Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 20 - Underworld: Part Four - full transcript

With the Trog revolt close to success, the Oracle grants the Minyos travelers what they seek (the long lost race bank) in hopes they'll depart peacefully and straight away, but the Doctor suspects it's not all going to be as amicable as that. And what to do about the Trogs?

What do you think, Jackson?

It must be done in silence,

without giving them the chance
to use their weapons.

One shot, then the alarms'll go
and they'll know we're in.

It's difficult.

But possible, if we can get behind them.

Possible, if we can get
the maximum of surprise,

and if the Doctor's plan works.

Well, it's not my plan exactly,
but it has worked before.

A fellow called Ulysses pulled it off
a little while ago.


Ulysses. Come on.

The crusher!

Cover him!

- Captain!
- Go on, Tala!

Forward, Tala!


- Uh...
- Pull!

There we are.

Quickly, now. Stay calm.

Everybody, stay quite calm. Calm.

K9, back to the ship.

Check all the systems,
we're leaving in a hurry.


There must be another way back
to the Oracle. Jackson?

Jackson, can you and the crew
hold them off?

We'll certainly mount an attack, Doctor.

- Good. Leela?
- Mmm?

- You come with me.
- I'm staying to fight.

You'll come with me. Idas, you, too.

You got a sword?

Take care, son. Take care.

- Right, Jackson.
- Ready?



Security! They're driving us back!

- This way.
- No.

- What?
- Something's there.


- Where does that lead?
- I don't know.

They're too strong for us!
I need reinforcements!

Hold them! You must hold them!

I order you to stand and fight.
We must protect the Oracle.

But Master, we cannot hold them
for very much...

No excuses! Stand and fight!

There's no stopping us now.

100,000 years of searching, General!

There's no stopping us now.

I smell victory!


Let us consider.

Which is more important,
the Oracle or these cylinders?

The Oracle.

Then should we not give them
what they want and let them depart?

But what they want
does not exist.

The Oracle will know.
Why should we destroy each other?

Very well.

These cylinders you speak of,
tell us what they look like.

If they are indeed here,
you shall have them

and take them to your comrades.

You would set me free?


Well, there are two of them,

solid gold, stamped with
the mark of Minyos,

the length of a man's hand.


Tell Rask to arrange a truce.

Doctor, we're here. Look.

The intruders are defeating us.

They will destroy us, destroy you,
unless they are given these cylinders.

Then shall they
not be destroyed

by that which they
so desperately desire?

Can it be done?

Cannot all things be done?

They've given up without a fight.

Yes. It certainly seems like it.


I don't know.

Let's take a look.

No return of fire. What's going on?

There are two of them.

No, wait.

Could be a trick. Be ready.

I have been ordered to speak with you.



On what terms?

The terms are that you take
what you came for and depart,

leaving us to our way.

If not, your comrade will be executed.

What comrade? Herrick is dead.

You think so, Captain?

I got them.

The Quest is over.

The Quest is over.

The Quest is over.

At last.

Stay here.

What is it that you want?

The cylinders.

The race bank of the Minyans.

Have they not been given?

Well, that's what I'm asking.

Who are you
to dare question my word?

Well, who do I have to be
to dare question your word?

I'll give you a clue, shall I?

If it wasn't for my people,
you wouldn't have seen the light of day.

People? What people?

The ones the Minyans call the gods.

Gods? There are no gods but me.

Have I not created myself?
Do I not rule?

Am I not all-powerful?

Well, yes, here you are, yes,
but nowhere else.

You're just another machine
with megalomania.

Another insane object,

another self-aggrandising artefact.

You're nothing.

Nothing but a mass of superheated junk
with illusions of grandeur.

Nothing? Am I not
the keeper of the race bank?

What did you say?

I am the keeper!

A-ha! Then you've still got them!

I am the keeper.

Keeper? You're nothing but a box!
And I've got the key! Give me that.

Destroy! Destroy!

No! Destroy!

Doctor, they're coming! Come on!

Doctor, leave it! Come on!


Doctor, hurry! Come on now!

Destroy him!

- Hurry, Doctor!
- Almost there!

Hurry, they're coming!

Destroy him!

Yes, Doctor!

Destroy! Destroy! Des...

Destroy! Destroy!

Destroy him!

- No hard feelings.
- Come on!

Destroy him!

After them!
They must not meet the others!

Which way? Which way?

They know this place better than we do.

The tunnels! Through there!
They'll never find us through there!

They've reached tunnel seven, Master.

Good. Close it down and collapse it.

Quickly, through here.

This was formed by the last skyfall.
We should be safe in here.


What are you doing?

I'm just wondering
what they've given Jackson.

The Quest is over.

Set course for Minyos II.

K9, how do we stand for launch?

Fuel absorption incomplete.

We have enough to get away,
but it'll be a slow journey.

I say we go.

We've got what we came for.

Right, prepare to launch.

- Negative.
- What?

Personnel incomplete.
Doctor and the mistress not on board.

Find them. Tell them we're going. Now.


We're trapped.

Don't you understand, Doctor?
We're trapped.

Yes, we're going to be here forever.


They'll come and dig us out.

- Who?
- Well, whoever it was buried us.

Why should they bother?

Because we've got something it wants,
the Oracle.

Remember? Hmm?

The cylinders must be replaced.
Order a party of slaves to tunnel seven.

And the bodies of the intruders, Master?

Into the crusher.

...five, four, three, two, one...

Secondary checks complete.

Third and final check.
Commence countdown.

Come on, Doctor, come on.

Forty to launch.

What kept you, K9?

Gratitude is unnecessary.
Speed is vital.

Ten, nine...

- Run up on drive.
- Drive running., six...
- Pressurise.

...five, four, three...

Prepare to blast out.


Here are your race banks.

Then what are those?

I intend to find out.

K9, what do you make of these?

Analysis indicates fission grenades.


Do not proceed. Impossible to defuse.

Explosive contents in excess
of 2,000 mega-tonnes.

2,000 mega-tonnes?

How much time have we got?

I don't know.

What are we going to do?

I think I'd better get rid of them,
don't you?


Doctor, wait!

Which way did he go?

I don't know.

He may have need of us.

We'll try this way.

Why have they not been found?

The slaves are digging.

Shall they not be found?

Are they not my purpose?

They shall be found.
It shall be done.

It's no good. We've lost him.

Come on.

Excuse me, I'm a stranger here myself.
Could you direct me to the Oracle?

- Guards!
- What?

- I'll take those, Doctor.
- What, those?

I wouldn't if I were you.
They won't do you any...

Give them here.

You, take care of him.

And make sure you
finish him off this time.

Then bring this lot back to the Citadel.

You're making a terrible mistake.
Those are the wrong ones.

You can do better than that, Doctor.

Ah, well, uh...

Look, getting rid of me
isn't going to solve anything.

Those cylinders were bombs.

Why don't we just wait a few minutes
and then we can all go together, hmm?


Doctor? Doctor, are you all right?

Yes, yes, I think so.

Let's get out of here.
Tell them they've got no time.

Listen to me.
The prophecy's being fulfilled.

Our god has come to save us.
We can escape to the stars.

- Hurry!
- We must hurry!

- Yes, come on.
- Come on!

You have found them. Well done, Rask.


They have been found.

Replace them, quickly!

They must never leave my keeping again.

Quiet! Quiet, everyone!

Come on. Here.

Now, listen to me.
I want you to stay calm.

And when I say, go quickly but quietly.
Ready? Take this little one.

Off you go, now. Come on!

Come on.

Come on, come on.
Plenty of room for everyone.

Everything's going to be all right,
all right, all right.

What's going on? Get off!
All of you, off the ship! Get out!

What are you doing? Never mind that!

What are you doing?
We can't take all these people!

- No! Come on!
- We can't! We're too low on fuel!

- This planet's going to explode.
- Then get them off! Get off!

- Why?
- I must safeguard the race bank!

- Why?
- Why?

The future of our people.

Listen, Jackson! This is your people.
This is your race.

Descendents of the people
who came on the P7E.

But we can't take the extra weight.

Look, this planet is going
to explode, Jackson.

Your only hope is to go, and go now!
Go, Jackson, go!

Right, sit down, everybody, sit down.

Now, stay very calm.

Outer section sealed.

- Run up on drive?
- Drive running.

- Pressurise?
- Check.

Prepare to blast out.

Do it! Right down, right down.

They've cleared the surface.

Not long now
and they'll all be blown to bits.

These are not the cylinders!

Get rid of them
or we shall all be destroyed!

- Where?
- Get rid of them!

Get rid of them!

But where? There's no time.

Get rid of them! Get rid of them!

- We can't!
- Then defuse them!


- More power!
- I'm trying.

- We're falling back!
- More power!

There is no more.

The planet's gravity is
pulling us back, sir.

Everything all right, Jackson?

We don't have enough power
to reach escape velocity.

You know why, don't you, Doctor?
It's the extra weight, isn't it, Doctor?

Oh, come on, Jackson. Be brave.
Sit down.

It is not possible.

Why? Why?

You made it so.

Then I have failed in my duty

and deserve destruction.

There she goes.

You wanted power, Jackson,
get ready to ride out the blast.

We made it!


Four-sevenths light.

- Course?
- 120, sir.

How long is Minyos 2?

370 years, sir. That's nothing, is it?

- Doctor!
- Yes?

Aren't you coming with us to Minyos 2?

No, no, no time. I'm very busy.
Goodbye, Jason.

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

- Doctor?
- Hmm?

Why did you call him Jason?

- Who?
- Jackson.

What? I called Jackson Jason?

Yes. Is Jackson Jason?

No, Jackson isn't Jason.

Well, is Jason Jackson?

No, no, no, Jason was another captain
on a long quest.

I don't understand.

He was looking for the Golden Fleece.

- Did he find it?
- Yes, yes.

He found it hanging on a tree
at the end of the world.

Ah, perhaps those myths are not
just old stories of the past, you see,

but prophecies of the future, who knows?

What do you think, K9?


What did he say?


Negative? Can he paint? Hmm? Negative!