Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 17, Episode 2 - Destiny of the Daleks: Episode Two - full transcript

While the Daleks assign Romana to their excavation detail, the Doctor and an escaped prisoner help the Movellans' attempt to beat the Daleks.



Do not move! Do not move!

Do not move! Do not move!

Do not move! Do not move!

You are our prisoner!

Do not move!

Scan the prisoner for concealed weapons.

The prisoner is unarmed.

At my command, you will move forward.

Any attempt to escape will be punished.

No further warning will be given.

Is that understood?

Is that understood?



I understand.

The prisoner will be taken
to interrogation.

Commander, you must tell me
what you're doing here on Skaro.

It's vital.

Why? What do you know of Skaro?

Well, I'll tell you when you tell me
what you're doing here.

Very well. I don't see
why this should compromise us.

Our mission is directed against
the force known as the Daleks.

-A race of evil...
-Yes, thank you, thank you, I know.

-You know the Daleks?

Better than you could possibly imagine.


Answer! Answer!

I don't know the answer!
Please leave me alone!

DALEK 2: Detector indicates
truthful response.

DALEK 1: We will continue.

You will not remove your hand
from the sensor.

DALEK 1: Statement.

Your purpose in coming here
was to sabotage Dalek operations.

True or false?

I don't know anything about the Daleks.

Answer true or false!

Answer! Answer!

-False! False!

Detector indicates truthful response.

You are in the employ of a space power

and have been sent here
to spy on the Daleks.

True or false?

False, false, false! Leave me alone!

Detector indicates truthful response.

Standard interrogation complete.

Report analysis of responses.

Analysis of responses
indicates that subject is category nine.

Category nine subjects represent
no threat to Dalek security.

Release the prisoner.

Does that mean I can go?

Humanoids are useful work machines.

You have no other value.

You will be assigned
to labour force two.

Labour force two?

You will obey
all Dalek commands instantly.

You will complete your work schedule.

If you fail, you will be exterminated.

DALEK 2: Obey all Dalek commands.

-Obey instantly.
-Obey without question.






-Commander, the Daleks...

I'm very familiar with their methods.

It's vital I know
what they're doing here.

That is precisely
what I would like to know, too.

But, Commander, what...

The patrol has found a prisoner.

Yes. Bring him in at once.

Starship engineer Tyssan.

Serving with the Deep Space Fleet
out of the planet Earth.

By my timescale,
I was taken captive two years ago,

and since then
I've been a prisoner of the Daleks.

How long have the Daleks
been guarding you?

A long time. I'm from the planet Sirian.

The Daleks raided our settlement
one day, took more than 50 of us.

I was a civilian passenger
on a space shuttle.

The Daleks attacked.

I was the only survivor.

They keep their captives
in a prison ship in space.

Once you're there, your life expectancy
tends to be on the short side.

We thought we were lucky when
we were picked to come on this mission.

-How many of you?
-About 50.

I thought there might be
a chance to escape.

Why didn't you?
The burial party I saw wasn't guarded.

Anyone attempting to escape

and the Daleks
kill five of those remaining.

Escape plans are not as popular
as they were.

And the Daleks brought you here
to do this?

They've got huge machines
to do the drilling

but when it comes to clearing up,

there's nothing as adaptable
as a humanoid.

And nothing as expendable.

The Daleks would be far better off
with machines for this job.

Perhaps they just enjoy
subjugating humanoid races.

They used to be humanoid themselves.


Silence. Silence.

You will remain silent at all times.

-You all right?
-It's the radiation.

I've got to get out of here.

We told you what happens
if anyone tries to escape.

You'll get out of here when you're dead.

Believe me, that's the only way,
when you're dead.

Keep away.

-But she's sick.
-Continue with your work.

Those unfit for work
will be exterminated.

The only way
you get out of here is dead.


Tyssan. Tyssan, what are the Daleks
mining for? Mmm?


Tyssan, what are the Daleks mining for?
Come on.

They don't take prisoners
into their confidence.

You were on a work party.
You fell unconscious.

I was left for dead.

-I've been on the run for days.

-I spotted you and the girl.
-Good man, good man, yes.

Why didn't you speak to me, eh?

I lost you for a while.

Then I picked up the girl again.

She seemed afraid.
She backed away and fell down a shaft.

-Was she hurt?
-She was alive.

-Good, good.
-But the Daleks got her.

-I went to help her.

They took her away.

Tyssan, it's vital
I get into Dalek control.

Can you show me a way?

-You'd be taking a tremendous risk.
-Never mind.

-Can you do it?
-I think so.

-I quite agree, Doctor.

We'll go with you.

Agella, get some weapons.

Move away from the prisoner.

Return to your work.

-She's dead.
-Return to your work.

-Don't you understand? She's dead.
-Return to your work!

You can't just leave her here like that.

She will be disposed off
when the work cycle is complete.

Return to your work. You will obey!


Go back now. No more chances.

No, I'll stay. I've nothing to lose.

Ever since I was brought here I've had
an awful premonition I'd die on Skaro.

Well, you wouldn't be the first.

But why should the Daleks come here,

-What is the connection?
-The connection?

This is where they were created
thousands of years ago.

They ravaged the place
and left it for dead, as you can see.

That doesn't tell me
why they should return.

No. No, indeed.

Burrowing into the ruins
of their own city, for what?

For what? Oh!

You have an idea?

No. No.

It would be too fantastic,
even for the Daleks.

We'll find all the answers we want
in the control room. Come on.

-Vertical drill three is in position.

Penetration to lower level
will commence immediately.

Order the drilling will continue
until penetration is complete.

I obey.



Security sensors detect
unauthorised movement in section 7.

Dispatch units 4 and 6 to investigate.

I obey.




Seek and locate.

The main control centre,
about 500 metres up there.


-The place will be crawling with Daleks.
-Don't worry.

You stay and cover this exit.

We may need to get out of here
in a hurry.

Are you three coming?


Work schedule complete.

You will return to internment area.

You, you, remove the body.


-DALEK ON RADIO: Units 4 and 6.

Investigation of section 7 commencing.

Proceed. I will advise.

Agella, cover this entrance.

Tyssan. Tyssan!

Explosives and timers.

Powerful, too.
They use them in the excavations.

That looks interesting.


Floor plans of the old Kaled city.

-Yes, never mind about that.

This is the first underground level
where we are now.

That's the second.

And if I'm right,
the Daleks have penetrated to level...


Which means that their objective must be

the third section.

-Yes, but what is it?
-I have an uneasy feeling I know.


That's odd.
There's no plan of the fourth level.

-Perhaps it's been destroyed.
-Yes, yes.

There's a shaft
leading directly from the surface

to the fourth level which
the Daleks can't possibly know about.

Otherwise they would have
come from the surface

to the fourth level
and burrowed to the third.

I wonder...


Advise control.

Intruder located and exterminated.

I obey.


Stay calm.

Quick! Take cover.

Come on!


Intruders! Intruders!


Intruders! Intruders!




-Let me see.

-I'm a doctor.
-He is dead.

He is?

We cannot allow aliens
to see us in death.

It is against...
Against our code of honour.

I'm sure you understand.

Yes. Yes, of course. It's a privilege
to meet such honourable people.

Let's keep moving.

-What's all that about?
-I don't know. It'd be fascinating...

Shh. Shh.

-Quick. Hurry up the shaft.
-What about your friend?

Don't worry, don't worry.
I don't give up easily.

-After you.
-No, Doctor, after you.

You're too kind.

Seek, locate, exterminate.

Seek, locate, exterminate.

If you're supposed to be
the superior race of the universe,

why don't you try climbing after us?


Guard this position.

I will inform control.


(LAUGHING) I thought you were dead.

Well, the only way to escape
the Daleks was to feign death.

It's lucky they didn't know
I was a Gallifreyan.

-Good girl.

Yes, they taught me at school
how to stop my hearts.

-Hearts? How many have you got?
-One for casual, one for best.

(CHUCKLING) Excuse me.


-Where are you going?
-Dalek hunting.

Now, if I'm right,

there's a shaft in here
the Daleks don't know about

leading straight to the bottom level,
if I'm right.


I'm right.

Now, if the Daleks are looking for
what I think they're looking for,

we've got to get there first.

We don't all need to go.

Why don't you two go back to your ship
and wait for us?

No, Doctor.

I will go back to the ship.
Agella will go with you.

We're as anxious to find what
the Daleks are looking for as you are.

All right.
Come on, let's clear the entrance.

How do you know
how to get into this level?

Call it local knowledge
gained a long time ago.

You gave me quite a start back there,
you know.


They've started drilling again.


Now, listen, we don't have much time.

And if I'm right, we should go this way.

-What is it we're looking for?
-Same thing as the Daleks.

-What's that?
-I'll tell you when I find out.


Combat units continuing
intensive search.

Hostiles must be located.

Seek, locate, exterminate.

Seek, locate, exterminate!

Drilling has recommenced.

Computer predicts penetration
into objective area is imminent.

Advise space command
that our mission is almost complete.

Just as I thought.

-They're humanoid?

Davros, the evil genius
who created the Daleks.

-He created the Daleks?

I could have stopped him.

This creature looks as though
he's been dead for centuries.

Yes. Curious the tricks time
plays on one, isn't it?

So that's what the Daleks

-have been looking for.

-Their creator.


Romana, I was right.

Doctor, they're breaking through.