''

You're misquoting Napoleon!

One day I'll tell you
what happened to him, too.

Armed with new technology, I will...

You will move into the open.

If you fail to obey in five seconds,
you will be exterminated.

One, two, three,

-Hold it! Hold it.

Now, tell them what I've got here.

He is holding a primed explosive device.

And one false move
and it goes right down inside his chair.

I'll turn Davros and his life-support
system into scrap metal.

Now, back off!

We obey only Davros!

He is simply buying time.

-Do as he says.
-Do as he says.

We obey.

I believe this is what's called
a Mexican standoff.


How long do you think
you can sustain your advantage

alone and against such odds?

Wouldn't you like to know, eh?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Wouldn't I like to know.

-What's happened?
-The Doctor, he needs help.

Where did you get that picture?
How do you know about Davros?

We have our means. Mobilise unit 5.

You will remain here.

Attention. Attention.

The action we are about to take
is your responsibility.

It will cease only when you agree
to total surrender.

Now what?





You surrender?

All right, all right.

You can have Davros
but only on my conditions.

State them.

All slave workers
to be released immediately

-and allowed to leave the city.

Nothing to come in here
until I'm out and in the clear.

Conditions unacceptable.
Exterminations will continue.


One more killing
and I detonate the device.

I'll destroy Davros.

Logic unacceptable.

Detonation would also destroy you.

you hadn't foreseen that one, had you?

Self-sacrifice illogical,
therefore impossible.

Exterminations will continue!

Agree! Agree to his terms.

He will do what he says.

His logic is impaired
by irrational sentiment.

Agree. I, Davros, command it.

We obey.

The workers have been released.

Good, good.

Now, I'll need one minute to get clear.
Get back!

I told you this was life insurance.

I've adapted the device
to explode by remote control.

All I have to do
is squeeze my sonic screwdriver

-and boom, boom, Davros.
-You need not elaborate, Doctor.

Just so long as you've got it clear.

We'll meet again, Doctor.
Never doubt it. We'll meet again.

Don't you be so sure.

Exterminate the prisoners.

Quickly, the explosive.
He will detonate.

-DAVROS: Remove the explosive!
-We obey.

Come, there is much to be done.

You must tell me of all the victories
the Daleks have won whilst I have slept,

and all the defeats.

I shall learn from your mistakes.

The Daleks shall be made
into perfect creatures.

They will be invincible.
The Daleks will rule the universe!

Oh, yes, the Doctor knows more
about the Daleks than anyone.

-He is an expert in robotics?
-An absolute genius.

You'll be safer here.

You will stay.

But you're dead.

Level 3. Consciousness will not return
for some time.

Prepare the Nova Device.
We must be ready to destroy this planet

as soon as we've secured
our new objective.

The Doctor.

Seek and locate.

Seek and locate.

We obey.


A Kaled mutant, of course.

The Daleks were originally
organic life forms.

I think you've just told me
what the Daleks want with Davros, eh?

Haven't you?


-Doctor, Doctor.

I've been looking for you.
It's hard to move around, though.

-There are Dalek patrols everywhere.
-Yes, I've seen.

I found the other prisoners.

They told me what you'd done
to free them.

-They're very grateful.
-Oh, it was nothing, nothing.

-Where are they now?

If we can lay our hands on some weapons,

I'm hoping to turn them
into some sort of fighting force.

That could be very useful, Tyssan.

Remain where you are.

You will turn and walk ahead of me.

If you make any attempt to escape,
you will be...

DOCTOR: Awfully decent of you.
Very grateful.

You will accompany me
back to our spacecraft.

All in good time. There are
a few things I want to do first.

That is not request.
It is an order. Move!

I do seem to be in demand today.
Come on, Tyssan.

TYSSAN: What the devil?

-Why did she turn against you?
-Not sure she was ever for me.

TYSSAN: What are you doing?

Just as I thought.

Just another race of robots,
no better than the Daleks.




Make sure the seals are tight.

Right. Move back.

How does it work?

It changes the molecular structure
of the atmosphere.

The atoms become flammable.

If the Nova Device was activated
outside the protective shielding,

the atmosphere surrounding this planet
would burn up in seconds.

Lan reports the Nova Device
functions perfectly.


Unfortunately, our attempts to capture
the Doctor have failed so far.

What we need is some way
to get him out into the open.

Take her.


Tyssen, get back out of sight.