Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 23 - The Invasion of Time: Part Three - full transcript

The Doctor allows the Vardans to occupy Gallifrey while Leela and Rodan head out into the wasteland to search for help.


The transduction barrier has failed.

We are being invaded.

this is no ordinary meeting.

I am privileged to introduce to you
your new masters.



Resistance is useless.

The Vardans have more power
than we have dreamed of,

and more knowledge
than we can hope for.

You must submit the way I did
when I first met them.

And when was that?

A long time ago.

So, you knew about this all the time?

You knew about this
before your induction?

Yes, before that, yes.

And all you know is in the Matrix?

And all I know is in the Matrix.

You really disappoint me, Doctor.

I expected better of you.

Did you really?

Thank you.

The invaders are in control.

Good. Now we can fight them.

Didn't you hear the Lord President's
announcement? We must submit.

You keep your Lord President,
I'll keep my Doctor.

- He has a plan.
- What plan?

I don't know.

- Then how can you say?
- He always has a plan.

You will now disperse
until my next summons.

You have no right!


Have you carried out my instructions?

Regarding what, supremacy?

The redecoration of my office.

The matter is in hand.

But is it finished?

I believe so.

Confirm it and meet me there
within the hour.

Congratulations, Doctor.

You show great promise
in the application of power.

You could be a first-grade dictator.

Thank you.

You're very kind.
That's very kind of you.


What did you say?


- Doctor.

How long will it take you
to find the Great Key?

Oh, it's just a matter of time.

There's no point in further discussion.

Discussion is for the wise
or the helpless, and I am neither.

Then what are you going to do?

Well, if the Doctor
wished me banished, I'll be banished.

- You will surrender?
- No.

You talk always of surrender.
Are all your tribe like this?

- We are rational.
- You are cowards.

No, if the Doctor wished me banished,
it was for a reason.

Reason dictates the Doctor is a traitor.

- Never.
- Reason dictates...

Then reason is a liar.

And if I am right?

Then I am wrong,
and I will face the consequence.

Are you coming?

Nice, yes.
Really nice.

A bit rococo for a purist like me.
What are you doing here, Borusa?

You wished to see me, Your Excellence.

Did I?
Did I really?

Oh, yes, yes.
Are the decorations complete?

- As you can see.
- Completely complete?

- To the last detail.
- No substitutes?

No forgeries, no penny-pinching?

They are the finest to be had
in the whole Thessorian Empire.

And this exquisite relief work,
in pure lead?

As you can see.


Now at last we can talk.


But the strain must have
been intolerable.


I owe you a great deal, Lord Borusa,

especially apologies for the
indignities and insults I threw at you.

The President need apologise to no one.

- Thank you.
- The President...

Need thank no one.
True. Very true.

It's a habit I picked up.

How accurate is your data?

Absolutely accurate,
but not yet complete.

The Vardans can travel
along wavelengths of any sort?


In the sense that any electro-temporal
field aids communication...

are they telepathic?

They can read thoughts.

But a lead-lined room
would shield you from them?


Yet, you maintained
a partial shielding unaided.

Well, I had the benefit
of your training.

And you did not think
that I could shield myself?

Well, Lord Borusa, you and the other
Time Lords are singularly logical.

You're also short on humour
and imagination.

You can't offer distractions as I can.
What's for tea?

- Tea?
- Tea.

- Tea is Camellia in dried form...
- I know what tea is.

Well, what's that got to do with
the threat from the Vardans?

See, you're too single-minded.

You're as transparent as good,
old-fashioned glass.

You're right.

I wouldn't last a moment.

My mind is too easy to read.

The master learns from the student.

Eh, Doctor?

So, what are you going to do?

That depends.

How much is she involved
with the invaders?

I am not involved with them,
I am against them.

She doesn't even know who they are.

- But she's the President's friend.
- Yes, I am.

I want to save him.

And that's why you destroyed
the transduction barrier.

- I destroyed the...
- She couldn't have, she was with me.

- Who did, then?
- I have no idea!

Look, we must
get out of the Citadel.

What for?

Well, it's safer than staying in here.

All right.

But be careful.
There's a total curfew on.

If any of my men see you,
they'll shoot.

- What?
- Kelner's orders.

Come with us, Andred.

Somebody's got to try
and balance Castellan Kelner.

He's having a lovely time.

He's settling old scores,
locking people up.

Besides, you never know,

there might be a chance
to have a go at the invaders.

Come on.

Or even the President.

But why banish your friend Leela?

Because she could be
the biggest danger of all.

Oh, yes, if I'm as transparent
as good, old-fashioned glass.

...until she gets to outer Gallifrey.

That barbarian garden?
How can she be safe there?

Well, that barbarian garden's
her natural habitat.

She's a huntress,
a creature of instinct.

- The power out there...
- I know. Awful.

Can she survive?

Oh, I'm so tired.
I must rest.

We haven't come far enough.

I never thought it would be like this.

You've never been outside
the Citadel before?

No, why should I have?

There's everything we need inside.

This is much better than inside.

It's frightening.

Why are you scared?

It's all so...


We must go on.

They can still see us here
from the Citadel.

Well, how much further?

Just over there, then you can rest.

- All right.
- Come on.

- Now can we rest?
- Yes. Yes, rest here.

What a stupid idea
it was to leave the Citadel.

You'd rather be with the invaders?

No, you're quite right.

It's got to be safer here.

You will stay
with the President at all times.

You will be his personal bodyguard,
do you understand?

Yes, Castellan.

You will take your orders only from me.

And you will report to me everything
the President says and does.

- Understood?
- Of course, Castellan.

You see, there may be those
who wish to dispose of the President,

but you will protect him against
every threat until I tell you otherwise.

Nothing will happen to him
while I'm guarding him, Castellan.


Because if anything does happen,

I would have to take over as President,

and I have no wish to expose myself
to the dangers of that position,

for the moment.

I understand perfectly, sir.


You will be suitably rewarded
when the time comes.

Now, go about your business.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

- What's this?
- We found them, Nesbin.

- Found them?
- Thought they were game, at first.

Jasko nearly put a spear through them.

- Were they armed?
- This one was.

It took all of us to get it off her.

She is very strange.

Don't you touch me!

It speaks.

I am not an ''it''!

I am Leela.

This is Rodan.

Who are you,
and what do you want with us?

- I am Nesbin.
- The leader?


This is Presta.

And this is Ablif.

But what is more to the point,
what do you want with us?

We don't want anything with you.

It's a trick.
They've come here to trap us.

Yes, send them back to the city
before they bring their guards on us.

No, we're escaping from the city.

Well, then you do want
something from us.

- What?
- Protection.


You can't survive out here without.

I can survive anywhere.

I believe that.

- What are you?
- I am a warrior of the Sevateem.

An alien! That's dangerous.
Surely they'll come hunting for her.

We'll consider that in a moment.

Well, warrior, I don't doubt
that you can survive.

But what about your friend here?

- What about me?
- Well, you're no alien.

I doubt if you've ever set foot outside
the Citadel in your life before, have you?


Well, out here it's different.
You have to fend for yourself.

- Fend?
- That's right.

What are you going to eat, for instance?

I have some supplies. Look.

They won't last long.

When they've gone, what will you do?


I don't know.

I thought not.

You wouldn't even know what
you could eat, would you?

Have you ever eaten flesh or fruit?

- No.
- And shelter.

Do you understand the need for shelter?

No, of course you don't.

You wouldn't last three days out here.

I didn't realise.

I'm so tired and cold.

Better get her inside.

Are we going to let them stay, then?

We'll decide about that
when we've heard their story.

This one will need rest and shelter
before she can tell us anything.

How much have you told me?

Well, as much as I dare.

Just so, I know how much
I am liable to give away.

You'll be all right.

- Do you think you can do this?
- Yes.

You're a brave man, Borusa.

I am a cardinal.

Yes. Yes.

This sealing will make them suspicious
if we stay out of sight too long.

Let's go.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

It is I who should apologise.

I wasn't talking to you. Move over.
Shall we start?

Chancellor, these are our new masters.

I order you to acknowledge
their absolute authority.

You have no authority
under the constitution...

to order the Chancellor to do anything.

The constitution is suspended as of now.

- This is monstrous, President.
- Yes, but it is so. Do it.


I will not submit to these creatures.

I am a Time Lord.

Don't destroy him.
He might be useful to us.

You will be responsible for him.

Yes, of course. Yes, of course.

Get up,
you stiff-necked old Chancellor.

Get up.

Castellan, have the Chancellor
removed to his quarters.

escort the Chancellor to his room.

Remain on guard.

And don't let anyone in or out,
he's under house arrest.

You have to admire him, he has courage.

He is foolish. If he causes trouble,
we shall destroy him...

and you, also.

I've kept my part of the bargain,
what more do you want?

We haven't begun yet.

When we are certain that we have
complete dominance over your people,

then we shall reveal
our requirements to you.

And yourselves, I hope.

I find it disconcerting
talking to shimmering shapes.

The time is not right.

First you must complete the arrangements
for the subjugation of your people.

Naturally, naturally.

Well, Castellan,

the Chancellor doesn't seem
too keen to help, how about you?

It is my duty, sir,
to serve the President at all times.

I will do whatever you wish.

I thought you would.

You can start by making sure that no one
organises any resistance.

- That's the last thing I want.
- Of course, sir.

Peaceful cooperation
is a much more fruitful course.

Listen, why don't you regard yourself
as acting vice-president?

Oh, thank you, sir.

And you'd better make me a list...

of all Time Lords
holding official positions.

And let me know which ones
you think are reliable.

Uh, yes, of course, sir.

And perhaps you'd like a list of all
known troublemakers at the same time?

That's the stuff.
Off you go.

I knew we could rely on him.

Well, now that you're
safely here, why don't you...

make yourselves comfortable.

Is there anything
I can get for you, sir?

Yes, a Jelly Baby.

My right-hand pocket.

- What colour would you prefer, sir?
- Orange.

There doesn't appear
to be an orange one.

One grows tired
of Jelly Babies, Castellan.

Oh, indeed one does, sir.

One grows tired
of almost everything, Castellan.

Indeed, sir.

- Except power.
- Yes.

Is the curfew effective?

No incidents have been reported, sir.

What a splendidly subservient Citadel
you do run, Castellan.

You are too generous, sir.

- Have you brought the list?
- Sir.

So, these Time Lords

are the only potential
rebels to our new regime.

Yes, sir. I have checked
all the bio-data extracts personally.

You have?

Well, of course,
with one or two exceptions,

such as your good self.

I should think so, too.

Well, if these are
the only threats to our new regime,

we'd better do something about them.

Unreliable elements must be destroyed.

I hardly think so.

They may be persuaded to see reason
and some of them might be useful to us.

- There is no choice.
- Oh, but there is.

- There is, sir?
- Yes.



Yes, that's an excellent idea, sir.

None of them can survive
out there without help.

And there's no help out there.

Oh, yes, sir,
that's an admirable detail.

Once people realise
that they are liable to expulsion,

they will quickly come to heel.

Very well.
We approve.

But leaders such as Chancellor Borusa
shall be kept here...

- confinement.

Well, see to it, Castellan.
Oh, and, Castellan,

if I were you,
I'd put them out one by one.

Yes, sir.
I will start at once.


Well, that's a good morning's work,
wouldn't you say?

Your progress so far
has been quite satisfactory.

Isn't it time we shared a bit of trust?

I mean, couldn't you materialise
and have a Jelly Baby?

We are not ready yet.

Your next task will be to dismantle the
quantum force field around Gallifrey.

Dismantle it?
That's not possible.

It has to be possible.

But if we tamper with that,
the whole planet could be vaporised.

- You will find a way.
- I can't.

You will.

Gallifrey invaded? Nonsense.
That's impossible.

How do you know? You're not Time Lords.

Oh, but we are, or rather, we were
until we decided to drop out.

What is ''drop out''?
You fell?

All that peace and eternal tranquillity.

We decided to get back to nature
out here.

Is this true?

Well, I've heard it rumoured, but it's
a subject that's never mentioned.

Well, no, it wouldn't be.
Might upset their cosy little world.

Then you like fighting?

- Good.
- Oh, now, wait a minute, listen...

No, you listen to me
before it's too late.

Your record shows, Gomer,
that you are politically unreliable.

How dare you, Kelner.

There's not a more loyal Time Lord
in all Gallifrey.

Loyal to the old ways.

What other ways are there?

You are considered to be dangerous,
a threat to the new regime.

I consider that to be a compliment,
Kelner. Thank you.

I may be getting old,
but if I had a weapon

to use against these invaders, I'd...

You'd use it, yes.

Yes, you would.

I think we'd be
a lot safer with you out of the way.

What are you going to do with me?

By order of the President,
you are to be expelled from the Citadel.

I'm sorry, I can't go any faster.

By the time you're my age...
I'm in my tenth regeneration, you know.

Yes, sir, I know.

I don't mind how slowly we go.

In my younger days,
I was considered to be lively enough.

That's why you're being put out now.

Oh, yes, it would be.

Kelner and his sort
never let bygones be bygones.

We never got on,
never saw eye to eye.

To tell you the truth,
I can't stand the fellow.

You're not alone in that.

Watch your step, young man,
or you'll be following me out there.

Oh, I don't think so.

Some of us intend
to do something about all this.

It's all right, they're with me.

Are they indeed?

There are plenty of us,

more than Kelner
and the President bargained for.

And we're gaining strength every hour.

Good for you, young Andred.
Good for you.

Now, can I stay and help?

Thank you. But I must put you out, sir.

If I don't,
Castellan Kelner will get suspicious.

Yes. I understand.

- But you may find help outside.
- Help? Out there?

Rodan and the alien girl, Leela,
are already out there.

Others are following.

But you can't even
take care of yourselves!

- Try me!
- When I'm not busy.

Now, that's the language
I do understand!

Then we are agreed?
We shall fight.

-Where are we going, sir?
-I'm not at liberty to say.

You came.
Good. Now, listen to me.

Before we can do anything
against the invaders,

we have to dispose of the President.

I know it's against
every law of the land...

and it'll mean breaking my oath,

but I believe
he's forfeited the right to protection.

He's a traitor who's brought
these creatures in, and he must die.

Are you with me?

- Yes.
- Yes.


We must get him away
from his invader friends...

and away from Kelner's tame bodyguard.

Then we can strike.

No, no, no. You stay here.

But, sir, I can't. I must stay with you.
Castellan's orders.

- Rescinded.
- Beg your pardon, sir?

Do you know what this is?

Yes, Excellence.

Will you disobey me?

But Castellan will have me shot, sir.

That's all right, I'll have him shot.

You stay there.

How's it going, K9?

Now, look, I'll go in first.


K9, this is no time
to be enjoying yourself, all right?

Absorption of data
most satisfactory, master.


Take this.

I could try it myself,
but they'd be sure to find out.

Come on, K9.

Come on.

Easy, easy, easy.

Steady now.

- Primary circuits locked in.
- Good.

- Commencing secondary feed.
- Excellent.

Ah, Andred.

I've got something for you.
A surprise.

In the name of liberty and honour,
I sentence you to death,


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