Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 22 - The Invasion of Time: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor orders Leela exiled from the Capitol, then orders K9 to sabotage Gallifrey's defences.

The invasion of time.

I give you the Matrix.

Doctor. Doctor.

The Matrix rejects the candidate.
Guards, seize him.

No. No one may lay hands
on the President.

The Matrix has rejected him.

He is the Matrix now,
it cannot reject him.

Surgeon General.

- Will he be all right?
- This is unheard of.

For a candidate to be attacked
by the Matrix.

There's no longer a candidate.
There's only the President.

After his official induction,

the Matrix can be worn only
by the President.

Therefore, this is the President.

If you continue to argue legal niceties,

we may well have to go through...

this whole boring business again
in the very near future.

- Is he going to die?
- He has retreated.

- Never. The Doctor is no coward.
- A self-induced cataleptic.

A simple defence reaction
brought about by a sudden,

unexpected attack upon his...

- Do you hear? An attack.
- Have the kindness to be quiet, Borusa.

The President needs peace,
rest and medical attention,

which I shall supervise myself.

- Take him to the chancellery.
- Indeed, that would be perfect.

And, Borusa,

I suggest you cut off
your communications, prohibit visitors...

and keep all your tedious,
bureaucratic problems to yourself.


He's young yet, Chancellor.
Impetuous, I know.

But I still believe his hearts
are in the right places.

Very close.
He has little strength.

It will take a long time to replace him.

Too long.

Signal all commanders
to increase speed...

and evaluate Implementation Plan Three.

High Lords,

we have taken the President
to the chancellery.

Please, remain calm.

Bring the girl.

- What?
- I didn't hurt him, I saved him.

The enquiry can determine that.

- Bring her.
- Sir.

Well, Lord Gomer?

He has suffered
a severe sub-mental shock.

I've given him a massive deranger dose,
but even that will take hours to...

- Incredible.
- Are you all right?

- Quietly now.
- Lord Chancellor, what happened?

Your alien friend almost killed you.
She openly attacked you.

No, it was the crown,
the crown almost killed him.

- What's she doing here?
- Well, you brought me.

Impossible. No aliens
are allowed in here. Get rid of her.

- Doctor, what's happened to you?
- Put her out, Commander.

- Where, sir?
- Outside the Citadel, of course.

- In the outer world?
- Yes, expel her.

- No. I will not go.
-Take her.

Stop her. Before she does
any more damage.

Stop, or I'll fire.


- Where did she go?
- She turned down there, sir.

Well, get after her.

Commander Andred,
sound the alarm and turn out the guard.

Escaped, alien prisoner, female,
at large in the Citadel.

Stop. Stop. Alien.

That's funny.
I've got a ringing in my head.

That's the alarm system.

I've got a ringing in my head. Listen.

Can you hear?

I ordered them to sound the alarm,
but the girl got away.

What is happening?
Who ordered it?

- My Excellency, you are feeling better.
- Yes.

- I'm very pleased to see this.
- So am I.

- Where is the girl?
- She escaped.


The President ordered
that she be expelled from the Citadel.

- She got away.
- She can be dangerous, Castellan.

Very well, I will take charge
of the operations myself.

I'm quite capable of catching her...

I will see that she is
driven out of the Citadel. Come.

And switch that awful ringing off
in my head.

That's better.

What exactly are you playing at,

- Playing at, Lord Chancellor?
- You know very well what I mean.

I'd like a little more respect
from you, if you don't mind.

I thought that was a quality
you didn't admire.

That was before.

I would have thought you, of all people,
knew me better than that.

Well, you could never deceive me
when you were my student at the Academy.

You haven't changed and neither have I.

But this is rather more
than a student prank, isn't it?

Believe me, Lord Borusa, I have never
been more serious in any of my lives.

While Leela remains free in the Citadel,
we are in danger.

Isn't that a little melodramatic,
even for your vivid imagination?


My ordeal at the induction
has made me tired.

You can rest here.

We can continue
after you've had your rest

and the alien
has been caught and expelled.

Can't fool me, Borusa.

Well done, Doctor.

Good men.

Even the sonic screwdriver
won't get me out of this one.

I have a problem.

There is absolutely no point
in having another door in the room...

if you don't have another key.

QED. What? Latin. QED, Latin.

Now, a key can either be
lost or stolen.

Therefore, ergo,
you are the key, Borusa.

Palm print?
No. That's too simple.

Retina pattern?


You must admit,
you do like the sound of your own voice.

Open sesame.

I command you to open.


Palm print, no.

Retina pattern, no.
Voice print?

As Borusa always said,

there's nothing more useless
than a lock with a voiceprint.

There's nothing more useless
than a lock with a voiceprint.

- Sir. We found the girl.
- Well, where is she?

- She's with the President.
- With the...

Line two, on your own mixer.

Chancellor, Castellan Kelner here.

Is the President, by any chance,
still with you?

Oh, no, no, no.
Not to be disturbed, of course.

Would you be kind enough
to inform me when he wakes?

Thank you so much.

Don't just stand there, Commander,
get out there.

Yes, sir.

Bow for the Sash of Rassilon.

I'm with him.

- Didn't you see her?
- Well, she did come this way, sir.


She's probably heading
for the President's capsule.

Come on.


It's locked, sir.

She must be in there.

These old Type 40s...

had a complex trimonic locking device.

- We need a set of cipher indent keys.
- Yes, sir.

What do you think?

Too many variables
for accurate forecast, master.

- What variables?
- Humanoid illogical procedure, master.

- Like me?

- How am I?
- Cerebral circuits in order.

Physiognomy, dubious.

Oh, I see.

The risk you took
would appear to have been justified.

Good. Can we proceed then?

Action so far indicates
a success probability,

along this path analysis,

- That bad, is it?
- Affirmative.

Listen, I've discovered the location
of the security control room.

It's directly beneath
the Panopticon area, level 30.

Then success probability
increases to 48.35.

Well, that's not bad.

Advise against any plan incorporating
success factor below 65.

- Suppose I throw a mirror cast.
- Master?

Shadow shift. Create a false image
to Space Traffic Control.

- Suggest you reflect...
- Look, can I finish.

Suppose I reflect a transmission beam
off the security shield,

feed it back through
a link crystal bank...

and boost it through the transducer?

Couldn't have put it better myself,

I don't think you could. Ha!

Agree. Possibility of your explanation
being better than mine, less than 1%.


You are the most insufferably arrogant,

patronizing bean tin.


Nothing. Someone once said
that to me, once.

Correction, master.
Several people have said that about you.

- Thank you. Thank you very much.
- Thanks are not necessary.

Well, at least no one's
ever called me smug.



If you destroy the control centre...

after I feed in the Doppler effect
and eliminate the red shift,

the invasion must succeed.

Probability of success
would rise to 98.2.

Well, what's a couple
of points between friends?

Break the transduction field.

- Come in.
- Where are your guards?

- I don't need any.
- You don't need...

There's a force field between you and me.
Between me and everyone.

Don't you know this is one of the highest
security-rated rooms in the Citadel?

I did not know.

You must be that alien
everyone's looking for.

I am Leela.

I'm called Rodan.

And please put that thing away.
You could hurt yourself.

The Doctor's always saying.

- Why do you not tell them I am here?
- Why bother? That's their affair.

- That's whose affair?
- The guards and the Time Lords.

All the boring people.

Do you know
I've passed the seventh grade...

and I'm nothing more than
a glorified traffic guard?

Then you are a guard.

Do stop cavorting about like that,
it's really so undignified.

Not again. Excuse me.

Space Traffic Control.

Yes, I have them.

Clearance is authorised.

What was that?

Probative space fleet.

Neo-crystal structure
for atomic power and weaponry...

on its way to blast some part
of the galaxy to dust, I suppose.

Then you must stop them.

But that would be
against every law of Gallifrey.

Oh, no.
I could never interfere. Only observe.

- Supposing they attacked you.
- Then they would be very stupid.

Nothing can get past
the transduction barrier.

- K9, destroy the transduction barriers.
- Master.

Not yet.

Can I have a few moments
to get away, please?


And will you get off my foot, please?

- Affirmative.
- Thank you.

Seems to be stuck
in this ridiculous shape.

I wonder what it was imitating when...

- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?

- My Lord President.
- That's all right.

I've come back for my Jelly Babies.
I'd left my Jelly Babies in the Tardis.

- I beg your pardon?
- Jelly Babies. Would you like one?

They're a delicacy
I discovered on Earth.

- Ah, that's Sol 3 in Mutter Spiral.
- That's right.

- What do you think?
- Mmm. Yes.

- Delicious.
- Good, good. Here, have the bag.

- Oh, sir, I...
- No, no, no, go on.

I've got plenty more,
I've got plenty more.

Anyone who likes Jelly Babies
can't be all bad, huh?

Don't mention this to the Chancellor.

He doesn't approve of Jelly Babies.
I think he's frivolous.

- No, sir.
- Have you caught that girl yet?

No, sir. We thought
she was in your capsule.

There's no one in my capsule.

Well, she came this way.

It is absolutely vital that girl
is caught and put outside the Citadel.

Absolutely vital.

- Vital?
- Vital.

Right away, sir.
Guards, follow me.

Hello, Commander, I've got the keys.


Is the President still
resting in your room, Chancellor?

- He is.
- And he's been there all the time...

- in your room?
- He has and I've been here.

I think you should rouse him now.

I would very much like
to speak with him.

Your Excellence.
Your Excellence.

Castellan Kelner wishes
to speak with you.

Good. Bring him in.

I trust that you feel better
for your rest, sir.

Thank you.

I'm afraid I have to tell you that
the girl has evaded her captors,

and is hiding somewhere in the Citadel.

Castellan, how did that happen?

Regrettable oversights
on the part of one of my guards.

Castellan! You are responsible
for security. You see to it.

- Immediately, Eminence.
- Borusa.

- Call a meeting of the Council at once.
- But everyone...

At once. No excuses.
Get out. Get out.

Get out.

I do find astrophysics a bore,
I must say,

but then one must fight them
on their own terms, don't you think?

Yes, one must, one must. Yes.

I knew I'd like you. Come in.

It can't be! No creature would dare.

Space Traffic Control.
Code, Beta Three.

An alien spacecraft within two spans.
Course, zero to Gallifrey, immediate.

Raise the transduction
barrier to factor five.

Red alert.
I repeat, red alert.

Then find him.
I must speak to Lord Castellan.

The transduction barrier has failed.

We are being invaded.

Gentlemen, this is no ordinary meeting.

I'm privileged to introduce to you
your new masters.

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