Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 17, Episode 4 - Destiny of the Daleks: Episode Four - full transcript

To break the centuries-old stalemate in their war, the Movellans need the Doctor, as do the Daleks Davros. The solution is simple, but neither side can see it, nor would the Doctor upset ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



-No, I didn't arm the device.

It seemed unnecessary
as we merely wanted

to draw the Doctor into the open.

Very well. Take her.

You two, take him.

Advise Dalek central control in space
that I require immediate transportation.

It has been done.

A deep space cruiser is on its way.

When will it reach Skaro?

Estimated arrival time, six hours.

Six hours? Too long!

Every moment we remain on Skaro
we are vulnerable to attack.

All operational Daleks
to remain on maximum alert

until I am aboard the cruiser
and safely in space.

-Maximum alert.
-As you command.

My safety is to be your primary concern.

You will make any sacrifice
that is required to protect me.

-I obey.
-Very well.

Now, you have a computer sphere

containing the logistics and status
of the Dalek battle fleet.

It contains every detail
of the situation.

Bring it to me.

The information was checked
and supervised by the Supreme Dalek.

Supreme Dalek!


That is a title I shall dispute
most vigorously.

I created the Daleks.
It is I who will guide their destiny.

I am the Supreme Commander!

-You will be obeyed.

Now I wish to concentrate.

-Leave me.
-I obey.

Motors are running up,
chargers operating in full capacity.

We will have launch power in 32 minutes.

Commence lift-off countdown.

-Is the device reset?

Commander, I think it wise
that the device be activated manually.

If it is left on automatic,
the Daleks may find it and destroy it.

It must be guarded
to the very last moment.


The operator will be destroyed,
of course.

You will perform this function, Lan.

Yes, Commander.

Take the device
to the designated location.

Report when you are in position,
then stay with the device.

-Detonate on my radio command.

-Robots! Of course!
-Welcome back, Doctor.

One race of robots fighting another.

Is she going to be all right?

-She'll recover.
-Good. Good.

Tell me, Doctor, when did you
first realise we were robotic?

-The night the roof fell in on Agella.

-Agella, yes. How's your hand?
-Dysfunction or death, as you know it,

only occurs in us
with massive circuitry disturbance.

We are infinitely superior.

-Are you really?
-We function logically.

-My condolences to you.
-Why, Doctor?

Because you'll never defeat the Daleks.
Let me demonstrate.


-Are you feeling all right?
-Yes, Doctor.

Good. We're going to play a game.


A concise report
and a fascinating problem.

The Daleks have met a foe
worthy of their powers.

-Another race of robots.

Dalek superiority
will ultimately triumph

and the Movellan force
will be exterminated.

You have been fighting them
for centuries

and still you are not victorious!

-It is only a matter of time.

Two gigantic, computerised battle fleets
locked together in deep space,

hundreds of galactic battle cruisers
vying with each other for centuries,

and not a shot fired?

Our computers are planning
the moment of maximum advantage.

And so are theirs. It will never come.

-You have reached a logical impasse.

So that is why you have returned
to find your creator.

You will reprogram
our battle computers for us.

The Movellans will be exterminated!


Paper wraps stone.


And stone blunts scissors.

Scissors cuts paper.


But suppose we were two computers
controlling two great battle fleets, eh?

Each one working perfectly logically
to outmanoeuvre the other.

Well, you're robots. You try it.

-We're perfectly...
-Try it!

Go on.

Ha! You see,
you're caught in an impasse of logic.

You've discovered the recipe
for everlasting peace.

Congratulations, I'm terribly pleased.

Our objective is victory, Doctor,
the destruction of the Dalek fleet.

You play with me, eh? Come on.

-Scissors cuts paper.

-Paper wraps stone.

-Stone blunts scissors.


Scissors cuts paper.

-Paper wraps stone.

-Stone blunts scissors.

Thank you, Doctor.

Our battle computers must have
a new element programmed into them.

An advantage, however small,
that will change the balance of power.


-And the Daleks want the same thing.

When we reach the fleet
you will reprogram our computers.

-I will?

The Dalek fleet will be wiped
from the heavens

and nothing will stand in our way
of the conquest of the galaxy.

Oh, you've overlooked something.
Suppose I was willing to help you

to change the balance of power,
which I'm not,

Davros will be doing exactly
the same things for the Daleks.

I mean, he may be mad,

but his computer skills
are almost as great as mine.

That is precisely why
we're taking you with us, Doctor.

When we're safely in space,

the Nova Device will detonate
and destroy Davros.

With your skills,
the impasse will be broken.


Now, this bit here

and this bit here...


Now, let's see if the Doctor's right.

-Surface scans indicate

the Movellan ship
is preparing for launch.

-Estimated time to lift-off?
-Twenty-one minutes.

Report continues.
Listening scanners have detected

non-Movellan voices
inside the space vehicle.

Computers identify the voices

as those of the Doctor
and his companion.

They must be stopped.

The Doctor could reprogram
the Movellan battle computers.

He would counteract my advantage.

The Movellan ship must be destroyed.

Our firepower will be ineffective
against its hull.

Then we need more than firepower.

Unpack the explosives.

Scissors cuts paper.

-(WHISPERING) Let's get out.

Paper wraps stone.



-(WHISPERING) Do something.
-When I give the signal, move.

-Stone blunts scissors.
-Good plan.

Scissors cuts paper.

-Paper wraps...
-(WHISPERING) Jelly Baby.

-Jelly Baby?

(WHISPERING) Doctor catches robot.

Lan is not answering my signals.

Go out and check he's still in position.

At once.

Launch program.

Well done, Lan.

Now, understand me clearly.

You will not deviate from your objective
no matter what the provocation.

Let no opposition halt you.

When you reach
the Movellan space vehicle,

position yourselves around the ship
as close as possible to the hull.

The sacrifice you make will ensure
total Dalek victory in the space war!

-Carry out your orders!
-We obey.

Total Dalek victory.

Then on to still greater conquests.

I will lead.

Davros will lead!

Don't you ever speak to me
like that again, you understand? Never!

-What did I say?
-Jelly Baby. You keep out of this.

-It's a personal matter, isn't it?

-Just mind your own business.
-You tell him.

-And you mind your own business, too.




Oh, well, so much for logic.

A mind that could be scrambled
by a dog whistle.

-These are Movellan minds?
-Well, not quite.

They're just power packs
with some main circuits.

Orders for the day
and the power to carry them out.

Yes, that's it. Tyssan!


Well done, Tyssan.

-Any news of Davros?

The Daleks will be sending
a ship for him.

We mustn't let him get away.

We've only got a handful of men.
How can we stop him?

One, two, three, four, five.
I'll go alone. Ask me why.

-They're unconscious.

Also I'm a very dangerous fellow
when I don't know what I'm doing.

You stay here, Tyssan.
You'll need the ship to get home.

Romana, you help him.

DOCTOR: I will return.

Do not deviate.

All units proceed as ordered.

The space vehicle must be destroyed.





I didn't think getting to see you
would have been so easy.

Are you just going to sit there quietly

and wait for the Dalek ship
to pick you up, hmm?

I have one more thing to do
before I leave.

It seems we have both been
much in demand, Doctor.

Well, it's nice to be wanted,
isn't it, eh?

Putting aside our differences
for a moment...

-...speaking simply as scientists,

the problem is fascinating,
don't you agree?

Oh, yes, two vast computers
so evenly matched

they can't out-think one another.

-Two space fleets totally impotent.

You know how the stalemate
can be broken, of course.

-Oh, of course.
-I realised you would.

So obvious but they can't see it.
Would you have told the Movellans?

-Oh, no.
-I suspected you wouldn't.

-Would you have told the Daleks?
-But I dared not take the risk.

I had to stop them taking you.

But you failed.
The prisoners set me free.

The Movellan ship will never lift off!

Soon my Daleks,

carrying more than half a megaton
of explosives,

will press against the hull

and I will simply activate this control
to detonate.


And how would you stop me
activating that control

before they reach their target?

-I would not.

Do not move!

You see, there's nothing you can do
to stop it now.

Let no opposition halt you.

Advance for total Dalek victory.

Objective sighted. Advance.

Well, we got them all.

-Was Commander Sharrel with them?

I thought he was up here.

-Well, I can't find him.
-Oh, it's not important.

Even if he got away,
he can't do much on his own.

The Nova Device! He'll try to detonate!

Now commencing final approach to ship.

Very soon now, Doctor, very soon.

Do not deviate.

Let no opposition halt you.


Right, there's a Dalek force coming.
Now, pick up what weapons you can.

We've got to hold them.


When the Dalek ship arrives
you will accompany us.

Oh, I'm sure they'll welcome me
with open...

I mean, they would welcome me
with open arms if they had arms.

Please, please! No offence meant at all.

-Behind you!

-Behind you.

-Visuals are impaired.
-To your right! To your left!

-To your right! This way!


Not me, you fool!

Vision impaired! Vision impaired!

Malfunction! Loss of visual control.

Malfunction! Malfunction!


Loss of control!

Loss of control!

-Loss of control!

-My hat!
-Keep away.

-Keep back.

All elephants are pink,
Nellie is an elephant,

therefore Nellie is pink.


You know what a human would say to that?

-Elephants aren't pink.

(SCOFFS) Humans do not understand logic.

They're not slaves to it
like the Daleks or the Movellans.

That's why the Daleks came back for you.

They remembered they were
once organic creatures themselves,

capable of irrational,
intuitive thought.

And they wanted you
to give it back to them,

to get them out of their trap of logic.

-I have failed!

What does it feel like?

What will happen to me?

A high security ship has started out
from Earth to meet us.

You will be taken to stand trial

for your crimes against
the whole of sentient creation.

There's not a ship,
not a prison that can hold me!

No, but I think this little device can.
It's a cryogenic freezer.

Even you can't escape
from a solid block of ice.

Bye-bye, Davros.

Doctor! Doctor...

That was a narrow escape.

Come on, we've got some digging to do.

Doctor, could you really have solved
their problems and won the war for them?

Of course I could.

-It's obvious.
-Was it?

Yes, both sides were fighting
with computers, perfectly logically.

Each computer could predict the move
of the other and counter it.

Result, stalemate.

So the first side
that switches its computer off

-and does something irrational...
-Wins the battle, yes.

Make mistakes and confuse the enemy.


-Is that why you always win?
-Yes. What?

-Because you always make mistakes.
-Mistakes? Me?

Well, perhaps once a century or so.

Well, I have made the odd mistake.


ROMANA: Not that switch.

DOCTOR: Oh, yes.